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All right! When she separated from the two of them, she said countless goodbyes, but she meant never to see each other again!

As the elevator went down one floor after another, her pale face gradually recovered, it was great. Fortunately, she was fast enough, otherwise she would be dead this time. She went down to the first floor, and as soon as the elevator door opened, she was stunned, and her conditioned reflex was to retreat!

But Yin Zhefei had already squeezed in through the elevator door open before she could do anything.

“Hello! My dear sister.” He smiled like a devil. After waiting for so long, God finally gave him a chance to avenge himself, “You probably don’t know, there is a dedicated employee elevator here!”

Sorry, I don’t understand…” She was so frightened that she had no choice but to pretend not to know him.

But Yin Zhefei had completely seen through her, this dead child! Just using her small acting skills! If he couldn’t even see through this little trick, he would have spent so many years fighting her wits and courage in vain! Yin Zhefei didn’t talk anymore nonsense, he stooped and carried Xiaomei on his shoulders, and strode out of the elevator.

“Ah!” Yin Xiaomei felt that the sky was spinning, and her feet were off the ground instantly, “Yin Zhefei, you bastard, you let me go!” She screamed loudly, her lady-like education for many years was broken apart in an instant, and her true nature was revealed. Yin Zhefei slapped her ass unceremoniously with all his strength and didn’t leave her any face: “You still scream!”

“It hurts!” She screamed, desperately. Then she said, “You rascal! Beast! Bastard! Let go of me!”

“Slap!” Yin Zhefei carried Yin Xiaomei into the safety stairs, and while walking up, he gave another merciless slap on her ass. Her every effort to move away was useless.

“Ah…” She was shy and angry, her ass burning hot. This man was so shameless! They had grown up! She was not a kid anymore! He was indecent and a hooligan!

Zhang Xiangyi’s department was on the tenth floor, and Yin Zhefei just like that carried Yin Xiaomei to the tenth floor before ending the corporal punishment and putting her down.

The tenth floor was also symbolic of the ten years, and that it was never too late for a gentleman to avenge himself!

Yin Xiaomei’s legs were soft, and she sat on the ground, but the little butt that had just been greeted “well”, the moment she landed, was in hot pain. She yelled in pain and looked at the man dressed like an angel with humiliation in her eyes, she thought he was actually a demon reincarnated as a man: “Yin Zhefei! Are you crazy?!”

“Dear sister, do you know how long I have been waiting for this day?” He leaned close to her and couldn’t deny that the little girl had grown up to be really beautiful, and she was so beautiful that it was sinister. Xiangyi said that he felt electrocuted, and why not? It was just that, as long as he thought of the little devil who made him hate back then, he would instantly wake up! The beauty in front of him would overlap with that guy! It made people uninterested!

“What about you? Didn’t you let me see something unclean!” She blushed to death and stared at the handsome man fiercely. Now she was not the little girl who was inexperienced about the world. She had her own aesthetics, her own restraint, and understood the beauty of the man in front of her, so that she instantly understood the reasons for those sisters’ madness back then. Although she had completely forgotten what happened at the time, his appearance at this time made her recall the shocking scene.

“After so many years, you haven’t forgotten. It seems that I should really be proud of my size.” He said, without blushing.

“Huh”, Yin Xiaomei’s face instantly turned red with an apple color! “You…you, you, you are too shameless!” She was also a girl anyway, how could he say such words shamelessly!

“My dear sister, you want to see it yourself. How can you blame me?” He smiled and stretched out his hand to help her, “Okay, don’t sit here, we should go back.”

Yin Xiaomei grabbed his hands angrily and was about to get up, but as soon as her buttocks left the ground, Yin Zhefei suddenly let go, and she was back on the ground again.

“Ah–! shit!” Her ass must be swollen! It hurts!

Yin Zhefei stood up straight, with a full smile on his face after his successful revenge: “I’m glad you came back to receive the punishment, I’m in a much better mood!” After speaking, he turned around and left without looking back.


Yin Xiaomei sat crooked on the lounge chair, her face full of tears, looking pitiful. Her agent was so angry that he spoke a lot of English to A Zhong. Zhang Xiangyi quickly asked: “What did he say!”

