KHSW Ch. 294

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Lying on the ground, Liming only felt that his palms were covered with thin sweat. Even though it was winter, the ground felt scorching hot on his back.

Maybe it was because of some psychological effects!

Liming, who had closed his eyes tightly, was feeling extremely complicated, both nervous and looking forward to it.

“Comrade, can you hear me? 1001…1006.”

When he felt Ling Xi’s hand pressing on his chest, what he thought was… She should have felt his heart beating so fast just now, right?

“Chi Jingyu” tried his best to hold back, and even exposed the blue veins on his hands. He wanted to turn his face away, but his eyes seemed to be fixed on Ling Xi’s body, and he couldn’t move his eyes away.

Just when Ling Xi had pressed 30 times, Liming only felt that his heart was beating faster and faster…

Suddenly… “Tong”, “Chi Jingyu” fainted to the ground without warning.

Even Yu Jiayin who was standing beside him couldn’t react in time.

The captain dashed over, “Chi Jingyu, what’s wrong with you?”

Ling Xi also raised her head abruptly, seeing that it was Chi Jingyu who had passed out, with anxiety also appearing on her face, she hurried forward.

Liming suddenly opened his eyes, his heart relaxed slightly, but also felt a little bit lost.

“Chi Jingyu, Chi Jingyu? Can you hear us?”

“Squad leader, send him to the infirmary.” As soon as the captain finished speaking, Ling Xi went to explore Chi Jingyu’s carotid artery.

“1001…1006, captain, let me take him to the infirmary with the squad leader!” She vaguely guessed that it was Chi Jingyu’s trick, just to prevent her from coming in contact with Liming.

“Well, let’s go.”

The squad leader and Ling Xi supported Chi Jingyu and walked to the infirmary.

The captain looked at the remaining four people, “Look to the right, look forward, next, we will continue physical training, boys do 50 push-ups, girls do 100 squats, standardize your movements, let’s start.”

Fifty push-ups?

Liming and Bing Yanyan both had bitter faces, while Yu Jiayin had a calm face, and Shen Bingqian squatted and cursed at the same time, this Ling Xi really walked away in time.

When the squad leader and Ling Xi sent “Chi Jingyu” to the infirmary, Ling Xi turned to the squad leader and said, “Squad leader, why don’t you go to training first? I’ll just take care of it here.”

“It’s okay, I’ll listen to what the doctor says first.”

Seeing that the squad leader insisted on staying, Ling Xi mourned for Chi Jingyu for three seconds.

If your trick is exposed, I will not be responsible for you lying~

When the doctor was about to check, “Chi Jingyu” slowly woke up, “What’s wrong with me?”

Seeing that he woke up, the doctor immediately asked, “Do you have any discomfort?”

“Chi Jingyu” shook his head feebly, “I’m just a little dizzy.”

“Come on, let me take your blood pressure first!”

“Chi Jingyu” cooperated obediently.

“Well, there is no major problem. It may be due to the recent training made you too tired. You will be fine after taking a little rest.”

The squad leader felt relieved after hearing the doctor’s diagnosis, “That’s fine, Ling Xi, take care for me here, I’ll go and tell the captain first.”

“Okay, squad leader.” Although the squad leader left, the cameraman following him was still there.

“Uncle Cameraman, you’ve worked hard, why don’t you go and rest next to the radiator over there for a while, we don’t have anything to shoot right now.”

The camera uncle was indeed tired, “Okay, thank you!”

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