TBLF Ch. 34

When the class bell rang, Ji Rang slowly got up and walked to the bulletin board.

Qu Dazhuang and the others rushed ahead of him, laughing and joking excitedly all the way, and when they ran to the result lists, they started from the last one as usual.

But after even dozens of people, they did not see their names.

Qu Dazhuang was so excited: “Oh my God, I won’t be admitted to the top ten of the grade right?!”

Liu Haiyang kicked him: “End your spring and autumn dreams, this is it!”

There are more than 600 people in the second grade, and these few people are ranked in the top five hundred and fifty. Although it is still the tail of the crane, for this group of teenagers who have always been at the bottom, this improvement can be described as great.

The few people were so excited, when Qu Dazhuang shouted again: “What about Brother Ji? Why don’t I see Brother Ji’s name?”

They looked all the way up.

When Ji Rang reached the bulletin board, they still had not found it yet. Because when he saw the top three hundred and fifty, Qu Dazhuang resolutely said: “Impossible, I must start looking from down, and look for it again!”

Ji Rang slapped his head on the back: “Get out of the way!”

He walked in, looked from the top, and saw Qi Ying’s name, ranked 14th.

She had improved again.

Moving on from the position of three hundred and fifty, within a few lines, he saw his name.

Three hundred twenty-three, Ji Rang.

Ji Rang stared at the name for a while, stretched out his hand, and measured the distance between the two names with two fingers. It’s much closer than last time.

He laughed silently.

A group of people behind him looked at the ranking and fell silent.

For a long time, the trembling sound of excitement came from the throat: “Brother, I kneel down to you. I am convinced, too convinced.”

What is a boss? This is called a boss.

As long as he wants, he can even study!

Ji Rang felt that he had just achieved some good results, and he could not be too proud in front of all the younger brothers. He deliberately made his face look sullen and said nonchalantly: “More than three hundred, okay.”

Liu Haiyang sighed: “I knew it would be okay for Brother Ji! Can ordinary people play Rubik’s Cube with one hand? No! But Brother Ji does it!”

Ji Rang finally couldn’t help but laugh and kicked them: “Go away, go back to class.”

The group of people walked to the classroom talking and laughing. Just entering the back door, the head teacher Liu Yao stood on the podium and scolded them: “The bell has been ringing for so long and you’re loitering outside, just don’t come in!”

Qu Dazhuang’s performance has improved, so he had confidence in his heart. He smiled and said, “Lao Liu, just went to look at the results.”

Liu Yao glared at them, and said nothing: “Hurry up and sit down! Class is starting!”

Throughout the class, these several people were immersed in the excitement of their rank promotion. Suddenly, they feel that their learning progress was really fulfilling. Watching their scores and rankings rise a little bit, they felt proud and satisfied.

That’s a sense of pride that you can’t get even after winning a game!

They shouldn’t be forced by brother to learn in the future, they had to be more conscious!

After class, Liu Yao put away the lesson plan and did not leave immediately. He walked to the back row, looked at Ji Rang who was flipping through the counseling book, knocked on his desk, and said in a deep voice, “You come to the office with me.”

Ji Rang closed the book, stood up lazily, and followed him.

Qu Dazhuang asked Liu Haiyang excitedly: “Lao Liu is going to give a separate award to Brother Ji?!”

Liu Haiyang recalled Liu Yao’s expression just now, frowned and shook his head.

In the office, several teachers are there. Seeing Ji Rang come in, they all cast their sights. Liu Yao sat down at his desk and opened up the new grade ranking.

Ji Rang saw that all his six test papers were here.

His nonchalant expression chilled.

Liu Yao flipped through his test papers, and after a pause, he said, “You have made a lot of progress this time. I read your papers in various subjects, and the degree of completion is also very high. Both the results and the attitude make me very happy.”

Ji Rang stared at him and asked coldly, “Do you suspect me of cheating?”

Liu Yao smiled: “I have taught you for almost two years. I know what kind of student you are.” He paused and looked up at Ji Rang: “It’s just that the teachers in other classes do have this doubt. We discussed this issue yesterday.”

He didn’t tell Ji Rang that he had a big fight with other teachers yesterday.

In the last ranker examination room, even if it is mixed copying, this quarterly score cannot be copied. From cheating to missing questions, the teachers gave countless reasons. Liu Yao waited for them to finish talking and asked coldly: “Can’t it be his own learning and progress?”

He showed them the attendance records of Ji Rang during the most recent period.

Since he signed up for the three electives, the number of missed classes has not exceeded three times. According to the classroom records of the teachers in those three subjects, Ji Rang’s class performance is also good.

Not only him, but even the group of unscrupulous teenagers who followed him have converged. Not to mention the linear decline in the number of skipping classes, this time his grade score has also improved accordingly.

The transformation of this group of poor students made him happy and proud. Faced with the doubts of other teachers who did not know the truth, Liu Yao put out all his trust to maintain.

But in the end it was the first ranker that reassured these teachers.