A Zhong’s forehead was full of sweat, and he was trembling: “He said he was going to sue Mr. Yin because his behavior constitutes a sexual assault.”

“What?!” He hastily turned to Yin Xiaomei, the latter was staring at him sadly, as if he had caused her misfortune, making Zhang Xiangyi’s heart full of guilt for an instant. “You… are you really Xiaomei?”

“So what?! Yin Zhefei has already beaten me, do you want to do it again?!” She grimaced, anyway, the truth was now clear. There was no use concealing it.

“I… I didn’t mean it!” He was taken aback by her aggressive attitude. Although he wanted to kiss her very much in his heart, it was definitely not in this way!

There was almost no language to describe Yin Xiaomei’s anger. When she was in the UK, her grandparents regarded her as a confidant and treated her like a treasure, and her uncle changed his ways to make her happy. Not to mention her mother who never even said a cross word to her.

But as soon as she came back, she suffered this kind of treatment!

She hated it!

Her agent was still chirping and expressing anger when the door of the lounge opened, and a tall middle-aged man walked in.

“Dad…” Yin Xiaomei was in a daze. After so many years, she still recognized this man who was very similar to Yin Zhefei at a glance.

“Xiaomei! It’s really you! I didn’t believe it when they told me!” He stepped forward excitedly.

“Dad!” Xiaomei screamed and rushed to hug him. Although Dad was still so handsome, compared with Yin Zhefei, it was obvious that he was getting older, and even his hair had turned gray-black. She was so excited that she almost shed tears, and she felt at ease when she saw her father!

Her agent stared at the scene unexpectedly, as if he had missed some important link!

“You child, really is getting more and more beautiful! Where’s your mother? Did she come back with you?” Yin Ruoji asked quickly.

“Mom didn’t come together, she’s still in the UK.” Xiaomei snuggled in her father’s arms, very happy, obviously not paying attention to Yin Ruoji’s extreme disappointment.

“She still hasn’t come back…” His voice immediately became stiff, and his eyes that were full of brilliance instantly dimmed. However, he quickly cheered up: “Xiaomei, come home with dad tonight, and I will ask A Chun to cook for you!”

“Really! Is Aunt Chun still there? Is Xiao Min still there? And Zhang Bo?”

“Only A Chun is still there. Uncle Zhang is in poor health and can’t drive anymore. Min has graduated from college a long time ago and found a better job.” He smiled and answered her questions one by one.

Xiaomei listened intently, but she felt that something was wrong with her father, as if… he was smiling all the time, and he talked a lot, not at all as cold as before! She looked at her father suspiciously, and her agent had already started coughing and stood beside her.

“Ah, Dad, this is my agent, and his name is Sean.”

“Hello, I am Fiona’s agent.”

A Zhong suddenly looked back at Sean: “You can speak Chinese?!”

Sean shrugged: “Of course, Fiona originally speaks Chinese, so I naturally have to study hard.”

This pretentious guy, then he deliberately spoke a lot of English just now! A Zhong was so angry that he was almost smoking.


When Yin Zhefei returned home, he almost suspected that he had entered the wrong place. In order to please the beauty, Zhang Xiangyi got a bunch of flowers in this short time and piled them all over the house! And A Chun hadn’t seen Xiaomei for many years. This time, she was really surprised and delighted. She made a large table of good dishes and got a French-style candle holder to decorate the table! Yao Fei and Zhang Chenxi had arrived early, and when they saw Yin Zhefei walk in, they said happily: “A Fei is back? Come on, you would never have thought, you see who this is!”

Yin Zhefei looked at the little woman with a fake smile on the sofa and said lightly: “Who else can it be, isn’t it the dead kid?”

“Eh?” Yao Fei said strangely, “You brother and sister have not seen each other for many years, why are you not enthusiastic at all!”

“Aunt Yao,” Xiaomei smiled and said, “My brother and I have already met when we were in the company. My brother received me very warmly.” Yeah, it was so enthusiastic that she wanted to kill him!

