TBLF Ch. 33

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Fu Nanxun: “Huh?”

Wu Rui: “Ask a question!”

Ji Rang: “…”

I can’t see this.

Fu Nanxun reacted, glanced at Ji Rang, smiled and said, “You still have a helper.”

Ji Rang also laughed, too lazy to pretend to be cordial with him anymore, folded his hands and leaning back, “Yes, you can call me out if you don’t agree.”

The atmosphere was suddenly tense.

Qi Ying finally finished reading the analysis of the question. The steps were too complicated. She still couldn’t understand a few places, so she marked it out with a red pen and pointed it to Fu Nanxun to explain it again.

Fu Nanxuan withdrew his eyes from Ji Rang and cast them on the draft. He picked up a pen and was just about to tell her. On the other side, Wu Rui pushed up his black-framed glasses, and said in a deep voice, “That’s not right, student Fu, this question should have a simpler solution, if you solve it this way, it will complicate it.”

Fu Nanxun paused. Wu Rui had already taken the draft, wrote down the simpler steps in the blank space, and then handed it to Qi Ying.

Qi Ying saw that it was much simpler and easier to understand than the method Fu Nanxun said before, and nodded at Wu Rui happily.

Ji Rang: Well done!!!

However, Fu Nanzhang didn’t get angry. He looked at Wu Rui’s problem-solving method and suddenly realized: “This solution is much simpler, and I had made it complicated.”

He smiled gently at Wu Rui: “You are great.”

Wu Rui, who was holding himself up, suddenly became shy: “You…you are also very good. We haven’t learned the formulas you used yet.”

Ji Rang: “…”

Why are you complimenting each other???

With the help of the firsts of the two schools, Qi Ying quickly understood the questions that she didn’t understand today, and even got a few different solutions.

When leaving the dessert shop, Wu Rui was no longer as aggressive as when he came, and said bye to Fu Nanxun politely before leaving.

Yan Qi’s exchange students all lived in the school’s dormitory. Fu Nanxun glanced at Qi Ying, who was obediently following Ji Rang. He lowered his eyes and said with a faint smile: “You send her off.”

When the words fell, he waved to Qi Ying and turned away.

Walking far away, he looked back.

The tall and thin boy led the girl across the road. She was holding the sleeves of the boy’s clothes, when he stopped she stopped, when he walked she walked, following the same steps, too obedient.

Fu Nanxun always knew that Qi Ying had a very good personality, and with her everyone was smiling. When he first met, he thought this little girl was interested in him.

Later he found out that it was not so, she was just too good and too soft.

Until today, when he saw Qi Ying in front of Ji Rang.

She was still laughing, but that smile was different. Those wet eyes, looking at Ji Rang, contained a unique light.

After losing her parents and family changes, she can still find someone who can make her smile like this.

He is happy for her.

After sending Qi Ying on the bus, Ji Rang returned to the school gate to ride on his motorcycle.

As soon as he started the engine, he received a call from Qu Dazhuang: “Brother, come to the pool hall to play a game or two? You should relax after studying for so long, and create a balance between work and rest!”

Ji Rang didn’t really want to go.

But he did not play with Qu Dazhuang and the others for a while, and of course forcing them to study with him didn’t count. He didn’t refuse, and responded quietly.

When he arrived at the billiards hall, Qu Dazhuang and the others had already started playing.

The enclosed and dim room was filled with smoke. All the people inside knew him more or less, and greeted him with flattery: “Ji brother will play the best.”

He was quitting smoking recently, so he frowned, took the club that Luo Bing handed him, bent over, scored a point, and said quietly: “I’ll just play one game and leave.”

Qu Dazhuang lamented: “Learning from his little fairy has taken away all of Brother’s love for us.”

Ji Rang laughed: “Fuck off.”

There was a noise on this end, and there was the sounds of curses coming from the other end. They didn’t know who lifted the table. But the billiard balls rolled all over the floor and the cue cracked and smashed into the beverage cabinet.

