TCYEC Ch. 28

As soon as Zhan Heng’s Weibo was posted, the entertainment circle was like a switch had been pressed. People who knew Yu Siyang and those who didn’t know Yu Siyang all came out to take advantage of the heat.

Pang Yujie really felt the appeal of the great god. Zhan Heng didn’t need to say “Pang Yujie is not good”. He had a large number of people who wanted to please the great god by helping to step on him.

“Me, what should I do?” Pang Yujie asked flusteredly.

“Fuck off!” The agent gave up completely.

There is no need to waste time on a fool.

Yi Jiaojiao just finished filming her scene, and before she took off her makeup, she asked her assistant for her mobile phone.

“Sister Jiaojiao, the movie emperor Zhan has posted a Weibo to support Yu Siyang,” the assistant said.

“Really.” Yi Jiaojiao opened Weibo, and she saw Zhan Heng’s name on the headlines, “When the headline of the movie emperor comes down, you can post one supporting Yu Siyang for me, and we will also be on the headline.”

She gave her phone to the assistant and started to remove makeup.

After Yi Jiaojiao and his assistant were gone, Li Yiliang, who played the second male lead, asked his agent, “What did Yi Jiaojiao just say?” The agent explained the ins and outs and asked, “Should we send one too?”

“No, I haven’t seen him like Zhanheng and Yi Jiaojiao.” Li Yiliang shook his head, “You don’t have to take advantage of this heat, it’s a momentary thing.”

“Yes , those big names are silent.” The agent nodded.

Zhan Heng’s fans exploded.

“Ah ah ah ah ah !!! god you’re filming a new movie, eh eh !!!”

“Vision unparalleled in the world of men and of God, if you are optimistic about the little boy, we are also very optimistic.”

Zhan Heng’s fans also organized a group and went to Yu Siyang’s Weibo, queuing to post: “Come on, young man, live up to the expectations of the male god.”

After Zhan Heng came down from the hot search, Yi Jiaojiao’s Weibo also posted: “@Yu Siyang, a very talented child, jiayou, I am also looking forward to your cooking.” Of course, it made headlines quickly.

Netizens were shocked that the goddess Jiaojiao also posted a message supporting Yu Siyang.

Yu Siyang was also stunned, the goddess actually posted @Yu Siyang on Weibo!!! He felt as if he was dreaming!!!

“The goddess Jiaojiao tagged me on a Weibo. Should I post back to her, how can I post back to her?” Yu Siyang ran to Xue Chengxiu holding his mobile phone, too excited.


Xue Chengxiu raised his eyebrows, his face was half black.

He took Yu Siyang’s phone and saw Yi Jiaojiao’s Weibo, and the other half of his face turned black.

Anyone who is messy enough to dare to ask his child to cook, he really didn’t want to forget.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…since I’m going to make a dish, I should make what I make the best, what to cook …” Yu Siyang crazily moved the ingredients out of the fridge and took out whatever he saw.

Xue Chengxiu’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot, and he said angrily: “No.” He put back what Yu Siyang took out.

Yu Siyang stared at him for a while, “Why?”

He dared to ask why!

All of Xue Chengxiu’s charming thoughts ten minutes ago turned into raging anger, “Don’t do it for others.” Especially that Yi Jiaojiao.

“But… she just sent Weibo to cook for her, if she can’t eat…” Yu Siyang said aggrieved.

Xue Chengxiu snorted coldly, holding his arms in front of the refrigerator.

Regardless of whether others can eat or not, it is not good to cook for others.

Yu Siyang lowered his head, fiddled with the Arctic shells that had not been put back in the refrigerator in his hands, and did not speak or leave.

Look at his appearance that looked as if he had been wronged by heaven.

Xue Chengxiu wanted to be cruel and refuse to the end, but he couldn’t help but feel distressed when he thought that he was scolded so badly by those brainless mobs on the Internet today.

Forget it, his child is finally not depressed, he can do it if he wants, anyway, he will eat it himself.

