TBLF Ch. 36

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Qi Ying observed his words and thoughts and felt that she might get beaten.

She just wanted to run.

As soon as she turned around, Ji Rang grabbed her schoolbag strap from behind, and directly took her back in the circle of his arms and pressed her against the wall.

Ji Rang was angry but also wanted to laugh, he pinched her soft face and asked: “Dare to run?”

Qi Ying blinked, and looked at him pitifully again.

The beauty trap took effect instantly.

Ji Rang’s fierce expression couldn’t be maintained, and he reached out and rubbed her bangs into a mess, “You say, how will you compensate Lao Tzu?”

Qi Ying thought for a while, hesitated then passed half of the milk in her hand to his mouth, her wet eyes seemed to say: Will you drink milk?

Ji Rang felt his heart bang twice, and his Adam’s apple started rolling. He looked down, and there were two shallow tooth marks on the straw.

Fuck me again.

Students came up one after another on the stairs, Ji Rang grabbed the milk carton from her hand, turned and left.

Qi Ying looked at his flustered back, covered her mouth and secretly laughed.

Fleeing back to the Class 9 classroom, Ji Rang placed the milk on the corner of the table with a serious expression, and stared at it motionlessly.

What does she mean?

Does she know that this is equivalent to an indirect kiss?

Is she suggesting something to him?!

Did this little fool do it on purpose?!

The big guy gritted his teeth.

Qu Dazhuang rushed in through the back door angrily, and the back row of the classroom suddenly became noisy, Qu Dazhuang shouted: “There are still a few minutes to go to class? I didn’t have breakfast, do I still have time to go to the commissary to buy bread?”

Liu Haiyang looked at his phone: “Only one minute left, it’s too late.”

Qu Dazhuang wailed twice, then he glanced at the milk on Ji Rang’s table, and stretched out his hand to get it: “Brother Ji, do you still want to drink the milk? Give it to me.”

Ji Rang picked up the English book and slapped him on the back of his hand. Qu Dazhuang screamed and withdrew his hand angrily: “If you don’t want to give it, why don’t you drink it?”

Ji Rang glared at him, then moved the milk to a position against the wall, blocking it with a pile of counseling books.

Qu Dazhuang was stunned: “What is this brother? Isn’t it just a carton of milk? If it wasn’t for your little fairy and stopping those people who fought with her this morning, could I not even have breakfast?!”

Ji Rang rolled his eyes.

His little fairy fought yesterday, it turned out to be for him.

Stupid, he heard that she stepped on other people’s feet.

It was actually for him.

She is using her own way to protect him.

Is it the feeling of being protected?

What should I do, I am a little touched, but I am also a little proud?

The boss looked at the carton of milk, and laughed out of nowhere.

Qu Dazhuang turned his head to Liu Haiyang and yelled in disconcertion: “What kind of evil ghost has possessed the boss!”

After the early self-study ended, Ji Rang did a whole period of psychological construction and finally picked up the carton of milk and took a sip with a straw. So pure, so fragrant, what brand is this, he is going to buy ten boxes!

While studying the brand, the sports committee member ran up to the podium and shouted: “Those who want to participate in the sports meet can sign up.”

All the people either sleeping or playing on the phone just ignored him.

The Sports Committee member continued: “Every event must be attended by someone. Everyone should be more enthusiastic and win glory for the class! Credits can be added!”

Still everybody ignored him.

The sports committee member started crying and went to the head teacher.

Liu Yao came over in the second class, holding the empty list and asked, “You don’t want to participate, right?”

Everyone was silent, Liu Yao sneered and said, “That’s OK, I’ll apply to the school, our class won’t participate in the sports meet, and we will have self-study in the classroom.”

There was a sudden wailing from below.

Several class members stood up and signed up for different sports.

Liu Yao looked around and suddenly asked teenager sitting in the last row who was silently drinking milk: “Ji Rang, do you want to register for a sports event?”

Ji Rang glanced up at him: “Not interested.”

Liu Yao said, “Don’t you like playing basketball?”

Ji Ran found it strange: “There will be a basketball game in the sports meeting?”

Liu Yao: “No, but there are table tennis matches. They are all played with balls, aren’t they almost the same, do you want to sign up for one?”

Ji Rang: “…”

Can they fucking be the same?

But in all fairness, since entering Haiyi, although he has been doing evil all the time, Liu Yao has never ridiculed him because he is a poor student, and he is still good to him.

Every year in Class 9, the annual sports meeting is the same as the average class grade. Liu Yao still suffers from the contempt of other teachers. Ji Rang is not as confused as before, and his conscience is making him feel a little bad.

He felt it was time to give back to Old Liu.

So he nodded: “Okay, sign me up for one.”

After the sign-up was counted, he kicked the chair in front of him: “You also report.”

Everyone: “…”

First you force us to study, now you are forcing us to participate in the sports meet???

Liu Yao raised his eyebrows, his heart moved, and he simply handed over the list to Ji Rang: “The registration should be full before school today, you all go to Ji Rang to sign up.”

Class 9 students: “…”

What do you mean?

Ji Rang took a look at the sign-up list, wrote his name on the men’s 50-meter sprint, and then leaned back lazily. He said with a smile, “Come to me to sign up consciously, don’t make me come to you.”

Class 9 students: “…”

Woo woo woo.

In one morning, all events in the sports meet were full.

