IHSB Ch. 22: Did Nuan Nuan miss Dad?

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Facts proved that anyone could use their mouths, but when it came to President Gu, who could take out their mobile phone and take pictures with the guts of a bear and a leopard at work?

Therefore, many employees in the entire group knew about the existence of such a person as Miss Gu, but very few saw her in person.

The group of programmers from the development department were excited as they felt that they were the chosen ones. They had seen the young lady up close, and the young lady was still playing with them!

Nuan Nuan who was being discussed by many people was now holding a large snow-white dog, Satsuma, with eyes full of joy.

“It’s so soft~”

Nuan Nuan was surrounded by a group of furry little creatures, completely forgetting the tension she had felt earlier, the whole group was extremely relaxed, her bright eyes were full of joy, and were like the starry sky shining in the dark night.

Everyone who saw her eyes felt that there was a sea of stars in her warm eyes.



The fluffy animals obviously also liked Nuan Nuan, a soft and cute little girl, and they all circled around the fluffy little girl such that they didn’t even want their own masters.

On Nuan Nuan’s shoulders was the beautiful ragdoll cat Princess, and in her arms was a snow-white Satsuma known as ‘smiling angel’, a blue cat and a Siamese were rubbing against her ankle, and a petite but crisply barking Chihuahua tried to get her attention.

This lively scene of hugging pets from different sides at such a young age made her simply seem like a winner in life.

The owners of the cats and dogs had sour red eyes, thinking these fur babies had never been so enthusiastic about them.

Especially the owners of kittens, kittens were generally relatively cold animals, even the clinguer ragdoll cats would occasionally be very cold, but now? Look at the appearance of each and every one fighting for favour to attract Nuan Nuan’s attention, where was there even a little bit of coldness at all.

The owner of the blue kitten bit his fingers and glared angrily at his cat, “My dumplings has never been so warm to me!”

The owner of the Siamese kitten looked sad, “Whose family is not facing the same thing?”

The two looked at each other and confirmed, they were all brothers and sisters in this suffering.

But they had to say that the scene of Nuan Nuan and Princess together were really eye-catching, and they were so cute.

They wanted to take a picture but this was Mr. Gu’s daughter and they didn’t have the guts.

“Sit down and I’ll feed you.”

Nuan Nuan gently and softly let the two dogs to sit down, rubbed the three kittens and placed them on the cat climbing frame.

The few fluffy balls, who usually didn’t listen to people at all, actually sat down obediently!

Programmers outside “!!!”

They were being treated differently! Did kittens, dogs, etc., also have double-standard these days?

Grandpa Gu happily handed things to Nuan Nuan, as he accompanied her to feed the two dogs with dog treats, and then went to feed the cats.

The squeamish and proud cats took a bite and rubbed themselves against Nuan Nuan’s hand or face, they meowed so softly and then they either wrapped their tail around her wrist or rubbed her hand with a flick of their tail. The kittens looked at her with big, clear cat eyes, looking like favourite concubines trying to hook up with the emperor, it was so shameless!

The programmers were pissed off.

“What are you doing here?”

“What else can we do? Watching them compete for favour! They are too much. You see that we usually serve them delicious food, and they occasionally let us touch them with a look of being the ‘emperor’. We still appreciate their arrogance, but look at them now, every one of them has turned into a pet concubine competing to be a child’s pet!”

“It’s too shameless!”

“It’s the same with dogs, that stupid Satsuma. It has been a long time since I saw him be so docile and caring.”

“My Chihuahua’s expression of being afraid of Nuan Nuan running away makes me mad. The last time I wanted to touch it, it ran away instantly!”

One after another all the pet-owning programmers complained, but a chuckle came from behind them.

“My daughter, of course she deserves to be liked so much.”

That proud tone was simply… Wait…his daughter?

The programmers who were looking into the pet room from the transparent glass window turned their heads stiffly and saw the smiling President Gu.

The group of people shivered blindly, and cold sweat covered their bodies.

You must know that Mr. Gu had the title of a smiling tiger. The more he smiled, the unluckier you would be…

“President Gu, we didn’t do anything!”

“That’s right… I’ve already finished writing my programming, and now came out to relax, ah yes, I have to go on to the next programming…”

He hurried away after saying that.

“Me too, I came over to relax and will go to work right away.”

“Ms. Gu is so good, we couldn’t help but come over to have a look, Mr. Gu, please don’t deduct our wages!”

Gu Linmo “… “

He glanced at the group of people speechlessly, one by one making excuses as if afraid that he would eat people, was he that scary?

However, these words really touched his heart, Gu Linmo had a smile in his eyes, and his tone was as if wanting to unabashedly show off.

“My family’s Nuan Nuan is really good. In fact, if it is possible, I would like her to be a little bit arrogant. She is too soft-tempered and I’m afraid she will be bullied.”

The programmer who spoke before was also a clever ghost, and suddenly realized that he had made a mistake. The hit actually flattered the boss.

He immediately said, “What’s the matter, who dares to bully our Miss Gu?”

Gu Linmo gave him an admiring look, and without further ado, he opened the door and strode into the pet room.

After the meeting, he couldn’t wait to go back to his office. It was a pity that he didn’t see his sweet little daughter right away. After asking Special Assistant Chen on the phone where they were, he couldn’t wait to rush over.

Now, he just wanted to hug his good daughter.

“Nuan Nuan, Dad is here.”

Nuan Nuan, who was immersed in furry animals heard her father’s voice and turned around in surprise. She saw the elegant man in a suit at the door and ran over.

Gu Linmo squatted down and opened his arms to catch Nuan Nuan who was running over, and hugged the little girl.

“Did Nuan Nuan miss Dad?”

He looked at the soft daughter in his arms with a smile, and his whole person softened.

Nuan Nuan blushed and nodded, holding her father’s neck, looking a little shy but more happy.

“Nuan Nuan missed Dad.” Nuan Nuan’s voice was sweet and milky, and Nuan Nuan’s clear eyes were full of dependence and moist feelings. Facing this relationship with her father who loved her, the little girl loved him and was also a lot closer to him.

She hugged her father’s neck with her soft little arms, her little face leaned in as she shyly put a kiss on her father’s face, the corners of her mouth like peach blossom petals curved upward in a beautiful arc, revealing her neat white canine teeth, the whole little milk bag looked cute and soft.

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