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“Hmm–” When he opened his eyes, Xie Luan was unable to feel the sharp pain that he had when he had lost consciousness before. Now he could feel that it was a little late, with some cold sweat coming out of his forehead, so suddenly Xie Luan sat up and gasped for breath.

However, this pain did not last long. After a few seconds, the pain eased slightly, and Xie Luan was able to slow down his breathing accordingly.

Putting down the hand covering his chest, Xie Luan fell down and lay back on the bed, breathing heavily for a while.

The back of his hand was placed on his forehead, and Xie Luan’s gaze swept across the room from left to right. Of course, Xie Luan was familiar with the scene of the room. This was his bedroom on the original earth.

It was one of the places that he saw every day when he woke up. Originally, he didn’t need to glance at this familiar scene to confirm, but Xie Luan needed this confirmation today.

Because this time he didn’t come back by himself but returned passively.

He blocked the attack against Ya Yi.

The slight pain left in the chest position told Xie Luan that this position of his body had indeed been penetrated.

Xie Luan established a link between the two worlds through his spiritual power. The golden ball of light let him establish this link to deceive the “rules” of the other world, allowing the other world to recognize his existence, so that he had the feeling completeness in the other world.

And because Xie Luan was only using dreams to establish a link, Xie Luan’s body in this world was not physically affected by whatever happened in that world, so there was no injury.

When the pain was completely eliminated, it took only one minute for the truth to add up. Xie Luan wiped off the thin sweat on his forehead without being relaxed, and then he tried to fall asleep again.

Since establishing the spiritual link between the two worlds, every time Xie Luan had the idea of going to the other world, he could fall asleep immediately within a few seconds, but this time, Xie Luan had no feeling even after lying down for a while.

Because it was very painful just now, and his mental shock had still not calmed, so he still couldn’t sleep…

Xie Luan wanted to persuade himself this way at first, but he stayed on this earth until the night. After Xie Luan finally managed to fall asleep, the scene he saw when he opened his eyes remained unchanged.

He opened his eyes sometime after waking up, and the only change in the room was that the light had become dim.

The spiritual link that connected the two worlds was broken-he couldn’t go there and clearly realized this. Xie Luan woke up now, and he did not feel any sleepiness that night.

Xie Luan tried several more times, every time with the same result.

“A Luan, aren’t you going out today?” This was the second time Lu Yuan has asked this question this week, with obvious concern in his tone.

Although the youth was not a person who liked to go out often, he usually went out for a walk on his own and travelled at intervals. It had never happened before that he couldn’t be called out for more than a week.

“Yeah.” While replying on the phone, Xie Luan was holding the sensor pen in his hand and slowly drawing on the digital screen.

“You…” The person on the other end of the phone stopped talking, and finally could only say, “Don’t hold back what’s the matter.”

“I’m fine, don’t worry about me, but I am more inspired these days and want to stay at home to draw.” Xie Luan gave a convincing reason, tilted his head and held the phone, while his hand movement continued.

Hearing what Xie Luan said, Lu Yuan was persuaded. He felt that he might have thought too much, so he said, “Okay, I won’t bother you.”

When the other side hung up, Xie Luan took off the phone with his head tilted and turned his gaze back on the drawing board, but Xie Luan found it difficult to continue drawing.

On the drawing board were the scenes that happened in the Yunbao Branch daily. The caretaker at work and the cubs playing in the lobby. Xie Luan hadn’t finished painting yet, but the general picture was already there.

The link was broken, which meant that Xie Luan would no longer be able to touch the world over there in the future, and of course it was impossible to see the people in the painting again.

The last picture also left a part of the nox with a silver tail unfinished. Xie Luan turned off the display and turned his eyes to the window. This time there would be no more “meteor” to let him go to the other side of the world.

He didn’t know how the people in that world were now…

Had the Star Alliance successfully repelled the enemy from the outer domain? If repelled, would that world finally get rid of its fated destruction?

Ya Yi and everyone in Yunbao Branch, including adults and cubs, was the object of Xie Luan’s concern.

In fact, the other world Xie Luan was concerned about had undergone tremendous changes in the past more than a week.

The Star Alliance was approaching defeat. The soldiers sensed a sudden explosion of horror at the location of the Ark ship that stopped action not long ago. After that, the owner of the Ark ship abandoned the starship. Then he used the space power to transfer himself directly to the enemy’s base camp.

In the holographic communication deliberately connected by the enemy, the members of the Star Alliance could see that the nox, whose face was truly cold and emotionless, accepted what the Serras called the “invitation”.

This kind of invitation meant to incorporate this nox’s consciousness into their group and make the other party a member of their group.

The other party clearly knew about this, but he took the initiative to accept it, which made the Star Alliance feel stunned and find it incomprehensible.

But what made the Star Alliance and the reinforcements from various races even more bewildered was that after Ya Yi accepted the “invitation” in the holographic image, not long after that, the entire Serra tribe who had been fighting with them stopped any attacks. All the warships were evacuated cleanly in a moment.

