TCYEC Ch. 29

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Yu Siyang and Luo Peng sat on the sofa, shrunken into a quail-like ball, and looked at Wei Xiaofeng opposite them with the same pitiful expressions.

Wei Xiaofeng flipped through the script without saying a word. On the cover of the script, there were two big words-The Traitor.

Yu Siyang and Luo Peng looked at each other and became more nervous.

——Brother Xiaofeng is not talking now, he must be brewing a big move.

——Can we get out of this office alive today?

“The current situation is that you have taken the role of a perverted villain again?” Although Wei Xiaofeng used an interrogative sentence, his tone was affirmative.

Yu Siyang worked hard to gain impression points for the role, “In fact, this role still has merit.”

“Where is the merit?” Wei Xiaofeng put the script on the sofa next to her, resting his left leg on his right leg. Shaking his knees, he waited to hear how Yu Siyang discovers the merits of a perverted villain.

“Um… he is loyal to the emperor and patriotic.”

“So he helped the emperor     to kill all his loyal officials?”


“And the emperor killed him.”


“Such a stupid character is also accepted by you. Are you going to go on the road of perverted villains and never return?” Wei Xiaofeng couldn’t bear to curse at these two dudes again. Suddenly, there is a kind of feeling of getting used to this.

“No.” Yu Siyang whispered, shrinking himself tighter.

Brother Xiaofeng, don’t be so calm, it’s so terrible, it feels like a world-destroying big move is brewing.

Luo Peng felt that, as an agent, he should protect his artist from the wind and rain, so he bravely said to Wei Xiaofeng: “Brother Xiaofeng, I talked to the crew about this role, but Liu Cai is the director. The male lead is Brother Zhan, the second male lead is Li Yiliang, the female lead is the charming goddess Yi Jiaojiao and the rest of the cast are all the old drama veterans, it is the top configuration. Taking this role next would elevate Xioyu’s status in the circle.”

“You have grown up, and you now know about your status in the circle.” Wei Xiaofeng sneered, “In the future, only the character of the perverted villain will come to Xiaoyu, what will you do?”

“So I have thought about it long ago,” Luo Peng took out another script from his bag and said desperately: “Dangdangdangdang…Look, a comedy movie, willing to give Xiaoyu the role of the male lead.”

Wei Xiaofeng was suspicious. After taking over the script, the name of the movie “Pretending Too Much” is written on the cover, and the names of the director and screenwriter are below.

The name of the director and screenwriter he has never been heard, and the name of the movie is too stupid to be looked at directly.

“Have the director and screenwriter been investigated?” Wei Xiaofeng asked.

“Investigated ” Luo Peng nodded, “the director is a rich second generation, just graduated from film school, self-financing to make the film, screenwriter is the girlfriend of one of his classmates.”

Wei Xiaofeng: “……”

In other words, newcomer directors, newcomer screenwriters, newcomer actors, funds are not necessarily sufficient, and small-cost comedy films may not be screened in the theatre.

Wei Xiaofeng could no longer remain calm, and whenever he thinks he has adapted to the level of stupidity of his second cousin, this cousin would refresh his understanding.

“Luo! Peng! Do you dare to be a little bit more stupid!” Wei Xiaofeng got up angrily, walked back and forth in front of the sofa, pointing at Luo Peng aggresively, “Have you ever thought if this movie can’t be released, all the effort would be wasted.”

“However, Director Jin said it would definitely be possible.” Luo Peng said very aggrievedly.

Wei Xiaofeng said: “He said that it can be released? Is he the General Administration?”

Luo Peng whispered: “His mother belongs to the General Administration.”

Wei Xiaofeng: “…”

“It’s up to you.” Wei Xiaofeng decided to give up the argument. If he did make this film, he could still help a little bit in the release.

Yu Siyang and Luo Peng were driven out by Wei Xiaofeng. Before closing the door, Wei Xiaofeng said: “The company has sent an assistant for Xiaoyu. You can go to the tenth floor to find Cao Qinggong.” After that, the door was closed with a bang.

Yu Siyang and Luo Peng looked at each other.

Luo Peng said: “It is safe to pass, Xiaofeng brother did not use his big moves.”

Yu Siyang said: “Ultra moves are usually issued at critical moments, when he strives to defeat the enemy with one blow.”