Liu Yao looked at the list submitted by the sports committee member, and couldn’t help thinking whether to arrange a class leader position for Ji Rang?

The competition of Class 9 was quickly settled under the coercion of the boss, but it was not so easy for other classes.

Some sports had too many applicants, and some sports were completely unattended. Fortunately, there was a strong Yue Li in Class 2 who claimed the kilometer long run. When she realized how terrible her sport was, it was too late to regret it.

With a loud roar, “The class leader pitted me”, she cried and pulled Qi Ying to accompany her to practice on the playground.

In the playground after school there were people walking, basketball players, and some people having fun. Yue Li saw Shen Yue training students to shoot on the basketball court at first glance.

Recently, she heard that Shen Yue was forming a basketball team, and Yue Li hated that she was not a boy. Standing on the edge of the runway, looking eagerly for a while, she started to run around the playground unwillingly.

A kilometer is two and a half laps.

Yue Li could only run for half a lap.

Sitting on the rubber floor, she asked Qi Ying with a sad face, “Can I ask for sick leave on the day of the sports meet?”

Qi Ying looked at her helplessly.

She was crying, when a voice reminded her: “Little classmate, don’t sit on the track, get up quickly.”

Yue Li turned his head in shock, saw the smiling Shen Yue behind her, got up, and stammered hello: “Shen…Mr. Shen.”

Shen Yue nodded and smiled and asked, “Why don’t you go home after school? Came for a walk?”

Yue Li whispered: “I signed up for the kilometer long-distance race for the sports meet. Came to practice in advance.”

Shen Yue glanced at her with surprise, and praised: “very courageous.” After the praise, he said: “It just so happens that I am the referee of the women’s kilometer long distance race.

Yue Li’s original grieving expression instantly brightened.

Shen Yue thought that this little student’s expression is quite rich and funny: “You can practice jogging first and do some cardiopulmonary exercises in the next few days. Don’t start too fast during the competition, keep a constant speed, inhale with your nose and exhale with your mouth. Accelerate when only half a lap is left at the end.”

Yue Li nodded repeatedly.

Shen Yue glanced at the basketball team running in a circle, smiled and waved: “You can ask the teacher if you have any questions, and be careful not to hurt yourself.”

He took the lesson plan and turned to leave, Yue Li suddenly summoned the courage to shout: “Mr. Shen! I’ll win the first position!”

Shen Yue turned his head, his handsome eyebrows were slightly shadowed due to the sunset: “Okay, jiayou.”

Yue Li’s little heart thumped and throbbed.

Like a thief, she went next to Qi Ying’s ear and asked in a low voice, “Yingying, is this the feeling of being in love?”

Qi Ying told her with her eyes:

You are feeling unrequited love.

Over the weekend, Yu Cheng took Qi Ying to the hospital for a comprehensive examination. The examination results showed that her hearing had been fully recovered, and her ear canal injuries had also healed. The possibility of sequelae was basically zero.

A big stone in Yu Cheng’s heart was finally removed. Of course, this kind of news must be celebrated. He called Wu Yinghua not to cook and the family happily went for hot pot.

Yu Zhuo blanched a piece of duck intestines and asked as he ate, “Sister, have you signed up for the sports meet?”

Qi Ying shook her head.

Yu Zhuo said excitedly: “I signed up for the high jump and the 400-meter relay. Come and cheer for me!”

She smiled and nodded.

As soon as she arrived at school on Monday, the Autumn Games began in full swing.

First walked in the parade, then the teaching director gave a speech. After the ceremony was over, the events started, it was time to cheer, and it was not necessary to jump over the wall in order to skip class.

Qi Ying had no tasks. Everyone took care of her, but she was too embarrassed to do nothing all the time. She ran back to the classroom and made a small flag out of paper. The words “Go on Class 2” were written in bold and red.

Then she ran to the venue where the Class 2 students were competing and waved the small flag.

It was time for the men’s 50-meter sprint.

Ji Rang was wearing a black T-shirt and gray sweatpants, standing on the sidelines and stretching his legs.

The side of the runway was full of people, more crowded than other venues, and many girls came to see him.

Qu Dazhuang sighed: “You’re very popular.” Then he stated: “Brother, so many people came to watch, you can’t lose.”

Ji Rang glanced at him lazily: “Participation is important, winning or losing is not important.”

Qu Dazhuang curled his mouth, turned his head to see Qi Ying huddled in the crowd waving flags, and said with excitement: “Brother! Your little fairy is cheering for you!”

Ji Rang closed his lazy gaze, and looked over attentively. As expected, he saw the little girl crowded in the front row.

Holding a small flag in his hand, waving, it was terribly cute.

It was a little far away, and he wasn’t wearing contact lenses, so he couldn’t see the words on it, but the corners of his mouth rose uncontrollably.

She must have come to cheer for him!

His body was suddenly full of strength.

The referee teacher blew his whistle, and all the players took their place.

Ji Rang was on the second runway. He made a good starting posture, and waited for the whistle to start, and let the little fairy see his heroic posture after winning the first place.

Before starting, he glanced at Qi Ying again.

Getting closer, he finally saw the flag in her hand and the words written on it.

Go on, Class 2.

Ji Rang:………………

Qi Ying also saw him, slightly opened her mouth in amazement.

At the sight of Ji Rang, her eyes flashed with panic.

Then she looked as if nothing had happened, and secretly hid the small flag in her hand behind her.

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