TBLF Ch. 35

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The class bell rang.

Ji Rang got up and dusted the dirt from the corner of his clothes, “Let’s go, little idiot, back to class.”

Qi Ying followed him obediently to the classroom.

Ji Rang glanced at her with a tilted head and smiled: “You don’t want to run faster, the teacher will reach before you to the classroom, and you will be punished to stand.”

When Qi Ying heard this, she suddenly became nervous, waved at him, and ran all the way into the teaching building. Ji Rang stared at her running back, feeling as if something was wrong but couldn’t put his finger on it.

Back in the classroom, Qi Ying was relieved to reach before the teacher came, and quickly sat down in her seat.

She had already talked to Yue Li about her hearing recovery last class, but she explained that she should not tell others for the time being, and wait until this weekend when she would go to the hospital for an examination to make sure it is OK.

Yue Li’s small face was flushed with excitement, and she whispered in her ear and asked secretly: “Yingying, what did the boss ask you for? Did you tell him that you can hear?”

Qi Ying shook his head and wrote in the notebook: He knew about the fight, it was shameful.

Yue Li’s eyes glowed and said, “How can he be ashamed! The gangster’s woman has both civil and military talents, so cool!”

Qi Ying: “…”

The teacher walked into the classroom and handed out the test papers for the mid-term exams. Each lesson was about the papers.

Qi Ying was finally able to listen to the class well.

Although the ears are still noisy and buzzing occasionally, she thinks that the long-closed ears need an adaptation period. After all, she can hear suddenly now, and she finds it noisy.

However, the impact is small, and she should be able to fully recover soon.

All morning class teachers were talking about test papers, and waited until the afternoon class before finally having a physical education class.

Class two students were like birds out of the cage, running happily to the playground.

Yue Li was even more excited. After all, she could see the handsome teacher Shen again. Her motivation for coming to school every day had changed from Lao Chen beef noodles to chance encounters with Shen Yue.

When she ran to the playground, she saw Shen Yue playing basketball with a few students.

He has good skills and a good body. The average student is not his opponent at all. Every time he finished his game, the students yelled at Teacher Shen that he was bullying others. This time it was different. When Shen Yue fancy dribbled, a thin figure kept blocking him.

When he leaped for a slam dunk, the opponent grabbed the ball with a block, then quickly turned around and dribbled the ball, making a simple three-pointer shot and the basket was scored.

Finally seeing that Teacher Shen suffered a loss, there was an excited cheer next to him.

Shen Yue stopped, smiled and said, “You kid, that’s good.”

Ji Rang smiled, lifted his shirt and wiped the sweat from his face, his abdominal muscles were faintly visible.

The girls around suddenly blushed and whispered.

Qi Ying and Yue Li were also watching. Yue Li was a little unhappy when she saw that Shen Yue had lost, but she was relieved when she saw that the other party was Ji Rang.

After all, he is a big man, and he should be more powerful.

Shen Yue picked up his jacket and put it on: “I’m going to prepare for class, but I’ll fight again next time.”

Ji Rang nodded, went under the ball rack and took two sips of the mineral water bottle, which was soon empty. He looked cold and fierce when he was not smiling, and the girls who wanted to come forward to deliver tissues and water hesitated to come forward.

Then they saw a well-behaved little girl running up to him boldly and handing a bottle of Coke over.

As they all knew, Ji Rang didn’t like sweets, and certainly didn’t like soft drinks.

Everyone was waiting to see that girl get embarrassed.

Unexpectedly, Ji Rang not only took the bottle of Coke and unscrewed it and took a sip, but also leaned down on his knees and smiled and said something to the girl.

Qi Ying blinked.

She heard Ji Rang ask: “Does Lao Tzu look super handsome while playing?”

She tilted her head to look at him, and said to her heart: Yes, super handsome.

Ji Rang leaned over, his eyes were level with her, so close, he smelled the sweet fragrance of her body. Her soft gaze hung over like an autumn sun.

His throat rolled.

A drop of sweat dripped from his chin and slid along the Adam’s apple to the depths of the collar. Several girls around were covering their mouths and screaming. He didn’t know how he looked like now, just staring at the little girl’s rosy lips. His voice was three-point smiling and seven-point hoarse: “If you stare at Lao Tzu like this again, I’ll kiss you, believe it or not.”

Qi Ying instantly blushed which gradually spread all over her cheeks.

She stretched out her hand and pushed him, her palm touched his drenched heart, touched the hot skin temperature, and fiercely beating heart.

Ji Rang was amused by her. He thought she disliked the smell of sweat on his body. He resisted the urge to rub her head under the eyes of everyone and said with a smile: “I’ll show you handsome next time, go back.”

He stood up straight and waved his hand.

Qi Ying blushed and turned and ran back.

Class 2 had started to gather.

Those girls who hadn’t given out the mineral water looked at her with envy and regret.

If they knew it was so easy, they would have gone to deliver it themselves!

Yue Li was different. She stood in the assembled team and watched Shen Yue secretly, silently thinking that when she could be as brave as Ying Ying, where she would also give Shen Yue a drink.

After all, the school days where one did not give water to the boys who one had a crush on must be incomplete!

