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Ran Shutang stood on the spot, holding a small book in his hand, looking down quietly. Even with his schoolbag on his back, his standing posture was straight and upright, like a green pine, his profile was handsome and quiet, and his pure white summer school uniform was clean and tidy, which looked particularly pleasing to the eye.

He was reading very attentively and did not notice Fu Yuanzhou who was standing ten meters away. Fu Yuanzhou was too happy not to talk to him. It was enough to tease Ran Shutang at school. They didn’t have to have much communication outside the school.

Although Fu Yuanzhou was curious as to why Ran Shutang reacted so much to what he hadn’t finished speaking, he still knew that it was impossible for the other party to tell him.

He was about to withdraw his gaze, but suddenly saw Ran Shutang take out his mobile phone from the pocket of the school uniform and accidentally also pull out his subway card but Ran Shutang did not notice the card that fell on the ground, and put the phone back after replying to the message and then continued to read the book in his hand.

Ran Shutang was waiting for the subway by himself. No one around him reminded him to pick up the subway card. Later, some passengers came, but no one noticed the card.

Fu Yuanzhou was a little entangled. If he obviously saw it but didn’t remind Ran Shutang, he would seem a bit unkind. Although he couldn’t understand his opponent, he wouldn’t take pleasure in him losing something. This kind of fun was too low-level.

Finally, when the subway arrived, and still no one had noticed the card, Fu Yuanzhou walked up quickly, picked up the subway card, and patted Ran Shutang on the shoulder: “You have dropped something.”

He was about to enter the subway. Ran Shutang’s footsteps paused, and when he turned his head, there was a strange emotion in his eyes, and he had clearly recognized Fu Yuanzhou through his voice before turning around.

He stood motionless at the entrance of the subway and kept looking at Fu Yuanzhou until the passengers behind began to urge him. It seemed that he had finally recovered from his trance and got on the subway in a hurry.

Before Fu Yuanzhou could pass the card out, he watched Ran Shutang go in. He wanted to give the card to someone and get on the subway from another car door, avoiding staying with Ran Shutang.

At this time, Xie Lin also came over, took a look at Fu Yuanzhou, and naturally got on the subway from this door. Fu Yuanzhou saw that he didn’t want to stay in other carriages, so he had to go in together and walked to Ran Shutang’s side. The card was handed to him: “Your subway card.”

“Thank you.”

Ran Shutang lowered his eyelashes and took the card back. He acted carefully, avoiding touching Fu Yuanzhou’s fingers. Perhaps because he was not used to thanking his dead opponent, Fu Yuanzhou found that his ears were stained with a thin layer of red again.

Fu Yuanzhou began to feel fresh again. He looked at Ran Shutang up and down, he must have turned into an Omega, otherwise how could his face be so thin?

Thinking of this possibility, Fu Yuanzhou felt relieved physically and mentally, with a smile in his eyes: “It’s rare that you would thank me.”


Ran Shutang raised his eyes and saw Fu Yuanzhou smile at him happily, as if he was trying to tell him that his thanking him made him happy, he was taken aback, tightened his fingers holding the subway card, and said in a low voice, “What you said to me in the classroom…”

“Huh? What?” Fu Yuanzhou said, “You speak louder, I did not hear clearly.”

Ran Shutang remained silent, glanced at Xie Lin next to Fu Yuanzhou, and finally shook his head slightly: “Nothing.”

Fu Yuanzhou responded, holding back the smile that was about to show. In fact, he heard what Ran Shutang said, but he just didn’t want to respond. It was really fun to see Ran Shutang want to ask something but being too embarrassed to ask, and he was also curious about Ran Shutang’s thoughts, but he could also save face, which was also considered as getting even.

“Classmates?” Xie Lin watched their exchanges and asked Fu Yuanzhou.

Fu Yuanzhou was also a little unhappy because Xie Lin restricted him from contacting Yuan Ye just now, but since childhood, the two of them were awkward. As long as one party talked to the other first, it would be regarded as an apology by default, and the unpleasantness would not stop Fu Yuanzhou from giving Xie Lin’s face, Xie Lin talking to him first was enough to offset his unhappiness.