Followed by intermittent sound of cursing.

Qu Dazhuang who sat on the pool table with his elbows supported, stood up and looked around. It was not too much to watch the excitement: “Ah, it’s a fight!”

Ji Rang hit his calf with a cue: “Get down, you fucking climb higher.”

Qu Dazhuang finally glanced around, and was about to jump down, when he suddenly said in surprise: “Fuck, acquaintance, isn’t that the calf in our school?”

Ji Rang was taken aback, and asked, “Who?”

Qu Dazhuang jumped off the stage: “Yu Zhuo.”

Ji Rang’s eyes sank, but in the end he couldn’t stand by and walked over there with his cue, “Let’s take a look.”

The fighting was in the corridor near the toilet.

When they came closer, they saw a guy facing ten guys alone, full of vigor, and his mouth kept saying: “Fuck your mother! Come on! Whoever lies down is the grandson!”

Ji Rang:…

After a few days, this little boy has become more and more rampant?

Yu Zhuo roared and kept beating fiercely, but in the end it was hard to beat twenty hands, and his face was wounded. A tall man behind him found a wine bottle from God knows where and was about to slam it at the back of his head fiercely.

Ji Rang kicked the person in front of him, raised his hand and raised his cue, hit it with one shot, knocking out the bottle of wine in that person’s hand.

The big guy joined the battle, so the big guy’s little brothers of course can’t stay out of the matter. Qu Dazhuang and several people picked up the tools at hand and joined in scoldingly.

The situation was suddenly reversed.

The people who took the lead to beat Yu Zhuo saw who was coming, and immediately cursed: “Why the hell did Ji Rang come to mix in this matter?! What’s the matter with you?”

Ji Rang hit the calf of the man in front with the cue, and he immediately knelt down.

He grinned: “Seeing that the odds are uneven, I drew my sword and came to help.”

Seeing that the situation was changing, the man quickly folded his hands: “Stop, stop, don’t fight! Fuck, you are lucky kid!”

Qu Dazhuang turned around and said to Yu Zhuo: “Isn’t this the gang leader of the sixth middle school? Why did you mess with him?”

Yu Zhuo said in a huff: “How the hell do I know? He started saying that Lao Tzu has put a green hat[1] on him. Wouldn’t I not even know the woman’s name?!”

His voice was loud, and the gang leader of No. 6 Middle School pointed at him: “You kid, dare you not admit it? If you have the courage to soak up other people’s horses[2], don’t you fucking bullshit now!”

Ji Rang looked back at Yu Zhuo and asked coldly, “Did you do this?”

Yu Zhuo collapsed and said: “What damn! I want a girl who has the same face value as my sister, alright? I spend time with my sister day and night, and my standard has long been raised, okay? The woman he is talking about is not half as good-looking as my sister, I just look down on her!”

Ji Rang thought for a while: “This is true.”

Sixth Middle School gang: “???”

Ji Rang turned around, staring at the opponent, with cold eyes, but the corners of his mouth were hooked: “Didn’t you hear me? Are you still going?”

The sixth middle school leader held out a finger and pointed at Yu Zhuo. He wanted to speak harshly. Ji Rang yanked him over with a scream, leaving a trail of shadow in the air.

The leader’s soul almost flew away when he was carried by his hand, but fortunately, his eyesight quickly shrank back.

Ji Rang sneered: “You fucking dare to point again?”

He is notorious, and these people can’t afford to provoke him, so they can only retreat with their tails between their legs.

Yu Zhuo cursed from the back: “A bunch of idiots.”

As soon as his voice fell, Ji Rang turned to face him.

Yu Zhuo screamed: “What did Ji Rang ask you to do? You are fucking sick!”

He got a few shots on his body and it hurt him so much that he started to grind his teeth. Ji Rang coldly said, “You make trouble outside all day. I’ll teach you on behalf of your sister.”

Yu Zhuo yelled: “What qualifications do you have to teach me for my sister!”