“Haha! So, it is this way! Come on, sit down, Xiaomei is a big star now! Sh’s so beautiful, I say this child is like Chang Mei…” Yao Fei suddenly lost her voice and looked at Yin Ruoji unnaturally. When Chang Mei left without even saying goodbye, she never understood the whole story. When she asked her husband, the other party was tight-lipped, but one thing that she could be sure of was that Yin Ruoji had undergone earth-shaking changes because of Chang Mei’s departure.

However, her words didn’t change Yin Ruoji’s color. He just smiled gently: “Yes, this child has fate with Chang Mei.”

Xiaomei took her father’s arm coquettishly: “Dad, I will live at home, okay. I have come back this time to continue my studies. My uncle said that I must complete college courses before I can continue to make movies.”

“Well, you live at home, and A Chun will take care of you, so I can rest assured.” Yin Ruoji looked at his daughter lovingly.”

“I object!” Yin Zhefei and Zhang Xiangyi said at the same time, both of them looked at each other in surprise.

“Oh? What against?” Zhang Chenxi asked his son with a smile. Today, his son bought flowers like he was injected with chicken blood, and he knew how this guy was after all, he had never seen him care about a girl so much.

“A Fei doesn’t want it either!” He looked at his friend anxiously, his careful thoughts were impossible to be hidden from Yin Zhefei. But he really couldn’t tolerate Xiaomei living with another man. Although Yin Zhefei was her brother, he was only a nominal brother.

“Dad, look at brother…” Xiaomei pursed her mouth, acting like a baby with a bitter expression.

Yin Ruoji immediately turned back and sternly said, “A Fei, are you still a kid?”

Yin Zhefei looked at Yin Xiaomei coldly. Sure enough, her nature was not easy to change. After so many years, she still won people’s hearts so well. There was a chill on his face, and he didn’t speak, which was a silent compromise. Yin Ruoji was now less and less understanding of his son. He didn’t know when his son’s attitude towards him had become cold. Although his attitude was still respectful, he always felt that something was wrong. However, both of them were silent people, and they communicated less and less. Now Yin Zhefei spent all day in the company, and he could hardly find the opportunity to communicate with him.

“Come on, the meal is ready!” A Chun greeted everybody happily, bringing out a large pot of soup.

“Wow, Aunt Chun, I missed your cooking so much!” Xiaomei jumped over and exaggerated her admiration. A Chun laughed, the wrinkles on the corners of her eyes piled up: “You greedy cat, you are still so gluttonous, eat more today, you are too thin.”

Zhang Xiangyi immediately echoed: “Yes, Xiaomei is too thin. Pay attention to your body.”

“Well, I know, thank you brother Xiangyi!” She smiled very kindly.

Zhang Xiangyi’s face immediately turned red like a persimmon. Yin Zhefei looked at his friend’s appearance, and his heart immediately had an ominous premonition. He pulled Zhang Xiangyi out even though everyone was seated for dinner.

The latter’s eyes still stared at Xiaomei reluctantly. “Zhang Xiangyi! You better tell me you are not interested in her!” He threatened his friend nervously. “What’s the matter, Xiaomei is fine!” He smiled disgustingly like a girl experiencing her first spring.

“Did you forget how she treated you in the first place?” Yin Zhefei couldn’t believe that Zhang Xiangyi, who had always been proud, had forgiven the woman so easily!

“A Fei, how can you be so narrow-minded? That was a long time ago, and now everyone is an adult.” He solemnly argued for himself. Yin Zhefei almost vomited blood, why was he narrow-minded?! He saw through her, that’s why. Damn, he knew that Zhang Xiangyi was a bandit, but he was really a ridiculous gentleman in his bones, or how could he be so weak in front of Lu Xianxian in the first place!

“Alright!” Seeing Yin Zhefei’s stinky face, Zhang Xiangyi couldn’t help feeling a little guilty, “But I really like her, there’s no way around it, she’s your sister, isn’t it good for me to be your brother-in-law?”

Not good! Yin Zhefei thought gloomily, he didn’t know why he opposed it so firmly.

Maybe it’s just that he didn’t want Yin Xiaomei to harm his friend, so he definitely had to make Zhang Xiangyi sober!

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