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The alarm set on the mobile phone rang on time. Fu Yuanzhou opened his eyes in a daze from his sleep, turned off the alarm, and sat on the bed with a blank brain for a while. His consciousness gradually returned, and he got up to wash and put on his clothes.

When he came out of the bedroom and walked downstairs, the aunt who had been working in his house for many years had just put the fried eggs on the table. Seeing that he had gotten up, she couldn’t help showing a surprised expression: “Yuanzhou got up? I was just thinking to go upstairs and call you.”

Fu Yuanzhou yawned and sat down at the dining table: “It’s the first day of school, I don’t want to be late.”

Auntie smiled and nodded, and his parents also came downstairs to go to the company. The family was happy. After eating breakfast, he went out and got into the car. Xie Lin was already sitting there waiting for him.

“Good morning.”

He sat next to Xie Lin, sleepy, his eyes were a little bit unable to open. Xie Lin reached out to arrange his collar for him, his collar was often messy, and Xie Lin had been helping him arrange it since he was a child. Except for a slight discomfort when he was almost temporarily marked, Fu Yuanzhou had long been accustomed to Xie Lin’s behavior.

After his collar was fixed, Fu Yuanzhou leaned directly in Xie Lin’s arms to make up for his sleep. Xie Lin glanced at him and asked, “You slept late yesterday?”


Fu Yuanzhou closed his eyes and responded. In fact, he slept well yesterday. It was a bit late, but it was just a bit, because he was called to play online games with Yuan Ye.

After returning to school, they exchanged contact information. After that, they often played games together. Fu Yuanzhou didn’t dare to let Xie Lin know, otherwise Xie Lin would be unhappy and might even confiscate his mobile phone.

Fu Yuanzhou would not bear if others took care of him like this. He would have told them to get lost a long time ago, but Xie Lin was different. Fu Yuanzhou was accustomed to him. If he left Xie Lin, he would be quite at a loss.

So, on the subway that day, when Xie Lin said that he would no longer control Fu Yuanzhou, and the two would only become ordinary friends, Fu Yuanzhou immediately became soft towards Xie Lin.

If he was like his previous life, he might still be angry. At least he would have to fight with Xie Lin for a few days, but this time he couldn’t. When Xie Lin said that he felt a little flustered. The memory of that time, he didn’t want to repeat it again.

“I’m sorry…”

He lowered his eyebrows and apologized to Xie Lin. Xie Lin didn’t say a word. He just looked at him quietly. Fu Yuanzhou, who understood his temper, knew very well that this was because he had not performed well enough. Xie Lin wanted him to promise more.

“You are different from others… of course.”

Fu Yuanzhou whispered, suddenly a little embarrassed. Xie Lin’s question was almost threatening. He knew that he could not just treat him as an ordinary friend, but he still said that. This was simply forcing him to admit that Xie Lin was very important to him.

“How different is it?” Xie Lin asked him.

This question was even more terrible. Fu Yuanzhou wanted to refuse to answer but was forced to do nothing. He had no choice but to say: “You are the best in my heart. You have the closest relationship with me. You are very important to me. Even if you are an Alpha, I can’t live without you….” He blushed when he said this, and raised his eyes to stare at Xie Lin, “Okay!”

Hearing his answer, Xie Lin’s dark eyes were stained with a little light, deep and hot, which melted the coldness between his eyebrows and eyes, that ice and snow turned into a pool of spring water, and his smile was very shallow, but it was enough to move anyone.

He hugged Fu Yuanzhou in his arms and Fu Yanzhou hugged him back tightly: “Don’t say anything to alienate me from now on.”

“Then you don’t do either.” Fu Yuanzhou said dumbly, “You are not allowed to break up with me in the future…you can also not be an ordinary friend. No, you’re not allowed.”

“I won’t.”

Xie Lin’s voice was low and gentle: “Don’t think too much. Go to sleep.”

Now they were sitting in the private car, he still slept on Xie Lin, just like on the subway. The situation was almost the same, which made Fu Yuanzhou feel more at ease, rubbing in Xie Lin’s arms, smelling the faint scent of red wine, he fell asleep comfortably.

Today was the first day of school, and it was also a Monday. The morning self-study and the first class were both the mathematics class of the head teacher Da Yang. He first used some time to readjust the seats in the class.

Fu Yuanzhou was tall, so he was placed in the last row. Yuan Ye was set up to his right, but the seat was still vacant. Because Yuan Ye had not come yet, he was late on the first day of school.

