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After seeing Shen Xigou’s parents from a distance, the two of them left without going up to disturb them. Fu Yuanzhou’s mood was very complicated, mostly full of sympathy and regret.

Shen Xigou’s parents loved each other very much. They could have been a happy family of three, but this was all ruined by Shen Xigou’s mother’s illness. She was undoubtedly pitiful. As her husband, Shen Xigou’s father was equally pitiful. He must blame himself for not taking good care of his wife, and for Shen Xigou, this was probably an indelible scar.

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t want to show any sympathy. He knew that Shen Xigou didn’t need it, but Shen Xigou was keenly aware of his emotional changes, and said with a smile, “Don’t worry about it, that’s her own choice.”

How could the disease be her own choice?

Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t understand what he said.

“I don’t mean being sick.” Shen Xigou said, “She chose to take my father as her life’s sustenance. No matter what happens, she will not regret it.”

“I… can understand her thoughts, so I know.”

He lowered his eyes, looking desolate, Fu Yuanzhou thought he was still worried about his mother, and patted his back comfortingly.

They didn’t stay too much at home, and Shen Xigou took him around. They went to the beach together, went hiking to a place which overlooked the bustling and gorgeous night scene from the top of the skyscrapers in the city center, and went to the remote mountains to chat and drink in front of the bonfire.

One day, the two of them were walking on the street, and suddenly a young kitten stuck to them. The kitten was petite and had a thin tail. Its snow-white fur was soft and fluffy, like a ball of white, with a milky voice. Meowing loudly, he followed behind them with his short legs.

Fu Yuanzhou was so soft-hearted that he couldn’t help squatting down and touching it a few times. The kitten grabbed his hand, jumped into his arms, and even kissed him on the face.

Being approached by such a cute little animal, Fu Yuanzhou’s heart quickly melted, and he played with it for a long time, until the cat owner found him, and he reluctantly said goodbye to it.

“It was so cute.” Fu Yuanzhou sighed, and turned to Shen Xigou embarrassedly, “I’m sorry to keep you waiting for me.”

“It’s okay.”

Shen Xigou smiled, unlike Fu Yuanzhou, he didn’t like small animals very much, so he didn’t touch the cat just now. This was a rare difference between their preferences.

“Have you noticed? That cat’s eyes were very similar to yours.” Fu Yuanzhou said, “both of your eyes are blue.”

Shen Xigou’s eyes softened: “So you like it very much?”

Fu Yuanzhou thought for a while and replied: “You can say that.” He did feel a little closer to the kitten because of this.

“I’m not as good as it.” Shen Xigou shook his head and smiled, “It could get closer to you, it could even…”

He raised his hand and brushed the place where Fu Yuanzhou was kissed by the cat, leaving a light and itchy touch.

In the evening, they returned to the hotel. After cleaning up, they went to swim in the open-air swimming pool on the top floor. He leaned on the lounge chair and drank champagne. Shen Xigou took off his clothes, revealing the “Seven” tattoo on his chest.

This was the first time Fu Yuanzhou saw this tattoo. He felt embarrassed in going down to swim with Shen Xigou. But he still sat and watched him swim. Shen Xigou came up after swimming for a while. Then he held his hand and let him touch the tattoo and asked him with a smile if it looked good.

At this time, Fu Yuanzhou suddenly smelled the breath of Mandala. He was bewitched by the aroma, and for a moment he forgot what he wanted to say. His instincts suggested that something was wrong, but he couldn’t tell where the sense of disobedience came from.

Shen Xigou was very close to him, and his beautiful blue eyes stared at him tenderly. Fu Yuanzhou’s heart beat faster, he seemed to hear the sound of blood gurgling, his cheeks were hot, and he said in a soft voice unconsciously, “…good-looking.”

“Like it?”

Shen Xigou lowered his head, almost touching his lips, Fu Yuanzhou naturally wrapped his arms around the back of his neck, and seemed to have boundless love in his heart, as he murmured in response to him: “Like…”

Then they kissed, it seemed like everything was going well. The night was gentle, the sky was full of stars, and the fragrance of mandala was dangerous and fragrant. Shen Xigou hugged him, kissed him, and confided love words in his ear, he responded sweetly, completely lost in that breath, until his consciousness suddenly sank, and he suddenly woke up from his dream.

The dream was lingering, but Fu Yuanzhou was sweating profusely, sitting on the bed gasping for breath, as if he had just experienced a nightmare.

He actually dreamed that he and Shen Xigou were kissing… But they just went back after swimming. The dreams were all fake, and this kind of thing never happened.

Recalling the haunting taste of mandala in his dream, Fu Yuanzhou immediately understood that it was Shen Xigou’s pheromone that was agitating his subconscious, creating an illusion of beauty, and tempting him to return to Shen Xigou’s side. All the images seen in the dream seemed to have become reality.

Fu Yuanzhou was about to go crazy. He was soaked in cold sweat. He immediately lifted the quilt and got out of bed to take a bath. He curled up in the bathtub and was soaked in warm water. But he still felt cold.

After coming out of the bathroom, Fu Yuanzhou took an excessive amount of suppressants, but to no avail. His body was missing the smell of Shen Xigou and longing for his pheromones.

His fingers sank into his skin and scratched out red marks. This was Fu Yuanzhou’s unconscious move, but he couldn’t feel the pain.

Tortured and exhausted by instinct, Fu Yuanzhou thought of Xie Lin at this moment. Whenever he fell into weakness, Xie Lin was always the first thing that came to his mind.

He wanted to see Xie Lin, wanted Xie Lin to comfort and hug him, but it was late at night, Xie Lin should be sleeping, and Yu Fei should be too, he didn’t want to knock on the door to wake them all up, so he just sent Xie Lin a WeChat message.