The Star Alliance forces that were left behind were at a loss for a while, not knowing what was going on, but the enemy’s withdrawal was real, and the Star Alliance forces that had been struggling to support had a respite at this time.

And one or two days after that… the enemy named Serra still didn’t come back. The Star Alliance kept the highest alert from the moment of doubt to a little more relaxed state after more than half a month.

After a month, it was still calm, and the Star Alliance and the various races in the interstellar finally began to believe a little bit that the nightmare might really be over.

What did that nox do for them?

The enemy’s disappearance would not be unreasonable, all these things happened after Ya Yi accepted the so-called invitation, and everyone could easily associate it.

There were four people from Yunbao Branch who had left, but only two returned. During this period of time, Yunbao Branch has always had a bright and comfortable atmosphere.

“Papa, Papa——?”

The mermaid cub, who was carried from the indoor pool to the hall with the other cubs, grabbed the trousers of a childcare worker, and looked at him with blue eyes. He didn’t know how many times this inquiry was issued in this month.

And every time he heard the little mermaid make these two repeated single tones, other cubs in the hall would also scream to express their inquiry, and the whole hall would be lively for a while.

Xia Qi used to lie to these cubs that the youth had gone far away. At first, the cubs were waiting obediently, but after half a month they started to be a little anxious, but recently they asked more frequently.

Being grabbed by this mermaid cub, Xia Qi adjusted her expression first, and then squatted down to face the little mermaid, Muka cub and many other cubs who had come close, and said, “A Luan has gone far away. It will take some time for him to come back, but he will be back in a while.”

Xia Qi tried to squeeze a smile, in fact, the news she got was that the youth had been killed in that war.

She really didn’t know how to tell these cubs who had been obediently waiting for the youth to come back every day since the youth went out. Xia Qi could only lie to these cubs and say that Xie Luan had gone far away.

But Xia Qi still underestimated the cub’s sensitivity to the adult’s emotions. She always responded that the youth would come back in a while. Now, one month later, this method had become less effective.

The most direct manifestation was that after Xia Qi just soothed them and replied, the little mermaid in front of her started shouting Papa while dropping golden peas from his eyes.


The small fish tail covered with ice-blue scales slapped on the ground, including the caudal fin, making this flapping action. On the delicate face of the mermaid cub, the eye sockets were slightly red. At the same time, the tears that fell quickly condensed into small transparent crystal stones, and they only made a relatively small sound when they hit the ground covered with the soft blanket.

Not only this mermaid cub, but the Muka cub next to him lowered his head and made a very low hiss at Xia Qi. The black dragon cub and the few bird-like cubs fluttered their wings and flew in front of Xia Qi and screamed. The reactions of other cubs in the hall were similar.

“Wang Wu.” For many days, this cub hadn’t smelt the warm breath he liked. During this time, this little Wek could only smell the places where the youth used to stay, and where the breath of the youth was left.

But since the person had been absent for a long time, the remaining breath had started fading. Ain actually couldn’t smell the breath from the place where the youth used to stay since half a month ago.

But even so, this Wek cub was accustomed to nesting in places where the youth used to stay.

Seeing the behavior of these cubs, Xia Qi’s nose was sour, and she almost couldn’t control her tears.

But she was an adult and couldn’t cry in front of these cubs, otherwise it would make these cubs even more upset.

Holding back her tears, Xia Qi reached out to touch the short light gold hair of the mermaid cub in front of her and comforted the little mermaid and the other cubs: “Which time did A Luan go out and never come back, this time he just went out for a long time. He will definitely come back.”

This sentence also represented the expectations of Xia Qi and the other staff in the Yunbao branch. Even if there was news that the youth had lost his life, since they had not seen the youth’s body, they still had a glimmer of hope.

They hoped that both of them could come back without incident. This was what everyone had been looking forward to this month.

They didn’t know if it should be said to be a kind of strange induction in the dark. While Xia Qi comforted the cubs who made their immature screams because they could not see the youth, Xie Luan seemed to be able to feel some of their feeling in the other world far away.

It was the emotion that was inexplicably aroused in his heart, which made Xie Luan involuntarily look out of the window where he could only see the quiet night sky.

It would be great if there was another “meteor” that could let him go to the other world…

Knowing that it was impossible, Xie Luan couldn’t help thinking about it when looking at the night sky at this time.

But it seemed to not really respond to his wish. Although there was no meteor, the same loud noise that could shake Xie Luan’s tympanum came from the small courtyard outside the window, and it also made Xie Luan feel that the floor was shaking.

It wasn’t a “meteor”, and he didn’t know what it was. Even if he knew it was a rather slim hope, Xie Luan got up from his chair in an instant and prepared to walk out of the yard.

But the moment Xie Luan stood up, his whole person was caught off guard by the shadow of the person who arrived in front of him.

“Ya…Yi?” His throat seemed to be blocked by something, Xie Luan saw the silver tail around his waist, and said the other party’s name in a low voice in disbelief.

While calling out the name, Xie Luan met a pair of blue eyes that seemed to have become a little deeper, but still very beautiful, and he could never make a mistake when recognizing him.

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