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“Boom–” The huge thunder sounded through the sky, Fu Yuanzhou’s hand trembled, and the key fell from between his fingers and landed on the ground, then it was washed away by the dense rain.

The rain was heavy and mixed with small hailstones, so after only half a minute of rain, Fu Yuanzhou’s body was completely cold, and he couldn’t even feel the pain of the hailstones hitting his body.

Fear and coldness made his limbs not obey his brain’s commands, and his joints had become like rusty gears. In front of Shen Xigou, he slowly bent over to pick up the key. Shen Xigou looked at him for a few seconds, then quickly turned back. He brought an umbrella and put it on Fu Yuanzhou’s head to protect him from the rain, but he didn’t cover himself.

“Are you okay?”

He asked Fu Yuanzhou. Fu Yuanzhou didn’t say anything. Even if he was covered by an umbrella, his whole body was soaked by the rain, and the biting cold had penetrated into his body, causing him to feel dizzy. He felt like vomiting, and he couldn’t exert any strength on his body.

“I’ll help you.”

Shen Xigou took the key in his hand, and Fu Yuanzhou was powerless to resist, as he watched Shen Xigou open the door for him, so he said in a hoarse voice, “Don’t come in.”

“…Okay.” Shen Xigou lowered his eyes, the raindrops fell from his eyelashes, he handed the umbrella to Fu Yuanzhou, but Fu Yuanzhou didn’t pick it up, he paused, and finally said, “Go take a shower, be careful not to catch a cold, don’t catch a cold.”

Fu Yuanzhou was silent, holding the key, he slowly walked in. He felt drowsy and even forgot to close the door. Shen Xigou gently closed the door for him, stood there and kept watching Fu Yuanzhou enter the house. After a long time, he returned to his villa.

Mother Fu quickly called Fu Yuanzhou and told him that the weather was too bad, so he should not come to the hospital for the time being and asked him if he had been caught in the rain and told him to take a hot bath and drink something hot to ward off the cold.

Fu Yuanzhou threw his phone aside and went into the bathroom, took off his wet clothes and soaked his whole body in hot water, until he was only showing his head. He was leaning against the bathtub, feeling groggy. Although he had not been in the rain for a long time, it was so cold that he felt even worse.

The thunder outside continued, and he was frightened. He curled up in the bathtub and didn’t want to go out, but after soaking for a long time, he became dizzier. When he had to go out, he got up from the bathtub, put on his bathrobe and dried his hair, but his heart rate was getting faster and faster.

Amidst the thunder and lightning, it had turned into night, the house was very warm, but empty, and he was alone.

Except for the sound of rain, the whole house was quiet. Fu Yuanzhou was dizzy, but he was also frightened.

The window was very wide and the view was very good. Opposite to him was Shen Xigou’s villa. Fu Yuanzhou saw Shen Xigou’s figure all of a sudden. Like him, the young man stood by the window and was looking in the direction of Fu Yuanzhou’s house.

The vision across the rain curtain was blurry, but Fu Yuanzhou still saw Shen Xigou raise his hand and wave to him lightly.

“Boom!” The thunder sounded again, Fu Yuanzhou trembled slightly, and his hand on the windowsill clenched suddenly.

However, it was extremely ridiculous. Seeing Shen Xigou standing by the window, he felt at ease at this moment. It was Shen Xigou, who he feared the most, that made him feel at ease at this moment.

The day Fu Yuanzhou almost killed Shen Xigou was a night with heavy rain.

At that time, he had been imprisoned by Shen Xigou for a short time. His father was lying in the intensive care unit and his life and death was unknown. He was afraid and worried, and desperately wanted to escape from the villa where he was imprisoned, but Shen Xigou brought him back again and again.

That night, Shen Xigou held his hand and took him back to the villa, anger and resentment intertwined in Fu Yuanzhou’s heart, causing him to say a lot of extremely hurtful things, he even hit Shen Xigou.

Shen Xigou was unmoved, he did not even fight back. In the end, the person who was full of anger was Fu Yuanzhou himself. He grabbed Shen Xigou’s collar and slammed the man against the wall, making a muffled “dong” sound. Xigou’s shirt was torn, revealing the black “Seven” on his chest.

