YXBG Ch. 28.2: Ten Years Later

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When Fiona came, the whole building was surrounded by fans who had received the news in advance. This was also A Zhong’s trick, taking the opportunity to promote the company, by using the claim that the information was leaked by internal fans. Soon, a black car drove up and slowly stopped downstairs. The fans screamed, desperately trying to break through the security guard to come forward to see their idol.

Zhang Xiangyi saw this scene upstairs and nodded in satisfaction. Sure enough, A Zhong chose the right person.

The door opened, and a slender but curvaceous girl stepped out of the car. She wore a peaked cap and black sunglasses and wore nothing more than a simple plaid shirt and jeans. The atmosphere of the scene immediately changed. The fans all shouted neatly: “Fiona! Fiona! Fiona!”

The girl showed a sweet smile and waved to the enthusiastic fans, not as cold and proud as she was in the movie.

Zhang Xiangyi had been waiting there early, the elevator door opened, and the girl walked out from inside. At this time, she had taken off her hat and sunglasses. She had long black curly hair that reached her waist. She had extremely delicate facial features with a playful smile. She was like an active doll, pure, sexy, seductive, and sweet… Countless words flashed in Zhang Xiangyi’s mind, and his breath was choked, and his eyes suddenly couldn’t move away from her.

Damn it! He should have watched that movie in advance, otherwise he won’t…he won’t be acting like an idiot!

He stared at the beauty in front of him and couldn’t breathe anymore. No wonder everyone here-including those freaks-supported her unanimously! He tugged at the hem of his clothes helplessly, although it was already quite flat. He had never felt that he was so huge, as if his arms and legs were so scary that he didn’t know where to put them.

“Daddy, don’t be in a daze! Say hello!”

“Oh…” Zhang Xiangyi finally recovered and stretched out his hand. “Hello, welcome to China.”

A nearby translator quickly translated his words, Zhang Xiangyi regretted so much that he wanted to bite off his tongue, but the other party was a foreigner! He should speak English! This beauty must have a good first impression of him! He thought he was really stupid.

The agent took the girl into the meeting room first, and Zhang Xiangyi immediately took out the phone from his trouser pocket with a trembling hand, and nervously pressed a series of numbers: “Hey! A Fei…you must come and rescue me! I’m going to die! I’m going to die! If you don’t come, just wait to collect my body!” After he finished speaking, he immediately hung up the phone and walked into the conference room without giving the other person a chance to speak.

At the meeting, A Zhong was the only one basically talking, after all, he was the planner. Although Zhang Xiangyi tried his best to make his gaze less explicit, he still couldn’t help staring at that girl all the time, my God! She was so beautiful!

At this moment Fiona noticed and she smiled in a friendly manner at him.

It was as if Cupid’s bow and arrow had been replaced with a crossbow, Zhang Xiangyi’s heart was shot with happy holes. He almost fainted without being able to get up! He was electrocuted! He was electrocuted for the first time in his life!

“…I’m going to have a glass of water!” He ran away hurriedly, thinking that he would suffocate if he stayed any longer!

He sat outside to soothe his hot and beating heart. At this time, there was a ding of the elevator, and a tall man walked out from inside.

Yin Zhefei was wearing a light blue shirt, perfectly ironed light gray suit pants and a clean white coat on the outside. He looked pale all over, with black hair tousled in a mess, but this couldn’t hide his handsomeness and unconcealable charm. Once he was a young and handsome boy, but now that many years have passed, his temperament had become more and more stable, and his handsome face was sharp like a knife. With that white coat, he was indescribably handsome and cold.

“A Fei…you are finally here…I can’t…” When he saw his friend’s figure, Zhang Xiangyi immediately said pitifully.

“Do you want an ambulance?” he said coldly.

“You don’t understand! You heartless guy…I’m in love!” His face flushed suspiciously.

“You fall in love 365 times a year.” He pointed out coldly.

“It’s different this time! It’s totally different! It feels like being hit by an electric current!” He didn’t care about his friend’s cynicism at all and said with misty little stars in his eyes. Anyone who looked at him would believe that he was deeply affected and poisoned by love and hopeless.

Yin Zhefei was about to say something when the meeting room door opened, and A Zhong came out with Fiona with an obsessive smile on his face. She came out and spoke English, and it seemed as if the cooperation between the two parties was very harmonious.

“Oh my God! She came out! She came out!” Zhang Xiangyi felt dizzy again.

Fiona turned her head unconsciously, as if she noticed his gaze here.

Yin Zhefei bumped into a pair of emerald-like eyes. At that moment, he could suddenly understand why his friend was so amazed. In fact, he couldn’t react at this moment. What’s more, the beautiful woman in front of him looked so much like his mother… …

Wait a minute!

He suddenly widened his eyes in disbelief and slowly spit out three words:

“Yin Xiao Mei?!”

Like thunder and lightning flashed through his brain, everything in the past rushed out like a flood, reminding him of years of brewing hatred! These three words also made Zhang Xiangyi stunned for an instant!

Fiona just looked at him strangely, her beautiful eyes calm, and she obviously didn’t understand what he was saying: “Excuse me?”

Yin Zhefei was taken aback for a moment. Could he have been wrong? It was possible that Zhang Xiangyi might make a mistake, but how could he make a mistake with Yin Xiaomei even after so long? The green eyes, long black hair, and the delicately crafted facial features clearly had Yin Xiaomei’s shadow!

However, before he could inquire carefully, he saw the glamorous little woman suddenly rush to the elevator like a rabbit being chased by a dog. Everyone was stunned for a while and forgot to catch her.

As soon as she rushed into the elevator, she desperately pressed the button for the first floor, and her face turned pale with tension. Even if the fans below ate her, she would tolerate it! But she definitely couldn’t fall into Yin Zhefei’s hands! Damn it! This time she shouldn’t have listened to the agent’s arrangement to take over this matter. She had just been thinking how she felt so familiar when she walked into the building just now! It turned out that this was the Skyline Group’s building! She had been here once!

When the elevator closed, she saw Yin Zhefei’s angry face, and her heart became more and more frightened. It was obvious that he hadn’t forgotten what happened for so many years! She knew it from the moment he recognized her at first sight! This man was the most careful, the most vengeful and the most terrible! She never thought she would meet him again! As long as she reached the first floor, she would buy today’s plane ticket and return to the UK immediately! She was not staying for more than a minute!

Because she was still young! She didn’t want to die yet!

If Zhang Xiangyi was a lion, then Yin Zhefei deserved to be a leopard with his black belly and brutality! He silently took the prey apart and swallowed it in the abdomen!

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