“He is Ran Shutang, I mentioned him to you before.”

When he said this, Fu Yuanzhou winked at Xie Lin and told him not to say much. He had mentioned Ran Shutang many times with Xie Lin before, but it was natural to imagine what he said.

Xie Lin was not a talkative person, and now he just nodded slightly to Ran Shutang, and didn’t say anything more.

Ran Shutang said hello to Xie Lin. He knew Xie Lin. As the chairman of the student union, Xie Lin often spoke at the flag raising ceremony. Even people who didn’t care about school affairs basically all knew him.

In fact, Ran Shutang was also very famous in the school. He was the first ranker and a rare grade skipper, but he was very low-key, and most people couldn’t match his name with his face.

The subway door was closed, and they were moving towards the next station. There were not many people on the subway, but there were no seats. It took half an hour to take the subway from school to home, which was not a short distance.

After a while, Fu Yuanzhou became drowsy. He didn’t know why he became sleepy as soon as he took the subway, but he wouldn’t be wronged. When he became sleepy, he immediately went to Xie Lin’s arms: “I’m sleepy…borrow your arms.”

“Don’t sleep, you will fall.”

Xie Lin stretched out his hand to hold his arm to prevent him from sleeping. Fu Yuanzhou was too sleepy, and he forgot everything in a daze, knowing that Xie Lin was alive and well, and muttered: “Don’t…Isn’t there you here, can you still let me fall?”


The strength to stop him suddenly weakened, and Fu Yuanzhou could feel a hand gently pat his head.

He leaned on Xie Lin contentedly, and he could smell the faint red wine in his breath, which made him very relieved. He was about to fall asleep in the next second, but suddenly heard someone saying.

“There is a seat.”

Fu Yuanzhou was about to fall asleep. This clear voice sounded very hazy in his ears. It took a few seconds for him to open his eyes slowly. He got up from Xie Lin’s arms and turned his head back. Ran Shutang’s face was seen in his misty eyes, his expression was very pale, and he was also looking at Fu Yuanzhou, not looking very happy.

However, Fu Yuanzhou had gotten used to Ran Shutang’s cold face, and even when he was sleepy, he didn’t even think about anything. He walked to the empty seat and sat down because he was sleepy.

This station was a transfer station. There were a lot of people getting off the subway. This row of seats was basically empty. Fu Yuanzhou felt dazedly that someone was sitting next to him. He thought it was Xie Lin, so he closed his eyes and fell down on the other’s body, the body directly pillowed his fall.

The warm body temperature passed through the fabric of the summer school uniform, and Fu Yuanzhou smelled a very good smell, like the smell of vegetation after the rain, fresh and pure, very light, and gently lingering in his breath.

It seemed to be the smell of pheromones? But this was not Xie Lin’s red wine taste.

Afterwards, Fu Yuanzhou realized that there seemed to be something wrong, and suddenly opened his eyes, it turned out to be Ran Shutang’s face in his sight.

Ran Shutang looked down at him, his expression unable to maintain his original calmness. This time his ears were not only red, but even his white face was blushing. Seeing Fu Yuanzhou open his eyes and stare at him, he immediately deflected his eyes to one side. Then he raised his hand to cover half of his face.

The smell of vegetation after rain became richer, and Fu Yuanzhou became dizzier with the increase in the concentration of the smell, and he couldn’t restrain himself and opened his eyes little by little.

…No, Ran Shutang turned out to be an Alpha?

Although Fu Yuanzhou didn’t want to believe it, pheromones would not deceive people.

The pheromones of Alphas and Omegas were obviously different. After learning about ABO in the past few days, Fu Yuanzhou had been able to tell the difference. The simplest and crudest way was that Alpha pheromones made Omegas dizzy, and Omega pheromones did not cause any reaction.

Ran Shutang turned out to be Alpha. How could this be possible? How did he look like an Alpha when he was always shy!

Fu Yuanzhou’s heart was broken, and he even forgot that he was still resting on Ran Shutang’s legs. Suddenly he felt that his wrist was pulled by someone, and he was forced to sit up. It was Xie Lin pulling him.

