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“Why?” Fu Yuanzhou shook his head frantically, “I don’t want to!”

Why did he have to sit on Xie Lin’s lap, this was weird!

“Not sitting?”

“I won’t!”

Fu Yuanzhou unlocked the door of the room and fled out. Xie Lin sat still. After a while, the door of the room reopened, and a gap appeared. Fu Yuanzhou probed in with half of his body, and asked, a little bit poorly, “Can’t you change the terms?”

Xie Lin didn’t even give him a look. Fu Yuanzhou leaned forward slowly and gently sat on Xie Lin’s lap: “Don’t think I am giving in.”

“Turn around. Sit facing me.” Xie Lin said.

Damn, how could he sit like that?

Fu Yuanzhou stood up all of a sudden, and the blood poured into his face instantly. Wasn’t that why he had to… he had to sit on Xie Lin? What did this look like!

“Do you have to ask me to sit like this?” He couldn’t help asking Xie Lin, “You change…”

“Are you proving, or am I proving?” Xie Lin asked, “If you don’t want to do this, you don’t have to.”

— Then there is no need to continue to prove it. You are not telling the truth.

Fu Yuanzhou could guess what it meant even with his toes. He felt that he should punch Xie Lin now to let him feel his enthusiasm. But after all, it was just sitting, and not kissing, if he didn’t do it, Xie Lin might get really angry…

He raised his hand to cover his flushed face, and arrogantly sat on his lap as Xie Lin had said, with his legs spread open to both sides of his hips.

“Hold me.”

Xie Lin’s tone was calm, but his attitude could not be rejected. Fu Yuanzhou stretched out his hand and pulled his sleeves. He held Fu Yuanzhou’s wrists, wrapped his hands around the back of his neck, and let Fu Yuanzhou embrace him. He also hugged Fu Yuanzhou’s waist.

Even if the air conditioner was turned on in the bedroom, it could not prevent the transfer of human body temperatures, and even the breath between them could be easily sensed.

As long as he bowed his head slightly, Fu Yuanzhou could see Xie Lin’s face very clearly. It was handsome and cold, which would remind people of the pale moonlight or the evening flowers blooming in the dark night.

But his pheromone was a deep and warm red wine scent, which was very hot when it was full-bodied. Fu Yuanzhou had really felt it. As long as he got a little whiff of it, he would get very drunk, and his whole body would be shrouded in hot heat.

His face suddenly became hot, and he stopped looking at Xie Lin and shifted his gaze to the side, but unexpectedly Xie Lin suddenly reached out his hand to clasp his head and pressed his face down to bring him closer to himself.

“Xie Lin!”

Didn’t you say that they would not kiss!

Fu Yuanzhou panicked, struggling to get up, but the posture of straddling was really inconvenient. His center of gravity was unstable. Instead of getting up, he completely fell into Xie Lin’s arms, and his face almost hit his beautifully shaped thin lips.

“Don’t move.”

Xie Lin’s voice was very low, his lips were less than a centimeter away from Fu Yuanzhou’s cheek, but he didn’t really kiss.

Fu Yuanzhou’s ears were hot and sore, as if blood was coming up all over his body. He closed his eyes tightly and stopped looking at Xie Lin, but he could feel that his lips were almost against his face, and even the tip of his nose had been touched lightly. If he moved slowly and covered the slightest distance, the situation would become even more ambiguous and sensational.

Even if he didn’t really kiss, it seemed to be no different from kissing, as if his whole face was kissed by Xie Lin at the same time.

Fu Yuanzhou’s heartbeat was so fast that he was about to burst. When Xie Lin finally moved his lips to his lips, he finally couldn’t take it anymore, begging quietly, “Don’t, Xie Lin, don’t… “

He didn’t dare to move at all. He was afraid that as long as the movements were a little bit more intense, Xie Lin would really be there. If it was just the face, it would still be…


Suddenly the door of the room was knocked, and the Auntie said from outside: “Xiaozhou, Xiaolin, are you studying? I washed the fruit for you, and I will take it in for you now?”

She turned the doorknob while speaking. She had been at Fu Yuanzhou’s house for many years and knew them very well. She thought it was nothing inconvenient to just bring fruit to the two children, but now Fu Yuanzhou didn’t want her to come in, he couldn’t let her see himself and Xie Lin like this.

The moment the auntie opened the door, a loud noise suddenly came from within the room, which shocked her.

She watched in surprise as the chair in the bedroom fell down. Fu Yuanzhou was also lying on the ground. Xie Lin half-kneeled on the ground with his hands on Fu Yuanzhou’s head. The hair and clothes of the two of them were a bit messy. Fu Yuanzhou’s face was red, and his forehead was sweaty.

“Did you fight?” The aunt hurriedly put the fruit plate aside and pulled the two up.

“No fight, no fight…”

Fu Yuanzhou just wanted to find a way to avoid this discussion. “Auntie, don’t worry about it, we were just studying…”

Could someone learn like this?

The auntie stopped talking, looked at them a few more times, and then slowly said: “Then you continue to be busy, I will leave first, and you call me if something happens.”

“Okay, you can rest.”

Fu Yuanzhou hurriedly sent the auntie away and closed the door. Xie Lin had originally locked the door, but because he ran out just now, the door was unlocked, so he quickly locked it again.

But while subconsciously locking the door, he suddenly realized that there was no need for him to have a guilty conscience and lock the door. Didn’t this mean he was giving Xie Lin another chance?

He grabbed the doorknob, and at the same time Xie Lin also leaned over, hugged him from behind, pressed his hand, and said in his ear.

“Do you think it’s over?”

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