IHSB Ch. 17: Going to Dad’s Company

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Dad Gu said affirmatively, “When Dad is busy, Nuan Nuan can watch TV by herself in the office, sleep or eat snacks. When Dad is not busy, he can teach Nuan Nuan to read.”

Nuan Nuan was obedient. She nodded her head and said softly, “I’ll be good.”

After she said that, she looked at her mother, “Is it okay, mother?”

Mother Gu said with a smile, “Yesterday Nuan Nuan accompanied mother, and today she’ll be with her father, your mother will be waiting for you. I will prepare something for you at home.”

“Okay, Mom has worked hard.”

Grandpa Gu deliberately said with a straight face, “You didn’t ask about Grandpa, Nuan Nuan? I’m going to be sad.”

The little girl shook her head quickly. With this, the small group of dull hairs on the top of the head also swayed quickly, with a strong sense of existence.

Gu An’s eyes couldn’t help staring at that clump of hair.

“Do you want to come with Nuan Nuan and Dad, Grandpa?”

The little girl added in a busy voice.

Old Man Gu looked relaxed and laughed, “Okay, it just so happens that Grandpa hasn’t been to the company for a long time. If Nuan Nuan is bored at Dad’s office, Grandpa will accompany her around.”

Dad Gu had something to say, and his daughter followed. How could she be bored? Why was his dad secretly poking his image in front of Nuan Nuan!

After eating breakfast and getting into the car, Gu An raised his hand and tucked the handful of warm and fluffy hair, pinching the little clump of hair under the dazed expression on the little girl’s face. Facing Nuan Nuan’s gaze, he slowly put down his hand and coughed, “You have hair sticking up on your head, I kindly want to help you settle it.”

It was a bit of fun since the hair that was pressed down cocked up again.

Nuan Nuan raised her hand and wanted to touch it, and she really touched a bunch of little hairs that were curled up.

“Can’t hold it down?”

She pressed her small hand, and when she touched it again, it still curled up.

Gu An, “If it can’t be held down… then forget it.”

In the car, Gu An began to brag about how good he was at school.

“I’m the eldest in our class. All the classmates in the class listen to me. They’re all my little brothers. If I tell them to go east, they would not dare to go west…”

“Brother is amazing.”

Gu An became even more stunned in front of Nuan Nuan’s admiration.

The car drove all the way to the school gate, Nuan Nuan’s little claws pulled the car window, as she stuck out her furry head and looked at the school. In the dark pupils, the magnificent and beautiful buildings were fully visible in the bottom of her eyes.

Her eyes were full of longing. This school was so beautiful. The small school in their village was completely different from this one.

“Is my brother studying here? It’s so big and beautiful.”

It turned out that this was what schools in big cities looked like.

Hearing the warm praise, Gu An inexplicably felt that he was very proud to be able to study here.

“Of course, when you study in the future, you should also study here, but you have to start from preschool. I am two grades older than you!”

Nuan Nuan’s black and white eyes were shining brightly at the mention of school, and she turned to look at her father in surprise.

“Dad, will Nuan Nuan study in such a beautiful school in the future?”

Well… so happy.

Dad Gu nodded, “Yes, Nuan Nuan will study in the same school as her brother. If someone bullies Nuan Nuan in the future, you can go to your brother directly, and then come to dad.”

His family’s Nuan Nuan looked so soft and temper less, Dad Gu was really worried that she would be bullied when she went to school in the future. The children in this school were very naughty. Of course, the best way was to use a bear to control the bear. His youngest son was particularly bearish.

Grandpa Gu was not to be outdone, “Nuan Nuan can also come to see Grandpa, the little girl from our Gu family is not allowed to be bullied by outsiders.”

Gu An raised his chin, “You look so soft and easy to bully, biting me that day didn’t hurt at all, if someone bullies you, since you are my sister, then I will reluctantly beat them up for you.”

Father Gu and Grandpa Gu “…”

Will he die if he spoke his heart out? It was hard to pretend to be very reluctant, and owe it to someone!

Nuan Nuan nodded and said softly, “Thank you, brother.”

“Go to class soon!”

Dad Gu directly blasted the person away.

Nuan Nuan looked at the back of her brother leaving with longing eyes.

“Nuan Nuan wants to go to school?”

Dad Gu asked softly, rubbing her furry head with a big palm.

Nuan Nuan nodded obediently, “Nuan Nuan wants to study.”

“Okay, but this semester is only a month away from ending. After the holidays father will bring Nuan Nuan to school to sign up for next semester?”

“Okay, Nuan Nuan will wait until next semester to enrol again.”

That’s what everyone in the car thought.

The driver drove all the way to the company’s parking lot, then holding her father and grandpa’s hands, the short and stout Nuan Nuan walked between them. She looked up at the tall buildings in front of her, but couldn’t see the top. Dad Gu said, “This building belongs to our Gu family, and Nuan Nuan can come here whenever she wants to.”

“Okay…it’s so big!”

Nuan Nuan’s eyes widened.

Was dad so rich?

The warm little head was dizzy.

“Our Gu family has a lot of properties. In the future, Dad will take Nuan Nuan to see it.”

The two brought Nuan Nuan into the company, and all the employees they met along the way greeted them respectfully.

“President Gu, Chairman…”

When they were far away, the group of employees suddenly started gossiping.

“Why did the old chairman come to the company?”

“Does anyone know who the little girl that Mr. Gu is holding is?”

“That little girl looks so good, but she’s a little too thin.”

“She was led by Mr. Gu and the old chairman. Oh my God, does anyone know the identity of that little girl?”

During the discussion, many people took their mobile phones to discuss and ask in the work group, but unfortunately, no one knew the identity of the little girl.

Gu Linmo’s special assistant was originally unhappy when he saw the employees in the group chatting, but he raised his brows after seeing the issue they were discussing.

Little girl?

He suddenly remembered Mr. Gu’s abnormality and the phone call yesterday. He remembered that Mr. Gu was calling Nuan Nuan. Could it be that little girl?

It was just that there was no girl in the Gu family, that’s not right…

He had been with Mr. Gu for at least ten years. As an excellent assistant who managed both Mr. Gu’s life and work, he knew a lot of things. For example, three years ago, the Gu family lost a girl.

Shouldn’t he… he suddenly opened his eyes.

The elevator door on the floor where the president’s office was located opened, and Nuan Nuan followed her father and grandpa step by step, looking at everything with her big eyes curiously.

Gu Linmo’s assistant saw the child at once, and his eyes couldn’t help sticking on the pretty face of the little girl.

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