IHSB Ch. 21: President Gu’s Daughter

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“Go if you want, Grandpa is with you.”

The gentle voice of the old man came from above, Nuan Nuan looked up with her small face, and met her Grandpa’s encouraging eyes.

She nodded and looked at Luo Lin then she said softly, “Thank you uncle.”

Luo Lin only felt that his heart was softened by this sentence, and quickly said no thanks needed, watching the cute little girl was a blessing and seeing her with the equally cute and furry ragdoll cat walking over in small steps was even better.

In the office, the other people were still working in full swing, just like what Special Assistant Chen said, these people liked to scratch their hair and pull their clothes when they encountered problems in program development.


Luo Lin coughed very quickly, but there were not many people who paid attention to him at all.


Until a younger man saw Luo Lin, and then his gaze fell on the wide-eyed, timid and curious girl who was looking at everyone, then Nuan Nuan immediately caught the attention of many people. And all of them were attracted towards her.


There was a riot, the programmers in the development department reluctantly sorted out their appearance, almost all looking at Nuan Nuan with their eyes shining.

Nuan Nuan was wearing a pretty light pink dress today and black leather shoes with a beautiful bow, her fluffy and soft short hair made her look even cuter, plus she had a soft temperament and a pair of beautiful black and white eyes.

What did these overworked programmers in the development department usually liked the most? All kinds of anime figurines, and the ones they like the most in animes were the soft and cute little loli. She looked like a delicate little loli from the anime. Of course, if she was a little fatter, she would be even better looking.

Being stared at by so many eyes, Nuan Nuan hugged Princess and shrank behind her grandfather, being slightly nervous.


The cat seemed to sense Nuan Nuan’s nervousness, and the fluffy cat whose claws were placed on the back of the Nuan Nuan’s hands let out a soft cry, as if to cheer her up and to comfort her.

The warm and soft hands squeezed the cat’s paws, and the fluffy and soft touch eased her inner tension.

Grandpa Gu also patted Nuan Nuan’s furry little head, the little girl’s hair on her forehead were pressed down and bounced up, she really looked like a clever child.

“Lao Luo, didn’t you go out to find Princess? Why did you come back with a little sister?”

“Bah! Who is your little sister, this is your little niece!”

Everyone “…”

“No way. Could this be your daughter?”

Luo Lin glanced at Nuan Nuan with admiration, “I wish so.”

“Who is this?”

Old Man Gu was also a man of influence when he was young, and his aura was extraordinary. Everyone noticed him after seeing Nuan Nuan holding Princess for a short time. After retirement, he basically faded out of everyone’s sight. Even if someone knew about him, it was not a familiar person or someone who deliberately remembered him. So they couldn’t really recognize him when they met him.

Especially these young people, it was normal for them not to know him.

Special Assistant Chen introduced him with a smile, “This is Chairman Gu.”

As soon as they heard that he was the former boss of the Gu Group, the group of young people immediately looked at him with bright eyes, and the admiration in their eyes could not be anymore conspicuous.

“The chairman, it turned out to be you, come and sit down.”

“I admired you back then. When I entered the Gu Group, it was all for you.”

“Ah, why has it changed?”

“Fart… that’s what you heard wrong.”

The whole department was lively because of the arrival of Old Man Gu and Nuan Nuan, and Old Man Gu had never encountered such a situation.

Those young people in the past, when they saw him, they became restrained, but these children were really a little different today.

He didn’t know that in the past, those people looked at him cautiously because he had a dignified face, but now because of Nuan Nuan by his side, the dignified aura on his body had subsided unconsciously, especially when he looked at his little granddaughter. Now he could be called to look amiable.

The old man coughed, “You don’t have to worry about, you can go about your own business, I just came out with my granddaughter.”

After speaking, he took Nuan Nuan and asked Luo Lin to take them to find the cats and dogs.

A group of people were left slightly stunned by his words.

The old chairman was Mr. Gu’s father. If that was the granddaughter of the old chairman…

“What the hell?!”

“Is it what we thought?”

“No, I’ve never heard that the senior has a daughter.”

“Could it be from the senior’s younger brother’s house?”

A group of people made guesses here, and when Luo Lin came back, they all gathered around him and asked.

Luo Lin rubbed his chin and laughed, and was immediately dismissed for laughing in a wretched manner.

He suddenly became angry, “Do you still want to know?”

“Think about it, Brother Luo, tell us what’s going on…”

After learning from Luo Lin that Nuan Nuan was Gu Linmo’s daughter, they were all envious and doubtful.

There were many seniors and juniors who had a good relationship with Gu Linmo, still they didn’t even know that President Gu actually had a daughter! And she was still such a cute and beautiful daughter!

This was really big news.

“Ah…I was thinking about it, someone said in the work group today that Mr. Gu brought a child to the company. It should be Nuan Nuan, right? “

There was little gossip in their department, so they were not well-informed. At this time, they were very eager to gossip, so they all ran to the computer, continued to work on their jobs, and immediately started chatting when they had nothing to do. Especially after knowing such a shocking news.

Soon, the news that the little girl brought by Mr. Gu today was Mr. Gu’s daughter immediately spread throughout the company as if it had grown wings.

Was it really Mr. Gu’s daughter? Did anyone have a picture to show what the lady looks like!

They also asked for photos. Miss of our Gu Group, they had to see her more clearly. They would look to her for a promotion and a raise in the future.

They also wanted to get a promotion and a salary increase. They also heard that Mr. Gu himself brought the young lady to work. It’s a pity that they didn’t see the scene at that time.

When they saw it, they glanced at the young lady, but because of the majestic Mr. Gu, they didn’t dare to look at her more, but the young lady was very beautiful and cute, however she had lost some weight? Maybe it was because of their bad eyesight, how could Miss Gu be so thin.

They must have read it wrong, so who had the photo?

They heard that the old chairman had come to the company, and the lady came holding the hands of Mr. Gu and the old chairman. The smile on Mr. Gu’s face was as silly as her husband’s smile when he was holding his daughter. Just that look was enough to dazzle them.

So there isn’t even a photo? Why was everyone so cowardly!

After begging for a long time, there was no photo, which made everyone even more curious.

Haha… they admitted that they were cowardly. If they had the ability, they could go and get a photo in front of President Gu and the old chairman.

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