It was not until the flag-raising ceremony after two classes when everyone gathered on the playground and Fu Yuanzhou was standing at the end of Class 7, that he saw Yuan Ye entering the school leisurely with a bag slung on one of his shoulder.

Xie Lin, who was the chairman of the student union, was giving a speech at the time, when Yuan Ye walked through the field and towards the team of Class 7. He was still wearing casual clothes, he had just put on a winter school uniform coat outside, and it looked a little rebellious.

Many students were peeking at him, but Yuan Ye was indifferent. Da Yang rushed over and pulled him to the end of the crowd. He circled the playground in a big circle, like a thief, and sneaked Yuan Ye to the position of Class 7.


Da Yang frowned, then the forty-something man told Yuan Ye: “Don’t you be so blatant? Next time you enter school, keep a low profile. The whole school is here. If you are like this and the school leader sees it, it’s me who is going to be unlucky.”

“Okay.” Yuan Ye laughed, “If I rush during the flag raising ceremony next time, I will remember not to enter the school, you just need to write me a sick leave when you record attendance. “

Da Yang: “…”

Fu Yuanzhou almost laughed, Yuan Ye saw him, his brows and eyes were stained with a brisk smile, and the corners of his lips were raised at him.

Soon the end of the flag-raising ceremony arrived, and everyone returned to their classrooms, Fu Yuanzhou, and Yuan Ye come together, with Fu Yuanzhou teasing him: “On the first day also you came so late?”

“Couldn’t get up”, Yuan Ye said while rubbing his hands together, “Played games till late last night.”

“You played games again after I slept?”

“No, I fell asleep when you went offline.” Yuan Ye laughed, “I really admire you, you can still come to school on time.”

Fu Yuanzhou: “…”

He told himself not to beat Yuan Ye and forcibly turned his attention away from him. When he moved his gaze, he suddenly found that Yuan Ye’s hair color seemed to be different from that of that day, it seemed to be lighter.

“You dyed your hair again?”

“You can see it?”

Yuan Ye raised his hand to fiddle with the hair, his earrings gleaming slightly in the sun, “Does it look good?”

“Good-looking, it’s good-looking.” Fu Yuanzhou looked at him for a while then he said, “But you seem to be the most handsome with black hair.”

Yuan Ye paused, “Really?”

Fu Yuanzhou nodded. In his previous life, Yuanzhou often dyed his hair, and finally returned to black hair. Judging from Fu Yuanzhou’s aesthetics, he was still the most handsome with black hair.


Yuan Ye nodded and said nothing else. Fu Yuanzhou said again: “By the way, we have had our seats adjusted. We are right next to each other, so we can be regarded as being on the same table.”

Because of the ABO genders, there was no such thing as table mates in the school in the true sense of the same table. Because they all sat separately, but the adjacent seats on the left and right were also very close.


Yuan Ye laughed. The two returned to the classroom and continued to attend classes shortly afterwards. Fu Yuanzhou made up his mind to change himself and listened to the class very seriously.

Occasionally, he glanced at Yuan Ye and found that Yuan Ye was either sleeping or playing with his mobile phone, but he didn’t see him listening to the class.

He was so sloppy on the first day of school, that Yuan Ye received the honor of being named by almost all the teachers.

They all wanted Yuan Ye to answer questions, reminding him to correct his attitude, but they ended up being killed by Yuan Ye. His writing on the blackboard was more beautiful than the teacher’s. He blocked everything the teacher had to say and they could only watch silently. After answering, Yuan Ye threw the chalk down and sat back in place.

Yuan Ye was originally handsome and cool, but now he even did his work smartly. After class, he was enthusiastically surrounded by his classmates, and they praised him for his greatness.

“What do you think?” After the crowd dispersed, Yuan Ye pulled the chair towards Fu Yuanzhou, put his arm on his desk, and asked him with a smile, “Am I good?”


Fu Yuanzhou replied perfunctorily. He was not surprised, because he had seen it in his previous life. At that time, his relationship with Yuan Ye was very bad, and he was so angry when he saw Yuan Ye show off.

“Not sincere at all.” Yuan Ye laughed, “You can praise me more, let me teach you the topic.”

“You can teach the topic?”

Fu Yuanzhou was a little interested when he heard the words. He was planning to hire a tutor before to help him improve his review efficiency, but he hadn’t found a suitable one in the past few days. If Yuan Ye could help him, it would be better.

“I’ll teach you.” Yuan Ye pulled the seat closer again, leaning against Fu Yuanzhou, looking down at the set of questions spread out on his table, “Which one of these can’t you do?”

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