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It took Su Yemu three days to complete the design drawing of the farm. As soon as the drawing was finished, Xiaonan grabbed the architectural drawing and asked Jiang Yu’s father to help build it. Only then did Su Yemu got to know that one of Father Jiang’s jobs was to be a contractor.

However, his contractor was different from the contractors of today’s interstellar era. He used robots and synthetic materials to build directly, and most of what he used was artificial.

As for why it was called one of the jobs, it was because it only took one day for others for a formal construction company to build a house, but it took five days to find them. In this way, Father Jiang and his contracting team could only be in a state of no work for a long time.

In order to support his family, when his contracting team was not working, he could only do odd jobs everywhere, or go to the garbage dump to pick up mechanical parts and so on to exchange for money. The technology in the interstellar age was too advanced, and the existence of human beings was indeed sometimes redundant. This was also true. This was also one of the reason why Saier Star was so poor.

The two came to Jiang family house, Jiang Xiaoyu was sitting at the door and was carving something with a piece of wood, when he saw Xiao Nan and Su Yemu coming, he quickly hid it behind him.

“What are you hiding?”

Xiao Nan stretched out her head to see clearly, but Jiang Xiaoyu got up quickly: “No, nothing, why are you here?”

Xiao Nan glanced at Jiang Xiaoyu: “Can’t I come?”

“No, no,” Jiang Xiaoyu was a little at a loss, Seeing Xiao Nan staring at him, his cheeks flushed red: “Come in and sit!”

As he said, he pulled Xiao Nan to walk in, his expression made Su Yemu puzzled, something was wrong!

After they entered Jiang’s house, Father Jiang and Mother Jiang greeted him. After hearing the intention of the two of them, their faces couldn’t help turning happy. After looking at Su Yemu’s drawings, Father Jiang said that it would take at least ten days, afraid that Su Yemu would hesitate, he then said: “Su Yemu, if you are not in a hurry, can you accept this time?”

Before coming, Xiao Nan had already told Su Yemu that Father Jiang adopted semi-manualization because he wanted his subordinates to have something to eat. Su Yemu admired this very much.

“No problem. In addition, I need fruit trees, flowers, etc., can you help me get them?” Su Yemu had to make recipes, do live broadcasts, and also had to find seeds every day. So, he was a bit busy. He hoped to get everything covered by Father Jiang, then it would be easy for him, and Father Jiang and the others could make more money.

Since he started live broadcasting, his daily income had exceeded five-figure star coins. It had been more than ten days, and his small treasury was quite full. Su Yemu had checked that it did not cost much to build a farm. Most of it was just planting fruit trees, flowers, and digging ponds to divert water to these places.

“Yes, don’t worry, I know many people who grow flowers and fruit trees, and they can provide them.” Father Jiang stood up, holding Su Yemu’s hand tightly, with gratitude in his eyes.

Su Yemu was a little at a loss. He just asked Father Jiang to help build the farm, and he deserved it. However, there may be other ways: “The fruit trees and flowers you plant would need someone to take care of them. If it is convenient, can you help me?”


“Is there anyone who can grow vegetables? I can’t afford a robot yet, and I can’t do it by myself. If someone is willing, who is not afraid of hard work…”


“Does someone raise poultry? I…”


“By the way, does anyone know how to make furniture? I think…”


After Su Yemu came out of Jiang family house, he was still a little dizzy. He thought building a farm would be very troublesome, and it would take a long time to perfect it. He didn’t expect Father Jiang to cover everything, such as digging ponds, diverting water, planting fruit trees, transplanting flowers, etc., and the price offered did not even drain his small coffers.

“What are you doing? How could you lie to Su Yemu? I believe you know someone who can grow flowers and fruit trees. When did you know someone who grows vegetables and poultry? Why didn’t I know?” Mother Jiang grabbed Father Jiang’s ear, angrily gritting her teeth, they didn’t help Su Yemu when he was stupid, but now he was better, promising, and knew how to help them, how dare this person lie to Su Yemu?

“No, no, I do know these people, but they are old men.”

Those people lived in poverty and could not afford expensive nutrient solution. Poor quality nutrient solution would lead to poor health. They could only rely on the annual subsidy from Neptune to buy some seeds from the star network to grow their own vegetables. After a long time of thinking, of course they would move to other jobs.

Hearing what Father Jiang said, Mother Jiang finally felt relieved. In the interstellar era, there were not many people who could grow vegetables and raise poultry.

After Su Yemu got home, he placed an order for the afternoon ingredients, got up and stretched, with a slight pain in his shoulder, Su Yemu pulled off his clothes and looked in the mirror, the tooth marks were still there, strange, shouldn’t it have faded after applying the medicine?

