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Xing Weimin held a loudspeaker and shouted from the shore: “What happened to the two teachers?”

Jing Meini held up the binoculars and saw Ji Muye lying in Jiang Zheng’s arms, with his chin resting on her shoulder, while Jiang Zheng gently patted him on the back, the words in her mouth seemed to be coaxing him?

Sleeping in a girl’s arms? What happened?

Han Yi was anxious and afraid that something might have happened, so he hurriedly grabbed the binoculars from Jing Meini’s hand.

Were these two doing something wrong? Hugging in public, this was not what the plot said!

The two brokers looked at each other, and the air went cold above their heads.

Jiang Zheng patted Ji Muye’s back and shouted to the shore: “The boat is leaking!”

With these words, everyone was startled.

Han Yi was so anxious that he didn’t even take off his clothes, he just raised his feet and wanted to dive into the river. Jing Meini quickly stopped him and told him not to be stupid.

Several cowhide rafts rushed towards the middle of the river.

Ji Muye felt that the play was almost finished here, but when he was about to pull himself out of Jiang Zheng’s arms, he was pressed hard by her.

“Teacher Ji, you hear the sizzling sound all this time, but the leather sac hasn’t collapsed at all?”

Ji Muye: “…” Of course it won’t collapse, because there was no air leak at all. Just the sound of the bottom of the boat hitting the sand.

He continued to pretend, “But, but this voice sounded really scary.”

Jiang Zheng was originally quite afraid, but seeing that Ji Muye was more afraid than her, miraculously, she was not so afraid anymore.

She smiled helplessly and stretched out her hand to cover Ji Muye’s ears, “That’s it.”

The warm and soft touch spread from his ears to his heart, and Ji Muye felt like he was lying in a cloud, very comfortable. He was greedy for the beauty of this moment, and hoped to float like this forever, to the ends of the earth, and never stop.

However, within a minute of being comfortable, Xing Weimin and the others rushed over.

Everyone came around and found that the cowhide raft was in good condition. The bottom of the river was poked with wood pulp. It was full of sand, and the water surface was only 30 centimeters deep to the bottom of the river. The water was only deep enough to reach an adult’s knees.

Jiang Zheng: “…” Disgraceful.

She patted Ji Muye on the back, “Mr. Ji, you can relax.”

Ji Muye touched his nose and laughed dryly, “It’s okay. Who would have thought that the Dadu River would be so shallow here.”

Han Yi’s mouth twitched: Dog man.

Jing Meini smiled: Good acting.

With the river wind blowing, Jiang Zheng couldn’t help sneezing. She quickly covered her mouth with her arm and got on Han Yi’s cowhide raft. Han Yi wrapped her in a blanket and said distressedly, “Hurry back and drink some hot water.”

Ji Muye got on Jing Meini’s cowhide raft, stared at Jiang Zheng’s back in a trance, and turned to face Jing Meini, whose face was full of doubts.

“You were so scared that you hugged Jiang Zheng’s waist just now?”

Ji Muye coughed, “I’m very timid.”

Jing Meini: “…” I believe you.

The building that speculated the plot on the Internet had already been built higher than the sky, and the more it grew at this time, the more stable it was.

The director, the screenwriter and the main actors worked overtime and stayed up late to scrutinize the plot and adjust the lines. The last four episodes were stable, and it was a magical drama, and if they couldn’t stabilize, it would be an unfinished drama.

After the filming of the ferry scene, the crew returned to the palace tower set.

When Her Majesty the Queen was reluctant to issue the edict for the selection of the king’s husband, the ministers persuaded her to marry a husband every day, but once she married a husband, the ministers persuaded her not to indulge in beauty every day.

Tang Qinlan listened to the two sides of the ministers in the court, and laughed, “If I don’t love my husband, how can I give birth to a princess?”

These words were enough to gag the mouths of these ministers.

After listening to the remarks from the maid Cen Baoqian, Cui Ling asked her to ask the imperial physician to come and take a look at him.

He had been married to Her Majesty the Queen for three months, and Her Majesty had not yet conceived. Of course, the matter of asking an imperial physician was kept from Tang Qinlan. As a result, the imperial doctor said that Cui Ling was in good health and they just had to wait patiently.

On the other hand, Tang Qinlan also paid attention to the issue of the heir and invited the great wizard to discuss the matter at the year-end ceremony.

The great wizard took her pulse carefully, “Your Majesty is fine, it must not be time yet.”

Tang Qinlan nodded reassuringly.

The great wizard said with worry: “Your Majesty knows that His Royal Highness is not from our race…”

Tang Qinlan’s eyes sank, she pursed her lips and did not speak.

