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Chu Yunrong felt that she had had a long dream, in which Shen Qinglan was not lost and was always by her side. She grew up with her daughter, sent her to kindergarten, and watched her daughter wearing beautiful dresses and playing with children.

In spring, she took her daughter for outings and picnics. In summer, she swam in the swimming pool with her daughter. In autumn, she took her daughter to pick fruits in the orchard. And in winter, she and her daughter built snowmen in the garden.

As her daughter grew up, she began to learn piano from her. Her little fingers pressed on the black and white keys, playing tuneless tunes. She sat down gently and taught her step by step. Gradually, the smooth tunes began to flow from her daughter’s fingers, and they looked at each other and smiled.

Her daughter was in elementary school and was about to graduate. Looking at her daughter who already looked like a little girl standing on the stage, she smiled gently.

Her daughter participated in a piano competition and won the championship. She held the trophy in her hand and said to the audience, it is all thanks to my dearest mother. She sat in the audience with tears in her eyes. When her daughter came off the stage, she gave her an affectionate hug.

When her daughter entered junior high school, she played the piano better and better. She took her daughter to visit a famous teacher and started taking her daughter to the teacher to learn piano every day. However, the smile on her daughter’s face became less and less. Until one day, she suddenly found out that she lost her temper and said that she no longer wanted to live such a boring life. She only studied and practiced piano every day. She felt that life had no fun, so she put down the camera in her hand and took her daughter to travel around, taking her to the mountains and rivers. And also to tell her that the scenery of life was actually very beautiful.

Then her daughter told her that she wanted to continue learning piano, and she wanted to express the joy in her heart. She smiled happily.

When her daughter entered high school, she became more and more beautiful, but she had her own little troubles. She told her that she fell in love with a boy, a very handsome boy. While she told her daughter to enjoy her youth.

Her daughter was in college. She got admitted to the music school she liked, got a boyfriend she liked, and lived happily every day.

She would go out to eat, go shopping, and watch movies with her daughter. Occasionally, the mother and daughter would travel together and smile brightly at the camera as they took pictures together.

Her daughter graduated from college, but she had a few grey hairs on her head and wrinkles at the corners of her eyes. She lamented that she was getting old. Her daughter rested her head on her shoulder and said with a smile that my mother is the most beautiful mother in the world. She can never get old.

Her daughter had started working, was active on the world stage, and had won numerous awards. She was so outstanding and dazzling.

Her daughter was getting married. She walked into the marriage hall with her boyfriend who she had been dating for many years and gave birth to a lovely child…

Chu Yunrong had a smile on her lips. In her dream, her daughter was the way she looked now, she was excellent and had always been her pride. They were also the closest mother and daughter pair.

Shen Qian held his wife’s hand and said, “Yunrong, what did you dream about that made you so happy?”

Unfortunately, no one answered him, and his words could only dissipate in the air.

There was a knock on the door of the ward. Shen Qian stood up and opened the door. He looked at the person standing outside the door and frowned, “Why are you here?”

Shen Xitong was a little at a loss and lowered her head, “Dad, I heard that Mom is sick, so I came to see Mom. What’s wrong with her?”

It was only when she overheard the gossip of two nurses today that she found out that Chu Yunrong was actually hospitalized and was on the floor above her.

“She’s fine. You can go back.” Shen Qian noticed the gauze on Shen Xitong’s head, but said nothing. He had read all the news on the Internet.

“Dad, I just want to see my mother and see if she is okay.” Shen Xitong said in a low voice. She really wanted to see Chu Yunrong. After all, Chu Yunrong had been really good to her since she was a child. She had given her a warmth she had never felt before.

“She’s not awake yet. You should leave first.” Shen Qian did not let Shen Xitong in and looked at Shen Xitong with indifference.

Shen Xitong knew that after the incident on the Internet broke out, no matter whether it was true or not, the Shen family would believe that she was the one who did it. She had already expected their attitude and that she would be treated coldly by Shen Qian, but the look in her eyes became even sadder, “Dad, I really I didn’t let anyone harm my sister. I didn’t do it. I was wronged.”

“Whether it was you or not, it doesn’t matter now. It’s a good thing that you can reunite with your biological parents now. I mean, now that you have found your parents, you should change your surname back to your original surname to better quell the rumours on the Internet.”

Shen Xitong suddenly raised her head and looked at Shen Qian in disbelief, “Dad, I am your daughter. You personally brought me out of the orphanage. Don’t you want me now?”

It was okay not to mention the orphanage. When Shen Xitong mentioned it, Shen Qian regretted his original decision more and more, “Lanlan is back. After that, she also changed her name back. Since you are now with your biological parents, you naturally have to change your surname back. We will go through the procedures another day.”

Shen Xitong’s face turned pale, “Dad, what do you want? Do you want to break away from me?” She had a wound on her head, her face was pale and there were tears in her eyes, which made her look a little pitiful.

“If you want to understand it this way, that’s okay.” Shen Qian said with a cold tone. Shen Xitong was also responsible for his wife’s illness. It was impossible for him not to blame her.

Shen Xitong took two steps back, “Dad.”

“Go back, and don’t come here again.” After Shen Qian finished speaking, he closed the door of the ward. Shen Xitong returned to the ward in despair. Panic finally appeared on her face, and she hurried out of the ward without even taking the time to change her clothes.

When Shen Xitong appeared at the gate of the compound, the guard at the gate did not stop her, but he looked at her with a strange look. After all, there was such a big fuss online.

