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When Jiang Lan came out of the office, the corners of his mouth were curved into a happy arc, and his eyes were clear and energetic.

Xiao Xiaoyu propped her chin to admire the beauty and said with a smile: “Looking at Jiang Lan’s face, I won’t doze off at work in the future.”

Xue Meng expressed contempt for the face con and suggested: “Today is Jiang Lan’s first day. Come on, let’s have a dinner party to celebrate after work in the afternoon. I know a barbecue restaurant that tastes really good…”

Jiang Lan was about to nod, when Xiao Xiaoyu sneered and said back: “I have been to that barbecue restaurant countless times, we go there every time we have a dinner together, and this old lady is about to vomit…tonight we will eat crayfish.”

After speaking, she turned her face to ask Jiang Lan’s opinion with a pleasant face: “Jiang Lan, what do you want to eat?”

Since he was getting along with his colleagues for once, he wanted to say that he could eat whatever they wanted, but looking at Xiao Xiaoyu’s smiling expression, he somehow felt that this answer might not be very good, so he said with a strong desire to survive: “Crayfish!”

Xue Meng immediately looked at him as a traitor, and his eyes condemned him silently.

Xiao Xiaoyu’s smile became even brighter, and she held his arms and despised Xue Meng: “See, Jiang Lan has much more taste than you.”

The two exchanged a few words, and then started to work. Jiang Lan had just arrived and was not immediately assigned any work. Xiao Xiaoyu gave him some regulatory documents for him to familiarize himself with.

While reading the documents, Jiang Lan reached into the bag under the table and gently stroked his brother’s hairy head. At this moment, Suan Ni had fallen asleep in the bag, and Jiang Lan glanced at his younger brother quietly, then read the documents energetically.

Although it was a little different from his original idea, he liked the atmosphere here very much.

The Sub-district office worked from nine to five, with an hour and a half lunch break in between. Just like Xue Meng said, it was very leisurely to say that it was leisurely. Everyone went on watches and wrote reports, and then they made a few jokes, and the morning passed just like that.

However, when Xue Meng went to the toilet at work in the afternoon, Jiang Lan answered the phone for him. The voice on the other end of the phone was a middle-aged woman, speaking a strong Jiangcheng dialect and yelling in a sharp voice, like a machine-gun.

Fortunately, Jiang Lan could understand the Jiangcheng dialect. After taking notes, he said, “An aunt called to report a store in Wenhua Street, saying that the store was promoting feudal superstition and engaging in cult activities.”

“It’s her again? She’s made more than a dozen phone calls, and she’s still talking nonsense.” Xiao Xiaoyu shrugged and said with no surprise: “Before she said that the store had killed someone, we advised her to call the police, and she hung up the phone. Two days later, she called again and said that there was a ghost in her house, and the shopkeeper sent someone to catch her… It’s just a report today, which is much more normal.”

Jiang Lan asked: “Then we don’t care about it?”

“There are too many people who call and report blindly.”

They were talking when Xue Meng came back, took over the conversation and said: “You will get used to it after staying for a while, there are all kinds of weird things in the street.”

“If there is nothing wrong, go and see.” Uncle Zhou, who was drinking tea leisurely, answered slowly: “She has made so many phone calls, it will be bad if something happens.”

Xue Meng thought about it, and said: “I’m free in the afternoon, so let’s go and have a look.”

Then he asked Jiang Lan: “Do you want to go with me?”

Jiang Lan was idle, so he went out with him after hearing this. Before leaving, he thought about it and left the sleeping Suan Ni in the office.

Wenhua Street was a little far from the Sub-district office, so the two went there by car. It was just bad luck, as soon as they arrived at the intersection of the street, there was a traffic jam. The traffic ahead was crowded together, and there were two police cars parked vaguely.

“Is there a car accident ahead?” Xue Meng poked his head out and looked around.

Jiang Lan had good ears, so he listened carefully for a while and said: “It seems that someone died in the community.”

“Someone died again?” Xue Meng was surprised, rubbed the goose bumps on his arms and said: “I heard it said that three people died in our district last month, this is the fourth one.”

He lowered his voice mysteriously and said, “I heard that the three people in front died very strangely, as if they met something unclean.”

Jiang Lan glanced at him, and said slowly: “Unclean things?”

Xue Meng nodded: “This matter has spread in several nearby communities, saying that when the three deceased died, they all had strange expressions on their faces. They were all smiling, and their faces were very rosy. They were all not very old, and no one had ever heard of them suffering from any medical issues, but the good-looking people suddenly died. Don’t you think it’s strange?”

The work of the Sub-district office usually needed them to go deep into the neighborhoods, and since you came into contact with a variety of people, gossip and rumors were especially abundant. But this time it involved human life, which sounded a little more horrifying.

The more Xue Meng said, the more he felt a little hairy, and couldn’t help but lower the car window, he only felt a little more at ease when he was exposed to the sultry air outside.

Seeing him like this, Jiang Lan suddenly couldn’t laugh or cry: “Aren’t we going to break the feudal superstition? Why did you become superstitious yourself first?”

Xue Meng said bluntly: “I believe in science intellectually, but I would rather believe anything is possible emotionally.”

While talking, the congested traffic ahead finally moved, they hurriedly started the car and drove out along the traffic. Sitting in the co-pilot seat, Jiang Lan glanced at the neighborhood where the accident happened, but the police cars and the corpse were gone, and nothing unusual was found, so he looked away again.

Because of the traffic jam, it took the two of them more than half an hour to reach the jewelry store.

The name of the jewelry store was “Xinxiang Shicheng”. It should be newly opened not long ago, as the sign on the facade was still very new.

After parking the car, the two had just walked into the store when they heard “Welcome”.

The chubby store owner greeted them and said with a warm smile, “What do you two want to buy?”

Looking around, the store had a panoramic view, and it didn’t look like a cult organization that was trying to hide feudal superstition.

Xue Meng murmured to Jiang Lan in a low voice: “It’s a waste of time.”

Then he took out his work card and explained the situation to the shop owner.

Hearing that his shop was reported to be engaged in feudal superstition, the owner of the shop was a little stunned at first, and then said helplessly: “I just sell some fortune beads, so why did I get involved in feudal superstition and cults?”

“Fortune beads?”

“Yes, these Bracelets and necklaces are all made of fortune stones.”

The shop owner casually picked up a string of bracelets and showed them: “Hey, it’s actually a gimmick.”

The fortune beads were very beautiful with wisps of red.

Apart from this bracelet, other jewelry in the store was also made of this cream-colored fortune stone with red blemishes.

Jiang Lan also picked up a bunch and looked at it. This fortune stone was really beautiful, with a clear and moist surface, and it felt soft after touching it for a long time.

The two walked around the store and found nothing wrong.

Xue Meng spread his hands and said: “It’s okay, let’s go back.”

The two were about to go back home, but before leaving, the owner of the store smiled and took two men’s bracelets to give them. Xue Meng refused, but the shop owner said that he had caused them trouble and had to accept it.

In the end, Xue Meng saw that the bracelet looked good, so he simply paid for it and bought it with Jiang Lan.

The owner of the store watched them leave with a smile on his face, and said: “Good luck to you, and welcome to visit next time.”

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