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Being stared at by her father’s eyes, who was looking at her with his big warm and watery eyes.

Gu Linmo walked over, “Nuan Nuan, you only like your mother?”

The voice was a little aggrieved, and his jealous expression made Mother Gu laugh.

Nuan Nuan said in a milky voice, “No, I also like Dad.”

She also kissed Gu Linmo’s face. After kissing, she buried her little face into her mother’s shoulders like a mole. Her little face was flushed red, her soft pale pink lips were raised into a sweet smile, and her eyes were curved with tiny stars sparkling in them.

Mother Gu hugged her and patted her back lightly, Dad Gu was satisfied, and kissed Nuan Nuan’s forehead, “Good night Nuan Nuan, have a good dream with mother.”

Nuan Nuan raised her little head up, looked at her father and said good night softly.

“Good night, Dad, and you also have a good dream.”

Dad Gu left their room and sighed with a frown after closing the door. In fact, he wanted to sleep with his wife and daughter.

But this thing had to be taken slowly…

Nuan Nuan washed up with her mother, wearing the milky white hamster pyjamas they bought today, which had a cute pocket in front.

She stepped on the soft bed with her bare feet, her body was white everywhere except for the places where she was often exposed to the sun. Her feet were pink and white, not so chubby, but even her toes were beautiful like pearls.

Mother Gu pinched her warm little feet, covered her with the quilt, and gently told her a bedtime story.

Under the warm table lamp, Nuan Nuan looked at her mother with her big black and white eyes, with a smile on her lips, she twisted her body and leaned against her mother. Holding the fragrant mother in her small arms, and pressing her tender face on his mother’s stomach, she gradually fell asleep with the gentle voice of her mother telling stories.

She turned her face to the side, her belly undulating as she breathed evenly.

Mother Gu gently put the sleeping little girl on the pillow, lowered her head and kissed Nuan Nuan’s forehead, turned off the lamp and fell asleep with her daughter in her arms.

She woke up at the usual time the next day. She rubbed her eyes and sat up, and Mother Gu next to her also opened her eyes.

“Nuan Nuan.”

Mother Gu raised her hand and rubbed her little head. “You don’t have to get up so early, you can sleep for a while.” Nuan Nuan nodded her head with hazy eyes, yawned a little, and got into the bed again, then she curled up in her mother’s arms again and slowly closed her eyes.

This time she really fell asleep and slept soundly.

She didn’t wake up until Dad Gu walked into the bedroom at half past seven.

“I’m taking Gu An to school.”

Mother Gu patted Nuan Nuan next to her and nodded, and just as she was about to speak, Nuan Nuan opened her eyes in a daze.


The sugar content in Nuan Nuan’s voice just after waking up was seriously exceeding the standard.

“You woke up? Do you want to go to sleep again?”

The little girl shook her head slowly with a dazed expression. She looked at the people in the room with her big, misty eyes, and called out “Dad” in a milky voice.

Dad Gu looked at his little daughter and his heart softened in a mess, then he stretched out his hand to hug the little milk bag that was still a little confused.

“You really don’t want to sleep anymore?”

Nuan Nuan shook her head and said that she really didn’t want to sleep anymore.

Dad Gu nodded, “Okay, then, Dad will accompany you to wash your face, brush your teeth, and then go to breakfast. Your brother is eating now.”

Nuan Nuan’s round eyes widened, “Is brother up?”

Her impression of her brother from yesterday was that her brother was a little lazy.

Dad Gu raised Nuan Nuan above his head with a smile, causing the little girl to exclaim and laugh again.

“Because your brother is going to school today.”

After taking Nuan Nuan to wash up, the three of them went downstairs, Gu An was nibbling on the steamed buns in frustration, his face full of unhappiness.

As soon as Nuan Nuan came downstairs, she greeted everyone with her milky voice.

“Good morning grandpa, good morning grandpa butler~”

“Good morning, Nuan Nuan.”

The two old men laughed so hard that they could not see their teeth, and their expressions softened several degrees when they saw Nuan Nuan.

Nuan Nuan blinked her eyes, her eyes fell on Gu An who glanced at her secretly from time to time, and she also shouted in a milky voice.

“Good morning, brother~”

She looked very polite and soft.

Seeing her, Gu An raised his chest, “Today I got up earlier than you.”

Nuan Nuan’s brows and eyes curled, then she docilely nodded her head, and sincerely praised, “Brother is amazing.”

Gu An was instantly satisfied, and since he had gotten up, the frowning face disappeared for the first time, and the corners of his mouth were raised.

But he was not happy at the thought of going to study soon.

When Nuan Nuan sat down for breakfast, he moved over awkwardly.

“When will you go to school?”

Now he was the only one in their family who was going to school, of course there was also fourth brother of the uncle’s family. If Nuan Nuan was added in the list, than they could suffer together. Nuan Nuan replied in a low voice, “Dad said last night that we have to wait for Nuan Nuan to go to school till next semester.”

Gu An pouted, “Is there any difference between going to school earlier and going later?”

While eating steamed buns, with bulging cheeks, and her big and round beautiful eyes, she looked like a soft whirring little hamster holding a snack and eating happily.

Gu An secretly glanced at her bulging cheeks a few times, and secretly murmured in his heart that she looked so thin, how could her cheeks be so bulging when she was eating?

“Then Nuan Nuan will send brother to school.”

After swallowing everything in her mouth, Nuan Nuan spoke softly to her brother.

Gu An’s mood soared immediately, but he still said proudly , “I don’t need you to send me.”


Nuan Nuan said softly and said nothing more.

Gu An…

Gu An was dumbfounded, what’s the matter? Shouldn’t she ask more than once? Maybe I’ll agree?

He was anxious like a cat was scratching his heart, but Nuan Nuan didn’t say anything about sending him to school after breakfast.

Gu An “…”

She didn’t persevere at all!

He hummed angrily, who cared if you send me!

“Then what, since you want to send me to school so much, I am a generous person, so I will reluctantly agree.”

Gu An leaned over to Nuan Nuan, who was drinking milk in small sips, and raised his chin. A look like ‘I’m fine with you, sir.’

Nuan Nuan “…”

Actually, she didn’t really think too much about it.

But Dad also wanted to go together, so Nuan Nuan nodded softly and agreed.

“That’s great.”

Gu An was in high spirits, and the expression on his face when he went to school for the first time was not so bitter.

He know she wanted to send him to school, but she dared not say it.

Really narcissistic.

Everyone in the Gu family “…”

This silly child.

But for Nuan Nuan to send Gu An to school together, Dad Gu was the happiest, and secretly wanted to take Nuan Nuan to his company.

Dad Gu asked gently, “Would Nuan Nuan like to go to the place where Dad works?”

Nuan Nuan hugged the milk and shook her hanging feet, then looking up at Dad with a smile, she asked, “Won’t it disturb Dad’s work?”

The first thing that came to mind was not whether she wanted to, but whether it would disturb him.

Dad Gu’s heart softened into a ball, how could his Nuan Nuan be so well-behaved and so distressing.

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