“Grandpa, I beg you, don’t drive me out of the Shen family. I don’t want to leave the Shen family.” As soon as she entered the Shen family, Shen Xitong knelt down in front of Mr. Shen with a snap.

When Mr. Shen saw that it was her, his face turned cold, “What are you doing here?”

“Grandpa, I beg you, I was wrong. I don’t want to leave the Shen family. I have lived here for more than ten years and treated you as my own. If the people closest to me leave here, I will really have no home.” Shen Xitong cried with tears and runny nose, looking very embarrassed.

Shen Qinglan saw Shen Xitong as soon as she came out of the kitchen. She handed the things in her hand to Mr. Shen. She just went to the kitchen to pour a cup of tea for Mr. Shen. When she came back, she saw such an interesting scene.

She sat down on the sofa. When Shen Xitong saw her, all the words were stuck in her throat, and she was unable to speak or swallow.

“Your parents have found you and are willing to live with you. This matter has been decided. You go and don’t come to the Shen family again.” Mr. Shen turned a blind eye to Shen Xitong’s pleading.

“Grandpa, are you going to kick me out of the Shen family just because I did something that didn’t cause any harm to Shen Qinglan? Or is it because you think I have discredited the Shen family, so you can’t wait to let me go? Should I just leave this home?”

Shen Xitong asked Mr. Shen. In fact, Mr. Shen had the final say in the Shen family. If it weren’t for this old man’s words, why would Shen Qian propose to have her change her back to her original surname.

“Shen Xitong, this is the Shen family, and Shen Qinglan is the granddaughter of this family. Just because we adopted you doesn’t mean that you can covet things that don’t belong to you. If you had always been a dutiful child and behaved peacefully, then since we the Shen family have adopted you, we would not ignore you, but your heart is too big, and our Shen family cannot tolerate a person with evil thoughts.” Mr. Shen said coldly.

Shen Xitong sneered, “Am I alone cruel? Is Shen Qinglan not cruel? Do you dare to ask your good granddaughter if she really wasn’t involved in spreading the black material on the Internet these days? Does the matter have nothing to do with her?”

“Did what I did at the beginning cause harm to her? But what about her? She is doing this now because she wants to directly force me to death. This granddaughter who is so good in your eyes, her heart is more vicious than mine.”

Shen Qinglan raised an eyebrow and looked at her, her expression unchanged, and she did not defend herself even in the face of Shen Xitong’s accusation.

Mr. Shen looked confused, “Shen Xitong, do you still don’t know where you went wrong?”

“I’m wrong? What’s wrong with me? My biggest mistake is that I’m not the daughter of the Shen family and have no blood relationship with you. If I was my mother’s biological child, would you still treat me like this?” Shen Xitong smiled and cried.

She had regretted it countless times in her heart, how wonderful it would be if she had crawled out of Chu Yunrong’s belly.

“Shen Xitong, you still don’t understand after all.” Shen Qinglan said lightly.

“Shut up,” Shen Xitong yelled. The person she hated most was definitely Shen Qinglan, no one else. “This is all because of you. If you hadn’t come back, then I wouldn’t be in this situation now. Why didn’t you die outside!”

Didn’t they say that she was abducted by human traffickers? Why didn’t the traffickers sell her far away and let her come back? As long as Shen Qinglan didn’t come back, she would be the only daughter of the Shen family. She would be well-behaved and obedient, would be loved by her family, and would never do those things. All of this was because of Shen Qinglan.

“That’s enough!” Mr. Shen scolded, “Shen Xitong, the Shen family has raised you, and our responsibilities have been fulfilled. You can leave. From now on, you are no longer a member of my Shen family. I will personally take care of it by going forward to make a statement in the newspaper.”

“Grandpa, are you really going to be so cruel? Are you not going to leave any room for me?” Shen Xitong looked at Mr. Shen deeply, her expression gloomy.

Mr. Shen did not look at her, but waved his hand, “You go.”

“Okay, very good.” Shen Xitong stood up from the ground and looked at Mr. Shen condescendingly, “I will leave the Shen family and never come back. But I will remember everything the Shen family did to me. From now on, I have nothing to do with the Shen family.”

Shen Xitong left. Shen Qinglan looked at Mr. Shen and lowered her eyes slightly, “Grandpa, Shen Xitong’s parents, actually I found them, and I also asked people to post the videos and recordings on the Internet.” She admitted simply.

“Grandpa knows.” Mr. Shen sighed slightly. He had actually guessed it a long time ago. When he met Shen Qinglan’s gaze, Mr. Shen smiled lovingly, “Actually, this matter was Grandpa’s wrong from the beginning. It was grandpa who agreed with your father and allowed Shen Xitong to be adopted, so now it is natural for grandpa to end all this.”

“Grandpa, aren’t you scolding me?” Shen Qinglan asked.

“Why should I scold you? I would be disappointed if my granddaughter was bullied and still had to swallow her anger.” Mr. Shen said with a smile.

After all, she had experienced strong winds and waves outside. In fact, Mr. Shen saw many things very clearly. His granddaughter was very measured in doing things and had a clear sense of grudges in her heart. If others didn’t offend her, she would not take the initiative to find trouble for others.

He admitted that because this was his own child, he was partial, but what Shen Xitong did made Mr. Shen feel that he was not a saint and thus could not ignore their past grudges.

Facing this old man who tolerated everything about her, Shen Qinglan was moved.

“Lanlan, please visit your mother more often when you have time. It has not been easy for her these years.” Mr. Shen sighed, thinking of his daughter-in-law lying asleep in the hospital, and he felt helpless.

“Okay.” She would go even if Mr. Shen didn’t say anything.

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