TBVSR Ch. 39.1: Repair

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Tao Anxin stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window of the famous boutique, looking at the beautiful dress displayed in the window, her eyes glowing with desire.

After a long time, she sighed softly.

On the icy and snowy streets, after waiting for about half an hour, Huo Cheng finally arrived.

However, Huo Cheng looked very embarrassed. There was mud on his clothes, his nose was blue and his face was swollen, and there was blood on the corner of his mouth. He walked with a limp, as if he had fought someone.

Tao Anxin had made an appointment to spend New Year’s Eve with him, but she didn’t expect him to not only to be late, but also be like this.

She exclaimed, trotted forward, and asked, “What’s the matter with you? Why are you like this?”

Huo Cheng thought of the situation just now, and his heart was full of anger.

Just now, he brought a group of people to find Qiu Li trouble, taught the kid a lesson, and threatened him to stay away from Jiang Yu.

Unexpectedly, he happened to hit a large dog abuse scene and saw Jiang Yu giving him a pair of shoes.

Huo Cheng’s anger came out, so people held Qiu Li up, while he lit a fire, and prepared to burn the eye-catching pair of AJ sneakers.

Unexpectedly, Qiu Li threw himself into the fire as if desperate, and picked up the shoes again.

Not only that, he went crazy, turned around and grabbed Huo Cheng by the collar, and knocked him to the ground, his fists were so ruthless and hard that even five or six people couldn’t pull him away.

Huo Cheng was beaten so badly that his stomach almost exploded from his knees. If it wasn’t for the people around him, he might have been beaten to death by Qiu Li today.

He finally escaped, he was barely able to save his life.

He was going to teach him a lesson, but he didn’t expect to be taught a lesson by him instead.

Huo Cheng was in an extremely bad mood, and Tao Anxin kept urging him on the phone. He was late for the appointment and she asked him to come over quickly.

Huo Cheng came, but he didn’t give her a good face.

“Did you fight with someone?” Tao Anxin asked righteously.

Huo Cheng said impatiently: “Stop.”

“Huo Cheng, how can you fight with people? During this time, the school is strictly dealing with violent incidents. If you are found out by the school, it will affect your reputation!”

Huo Cheng’s mind was on the sneakers Jiang Yu gave to Qiu Li, and he turned a deaf ear to Tao Anxin’s words.

Jealousy, anger, unwillingness…

Why, why was she being so nice to him! When they were together in the past, she had never been so kind to him.

Who was that kid!

Seeing that Huo Cheng was ignoring her, Tao Anxin became anxious and walked up to him, threatening: “Huo Cheng, if you continue like this, I can’t promise to be with you. I am an inspirational poor student in the school, my reputation is …”

Before she finished speaking, Huo Cheng’s sharp eyes swept to her, and said coldly, “Then get out.”

Tao Anxin was stunned, she didn’t expect Huo Cheng to say such cruel words to her.

In the past, Huo Cheng liked her, and when he was chasing her, he always spoke softly to her…

How could it be like now, he suddenly seemed to be a different person!

Tao Anxin’s glass heart was broken, with tears in her eyes, she looked at Huo Cheng accusingly: “Who am I to you?”

Huo Cheng looked at the tearful girl in front of him, without any disturbance in his heart, and even found it kind of funny.

When Jiang Yu just gave Qiu Li a gift, there was an uncontrollable concern in her brows and eyes, that’s what came from the heart.

But Tao Anxin, on the surface, was acting for his own good, but her few words were inseparable from the word “reputation”. She promised to be with him only for the sake of face and reputation…

Thinking of this, Huo Cheng not only felt chilled, he even felt like he had been wronged.

“If you want to stay with me, don’t make me angry.” Huo Cheng said in a cold voice, “Otherwise, get out.”

Tao Anxin couldn’t accept Huo Cheng’s change in attitude, she turned around and wanted to leave, but then she thought of his family background, no matter how hard she worked, even if she was admitted to a good university, she would never have a respectable family background, so to live life like a lady, it could happen only through marriage.

And Huo Cheng was her only bargaining chip.

She gritted her teeth and finally held back her breath.

“I just care about you.”

Huo Cheng looked at her pitiful appearance and thought of Jiang Yu again.

Once upon a time, Jiang Yu followed him so pitifully. She would look at his face and listen to his words…

Instead, he felt that she had no thoughts and she was tasteless, and Tao Anxin, who had been ignoring him all the time, let him chase after her for nothing.

But now, it seemed that everything had been turned upside down.

Tao Anxin, who was beside him, had lost the unattainable sacred aura of the past, but Jiang Yu, who he had dismissed in the past, gradually became the reason for his uneasy feeling.

Huo Cheng only felt amused in his heart, looking at Tao Anxin’s face that resembled Jiang Yu, he said, “Okay, I know that you care about is me, so I won’t mention it, and I will pay attention to what I say in the future.”

Tao Anxin curled her lips and said nothing.

Huo Cheng looked at the dress in the window of the famous store in front of him and said, “Do you want this?”

Tao Anxin said gloomily, “I don’t need you to spend money for me, even if I want it, I will find a way to buy it myself.”

“Even if you save three years of money, you can’t afford to buy clothes in this store.”

“Don’t…don’t look down on me.”

“Okay, I’ll buy it for you.”

“No need.” Tao Anxin said very ambitiously: “I don’t need you to spend money for me, and let others know, they will think I’m with you for your money, I don’t want people to gossip.”

“The woman with me, Huo Cheng, can’t even afford a dress that she wants. I will only feel shameless.”

Tao Anxin looked at him and saw that he said this from his heart, so she sighed and said, “Then I will pay you back.”

Huo Cheng looked at the back of her taking the initiative to enter the door of the famous boutique, and he still felt empty after all.

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