Seeing the tattoo, Fu Yuanzhou was greatly stimulated. He once felt sorry to many people, he was ashamed to his parents, Xie Lin, and Yu Fei, but the one person he never felt sorry to was Shen Xigou. After years of friendship, he couldn’t understand Shen Xigou at all. Why did Xigou do this to him?

“Are you fucking crazy? Why did you lock me up? Where did I offend you?”

Fu Yuanzhou pressed Shen Xigou to the wall with red eyes. He had broken the corner of Shen Xigou’s lips and it was oozing blood. The overly handsome face looked terrifying, but he still didn’t speak.

He remained silent all the time, which made Fu Yuanzhou’s heart become angry every time. At first, he still trusted Shen Xigou, thinking that Shen Xigou had something to hide, such as being forced to do so. Fu Yuanzhou had a good conversation with him, but Shen Xigou always didn’t explain, so now he understood that Shen Xigou was just a pervert and had no reason to lock him up.

“Let me go, Xigou.” Fu Yuanzhou let go, resisting the humiliation and anger in his heart, he pretended to be low-profile to discuss things with Shen Xigou, “After I go out, we will still be friends, I will not hate you, I will still maintain friendship with you, as long as—”

“As long as I let you go?”

Shen Xigou smiled suddenly, raised his blue eyes to look at him, those eyes were always gentle, like the blue sea under the clear sky, but at this moment, a dark cloud was shrouded in it.

“I understand you.” He said, “You won’t care about our friendship, you will definitely cut off your relationship with me, and you will leave me.”

Fu Yuanzhou was shaking his hands in anger. Shen Xigou was right, but he thought that wasn’t he willing, and who caused this?

It was not that he didn’t want to forgive Shen Xigou, but Shen Xigou had imprisoned him for no reason and won’t tell him the reason at all. Even if he begged him repeatedly, it didn’t work, as if he was completely mad, who would want to stay by a madman’s side?

“Since you want to hear it, well, I’ll tell you the reason.”

Shen Xigou said, “Because you will leave me, I want to keep you.”

“You do these shitty things to me, why shouldn’t I leave you?” Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t help raising his voice and asked him, “I fucking regarded you as my best friend, and I make friends for life! But what about you, how did you treat me?!”

“Even if it’s the best friend, it’s just a friend…” Shen Xigou smiled, “You won’t stay by my side, because there are more important people to you.”

“Your parents, the lover who may enter the marriage hall with you in the future, and your other friends… What am I alone?”

“They will take you away from me, if only that was all, but Seven, you know what? They’ll hurt you.”

Shen Xigou’s voice was low and slow.

“Remember? You almost got into a car accident two years ago, and it was treated as a traffic accident, but I checked, and the owner of the car was Yu Fei’s ardent admirer. He knew that you were her boyfriend, so he decided to get rid of you.”

“Your parents put a lot of pressure on you, asking you to inherit their company, but you didn’t want to. They blamed you for not being successful, so you felt distressed about this and often quarreled with them.”

“Xie Lin and Yuan Ye also can’t fully understand you, they will hurt you, make you miserable, make you sad, and even put you in danger.”

“Only me, only I can protect you, so that you have no worries and troubles, you can stay happy with me only, so why can’t I keep you?”

Fu Yuanzhou closed his eyes and said slowly, “Life can’t always be smooth sailing, not to mention that you can’t make me happy by doing this, you’re crazy to think so… But if this is your reason, I can forgive you, Xigou, let me go back, I can pretend that nothing happened.”

“I’m sorry, I’ve also become the one who made you feel pain, but I can’t let you go.”

Shen Xigou showed a bitter smile.

“Sorry, Seven, I can’t look back…”

“Those are not all the reasons, there is another reason: once I lose you, I will not be able to live.”

“I am very selfish, because I met you, so I want to live well… I’m sorry.”

Then Shen Xigou also said something about the past that Fu Yuanzhou didn’t know about, that was what Shen Xigou had done.