“Only this time, not next time.”

Yu Siyang was pleasantly surprised, smiling like a flower, “Thank you, Xiu.”

Xue Chengxiu rubbed the young man’s soft head, and secretly spurned himself, thinking that his principles had been fed to the dog.

But what should be emphasized is still emphasized: “You are not allowed to call Yi Jiaojiao goddess in the future.”


“No but.”

“… Then how should I call her?”

“Call her Aunt Yi.”

“… “

Xue Chengxiu stood at the door of the kitchen with his hands folded, while his eyes moved with Yu Siyang who was busy in the kitchen.

Yu Siyang removed the impurities from the Arctic shells, and cut them into maple leaf shapes, and immersed them in ice water before remembering to ask: “Mu Mu is still so young, can he eat raw or cold food.”

Xue Chengxiu nodded and said, ” People with gastroenteritis are not allowed to eat.”

Yu Siyang looked down in his hands gave a low “Oh”.

It’s the most refreshing thing to eat this dish in summer.

Yu Siyang’s fans waited for a day for his new Weibo.

“Thank you all for believing in me and encouraging me. I will try my best to make myself better and better. Please continue to pay attention to my first film “Poisonous Delicacy” and I will give you a plate of Northland Red Maple Leaf @Zhan Heng @Yi Jiaojiao @Fang Yuan @the film crew of “Poisonous Delicacy” @Ji Man @Lin Qing@Hong Zhehao.

The blog post was accompanied by nine pictures. In the exquisite bone china plate, the Arctic shellfish and vegetables[1] are arranged in the shape of a maple tree. The base is mixed with garlic and nuts to make the appearance of the earth. A filter is specially used for the photo. It didn’t look like a dish, but more like a painting.

“Ah ah ah ah ah …… all my saliva is flooding my family and friends ah ah ah ah ah ……”

“Another screen was licked, and the cost of living was severely overrun this month.”

” Just had dinner and I’m hungry again. Are you fat and swollen? [Crying]”

“My Yang is so ingenious, let me kiss it, okay, okay…”

Zhan Heng put his phone away and smiled at Wei Xiaofeng: ” The matter has been satisfactorily resolved, Xiaofeng can accompany me to dinner.”

Wei Xiaofeng is motionless, “It could also be resolved satisfactorily without you.”

“But it won’t be so fast, would it?” Zhan Heng said with a smile.

Today, his influence can be said to be such that with his one stomp, the entertainment industry would shake three times. His one word is more effective than if others say a thousand or ten thousand words.

“You have today, is it not because of me.” Wei Xiaofeng couldn’t bear the look of his hippie smiling face the most.

“Yes,” Zhan Heng nodded, “So I want to repay you for your kindness.”

Wei Xiaofeng gestured him to leave, Zhan Heng immediately got up and held his hand across the desk.

“Xiaofeng, you promised to accompany me to a meal.”

Wei Xiaofeng said coldly: “Then you shut up.”

“I know, I am responsible for everything today.” Zhan Heng laughed bitterly.

Wei Xiaofeng slowly cut the beef on the plate, seemingly unmoved by Zhan Heng’s words.

The next day, the crew here took advantage of the heat to release the trailer of the movie.

The trailer only lasted forty seconds, and the several actors in the film come in it one by one, and they have selected moments for all of them that can express the personality of the characters.

Fei Qin played by Yu Siyang is a contradictory role. He is gentle towards the heroine, but he is cold and perverted towards others.

Fei Qin has two shots in the trailer, one watching Song Zhao tenderly and the other watching Wu Fang die coldly.

After this incident, “Poisonous Delicacy” could be said to be on fire even before it was broadcasted.

Peng Zhigao did not ask Fengyu Times to change Hong Zhehao, but used Hong Zhehao’s topicality and his cooperation with the trailer to make another hype.

The trailer is very short, and it is not clear how the actors’ acting skills are.

