RCFS Ch. 137: We are Family 2

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After making the phone call, Ye Junlai turned around cheerfully, and said with a smile, “Girl, look, well, the share we lost at Ye family house, this time, Dad will get it back together!!”

“But Dad, I want to go to Junyao!”

Ye Wanting gritted her teeth, thinking that she might never have a relationship with Junyao in this life, she couldn’t help but get angry!

This was all caused by that trash Ye Yunxi!

Now she had nothing!

The position of heir, even Junyao’s admission qualifications, and a bright future!

“What are you afraid of? Junyao is just a springboard to be admitted to the Huangjue Military Academy. Who said that Huangjue only accepts Junyao’s students. Wait, Dad will find you another school. With your usual grades, what school can’t you go to? Junyao likes to ask for trash, so we won’t hesitate to not go!”

Ye Junlai was very excited, the more miserable Ye Junpo was, the more excited he became.

“That’s right.”

Ye Wanting nodded, so, as long as she was finally admitted to Huangjue, wasn’t it the same?

“And didn’t your great-grandfather say that those who are capable can go for it!”

Grab the position of heir!

“It won’t take two years. Once Ye Yunxi becomes an adult, won’t she be able to inherit the family?”

Would she be able to grab it back by then?

“What are you talking about? Dad has talked with your uncles. Do you think they admire Ye Yunxi, that trash?”

Ye Junlai came to take a sip of tea, and said flatteredly: “With all my strength, I want to pull that trash off the stage! Without strength, who will recognize this person as the leader? Wanting, look at it, Ye Yunxi went to Junyao to study, and it is not safe to read! I have already told your sister Ye Wanru, isn’t she already in Junyao? I let her clean up the trash, and you can recuperate at home. If you work hard enough, you can pass the imperial examination for me. When the time comes, you will be the head of the Ye family!”


Ye Wanting became excited.

Her sister was only two years older than her, but she was very capable, and her sister loved her the most. If the heir was her, her sister would not fight or grab her position. But if it was not Ye Wanting, then her sister would definitely fight that person desperately!

“By the way, my sister is also in Junyao!”

Ha, Ye Yunxi, wait for death!

At the same time, Fourth Uncle Ye Junliao’s family.

After receiving the call from the second brother, Ye Junliao thought about it, and then turned around and told his son and daughter.

“Your uncle’s movie will be released tomorrow, remember to ask a few more classmates to join in.”

On the sofa, there were two almost identical faces, one was playing a mobile game with puffed cheeks and biting a lollipop, and the other was yawning lazily, looking as if he could fall asleep anytime.

After the big game over appeared on the screen, Ye Wanjia took a big bite of the lollipop, flicked her braids, and waved her head up: “No time, no time, I have a task in the game tomorrow, let my brother go!”

How good could the movie be? If the popular Xu Chen were to act, maybe she would go to support the show. She didn’t have time for this kind of movie!

The handsome boy on the sofa rubbed his head and yawned long, with a lazy tear coming out of the corner of his eye.

“Ah? Okay, at least the movie theater still has soft seats, which are more comfortable to sleep on than the desks in the classroom.”

Ye Junliao twitched his eyebrows angrily, grabbed the phone without saying a word, and then slapped his sleepy son awake, and angrily said: “Fuck me, family has to help family!”

Ye Wanjia stared pitifully at the phone, nodded helplessly, Ye Lanshan rubbed the bump on his head, and simply sank into the sofa: “Okay, I know. I didn’t say no!”

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