Ji Rang took another shot at him: “You fucking, Lao Tzu will teach you how to speak straight!”

Yu Zhuo: “…”

Sister Wuwu, this person is bullying me.

Since the psychiatrist suggested to reduce looking after Qi Ying and letting her become independent as soon as possible, Yu Zhuo no longer has to accompany Qi Ying to and from school every day.

After school, he wanders outside every day. He is not afraid of making troubles. He would never admit a soft word.  He would do nothing if he didn’t agree with it. He doesn’t know how many fights he has fought.

Others are not afraid, only in front of Ji Rang he is a little bit cowardly.

He couldn’t play billiards. Ji Rang took him downstairs, called a taxi, slid into the taxi, and while leaning against the car window, he threatened him coldly: “Be more serious about studying, don’t fucking roam about all day long. I can kill you if you think you are young and dangerous.”

Yu Zhuo’s eyes almost popped out: “School bully, doesn’t your conscience hurt when you say this?”

Ji Rang slapped him on the head, too lazy to talk nonsense with him, and told the driver: ” Drive, don’t stop until you get to the destination.”

Yu Zhuo hugged his head and shouted: “He still has to stop at the red light!”

After being taught by Ji Rang this time, Yu Zhuo really improved a lot, and began to listen to the class seriously.

If he didn’t study, he would fail in the midterm exam.

He can stay where he is, but he could not fall back, otherwise he would be greeted by his parents.

His sister is different, and it doesn’t matter whether she scores well or not. Early in the morning of the mid-term exam, Yu Cheng even drove them to school and said to Qi Ying: If you are too tired, apply for abandoning the exam with your teacher. Your health is more important.

Yu Zhuo was really envious.

Of course it is impossible for Qi Ying to abandon the exam.

She was 27th in the grade as per her last monthly test score, so her examination room was naturally arranged with the front positions. It’s a playground away from the last ranker classroom in the old building.

Ji Rang’s position remained basically the same.

Only this time, the little fairy is no longer sitting behind him.

He was very relieved.

In the past, the last ranker examination room was full of noise, and the invigilator opened one eye and closed one eye to get by. This time it was different. As soon as he came in, the classroom was too quiet, and after a closer look, the group of teenagers in the back row were nervously looking through the books.

The final bell rang before the exam.

Qu Dazhuang was still silently memorizing the key points from poems that Wu Rui had written for them yesterday.

Ji Rang sat on his seat, holding the pink whale pen. His face was indifferent, but his palms were already sweating. He was really nervous.

Liu Haiyang poked him in the back, lowered his voice and said, “Brother, please don’t stray from the topic this time!”

The exam bell rang, and the invigilator patted the desk: “Put away the books, please be honest with me.”

The test papers began to be passed back.

Ji Rang took the paper to test his learning achievements with a serious expression.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

And then began to work hard.

The midterm exam lasted two days.

After the exam was the weekend, and the students were on vacation, while the teachers corrected the test papers. Some good students will be selected to help correct the questions and score, and they will strive to post the results on Monday.

Ji Rang spent an extremely torrid weekend like he had never before.

Wu Rui comforted him very calmly: “Even if you only improve by one place, it is also an improvement!”

Is there a difference between the third place and fourth place from the bottom?

Ji Rang: “If I only improve by one place, you just wait to be killed by me.”

Wu Rui:…

Woo, there is a personal risk in tutoring the school bully.

They arrived at school early on Monday morning, the result list had not yet come out, Qu Dazhuang ran to inquire, came back and told him that the transcript will be released after the first class bell.

Ji Rang said blankly, “Don’t look at it immediately, wait until class gets over.”

If he ran to see the results in front of so many students, and he really only improved by only one place, won’t he be too ashamed?!

When the first class end bell rang, the bulletin board was full of students looking at their results.

Yue Li and Qi Ying were also crowded around it.

