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The nox that had appeared in front of him was real, but it was too unbelievable. Xie Luan reached out and touched the silver tail around his waist then touched it again to confirm the reality.

“Ya Yi…” Although there were many questions, such as how the other party came to his world, Xie Luan could now speak only the name of the nox.

Calling the other party’s name for the second time, Xie Luan saw that nox’s diminished vertical pupil had narrowed even more.

At almost the same moment, Xie Luan was suddenly pushed down by the opponent on the chair he had just left, and his Adam’s apple was bitten by the nox by lowering his head.

“Hmm.” Xie Luan felt suffocated but could feel the nox’s obviously still tight body. Even if he was bitten on his Adam’s apple, Xie Luan still raised his hand to smooth the other party’s silver hair.

For Ya Yi who hadn’t seen him for a full month, showing this kind of reaction was expected. Xie Luan could understand it and couldn’t refuse him at all.

This time, the smoothening of hair didn’t comfort Ya Yi, and neither did touching his tail. After this nox bit his Adam’s apple, something became more and more obvious, causing Xie Luan to look away. Pointing towards the bedroom, he said with a slight difficulty: “Go to the room.”

There was no light in the bedroom, and it was night again. For the nox, the dark environment had no effect, but Xie Luan couldn’t see the surrounding scene clearly in this environment.

The door of the room was closed, and through this light-colored wooden door, a slight sound representing the prey being captured and occupied by the hunter could be faintly heard, which continued until the next day.

Due to the disparity in the physical abilities of the race, Xie Luan could not insist on completely satisfying this nox, but the other person was the same as an average person the next day, and Xie Luan felt tired everywhere.

“Where are those Serras now?” After listening to Ya Yi’s general description, Xie Luan asked.

Because it was just a link, when Xie Luan was “dead” in the world over there, his body gradually turned into a light spot and disappeared just as if it had when he had left the parallel world line.

The nox witnessed his departure. Xie Luan couldn’t even say any last words to the other party at that time. The light spot appeared very quickly and disappeared just as quickly like a burst of bubbles.

Then he got to know from Ya Yi’s mouth that the other party took the initiative to accept Serra’s invitation after he “died”, in order to take advantage of Serra’s life form characteristics.

In the short battle, Ya Yi had roughly grasped the characteristics of their ethnic group. This ethnic group had a unified consciousness. All individuals in the ethnic group would obey the strongest one in the group, and the latter would dominate the will of the entire ethnic group.

The Serras wanted to absorb Ya Yi’s consciousness and make this nox a member of their ethnic group, but the fact was that after Ya Yi accepted the invitation, he took control of the entire ethnic group from the former king of Serra and became the new will of this race.

That’s why the Star Alliance forces saw the enemy’s sudden withdrawal without warning, which was actually an order issued by Ya Yi.

“I let them self-destruct.” No waves could be seen in this nox’s cyan pupils, his profile looked straight and extremely cold, as if he was talking about nothing big.

As long as someone became the will of this race, even if the order was to self-destruct, these Serras would obey.

Serra’s life form could not theoretically be killed, but if they self-destructed, then this life form would also die.

After becoming the new will and ordering them to self-destruct. This could be said to be the only way to destroy this race.

Hearing the answer, Xie Luan was taken aback, still feeling a little unreal in his heart.

So Serra, the enemy who had plundered countless worlds and made every universe regard them as a target even though they were still unable to escape their end in destruction, had now been completely wiped out?

If it was something that Ya Yi said, it must be true. Xie Luan now only had one question: “Yes…how did you come here to find me?”

From the moment he saw him again, Ya Yi’s tail was almost always on his waist. This nox was more careful and possessive than ever, and he refused to let go easily even when he was in sight.

Ya Yi watched his tail that had circled the black-haired youth with his deep blue vertical pupils and answered in a low pleasant voice: “After the integration with the Serra life form, I acquired all the Serra’s abilities as well.”

Their ability to reach other universes was one of them. The self-dominant fusion, in addition to crossing the plane, Ya Yi had also gained some new mutated abilities.

Using the ability to cross planes, Ya Yi went to search one world after another. He didn’t stop for a moment, until he came to the current universe and found the person he was looking for on this planet called “Earth”.

Although the link between the two worlds could not be established, but since Ya Yi found this place, Xie Luan would have a way to go to the other world again.

In this world, Xie Luan could basically make everyone not doubt his whereabouts as long as Xie Luan said that he was travelling far away to find inspiration.

He could slowly explore the balance point between the two worlds. Xie Luan arranged things first, and then said to the nox next to him: “Let’s go.”

He had never been out of the Yunbao branch for such a long time. Xie Luan was thus worried about the cub’s reaction in the club.

When he went out before, he told the cubs in the club that he would come back a few days later, and he obviously didn’t keep his promise.

As long as there was a certain target plane, it was a very simple matter for the current Ya Yi to cross to it, almost in the blink of an eye, Xie Luan saw the familiar Gaia star and… the familiar Yunbao branch in front of his eyes.

The place where the two appeared was in the living room of the Rainbow Branch. In this room at this time, Xia Qi was looking sadly at the mermaid cub who had barely eaten anything today.

In fact, it was not just this little mermaid, but also the three little fat chicks who usually liked to step on the youth and tweet.

T/N: This upgrade of YY can be compared to the transformation of a Saiyan to a Super Saiyan (understandable to those who watch Dragon Ball Z)… Basically YY became super OP from normal OP…

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