Luo Peng was silent for a while and said: “Xiaoyu We are not Xiaofeng’s enemies.”

Yu Siyang was also silent for a moment: “But Xiaofeng’s micro expression tells me that he wants to blast us both out of the earth.”



——The crisis is still not resolved!

The unreliable agent and the simple-minded entertainer straightened their backs and entered the elevator with a serious expression.

The people who came out of the elevator were bluffed by their expressions, and asked hurriedly: “Were you scolded? Is President Wei in a bad mood?”

Yu Siyang couldn’t bear to tell them the truth-it was good, but they were finished..

Luo Peng stretched out his arm from the elevator, patted the other person’s shoulder, and said in pain, “Brother, I’m sorry.”

The man’s expression became terrified, staring at the door of Wei Xiaofeng’s office, afraid to knock on the door in horror.

The two found Cao Qinggong, the manager of the assistant to the artists, on the tenth floor.

“Sit down.” Cao Qinggong politely let the two of them sit onto the sofa and dialed the internal number to let the waiting assistant come in.

“Tang Hang used to follow Wen Xiao. He was very honest and responsible. When Wen Xiao left, he wanted to take him with him, but he refused.” Cao Qinggong introduced.

Luo Peng asked: “Why did he refuse?”

“I don’t know this.” Cao Qinggong smiled.

While the several people were talking, a handsome-looking man in his thirties knocked on the door and came in.

“Mr. Cao.”

Cao Qinggong stood up, beckoned to let him come in, and introduced: “Tang Hang, this is the artist assigned by the company for you to take care of, Yu Siyang, and this is Yu Siyang’s agent, Luo Peng.”

“Brother Yu, Brother Luo.” Tang Hang said hello politely.

Yu Siyang and Luo Peng were shocked at the same time, as they were called elder brother by someone older than themselves. This feeling is too indescribable.

“Just call us by the name, you don’t need to call us brother.” Luo Peng smiled: “I feel that we all would feel old. Xiaoyu is only eighteen.”

Tang Hang nodded and said nothing.

“That’s OK, I have something to do, so I will leave you to talk.” Cao Qinggong said to Tang Hang, “Xiaoyu has great potential, so work hard.”

“Mr. Cao, I will.”

The three came out from Cao Qinggong’s office and took the elevator to the company’s underground parking lot. Luo Peng said to Tang Hang, “Xiaoyu will go to the crew later, you can follow along. He is young and a newcomer. He doesn’t understand many of the things, so take care of him.”

“Brother Luo, don’t worry, I know how to do it.” Tang Hang nodded, and then stopped talking.

Luo Peng and Yu Siyang exchanged glances, and both thought to themselves, how could the company send such a dull and stern assistant?

Finding the car in the parking lot, Yu Siyang looked at the license plate of the car in surprise and asked: “Brother Luo, you haven’t returned the car to Mr. Xue yet?”

He was brought here today by the driver of the Xue family, Lao Lin. He was riding in a black Bentley. The two cars were similar in style and had similar interiors. He thought it was the one borrowed during the entertainment festival.

Unexpectedly, this car is still in Luo Peng’s hands.

“Do you think I haven’t tried to send it back?” Luo Peng said bitterly, “It was the boss who said that this car will be used to pick you up in the future. If it weren’t for taking you to the studio today, I wouldn’t drive it. You know how much oil this car burns? I’m going to start eating dirt if I have to add more oil.”

Yu Siyang was very sad, they are both very poor.

“Brother Luo, I will work hard to make more money for you.”

Luo Peng felt very touched, but he should solve the current dilemma first, “Xiaoyu, can you tell the boss if he could reimburse the gas?”

Yu Siyang : “…” Brother Luo, you are going against the sky.

Tang Hang heard the conversation between the two, his eyes flashed, and he sat in the co-pilot without saying a word.

Luo Peng glanced at him, and thought to himself, he had to talk to the assistant later.

When the group of three arrived on the set of “Poisonous Delicacy”, Luo Peng asked Yu Siyang to put on makeup and gestured to Tang Hang.

The two got back in the car again. Luo Peng looked at Tang Hang and said, “I don’t ask you about your previous things, only one thing. Please remember, me, Xiaoyu and you. We are a team, only if Xiaoyu is good will our team be better.”

“I know.” Tang Hang nodded his head.