While correcting the test paper this time, ach class had transferred the top few to help, and Wu Rui was among them. After the results were released, these students who helped to modify the test papers were also the first to know the ranking of the school.

Wu Rui immediately looked for Ji Rang’s ranking to ensure his personal safety. Seeing that he was ranked more than 300, he finally didn’t have to worry about being beaten.

When several teachers were arguing about Ji Rang’s cheating, Wu Rui happened to come to the office to put things up. Hearing what they were arguing, he immediately said anxiously: “I can prove that Ji Rang did not cheat!”

He told Ji Rang about asking him for tutoring, and said seriously: “Ji Rang is working hard to change, and he is also very serious in tutoring! As a people’s teacher, you should not question his present because of his past. He is a very good classmate!”

The office was silent.

Tears filled Liu Yao’s eyes.

It’s easy to teach a good student, but it’s too difficult to get a bad student to change.

He looked at the young man in front of him with deep emotion in his heart, and said in a deep voice, “I called you over to ask you, what are your plans?”

Is it a whim or was he going to persevere?

After a long time, he heard Ji Rang say: “I want to go to college.”

Liu Yao grasped his hand and sighed three times: “Good! Good! Good! As long as you have this determination, the teacher will definitely send you to university!”

He took out a notebook from the drawer and handed it to him: “Although Wu Rui is going to give you tutoring, he has his own studies after all, and the pressure in all aspects will increase after he enters the third year of high school. You can’t trouble others anymore. It’s the tuition teachers I have selected for you, all of whom have graduated from Tsinghua North University.”

Ji Rang took the notebook, pursed his lips, and said in a low voice, “Thank you, Mr. Liu.”

Liu Yao’s eyes were smiling. After teaching for more than 20 years, there is nothing which makes him happier than a bad student reforming. He stood up and patted his shoulder: “Study hard, the teacher believes in you.”

Back in the classroom, Liu Haiyang quickly gathered around, lowered his voice and asked, “Brother Ji, did Lao Liu suspect you cheated?”

Ji Rang raised the notebook in his hand: “No, he rewarded me with a notebook.”

Qu Dazhuang shouted next to him: “I guessed it! It must be a separate award! But this prize that Lao Liu picked is too casual!”

The group of people were talking and laughing, when Luo Bing came in from the back door of the classroom, and started yelling from a distance: “Brother! Big news! Big news!”

Qu Dazhuang scolded him: “You will surely be a paparazzi in the future, I am sorry for your three years of hard work in high school.”

Luo Bing glared at him, and rushed to Ji Rang, and started talking like a machine gun: “Brother Ji! Your little fairy had a fight with someone!”

Ji Rang thought for a moment that he had heard it wrong, and said blankly: “What?”

“Qi Ying had a fight with someone! At the end of the first class bell, while looking at the results, she fought with a group of people alone. She was so fierce, and then she was taken to the office by the teacher for scolding! “

Ji Rang’s smile faded away, leaving only a cold grumpy look: “Find the people.”

He turned around and walked out and went straight to Class 2.

There was a 20-minute break between classes in Class 2. Qi Ying was not in the classroom and had gone to the canteen with Yue Li to buy drinks.

Ji Rang stood at the door and looked around, then he turned and went downstairs without seeing anyone.

When he walked outside the teaching building, he saw Qi Ying and Yue Li sitting on the edge of the flower bed not far away eating a popsicle.

The weather had entered the autumn season, and eating popsicles was actually a bit cold for this season. The two shivered with cold, but still ate happily. Apparently, she was not injured.

He finally breathed a sigh of relief and walked over.

As soon as Yue Li saw him, his eyes suddenly overflowed with gossipy enthusiasm, and stood up quickly, “Are you looking for Yingying?”

Ji Rang nodded.

Yue Li patted her butt: “Then I’m leaving now!”

She waved to Qi Ying, turned and ran.

Qi Ying sat on the white tiles of the flower bed, holding a half-bitten popsicle in her hand and still blowing cold air, tilted her head and smiled at him.

The violence that had just surged in Ji Rang instantly disappeared without a trace. Somewhere in his heart, it suddenly became very soft.

He sat down beside her.

The wind blew over the clouds, and a thin layer of sunlight shone through the hazy autumn day.

Her lips were frozen red with popsicles, like ripe cherries.

He looked at her for a long time, couldn’t help but laugh, stretched out his hand to rub her head, and asked in a low voice: “Little fool, you have learned to fight, who did you learn from?”

She finally heard his voice.

It was different from the husky and low voice in her memory because of the training he did all the year round.

Now there is a hint of youthful clarity and tenderness.

But it’s the same.

It was the same tone of voice.

Qi Ying pursed his lips and smiled.

Ji Rang poked her soft face with a finger: “Still laughing. How can you learn these bad things from Lao Tzu? Why don’t you learn what is good from Lao Tzu?”

When the words fell, he laughed.

There is no good thing for him to let the little girl learn, and he is full of problems, he shouldn’t lead people to harm.

He chuckled and sighed: “Fortunately, you still can’t speak, or else you will learn to speak dirty words with Lao Tzu, what would that look like.”

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