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After New Year’s Eve, Yu Siyang would become twenty years old.

It seemed that at the time when he was twenty years old, good things always happened to him.

When he was twenty years old in his previous life, he was accepted as a disciple by his master, learned his superb cooking skills, and had gained an extra family member.

At the age of twenty this time, he had a family, a lover, a cute child, and a mom-and-pop shop he owned with his lover.

The property rights of the mom-and-pop shop were written in Yu Siyang’s name. Xue Chengxiu paid for the purchase of the shop. After that, the cost of decoration and operation must be paid for by himself.

So, on the first day of the new year, after being tossed hard all night, Yu Siyang actually got up early.

With worry in his heart, it was not attractive to him to sleep in late.

When Xue Chengxiu woke up from a good sleep, his arms were already empty, and his little boyfriend had actually gotten up, and was sitting on the thick plush carpet beside the bed, holding a notebook for writing and drawing, and there were a few bank cards scattered by his feet.

Xue Chengxiu: ???

What was the kid doing this morning? Expressing his dissatisfaction with him for not working hard enough?

With all kinds of hooligan-like thoughts in his mind, Mr. Xue got out of bed and walked over to his little boyfriend to sit down, and asked, “When did you get up? What are you doing?”

Yu Siyang rubbed his head against him and handed the book to him. “This is a to-do list I wrote about things I have to do before opening the store, as well as the menu.”

Xue Chengxiu took over the book and took the person in his arms with the other hand.

The book had everything to be done from the start of the decoration to the opening, clearly written in an organized manner, and a timeline had also been drawn. The menu was also positioned in different ways, and several kinds were drawn up.

Xue Chengxiu reminded him: “Don’t you have to film in Liang Province again in a few days? If you don’t have time to do this yourself, just leave it to me.”

When reminded like this, Yu Siyang who had been floating in the air for a long time because of excitement, fell to the ground.

Well, he had not finished filming the movie.

Director Bu was too slow when making the movie!

Although a scoop of cold water was poured over him, Yu Siyang’s current enthusiasm for opening a store was simply like the sun, and it could not be extinguished.

He took the bank cards and put it in Xue Chengxiu’s hand, and solemnly said: “Then I will leave the mom-and-pop shop to you, the card with the last number 8909 is my salary card, my salary is there, the card with the last number 1232 is the recovered assets that you helped me get back. The password for all of them is your birthday.”

“It’s all my birthday?” Xue Chengxiu asked with a smile.

Yu Siyang’s face was a little red, and he nodded.

Originally, the salary card did not have that password. So, last year, he quietly went to the bank’s ATM to change the password. He was recognized by a bank staff who suddenly passed by. He signed dozens of autographs for people and took countless group photos before he was let go. It was terrible.

Xue Chengxiu clenched the bank card in his hand, got up and went to the study, and returned soon after with a bunch of various cards, equity certificates, fund contracts, insurance certificates, etc., and stuffed it into Yu Siyang’s arms.

Yu Siyang looked down at the things in his arms, raised his head and said blankly: “What are you doing? Showing off your wealth?”

Xue Chengxiu: “…”

Mr. Xue could neither laugh nor cry, as he stroked his child’s hair.


He knew that his Yangyang handed over the money to him, not because he wanted to pay half of the bills with him, but because it was their mom-and-pop shop and they owned it together, so he wanted to pay for it himself.

His Yangyang gave him all he had, and in exchange, he also gave him everything he had.

Yu Siyang threw the things in his arms casually and rushed to hug Xue Chengxiu tightly.

The feeling of being connected with a lover was so wonderful. Sometimes he wished he could spend all his nights with him as they grew old together; and that time could go a bit slower, so that they could savor every moment in detail.

Xue Chengxiu was not a sentimental person, but at this moment, holding the thin young man in his arms, there were four words in his mind-This time is quiet and good.

But this kind of perceptual thought only existed in Mr. Xue’s mind for a short while, since the lover took the initiative to throw in his arms, and he had no evil thoughts, he would have really failed this wonderful morning light.

The next thing that happened was not surprising at all!

Yu Siyang’s holiday only lasted until the fifth day of the first lunar month, and there were only a few days after the reunion. There was a child in the family who occupied most of the two people’s time and energy during the day. Xue Chengxiu was even more reluctant to be disturbed by others at home, so he didn’t go anywhere. People were not allowed to come to their own homes for New Year’s greetings.

His fox and dog friends felt a special regret-suddenly not allowed to eat rice, this Spring Festival was very boring!

On the fifth day of the first lunar month, Yu Siyang packed his bags and went to the studio in Liang Province.

The crew also arranged for someone to pick him up at the airport and then deliver him to the hotel where the crew was staying.

Yu Siyang slept on the plane, as if he was not interested in anything. When he arrived at the hotel, he even lay down on the bed, not wanting to move.

“It seems that you have been very licentious these few days!” Luo Peng teased, helping to organize the luggage.

But Yu Siyang suddenly remembered that he had fooled him, and suddenly his guilt vanished, and he attacked the other person personally: “Single dogs can’t understand it. Is your right hand okay?!”

Luo Peng: “…”

Tang Hang: ” ……”

Luo Peng was surprised, how could a soft cute child become a proud old driver after a year? This was unscientific!

“Xiaoyu~~~ Xiaoyu, are you swollen? I’m not used to your sudden change in style~~~” Luo Peng went to look over Yu Siyang, “Let me see if you are a fake Yu Siyang or the boss sent a stand-in~~~~”

Yu Siyang was furious, jumped up and stood in the middle of the bed, not allowing Luo Peng to catch him, “You have a sudden change in style, no, you have a wretched style.”