“You have been in the entertainment industry longer than me and Xiaoyu, and you have more experience, I have nothing more to say,” Luo Peng smiled: “Xiaoyu is a very simple child, take good care of him.”

Tang Hang revealed a little smile and said: “Please rest assured, I am a professionally ethical person.”

“I will send you Xiaoyu’s itinerary and address, do more and say less.”

Luo Peng patted Tang Hang on the shoulder and motioned him to get off the car.

If Wei Xiaofeng saw this appearance, his jaw would definitely drop.

His second cousin can also look like a general.

His serious look would make people suspect that he is a fake Luo Peng.

Tang Hang didn’t understand his second-hand goods attributes, and was stunned by Luo Peng.

As for knowing the truth in the future…well… it would be a little bit later, and his ability is still good. For the sake of such a generous bonus, do more and talk less.

Luo Peng told Tang Hang and left. Tang Hang returned to the set. Yu Siyang was facing the scene, holding another actor’s neck and asking the director, “Will this pinch his double chin out?” Hong Zhehao moved Yu Siyang’s hand and said: “It’s wrong for you to hold like this. People usually pinch the trachea.”

“Really?” Yu Siyang looked at his neck, “Where is the trachea?”

Peng Zhigao squeezed him away and personally demonstrated how to choke his neck.

“Cough, cough, cough… Director Peng, be gentle, I am really going to be choked to death by you.” Hong Zhehao patted Peng Zhigao’s hand, his face flushed.

Peng Zhigao quickly let go and asked Yu Siyang: “Got it?”

Yu Siyang nodded, looked at Hong Zhehao’s red face, disturbed, said: “I should pinch it?”

“Yes pinch, otherwise the effect would be unnatural.” Hong Zhehao righteously contributed his neck, “Practice a few more times.”

Peng Zhigao nodded appreciatively, after learning a lesson, Hong Zhehao finally knew what he really should grasp.

The past few days he had broken his shackles and achieved breakthroughs, and at last did not have facial paralysis. People who are capable and dedicated will be respected no matter where they are.

“You go and practice,” Peng Zhigao said jokingly: “Little Yu, don’t really choke Hong Zhehao to death.”

Yu Siyang : “…”

That being said, it is even more burdensome.

“Siyang.” Tang Hang took the opportunity to say, “Brother Luo is gone.”

“Then you can find a place to rest,” Yu Siyang nodded, he watched other assistants are also waiting outside the court. “I have small biscuits in my bag. You can bring them to eat. I baked them in the morning.”

Tang Hang nodded silently, and found a place to sit down holding Yu Siyang’s bag. Still not holding back his curiosity, he opened Yu Siyang’s schoolbag.

There are scripts, thermos cups, lunch boxes, umbrellas and a large cosmetic bag in the bag.

-No wonder it is so heavy.

Tang Hang found a beautiful paper bag in the bag, opened it, and it was full of margarita biscuits[1].

The biscuits were baked golden, and a sweet smell of milk and eggs came out.

Tang Hang swears that he is definitely not a foodie, but when he smelt the biscuits, he couldn’t help but salivate, and can’t help taking a small cookie and putting it in his mouth.

The biscuits are crispy but not burnt. After being bitten, the sweet scent becomes more intense, permeating the breath and every taste bud, but unexpectedly, the biscuits are not particularly sweet, they are just right.

After the biscuits were taken out, the sweet smell couldn’t be shut out.

The crew looked scorchingly at the place where the fragrance escaped from. After Tang Hang ate a small biscuit, he raised his head and was shocked.

What type of crew is this? All their expressions are like wolves and tigers.

Hong Zhehao was being pinched by his neck, sniffed through his nose, and asked: “Did you make cookies?”

“Do you want to eat it?” Yu Siyang asked, pinching his neck.

Hong Zhehao looked tangled, “My agent made me lose weight.”

“Then don’t eat.” Hong Zhehao was stunned.

How can he not persuade me? Isn’t it usual to be persuaded three times? Doesn’t everybody persuade you to drink three times?!

“I’ll reduce weight after I eat it.” Hong Zhehao said with a sad expression.

Yu Siyang silently looked at him, retracted his hand, and watched him grab a cookie.

Hong Zhehao ran over quickly and squeezed into the crowd, quickly grabbing a claw full of cookies.

The image could hardly be looked at directly.

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