In fact, Qi Ying didn’t really want to come. She had been feeling a little uncomfortable in her ears since this morning. She had started hearing inexplicable noises, sometimes which stabbed her with headaches. During the first two classes, she kept her head on the table and slept.

But unable to hold up against Yue Li’s enthusiasm, she was dragged over after class.

In the crowd, the noise is heavier and there is a buzzing sound in her ears.

Yue Li couldn’t believe what she saw, she turned around and yelled at her excitedly. Qi Ying saw her mouth open and closed, and a voice intermittently came into her ears: “…Ying…..14 rank!”

Qi Ying covered her ears with her palms and patted twice.

It buzzed twice and exploded suddenly.

The noisy hustle is like a tide squeezing into the ear canal.

——Take a look for me. Take a look for me. Which rank am I on?

——Wu Rui is the first in grade again, this learning machine without emotion!

——Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am admitted to the top 100.  I am getting the game console for sure!

——I’m done, why did my rank fall so badly this time?

She heard the voice.

The quiet and silent world was finally broken.

Yue Li noticed that there was something wrong with her, and squeezed out from the crowd, holding her hand and asking, “What happened to you Yingying? Do you have low blood sugar again?”

Qi Ying looked at her with red eyes. It turned out that Lili’s voice was like this, as crisp as spring.

She shook her head at her, indicating that she was okay.

Yue Li complained to herself: “Ah, what should I do, if I lost two ranks more, I will be beaten to death by my mother when I go home. How on earth is your brain like this, Yingying? You can still get rank fourteen without hearing, which is more than half my rank.”

It turns out that she talks to herself like this when she can’t hear her.

Qi Ying wanted to laugh a little.

She took Yue Li back.

Suddenly there was a shock around the bulletin board: “Fuck what did I see? Why is Ji Rang’s name in the middle? Three hundred twenty-three? Fuck?!”

Qi Ying paused, walked back, and squeezed in through the crowd.

The name that had always stayed at the bottom of the scoreboard jumped to the middle, sandwiched among the densely packed names, and was still seen by her at a glance.

She curled her lips with joy.

She knew that her general would never disappoint her.

Several people around were talking:

——He cheated, right? How can it be? !

——It’s definitely cheating, the school bully knows nothing but fighting, okay!

——But isn’t he in the classroom with last rankers? Even if you cheat, who should you copy from?

——Is it because he got the test papers in advance? These people have a lot of means, and don’t know if they bought it with money or stole it.

——Wow, that’s too much, the teacher doesn’t care…

The girl in front suddenly turned around and gave them a big push.

She didn’t stop after pushing, and also stomped on their feet.

Several people were looking on tiptoe, and they were not standing stable. They were pushed and stepped on by her, screaming and falling.

Qi Ying looked at them fiercely.

A few people felt so painful and angry that they got up and went to scold her, “You fucking sicko! Are you crazy?”

Qi Ying looking like an angry little leopard and shoved them without showing any weakness.

Yue Li was almost suspicious of life standing by the side.

Yingying is actually fighting with someone???

She screamed and rushed in: “Stop it! I’m going to call the teacher!”

There was too much noise, and some students had already called the teacher over: “What’s the matter? What are you doing? How can you fight over your results?!”

A group of people were taken to the office.

Several students supported each other, saying that Qi Ying did it for no reason, and even Yue Li could see it clearly and could not argue for her.

But Qi Ying had a special status, good grades, and a gentle personality. Even if she lectures her now, it is troublesome to hear and say. The teacher still stubbornly lectured the group of people before letting them go back to class.

Walking out of the office, Yue Li carefully peeked at Qi Ying’s face. Seeing that she was still holding her small face, she said silently, “Yingying is so fierce.”

Qi Ying:…

She is obviously super fierce!


The first thing Yingying did after she could hear is to fight with people, which is awesome. Ji Rang and Yu Zhuo would be proud.

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[1] Made him a cuckold. Or cheated with his girlfriend.

[2] Do some action.

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