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“Hear Your Voice” was already very popular before it aired. In addition, this issue invited Ji Lin. With his fans alone, the live broadcast room was about to be overwhelmed, let alone the follow-up. After receiving this news, one after another netizens rushed to see the lively scene.

At first, everyone was joking while watching the show and discussing. Until the host asked which relative Ji Lin hated the most, the atmosphere in the live broadcast room was still harmonious and friendly, but when Ji Lin’s answer appeared, it was not exaggerating to say that the whole live broadcast room fell into a weird silence for a few seconds.

The next effect was tantamount to detonating a bomb and throwing it into a pool, immediately exploding a wave of several meters high.

After the live broadcast room recovered, it boiled completely with enthusiasm, and the dense barrage was swiped, almost covering the faces of the people in the show. Because there were too many people speaking at the same time, the server crashed for a while. When it was finally repaired, the audience’s mood had finally stabilized a bit, and discussions began to take place normally but intensely.

[Known: Brother Ji has personally said many times that he is an only child, but he only publicly stated that he regards Zhou Siyu as his sister; then I would like to ask: Whose husband is that brother-in-law of brother Ji?

[I need to take some time. I was drinking juice just now, and I sprayed it on the computer screen. Now, I changed to a tablet… No, I’m still a little confused now. Do you know what he said?

[I guess he didn’t know. Didn’t you notice that Brother Ji’s mind was always wandering in the second half of the show? Asking everything ahahah…, he was probably unsuspecting and so he suddenly told the truth…

[More than that now that Brother Ji has not recovered so the current situation is Ms. Siyu has been in love for a long time and Brother Ji knows who Ms. Siyu’s boyfriend is and hates him very much is that right

[The dear poster above, I understand your excitement, but I’m so tired reading it if you don’t add punctuation… Yes, the truth is probably like this, and you see the subtle look in brother Ji’s disdain, when he talks about his brother-in-law. Already, it seems that the relationship between Brother Ji and his brother-in-law is not good.

[Miss Siyu’s expression brightened! I think her look at Brother Ji is very complicated now, maybe she is making a difficult choice between killing brother Ji and not killing brother Ji.

[Speaking of which, Miss Siyu keeps secrets too well! She hadn’t had any scandals before. Of course, the Koi confession incident is not counted. Suddenly it broke out that she has a boyfriend, and she was caught a little off guard. Isn’t this really a trap?

[This sesame yellow cult girl is crying with her real name, I got a fake CP ohohoh…, I don’t care, I won’t accept it! The blue sky above our siblings’ heads can’t be fake.

[As young lady’s Yan fan and girlfriend fan, I told myself to live with a smile…]

This unintentional revelation by Ji Lin brought the show’s ratings soaring high, and finally created an uproar on Weibo. The topic #Siyu’s Love# climbed on the list steadily, and soon became a hot topic. Shen Yue who was waiting in the background for the end of the section list accidentally opened Weibo and found that speculation about her artist’s love affair was flying all over the sky.

Because Ji Lin had clearly stated the word “brother-in-law”, netizens immediately excluded him and screened out the celebrities who had collaborated with Siyu over and over again. They all said it in a clear-cut manner, and it looked like this. Shen Yue turned to these things, and immediately became dumbfounded.

What was going on? Could it be that Siyu was on the show today to make her love affair public? Why didn’t she discuss this with her in advance? What should she do now, how could she write a public relations post on Weibo? And seriously, she still didn’t know who Siyu was dating!

Here, Shen Yue was at a loss, but the online discussion was full of enthusiasm. Fans went around and found that everyone was suspicious. It was really hard to determine who was this “brother-in-law” of Ji Lin.

However, a fan’s one-sentence summary was unanimously endorsed by many netizens: “In any sense, Brother Ji is a veritable treasure boy!”

The host of the show was no less obsessed than the netizens who were watching the live broadcast. He even felt surprised that he could persist in getting his work done, which was an indicator of his excellent psychological quality. Their program in case of interviews all had a fixed script, so when they encountered the accidents with Ji Lin and Siyu, the host was a bit caught off guard.

This was too sudden, even if she had made up her mind to make it public, she should at least have informed them in advance… At this moment, the host’s brain circuit perfectly overlapped with Shen Yue’s.

After the show got over, the director came over and said in a low voice: “This time we made a lot of money, and our ratings soared to the top of the entire network, and even overwhelmed other hot shows in the same period. The topic of Weibo was also very high. The person who we invited this time are really the right ones, Xiao Liu, I will give you the credit!”

The program was a success, the director was overjoyed, and waved his hand to give Xiao Liu a bonus, but Xiao Liu was already in a daze. She didn’t react too much. Instead, she bowed her head in despair and muttered: “Siyu is taken….”