When Yu Fei first entered the entertainment industry, she was notorious. It wasn’t caused by Shen Xigou, but he secretly contributed to the fire in order to force her to break up with Fu Yuanzhou.

Fu Yuanzhou was increasingly estranged from his parents, Shen Xigou was not unaware, but he let this situation develop, and even deliberately angered Fu Yuanzhou’s parents, making them strongly object to Fu Yuanzhou’s dealings with him, causing the rift between the family to grow wider and wider.

Although it was not Shen Xigou’s original intention to cause his parents to have an accident, the tragedy had already happened and could no longer be undone.

After his father’s accident, Fu Yuanzhou was fragile and wanted to seek comfort from Xie Lin, but he couldn’t get in touch. It was also caused by Shen Xigou, who also caused the estrangement between Xie Lin and Fu Yuanzhou.

Shen Xigou narrated slowly, and the sound of wind and rain came from outside the sealed window. Fu Yuanzhou’s face was bloodless, and he trembled when he heard it. At this moment, his hatred for Shen Xigou reached its peak, he hated him as much as he had liked him before. Shen Xigou, this friend, he hated him so much now.


At the same time as the thunder exploded, Fu Yuanzhou pushed Shen Xigou to the ground, his eyes were red, and he strangled his throat, he just wanted to shut Shen Xigou up and let his voice disappear from this world.

The wind whistled, the lightning flashed, the downpour slapped the window, everything was so terrifying, but Shen Xigou’s eyes were gentle, he looked at Fu Yuanzhou indulgently, without resistance, his breathing became lighter and lighter, and he slowly closed his eyes.

His breath became weak, and Fu Yuanzhou woke up from the anger that was drowning his head, panicked all of a sudden, so he let go of his hand, slapped his face, and called his name: “Shen Xigou? Shen Xigou!”

He didn’t dare to kill, especially since the one who he wanted to kill was Shen Xigou. He hated him thoroughly, but their friendship for many years could not be wiped away. His former friend might die in his hands. This perception had an impact on Fu Yuanzhou. It gave him a huge panic, and the thunder continued, pressing heavily on his heart, making him cold all over.

Fu Yuanzhou wanted to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation on Shen Xigou, but he didn’t know how, so he could only press Shen Xigou’s chest in a panic, as he had imagined, his hands were shaking, maybe the resuscitation worked, or maybe it was that Shen Xigou heard his call, so he slowly opened his eyes.

There were green and black finger marks on his neck, and his face was pale, but he still smiled, took Fu Yuanzhou’s hand, and rubbed his fingers: “Does it hurt?”

His throat was hurt, and his voice was hoarse. But he didn’t feel any fear about his impending death just now, and he was calm, but he was so frightened that Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t help his tears.

“I’m sorry, don’t cry.”

Seeing that he actually cried, Shen Xigou immediately sat up, took Fu Yuanzhou into his arms, and patted his back: “I thought you would be happy… I was wrong, I’ll accompany you.”

After this rainy night, Fu Yuanzhou noticed that he had become more sensitive to thunderstorms, and it was more obvious at night, and he could sense that he would be nervous every time there was a thunderstorm.

This was because he almost killed Shen Xigou. On the night of the thunderstorm, Fu Yuanzhou would have uncontrollable nightmares, dreaming that Shen Xigou was dead, he would wake up from the dream, open his eyes to see Shen Xigou and confirm if he was still alive, then only would he be able to continue to sleep.

At that time, Shen Xigou was by his side, and he couldn’t get rid of him. He could see Shen Xigou anytime, anywhere, thinking that he had just left a slight psychological shadow. With his confused state at the time, he couldn’t care about it at all. Since he was reborn, he hadn’t encountered a thunderstorm after that, and he had long forgotten about it and never paid attention to this issue.

It was only at this moment that Fu Yuanzhou realized that the impact of this incident on him was far more than he knew, and it even made him feel particularly frightened.

But seeing Shen Xigou waving at him, he felt at ease. The person he was most afraid of and feared made him feel at ease. This deformed psychology also aroused Fu Yuanzhou’s unease. He turned around and wanted to leave the window, but suddenly he felt a strong dizziness and fell down.

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