As soon as the physical education class is over, they returned to the classroom and the endless lecture papers. The last class is from the head teacher Liu Qinghua

In class, she also talked about her own language papers first, and only announced when the school was about to end: “The school is going to open the autumn sports meeting next week. You can start registration. The class leader and sports committee member will organize it.”

There was a sudden excitement in the classroom.

They were discussing whether there will be any sports meets this semester. After all, winter is about to start. They wondered if it will be delayed until the next spring sports meets. Unexpectedly, the school is still very humane, grabbing the tail of autumn and letting students who have just passed the mid-term exams have stress-relieving autumn games.

Everyone is not interested in participating in the competition, but in the fact that there is no class during the two days of the sports meeting, so they could play as much as they liked.

In previous years, Yue Li always avoided competitions. She is notorious for not loving sports. This time, she was more active than anyone else. As soon as school was over, she ran to ask monitor Chen Mengjie: “What sports can I apply for?”

Chen Mengjie said: “You can apply for any sport you want, since there is still a shortage of people.”

Yue Li had never participated before. She didn’t like sports, and she didn’t even bother to watch the game. She scratched her head and said, “Then you can recommend one to me.”

Chen Mengjie: “How about the girl’s 1,000-meter long run? Let your youth bloom on the track and show your heroism.”

Yue·Silly·Li: “Alright.”

Chen Mengjie: “!!!”

Wow, is this year’s biggest sport problem solved so easily? What little angel is Yue Li! She really wants to hug and kiss her!

All classes were pleasantly surprised by the news of the sports meeting, and the pressure from the mid-term exams throughout the day dissipated a lot.

Ji Rang was not interested in these. In previous sports games, he skipped classes and went to Internet cafes to play games. He had to leave after packing his schoolbags. Luo Bing ran in from the back door and yelled: “Brother, the few people who fought with Qi Ying have been found out! But they seem to have left school.”

Ji Rang carried his schoolbag and said in a cold tone: “Bring those people to the rooftop tomorrow morning before self-study.”

Luo Bing: “Ok!”

Early the next morning, several students were stopped at the entrance of the corridor. Qu Dazhuang said very kindly: “Classmates, let’s go to the rooftop to chat.”

The faces of several people were pale, but they did not dare to resist. Before entering the classroom, they were carried to the rooftop by a group of big and powerful people.

The morning wind was chilly, and when the fallen leaves passed by, the skin became cold.

When they reached the rooftop, they saw Ji Rang waiting there.

The school uniform draped on his shoulders, leaning against the wall, watching them approach, curling up the corners of their lips, he was smiling coldly.

Several students’ legs became weak, and they almost knelt down for him.

Qu Dazhuang smiled and grabbed them: “Don’t let my brother wait too long.”

Ji Rang also smiled, bent down and picked up a small branch from the flowerbed next to him, walked in front of a few people, patted their faces with the branch, and asked with a “gentle” voice: “I heard you bullied kids yesterday?”

A few people shivered and said: “It really wasn’t us, it was her that moved first…”

Ji Rang kicked over, his face frightening, “Is she crazy to do it for no reason?”

The short boy in the middle couldn’t stand the scare, so he cried out, crying and said: “Brother, we were wrong, we don’t dare to talk nonsense anymore.”

Ji Rang paused, looked over, and asked quietly, “What did you say?”

The short boy thought he was being sarcastic, so he didn’t dare to speak, Ji Rang kicked him to his knees, and said in a dark voice, “Let you fucking repeat it to Laozi, don’t you understand?”

The boy wailed, knelt on the ground and snotted and shed tears: “We said you cheated, said you used money to buy test papers, and said you were not learning and skill-less. I was wrong, I was just mouthing, and I would never dare anymore. Woo…”

Ji Rang looked at the people crying in a circle.

Some thoughts in his mind flashed past.

His face changed, he was eager to verify, too lazy to care about these people anymore, and turned away.

The morning self-study hadn’t started yet, when she walked to the Class 2 classroom, Qi Ying was carrying her schoolbag upstairs, and she was drinking with a carton of milk in her hand.

Seeing him, his eyes lit up suddenly, and she trot up the stairs and ran to him.

Ji Rang’s mouth was strained, his throat tightened, and he smiled casually: “Is the milk good?”

Qi Ying nodded subconsciously.

Then she saw Ji Rang’s face become weird.

After a while, he gritted his teeth and asked: “Little fool, can you hear me?”

He had the look of beating someone.

Qi Ying was so scared that she shook her head again and again.

Ji Rang almost laughed angrily: “Fucking shaking your head, I can’t hear you shaking your head?!”

Qi Ying dared not move her lips.

Ji Rang felt a vein in temple jumping, he raised his hand and pressed his eyebrows, in an unforgiving tone, asked: “When did you start hearing? Did it start when you saw the results yesterday?”

Qi Ying didn’t dare to lie to him again, and nodded cautiously.

Ji Rang began to think about what he said yesterday.

——Is the way I play basketball super handsome?

—— Stare at Lao Tzu again, and I’ll kiss you believe it or not.

——Show you handsome next time.


He doesn’t want to live anymore.

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