Cui Ling was from a neighbouring country, she knew it long before the two got married. Cui Ling naturally had no flaws. It was his fake brother Chen Gang who was too frivolous and provoked the youngest daughter of the leader of the neighboring country. The little princess seemed to be petite and soft, but she was scheming. She used her stratagem to check Chen Gang’s background carefully, and by the way, it was found out that Cui Ling was originally a military personnel enlisted in the Jiedu Mansion of Jiannan Dao in the Tang Dynasty.

The mother of the little princess happened to be a member of the royal family of the Dongnu Kingdom, so she secretly sent the information to the imperial court.

Tang Qinlan recommended the little princess to the great wizard as an apprentice. The little princess was grateful to her, and naturally kept the secret.

Tang Qinlan arranged for her hidden guards to conduct a thorough investigation, and learned that Cui Ling was not a spy, instead he had come to Dongnu Country to find medicine to save his sister.

Besides, Cui Ling refused her repeatedly and did not want to live in the palace to be her husband. She was the one who forced him to be here.

She believed in Cui Ling!

“I helped Your Majesty tamper with destiny.” The great wizard hesitated, “Love is too fickle, Your Majesty should think twice.”

Cui Ling walked into the bedroom with his feet raised, the people in the room all knelt down, and he stretched out his hand to silence them.

Just now, Chen Gang came to find him. He missed Tang Qinlan and rushed back after talking with Chen Gang for a quarter of an hour, only to hear the words of the great wizard, “I helped your majesty tamper with destiny”.

He stopped and stood silently behind the screen.

It turned out that the ten grains of wheat were stuffed into the bird’s belly by the great wizard. All of this was arranged in advance by Tang Qinlan in order to make him the chosen husband, in order to silence the opponents.

Cui Ling swayed, and his heart felt sour and astringent.

Seeing the great wizard’s sad face, Tang Qinlan suddenly laughed arrogantly.

“What destiny? Among so many beings, I met him alone. Isn’t that destiny?”

“I like the king and want to keep him with me.”

“If destiny wants to punish me, then punish me. It has nothing to do with the great wizard, and it has nothing to do with the husband.”

As night fell, Tang Qinlan found that Cui Ling was tender and hot when kissing her. You must know that she always took the initiative on weekdays, and only when Cui Ling was bullied would he turn over and press her down. But at this moment, her husband seemed to be a different person, enjoying her over and over again, as if wanting to carve her into his heart.

When he was about to fall asleep, Tang Qinlan stroked his face and asked, “Why did your brother come to see you today?”

She arranged for a hidden guard to monitor Chen Gang and found that he was being honest and did nothing recently. On weekdays, he would either go to the leader of the neighboring country to extort money or go to the tavern to drink.

Cui Ling shook his head, “Replying to Your Majesty, the younger brother just missed this official.”

Tang Qinlan snorted and smiled, “It’s better to let him live in the palace to accompany you. It will save you from being bored.”

Cui Ling turned his face and looked at Tang Qinlan, “Is Your Majesty going to snub the official?”

Tang Qinlan was stunned, her husband seemed to be a little angry?

“What is wrong with this official, please tell your majesty directly. The official will make corrections.”

“These days, the white horses are too fast to be caught.” So why would it be boring?

After Cui Ling said these words, his cheeks were redder than the sunset.

Tang Qinlan pursed her lips and smiled, “The husband is indeed a lot more courageous, I only said one sentence, and you dare to say three.”

Cui Ling lowered his head, “This official has overstepped.”

Tang Qinlan lay sideways and stretched out her index finger, which inch by inch, rubbed his shoulders, chest and Adam’s apple, “I’m also very happy these days.”

The room was filled with a charming atmosphere, the two of them were like travelers, desperately trying to grab some living strength from each other, in advance, and they did not have the courage to move on.

In the middle of the night, Cui Ling suddenly opened his eyes, and Tang Qinlan was in his arms, sleeping soundly.

He exhaled lightly, as he thought of what Chen Gang said when he saw him today.

“Master Jiedushi has helped you find Snow Lotus.”

“You bring the golden map back to Yizhou and your sister will be given the Snow Lotus.”

Cui Ling never believed the words of Master Jiedushi.

This man had been a powerful man in Yizhou for many years, and he was known as the King of Yizhou. This person was greedy by nature, and after getting the golden map, neither he, his little sister nor Chen Gang could survive.

However, Lord Jiedushi coveted gold and silver, and he coveted the love that Her Majesty gave him. The two were not fundamentally different.

Fortunately, it was almost over. Ten days later, Her Majesty would go to the Emperor’s Mausoleum to pay homage to the late Emperor. At that time, he would take the golden map to Xianyundu to find Chen Gang…

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