But both Ji Man and Hong Zhehao were sprayed with “zero acting” all the way, and they are the protagonists of the movie. The most controversial are the two of them. Yu Siyang and Lin Qing have not attracted much attention in terms of acting, one had zero work, the other had small roles, even if the netizens wanted to tear into them, they couldn’t find a loophole.

The atmosphere in the crew of “Poisonous Delicacy” was also a bit embarrassing. The crew couldn’t understand Hong Zhehao’s actions at any time. Now that he is acting even more off, it is even more ridiculous, and intentionally or unintentionally excluded him.

Hong Zhehao obviously felt that he was excluded, but after so many years of arrogance, he couldn’t hold back to please a newcomer.

He had to bear with it, and think about finishing the film.

“Xiaoyu, you’re so early today.” As soon as Ji Man arrived on the set, she saw Yu Siyang sitting on the chair reading the script.

Hong Zhehao sat on the other side, also reading the script, when he heard Ji Man’s voice, but he did not look up.

“Sister Man, morning.” Yu Siyang put down the script in his hand, took out a thermos cup from the bag next to him and said to Ji Man, ” Here, red dates soy milk[2].”

“Eating like this every day, I will get fat.” Although Ji Man complained, but her action of taking the thermos cup was quick, “I’ll go to make-up first.” To go to the dressing room, she had to pass by Hong Zhehao.

Ji Man hadn’t gotten involved with Hong Zhehao because of Mu Chen. But she was almost implicated by the stupid actions that Hong Zhehao committed. Now she didn’t want to say a word to Hong Zhehao.

But today, she didn’t mind pouring salt on his wounds.

“Hong Zhehao, Mu Chen is going to get married, do you know.”

Hong Zhehao was taken aback, his hand holding the script suddenly tightened, and looked up at Ji Man expressionlessly, and said coldly, “That’s a pity, Sister Man. Your dream of marrying into a wealthy family is broken.”

Ji Man covered her mouth and chuckled, “It’s a pity, I heard that Mu Chen’s marriage partner is the eldest daughter of a wealthy family, right? How can people like us compare with the eldest lady? True love is also worth a few dollars.”

Hong Zhehao took a quick breath, and resisted the swear words he wanted to yell. He is in such a bad situation now that he can no longer tell anyone off.

“Yeah, true love is really worthless. Sister Man, don’t be too sad.”

Ji Man sneered and said no more.

Anyway, her goal had been achieved, and saying any more words to him will make her feel sick.

Yu Siyang originally went to Peng Zhigao to discuss his schedule. The contract for the historical film “Traitor” by Liu Cai had already been signed by Luo Peng. His role in “Poisonous Delicacy” had not too many scenes left. He wanted to focus on shooting and finish early, so he didn’t have to burn on both ends.

After accidentally listening the conversation from the corner, he was embarrassed to either stand still or walk away.

Hong Zhehao also saw Yu Siyang and gave a wry smile: “Yu Siyang, you have heard it.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to.” Yu Siyang scratched his cheek.

Yu Siyang hated him because of Hong Zhehao’s interference in his affairs, and didn’t want to say a word to him unless it was necessary.

But when the opponent is down, he won’t go push him down even more because of this. He always had a bottom line.

“Do you think I’m stupid?” Hong Zhehao was suffocating in his heart, and he had no good friend to discuss this. He couldn’t find anyone to talk to him. Yu Siyang had already heard it anyway, and there was nothing to say more.

Yu Siyang didn’t know what to say.

Could it be that the other party is really stupid? The other party really won’t become irritated and do more excessive things?

But he really thought Hong Zhehao was quite stupid.

“Unspoken rules don’t lead to true love. I’m really the number one fool.” Hong Zhehao covered his face, his voice choked.

Yu Siyang was at a loss, and comforted him saying: “Don’t cry, why are you as a man crying? Is there is no other fragrant grass in the world, why do you need to look for it in this city? Well, don’t cry, you will ruin your makeup.”

Hong Zhehao: “…”

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