Tang Hang let out a low cough, trying hard to hold back his laugh.

“You fooled me.” Yu Siyang was still looking angry, sitting cross-legged on the bed.

“How did I fool you?” Luo Peng cried out for injustice. He was obviously such an upright man, so straightforward.

“When I wanted to open a restaurant, you said to let me learn from the Jade Hotel.” Yu Siyang accused: “Obviously the research can be done by a professional planning company, and how can the Jade Hotel give me any experience? It’s totally different!”

“Well, master, I was wrong, so please forgive me this time.” Luo Peng admitted his mistake, “Anyway, the contract with the Jade Hotel has only a few months left, so let’s not renew the contract with them. Okay?”

Yu Siyang raised his chin and snorted: “I won’t renew the contract. I have already bought the store. I will wait for the decoration.”

Luo Peng was surprised: “Just bought it? You can do this so fast.”

“Yes!” Yu Siyang’s playfully angry face instantly switched to a sweet face, and he said with a happy smile, “Mr. Xue bought it, I am incharge of the decoration, it is our mom and pop store.”

Suddenly, Luo Peng was severely stuffed with hot dog food.

But because he fooled the master, he had to pretend to be happy to chew the dog food into his stomach.

It was good! But it hurt!

“It’s great! When it opens, I will bring friends to join in!”

Yu Siyang nodded in satisfaction: “Yes, but I won’t give you a discount, Tang Hang can get a discount.”


This was differential treatment!

“This is a punishment for you.”

“Puff—” Tang Hang couldn’t help laughing.

Luo Peng immersed himself in unpacking Yu Siyang’s luggage and decided to take away all the snacks that Yu Siyang had brought.

After making a fuss for a while, Yu Siyang didn’t look like the eggplant that had frosted over and had just been beaten. He cheered up and greeted Bu Guanqing and the others who had come earlier.

After returning to work on the sixth day of the New year, and after the incense was lit, the filming of the scene in the county seat was arranged.

In the setting of the script, the story took place in a small county not too far from the border. Behind the small county town was the Shiwan Mountain. The headquarters of the drug cartel was in the mountain, which was easy to defend and difficult to attack.

The small county town was not big, because there were virgin forests, it had always been relying on tourism to generate income. There were still many foreign tourists. The only burger restaurant in the county was where Wu Wenjing delivered the news.

There was really only one burger restaurant in Wenyu County, and the name of the restaurant had a strong copycat style. The crew and the owner negotiated to borrow it to shoot. Yu Siyang appeared in the burger restaurant after putting on makeup, which immediately attracted countless screams.

“Yu Siyang——Yu Siyang, I love you——”

“Head——Look here and see here—— “

“Yu Pangyang, you are so cute——”

Yu Siyang stiffened when he heard the words “Yu Pangyang”. Wait a moment, this…when was such a nickname added?!

After being called “Yu Pangyang” by a person, the fans onlookers began to call him like that. There was no sense of dissonance as it matched his current appearance.

The extras were in place, the seats and lights were all set up, and Yu Siyang and Shi Zhen surrounded the Director and Master Yan to talk about the play.

“You grew up and went to the police academy together. You are very good friends, but you haven’t seen each other for many years. Your appearance and temperament have changed a lot, but in fact you are worried about each other’s situation, but you can’t interact because of your status. Show it.”

Bu Guanqing took the notebook and showed them to them, and said to Shi Zhen, “Qiu Shizhe knows that there are other undercover agents, so he specially invited the undercover agents to investigate. The above suspects all are the undercover agents, and Wu Wenjing is also one of them. You are worried about his safety, but you can’t reveal the purpose of your visit this time. You believe in Wu Wenjing but there is some backlash. You want to remind him, but you can’t say it clearly.”

“On Teacher Yu’s side, he faintly guesses the reason for Qiu Shizhe’s coming, and the other was because many people in the group looked at him unpleasantly and was worried that he was in danger, so he wants to persuade him to leave and not to wade in the muddy water.” Bu Guanqing also said to Yu Siyang: “You are a rival in love on the face of it, but you are a friend of life and death. You must grasp this degree.”

Yu Siyang nodded and said that he knew.

Because of the special effects makeup, when he nodded, the trembling silicone bulge on his chin became a three-layered chin. The fans onlookers were strangely attracted by his three-layered chin, and they screamed instantly.

Not to mention the crew, even passers-by in the distance were taken aback.

Yu Siyang walked outside with Tang Hang’s escort, and warmly said to the fans: “Thank you everyone for supporting me and supporting “Dead Land”. Can you help me by speaking as low as possible, so as not to affect other people? We need on-site recording for shooting. Don’t talk later when we are officially shooting, okay?”

“Head, don’t worry, we will definitely not affect the shooting.” The head of the team was his his food fan. And they were as usual the most organized and disciplined.

Yu Siyang smiled and thanked him and returned to the set.

The fan was also very courageous, and he soothed the fans on the scene with a few words, especially some loli fans, and educated them separately to be sensible and not to affect their idol’s shooting, and also not bother the passers-by, so as not to give passers-by a bad impression of their idol.

Many fans who were screaming were embarrassed and apologized to the shopkeepers on both sides of the burger restaurant, and the shopkeepers also generously expressed that they didn’t care.

For the fan’s behavior, idols paid the bill.

In the same way, some good behaviors of fans would also bring a good positive image to the idol.

A passerby filmed this scene and posted it on the Internet, praising Yu Siyang and winning a lot of positive comments for Yu Siyang.

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