He was still immersed in the shock that Ran Shutang was Alpha, but he was pulled up by Xie Lin, only to slowly realize that he had jumped on Ran Shutang’s body just now.

But this couldn’t be blamed on him…There were so many empty seats, who would have thought that Ran Shutang would choose to sit next to him. If it were himself, he would have kept eight feet away, and there would be no confusion as to the wrong person as well.

“Excuse me…”

He apologized listlessly to Ran Shutang. It was no longer the saddest thing to apologize to his opponent. Ran Shutang was not Omega or even Beta, but a genuine Alpha.

Fu Yuanzhou was depressed, so he didn’t pay attention to Xie Lin’s condensed expression after sitting down.

The blush on Ran Shutang’s face slowly subsided, looking at Fu Yuanzhou’s gaze a little complicatedly, but in the end, he didn’t say anything, just shook his head and replied: “It’s okay.”

After that, the three of them fell silent. After a few stops, when Ran Shutang was about to get off the subway, he looked at Fu Yuanzhou and spoke quietly.


“…Huh?” Fu Yuanzhou fell asleep for a while and started to feel sleepy again, his head lowering little by little. This time he really didn’t hear what Ran Shutang said just now. When he looked up, his eyes revealed his dazed state of mind.

Ran Shutang paused for a moment without speaking. The subway door was about to close, and a warning sounded. He turned and walked out of the subway. He stood on the platform, but suddenly turned back and said to Fu Yuanzhou in the subway in a very clear voice again.


With a click, the subway door closed.

Fu Yuanzhou showed an incredible expression.

Damn it, Ran Shutang would say goodbye to him? Was it just because he returned his subway card that he started to treat him kindly? Damn, he was not used to…

Fu Yuanzhou still felt unreal more than happy. Suddenly his phone vibrated a few times, someone had sent him a message. After typing his reply, he found that there was another notification. It was a friend request. The request came from person who was in his class group, and the name of the person written in the remarks was- Ran Shutang…

“Ran Shutang?”

Fu Yuanzhou’s eyes widened, and he even made a noise unconsciously. Ran Shutang added him as a friend, which was incredible, and it shocked him more than the fact that he was an Alpha.

No, he got angry when he mentioned this. He won’t accept the friend request. If Ran Shutang was an Omega, he could still consider it. Adding him as a friend now would be ironic. If he added an Alpha, wouldn’t he have to wait for Ran Shutang to satirize him in turn?

He was about to delete the message, when suddenly his wrist was held by the other hand. He didn’t have much strength, and he couldn’t resist it, so he was no longer able to read the messages on the phone.

The only person who would hold his hand was Xie Lin. Fu Yuanzhou looked up at him, but his heart jumped suddenly—Xie Lin’s expression was cold, his eyes were dark, he was obviously upset, what did he do to provoke him?


He was about to speak but was held by Xie Lin and brought into his arms.

Xie Lin ignored his faint struggle and put his arms around his back: “Aren’t you going to sleep? Go to sleep.”

“How do you let me sleep like this.” Noting the secret glances of other passengers, Fu Yuanzhou was a little embarrassed, “Just leaning on you is enough.” Xie Lin didn’t move at all: “You will sleep in other people’s arms like this too?”

“How is it possible,” Fu Yuanzhou muttered. He also wanted face, and he was embarrassed in front of others easily, except for his parents, he could be so unscrupulous only in front of Xie Lin, he was not so open even with Yuan Ye.

“So, you understand?” Xie Lin said.

“What?” Fu Yuanzhou certainly didn’t understand what he was talking about.

Xie Lin slowly said: “I told you not to interact closely with Alphas. You asked that I am also Alpha, should you reduce your contacts with me.”

“I answer you, yes. You cannot associate with me.”

He lowered his head and eyes were as dark as night, staring at Fu Yuanzhou’s face.

“If you don’t like me taking care of you, you can ignore me, alienate me, and just treat me as an ordinary friend.”

“Fu Yuanzhou, do you want to do this?”

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