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Since Yin Xiaomei returned to Yin’s house, Yin Zhefei had been living in the office, not bothering to see and mind her. However, once he thought of that guy being nearby, he felt as if a big rat was crawling on his back, making him very uncomfortable!

Early in the morning, because he stayed up late last night to purify the essence of a plant, he fell asleep in the laboratory itself, but just after the 6:00 am alarm, there was some noise outside the laboratory, which seemed to have no intention to stop.

“Shit!” He cursed, strode out of the laboratory, and shouted, “What are you doing!”

The lighting artist, makeup artist, stylist, and camera assistant who were all brushing the floor looked back at him.

“A Fei!” Zhang Xiangyi hurriedly squeezed in, “Sorry to disturb you, but we are going to use your laboratory to shoot an advertisement clip. Don’t get excited, it will be fine in a while.” He knew looking at his friend’s dark circles that he must have stayed up again.

“Damn it, can’t you set up a shed to shoot?!” He didn’t mean to give in at all.

“Xiaomei said that if you want to show the truest side of the product, you have to be accommodating. This is also for the good of the company.”

Yin Xiaomei, Yin Xiaomei, Yin Xiaomei again! Yin Zhefei was a little happy about her return, but now he hated her more. Her appearance always made his life a mess!

At this time, the elevator dinged, and everyone cheered happily: “Great, the protagonist is here!”

Yin Xiaomei walked in in a white ruffled dress, her curly hair braided into a braid nestled on her side and a wide light green hairband on her head. She greeted everyone with a smile. Her slightly pink face was delicate and bright, and she did not show the fatigue of getting up early. In the clear morning sun, she was like a moving angel, shrouded in glowing brilliance.

Not only the other staff, but even Yin Zhefei was dumbfounded, his breathing suddenly choked with her appearance.

“Brother Xiangyi, can we start?” She smiled and asked the idiot Zhang Xiangyi, as if Yin Zhefei was invisible.

“Yes, you can,” Zhang Xiangyi regained his senses, “We’ll start right away.” He quickly pulled at Yin Zhefei who was still in a daze, and groaned, “A Fei, just treat her well! I want to be your brother-in-law, you must promise me!”

Yin Zhefei was still in a trance with the situation just now, and also because of not having a good rest all night, he didn’t even say anything against it. When he recovered, Zhang Xiangyi had already picked his key and walked in with a bunch of people.

“Wait a minute! Stop!” He hurriedly stopped these people, “You can only shoot outside, there is a sterile room inside, no one can go in!”

“Okay, don’t worry!” Zhang Xiangyi patted his friend’s shoulder, thinking: Hey, A Fei is really interesting. It seems that it is only a matter of time before I become the son-in-law of the Yin family!

Yin Zhefei folded his arms, standing there with a black face like a door god, watching Yin Xiaomei show herself freely in the camera according to the script. There was no denying that she was really suitable for this product, fresh and elegant. And with her influence, it was easy to encourage people to buy their product. It was said that she was also very popular in Japan and South Korea, which was also a big boost to their overseas sales. After all, in recent years, foreign cosmetics had swarmed in, and domestic cosmetics had suffered a great impact.

He was in a trance when he saw that Yin Xiaomei, who had finished filming a clip, was discussing something with the director, and then the bearded man who was comparable to Zhang Xiangyi immediately turned his attention to him. Yin Zhefei felt a chill on his back for no reason. Sure enough, A Zhong hurried over and said, “Boss Yin, the director told you to also shoot a clip to introduce the product.”

“What?!” He stood up straight, why did it come to him!

“This was Fiona’s great idea. You only have one line. You only need to shoot the product for the rest, and there is also dubbing.” A Zhong explained to him patiently.

“I’m not going!” He waved his hand dissatisfied, and he didn’t want to appear in the same shot with Yin Xiaomei.

“A Fei!” Zhang Xiangyi immediately seemed to appear out of thin air, grabbing his frightened friend, “It was Xiaomei’s proposal, and the director said yes! Don’t be stubborn! Give me face! Otherwise, how will I be your brother-in-law!”

You have too much face! Yin Zhefei remained unmoved. “I promise, I promise. I don’t want to do it, but the director still agreed! You also hope that our product promotion works the best, don’t you? This is not the age when good wine is not afraid of deep alleys[1], so we must do promotion. It’s perfect!” He knew that his friends valued his hard work the most, and only starting from this point would be effective.

Yin Zhefei hesitated. Zhang Xiangyi had already seized the gap and shouted: “Quickly, hurry up and give our ‘Professor Yin’ his make-up!”

“Make-up?” They must be kidding, he is a man, why did they want him to use make-up?!

“Of course! Otherwise, you look like a vampire and would scare the audience to death!” Zhang Xiangyi pushed him into the dressing room and said loudly: “Use more powder on him!”

Twenty minutes later, Yin Zhefei was still wearing a white coat, but his whole person looked more energetic, and his hair was forced to be waxed so the edges were curled. It was just that his brows are frowning, as if the little woman in front of him was not a peerless beauty, but a super female orangutan.

Immediately someone came up and said: “Mr. Yin, you only have one line. You have to look affectionately at Ms. Fiona, and then say: I am the product developer, the best skin care product, for the person I love the most.”

After hearing this nasty line, Yin Zhefei’s face changed, and he said coldly: “I can’t say it!”