The director said, “Yes, I didn’t expect this girl to have a boyfriend. It was revealed on our program. This episode is destined to be popular!”

Xiao Liu walked away lost, she suddenly remembered that when she went to the dressing room to take Ji Lin’s signature, she seemed to have heard the two of them discussing something. Thinking about it now, Xiao Liu felt something was wrong in her mind.

No wonder that Ji Lin had been persuading Siyu to consider other people at that time, it was because he was dissatisfied with his brother-in-law, and wanted her to change her boyfriend!

The people outside were discussing the matter intensively, but the dressing room was extremely quiet. Han Tiantian nestled in a chair and looked at Siyu, who was on her left, and was struggling with Shen Yue’s interrogation, then looked at the right at Ji Lin, who was staring blankly at the ceiling. She felt that if it hadn’t been inappropriate, she really wanted to grab a handful of melon seeds and watch the show while nibbling on them.

The relationship between Han Tiantian and Siyu in private was pretty good. The two were good friends, so she didn’t have so many scruples at this time. Since she felt curious, she simply asked the main question directly: “Siyu, what Brother Ji said, is it true? When did you make a boyfriend so secretly that you did not even let me know? If Brother Ji didn’t blow this matter up, how long were you going to hide it from me?”

When Shen Yue heard this, she also asked nervously: “Sister Siyu, there are already overwhelming numbers of people asking on Weibo whether this news is true or false? Do we need to make an official statement or let them go on like this. I’m afraid it will offend other male stars…”

Netizens had always had excellent imaginations. Since they had started to doubt, they would go to heaven and earth to find evidence. All men who had cooperated with Siyu were called out to come out to get “checked”, including the movie emperor Wen Yuan. Shen Yue had never seen such a big scene, the more she looked at it, the more she felt frightened, for fear of offending others.

Siyu: “…” She glanced at the culprit, and saw that Ji Lin’s soul was still floating outside. She couldn’t help but sigh. The way the clock exploded was so novel that there was no preparation time left for Siyu’s heart. She was very tired, but since it was her own brother, she couldn’t easily blame him, and she was more worried about how to deal with the three-year-old child who would be unhappy once things went out of his control?

Facing Han Tiantian’s curiosity filled eyes, Siyu thought for a while, anyway, there was no need to hide it, so she nodded: “I already have a boyfriend.”

Although the result was already known, but hearing Siyu’s admission with her own ears, this feeling was still different, so Han Tiantian gasped: “Wow!”

After sighing, Han Tiantian hurriedly sent the belated blessing over, and then carefully asked: “Then is he… Anyone from the circle?”

Siyu shook her head, and Han Tiantian was slightly relieved when she saw this: “It’s better, otherwise you will have to deal with his fans, it would have been a headache.” Siyu glanced at her without saying a word. Talents outside the circle were more difficult to deal with.

Han Tiantian still wanted to ask in detail, but Siyu’s phone suddenly rang. She picked it up and glanced at the screen, her expression was slightly stagnant, and she was hurriedly preparing to leave. She also asked Shen Yue: “Don’t bother about Weibo. Let me think about what I should say, and I’ll inform you tomorrow!”

“Hey, sister Siyu we will wait, no matter if it is really okay…” Shen Yue ran after her, shouting as she ran.

After the two people left, the dressing room was quiet again. Han Tiantian looked at Ji Lin, who hadn’t responded even after Siyu ran away. She reached out and poked at him and asked, “Brother Ji, why aren’t you talking? Are you shocked? It’s okay, did Siyu blame you?”

At this time, Ji Lin’s gaze became slightly focused, he collapsed on the chair and smiled sadly: “No, I’m not thinking about this… …” To be precise, his leak was not as shocking as seeing his sister’s Weibo account in person.

Hundred years of Koi-this was the Weibo name of the popular comic author Koi, and at the same time creator of countless black histories of Ji Lin (self-thinking), Ji Lin specially opened a small account to follow her every time she posted a picture related to himself, he personally commented in a trumpet, and even mixed into the readers.

However, when he discovered that Koi was probably his own sister, Ji Lin first couldn’t believe it, then he was hit hard, and then he panicked.

What to do and what not to do, his small comments that were the same as black fans were still shiningly hung on the hot comments, and he had long become a famous “black fan” among the readers, and now the one telling the readers about Ji Lin was his sister, it was too late!

If Siyu found out that he had done such a stupid thing, would he be blamed? Ji Lin covered his face in despair, now thinking about it, how could the pictures related to him be black history? This was obviously the deep love of his sister for him!

On the other side, Siyu, who had been put on a pedestal by Ji Lin, was hugged into the car after walking out, such that he was unable to move in his arms, then Fifth Master Lu touched her forehead, their breathing intertwined, and whispered: “No one can guess who your boyfriend is. I am very…very unhappy.”

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