When sending WeChat, Fu Yuanzhou didn’t have much hope. Xie Lin usually turned off the phone when he was sleeping. If he didn’t see the message, it would be fine. There was no big deal, he would just endure it by himself. He didn’t want to disturb his rest.

But Xie Lin seemed to know that Fu Yuanzhou needed him and replied to him less than a minute later.

“I’m outside the door.”


At this moment, Fu Yuanzhou had mixed feelings.

Xie Lin actually saw the message. It was the same in the past. As long as he looked for Xie Lin, Xie Lin would come. He seemed to be there at any time, waiting for the moment when he needed him.

When opening the door, Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t help imagining, if he could have contacted Xie Lin in time that night, and the person who came was Xie Lin, what would have happened?

Maybe the result would be the same, Xie Lin would also give him a temporary mark, but maybe it would also be different, because Xie Lin knew that his physique was special and he could not be easily marked.

But what if Xie Lin really marked him?

Fu Yuanzhou recalled that when he was just reborn, when Xie Lin was in the heat, he went to him without knowing anything and was almost marked.

After learning the relevant knowledge, his heart was full of joy, and he thought that fortunately Xie Lin did not succeed, he did not want his body to be contaminated with any Alpha flavor, or even branded as being possessed.

But now Fu Yuanzhou felt that being marked by Xie Lin didn’t seem unacceptable.

If the person who marked him was Xie Lin, it would be different.

He opened the door, the person behind the door was Xie Lin, he stretched out his hand, took Fu Yuanzhou into his arms, and gently stroked his hair.

Fu Yuanzhou had become accustomed to his breath these days, and his trembling body gradually calmed down. Even though Xie Lin was not the Alpha that had marked him, his Omega’s instinct feared his breath, so Fu Yuanzhou was still at ease.

He was immersed in Xie Lin’s embrace and breath, the crazy desire for Shen Xigou gradually disappeared, he looked up at Xie Lin and his eyes trembled slightly, Xie Lin looked in his eyes and lowered his head to kiss him, Fu Yuanzhou just for a moment, closed his eyes to accept his kiss.

No matter what.

He thought.

After breaking up with Xie Lin in his last life, he often missed Xie Lin and the days when they were together. He used to have an arrogant temper, but because of the past, he didn’t hate Xie Lin at all after his rebirth, and even wanted Xie Lin to take care of him like he had always done.

That was Xie Lin’s possessiveness towards him. He didn’t hate it, and it was the same now. Even though his Omega’s instinct was in fear, he still wanted to ask Xie Lin to possess him more.

He liked the feeling of being possessed by Xie Lin.

“Are you all right?”

After a long time, Xie Lin ended the kiss, wiped off the water marks on Fu Yuanzhou’s lips, and asked him gently.


Fu Yuanzhou’s face was very red, he closed his eyes and nodded.

Xie Lin stroked his hair: “Go to sleep, I’ll accompany you.”

The two of them moved very lightly, without disturbing the aunt who was sleeping in the other bedroom and entered Fu Yuanzhou’s bedroom.

Fu Yuanzhou got into the bed and lay down, Xie Lin turned on the lamp and moved a chair to sit beside the bed to guard him.

He didn’t bring his mobile phone when he came. Fu Yuanzhou was afraid that he would be bored and asked him to play with his mobile phone. Xie Lin took his mobile phone but didn’t turn it on instead he sat quietly and focused on him.

Fu Yuanzhou closed his eyes and tried to get sleepy. If it was in the past, he would have fallen asleep long ago, but now that Xie Lin was looking at him, he felt a little itchy and couldn’t sleep at all, so he turned over and opened his eyes quietly and started peeking at Xie Lin through his eyes.

Xie Lin’s appearance was undoubtedly quite handsome. He didn’t laugh often, his temperament was cold, and his personality was naturally cold, but Fu Yuanzhou didn’t care. He and Xie Lin were the closest, they had known each other since they were born, until they graduated from high school. Before, they met almost every day.

He thought he was used to seeing Xie Lin’s face, but now he had a different feeling. The more he looked at him, the more charming he felt. In addition to the cold expression, he had also seen Xie Lin’s other appearances, especially after kissing. He was probably the only one who had ever seen his sexy appearance…

Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t even pretend to be asleep, so he opened his eyes, his heart was beating fast, and he realized that he really wanted to kiss Xie Lin again now, he wanted to see him show that kind of mood again.

“Xie Lin…”

He called out his name unconsciously. After Xie Lin responded, he came back to his senses. He was shocked to realize that he had made a sound. But then he became hesitant, unable to spit out the next sentence.

“Want to drink water?” Xie Lin asked.

Fu Yuanzhou was embarrassed to reveal his shameful thoughts just now and Xie Lin had given him an out, so he immediately rolled down obediently, nodded and said, “I’m thirsty.”

Xie Lin went out to pour water for him, and when he came back, he brought two cups, then he handed one of the cups Fu Yuanzhou, while he had poured the second cup for himself.

Fu Yuanzhou was absent-mindedly holding the water cup and his eyes drifted to Xie Lin unconsciously, Xie Lin drank the water with his eyes down, his lips touching the rim of the cup, it looked so soft, the pale lips were stained with a little watery light, revealing amazing temptation.


Fu Yuanzhou surrendered.

“Xie Lin…”

He was calling Xie Lin again, but this time he called it consciously, with a trembling at the end.

Hearing the sound, Xie Lin put the water glass on the table, and before he reached the bed, Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t wait for him to walk up, so he just hugged Xie Lin, and kissed his lips enthusiastically and actively.

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