“Why can’t you say it? It’s just one sentence.”

“I can’t be affectionate!” He almost roared.

Yin Xiaomei jumped over like a rabbit and smiled: “What’s the matter, Xiaojin, can’t talk to this guy?”

Xiaojin seemed to see his savior: “He said he can’t be affectionate!”

“Feelings need to be brewed, and you will be affectionate when you try. Have you remembered your line?” She looked at the deflated man in front of her, and immediately felt refreshed. Hey, she just wanted him to do this whether he was willing to do it or not. Then she would go back and tell the director to cut off that section, he would definitely be pissed off, haha!

“The company is not so poor that we cannot afford to hire male models!” He felt stupid!

“But you are more convincing!” She smiled and sat behind the test bench.

Yin Zhefei scolded her tens of thousands of times in his heart and walked over bitterly. “I’m the product developer, the best skin care product, for the person I love the most.” At the beginning of the shooting, as Yin Zhefei delivered his line, his face was very stiff. Employees of the same company couldn’t help laughing at him. Their face paralyzed “Professor Yin” showed such an interesting expression for the first time.

“Cut!” The director frowned, “With some emotion!”

Yin Zhefei’s cannibalistic expression was like he wanted to shake his arms off and leave in the next second. Zhang Xiangyi immediately reminded him in a low voice: “Product! For the product.!” He endured and endured, as if swallowing something very bitter into his stomach, only then made a smile.

Yin Xiaomei almost suffocated her smile to the point of internal injury, she could almost imagine the curses in Yin Zhefei’s heart! Haha, he treated her like that, if she didn’t get back even this much, she would have lost too much!

“I am a product developer, the best skin care product, for the person I love the most.” He said this sentence almost without emotion.

“Are you reading a eulogy?”

“I’m the product developer, the best skin care product, for the person I love the most.” Gritting his teeth.

“When you talk, look at Fiona. She’s your favorite, not the person you hate!”

“I am the product developer, the best skin care product, for the person I love the most.” He was about to collapse.

“Hey, remove that wretched look from your eyes!”

Yin Zhefei was almost tortured crazy!

Within a day, Yin Zhefei’s abuse by the director spread all over the company. Coupled with the vivid descriptions of the people present at the time, all of them were full of enthusiasm. It was undoubtedly very interesting to see the legendary iceberg man deflated.

And Yin Xiaomei smiled tremblingly in the dressing room, “You didn’t see his expression, it was like he had constipation, hahaha, it was so ridiculous!” With a bang, the door of the dressing room was fiercely opened. The people who were standing against the wall and laughing to tears a second before suddenly became mute, all turned into geckos, and sneaked away silently. And Yin Xiaomei leaning on the dressing table was not afraid but looked back at him provocatively.

“You did it on purpose,” he said coldly.

“Yes, of course I did it on purpose.” She shrugged, there was no need to pretend in front of him.

“After so many years, you still haven’t changed.” He approached her, his eyes deep as a pool.

“The same with you.” Xiaomei secretly added a sentence in her heart, still so annoying.

Yin Xiaomei in the light looked so gentle, even if she said rude words, it still wouldn’t make people feel abrupt. As soon as Yin Zhefei approached her, he smelled the faint scent on her body. His mind seemed to go blank for a few seconds, and for a moment he forgot what he was going to say.

“Hey!” She stretched out her hand and dangled it in front of his eyes, “What’s the matter?” Oh my God, was he angered stupid by her.

“Does your butt still hurt?” He suddenly said something like this, originally trying to tease her, but his tone was surprisingly gentle, and Yin Zhefei immediately cursed his stupidity in his heart.

Yin Xiaomei blushed and said uncomfortably: “You have no compassion; you didn’t show mercy at all when you hit!”

“You misunderstood, I just want to remind you that if your butt still hurts, you must remember the previous lesson.” He smiled wickedly, but he felt a little guilty in his heart.

“Ha! Borrow your auspicious words!” Xiaomei sneered angrily, “You must also remember, think twice before acting, otherwise it will be as embarrassing as today!” She pushed him away impolitely and left angrily. This man was never at ease and kind!

In the evening, Xiaomei returned to Yin’s house tiredly, and there were many missed calls on her mobile phone, all of which were from Chang Mei. “Hey, mom…” She fell on the sofa and called her mother back. Yin Ruoji, who was sitting across from her, became stiff and immediately put down the newspaper in his hand, his eyes full of expectations. “Oh, Mom, Dad is here, do you want to talk to him?” Xiaomei smiled at her father.

But soon her expression became a bit wrong: “No?”

Yin Ruoji seemed to have heard something very embarrassing, he smiled awkwardly, got up and went back to his room. Over the years, it was not that he had not visited Chang Mei in the UK, or did not write to her, but she always slipped away when he went to find her, and the letters he wrote were ignored even more drastically, and there was no news. He thought of the scene that day and thought of Wen Xuan’s spiteful look. Had she cursed him? Was it really that he was wrong? He buried his head in the study, feeling very painful, Chang Mei, what are you thinking about, why didn’t you come back.

“Bang Bang”, the crisp knock on the door called his attention, and he quickly said, “Come in!” Yin Xiaomei walked in, with a rare serious expression on her face: “Dad, I want to talk to you.”

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[1] Good products did not require promotion.

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