After applying the potion, Su Yemu yawned, and decided to go back to his room to sleep, and wake up at four o’clock in the afternoon to broadcast live.

The sun was shining brightly and the cool breeze was just right, so Su Yemu fell asleep quickly.

In the dream, the farm was built, one spaceship after another landed at the gate of the farm, wave after wave of guests with blurred faces came and went, Xiao Nan ran around holding the terminal, muttering: It’s gone, it’s gone…

Suddenly, a heavy mecha descended from the sky, and a huge dog jumped out of the mecha, and rushed directly at Su Yemu, pinning him to the ground; it raised its front legs slightly, pressing on Su Yemu’s shoulder, the sharp claws stuck out of the toes, the sharp teeth were slightly exposed, and the cold and arrogant eyes glanced at Su Yemu, as if trying to figure out where to start…

Su Yemu’s eyes widened in fright, no sound could come out of its mouth. Finally, this majestic and huge dog finished its research. It opened its mouth wide and bit Su Yemu’s shoulder.


The scream penetrated the room, and Su Yemu woke up from the dream in pain. When he opened his eyes, he saw A Sha who was pressing on his body, and his teeth were biting his shoulder. Just as if was wanting to push him away, a wave of spiritual force pierced into his sea of consciousness, and the manic tentacles of the spirit ran wildly in Su Yemu’s mind, entangled with the white light of Su Yemu’s sea of consciousness, and the teeth biting on his shoulder finally slowly relaxed…

Su Yemu felt a little tired, so he squinted his eyes, and thought in a daze, A Sha is using him as a toothbrush? Is it okay to come over and take a few bites to grind your teeth?

Su Yemu woke up again because he was woken up by the doorbell. When he got up, his shoulders hurt again. Su Yemu suddenly had black lines on his face and blue veins in his hand bulged faintly: “A Sha, don’t beat me, you really treat Su Yemu as a sick cat.”

He rushed out of bed angrily, went out and saw that 033 had already collected the ingredients delivered by Xing, so he patted it on the forehead, and praised it, then Su Yemu opened the door and looked at the spaceship, far away, Su Yemu saw that it was not too far away and the small mound at the place had become flatter, and the spaceship had become more concave. Touching his nose, Su Yemu made a 180-degree turn and muttered: “The time is coming, let’s broadcast live first! I’ll settle the score with him next time.”

Looking around from the corner of my eye, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief. This place was indeed a wasteland, and there was no one else there.

Before Su Yemu went inside wearing slippers, a young man with blond hair and handsome appearance suddenly jumped out, his clothes were torn, and Su Yemu frowned as he saw one hole after another; he was carrying a big bag, and he looked at Su Yemu with his eyes wide open, while his chest heaved violently, and his face was full of excitement.

Su Yemu: “Are you going to get sick?”

Taking two quick steps back, Su Yemu turned around again, passed the boy and left.

“Master, I’m Erha! Master…”

The call was long and affectionate, and the voice was about to cry, like a lover who hadn’t seen him for many years…

Memories rushed into his mind, and Su Yemu remembered that there were often bullet screen comments calling him Master in the live broadcast room. After a while, he turned around and asked doubtfully, “Erha?”

Erha ran up to Su Yemu in three or two steps, and grinned: “Master, it’s me! I came to learn from you.”

“How old are you?”

“Twenty-two years old,” Erha said, “Don’t worry, master, my family knows that I came to you to learn the culinary arts, and they are very supportive.”

“You are not yet an adult! Will your family let you give up your studies and come here?”

“Yes, who said that the master is too powerful! My family likes the master very much, knowing that I am coming, they let me bring a gift.”

Erha took out his bag, took out a hole, and handed it to Su Yemu: “Master, look, this is a gift I brought you. It’s very beautiful!”

What Erha handed over was a ring with a concave hole in the middle. The place where it entered showed that there should be something inlaid before, but it was dug out, so it looked a bit ugly, and to be given a ring…

Facing Erha’s expectant eyes, Su Yemu didn’t know whether to tell the truth for a while.

Seeing that Su Yemu didn’t reply, Erha said cautiously: “I ground it with cold iron myself.”

“It’s very beautiful.”

Su Yemu’s conscience, who had always been honest, seldom hurt like it did at this moment.

“I knew the master would like it! Then let’s go home! The master’s house is the one in front, right! It’s so beautiful, I can tell it belongs to the master’s house…”

Erha chattered and walked to Su Yemu’s house contentedly. He seemed to think it was his home!

At this time, someone roared into the Neptune sky.

“Where’s my space button? Where’s my little S? Why is there only one stone left?”

The passers-by hurried past, thinking to themselves: It is absolutely impossible to say that His Highness Kevin picked it away, or they will be retaliated against.

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