TCYEC Ch. 32

How to avoid this embarrassment gracefully?

Xue Chengxiu woke up as soon as Yu Siyang moved.

Although men were more excited in the morning, their excitement is too fast for the young boy, which is a bit embarrassing.

He cherishes Yu Siyang. The child obviously hasn’t opened up yet. He doesn’t want to scare him, so he has always restrained himself to be a gentleman.

Love at first sight sounded a bit hypocritical and too dreamy, but to define Xue Chengxiu’s feelings for Yu Siyang, that is roughly what it amounted to.

In recent years, many of the feelings between people have been confined to materialistic needs. Whether they are poor or rich, the prerequisites for many people to find a partner are their wealth, whether they have a house, how much is their annual income, and whether their parents are living with them, what they do, as for their feelings, they feel that they can slowly cultivate in the days to come.

Xue Chengxiu sneered at this.

If a person can’t make him feel good at first sight, it is impossible to cultivate much love in the future.

It’s just that Yu Siyang is young and indifferent, and he is still focused on making money and paying off his debts. Xue Chengxiu sometimes feels that the child’s opening up, he won’t be able to see in this lifetime.

It is because of cherishment that he adopts the strategy of boiling the frog in warm water.

But now in this situation…he could hardly control himself and turned into a wolf.

But Yu Siyang kept moving around in his arms. This is almost…

Xue Chengxiu tightened his arms and pressed the person in his arms, and said in a low voice, “Don’t move.”

Yu Siyang went stiff. But as soon as he stopped, the scorching sensation became more and more obvious, like being set ablaze.

“Mr. Xue, I want to get up.”

  “…” Xue Chengxiu forced himself to let go, and he didn’t even bother about the title.

Yu Siyang climbed off the bed, forgetting to wear his slippers, and he ran away as if his tail was on fire.

Xue Chengxiu turned over and lay on his back on the bed, sighing.

Yu Siyang blushed and ran back to his room.

In his room, Hong Zhehao slept spreadeagled, and the quilt was pushed to the ground by him.

“Not afraid of the cold.” Yu Siyang picked up the quilt and put it on Hong Zhehao. Although it was summer, the air conditioner was on in the room and the temperature was not too high.

In the bathroom attached to his room, he washed his face with cold water frantically. After finally calming down, he started to freshen up.

After freshening up, Yu Siyang opened the closet and was about to change into his home clothes. Seeing the cat with a mean expression on his pajamas, he remembered that he had said that he would put it on for Mumu last night, and put the home clothes back in the closet.

He ran to the hallway barefoot, took a pair of slippers and put them on, before he went to the kitchen to make breakfast.

Aunt Wang, who works in the Xue’s house, got up early and was already tidying up in the kitchen, waiting to help Yu Siyang make breakfast together later.

“Aunt Wang, good morning.” Yu Siyang took the honey lemonade that Aunt Wang gave him and drank it.

Aunt Wang smiled and took the empty cup, “Yesterday Mu Mu was still clamoring to wait for you to come back and wear this pajamas together. He would be very happy to see it today.”

Yu Siyang is young and white and tender. Wearing the cat pajamas, he was so cute, Aunt Wang kept looking at him.

“Did Mumu get up yet?” Yu Siyang asked while beating the egg yolk.

“The little guy said last night that he would wait for you to come back, so he refused to sleep. No, he will get up late. Fortunately, he doesn’t have to go to kindergarten this weekend.” Aunt Wang heard the movement in the dining room and said, “Mr. Xue must have come down. I’m going to give him the lemonade.”

This is Xue Chengxiu’s habit. He drinks a glass of honey lemonade every morning when he wakes up, such that the servants, bodyguards, and drivers of the Xue family have developed this habit. After moving in, Yu Siyang also developed this habit.

Aunt Wang was carrying a glass of honey lemonade, and when she walked into the dining room, she suddenly looked like she had been struck by lightning.

Why is Mr. Xue wearing this cat pajama?

But he does not look cute at all!

“I’ll get Mu Mu and the guest to get up.” Aunt Wang put the cup on the dining table in front of Xue Chengxiu and ran away quickly.

She felt that she would never be able to leave again if she laughed.

Before Aunt Wang passed, Hong Zhehao had already woken up.

Because of a hangover, he had a terrible headache. He sat up from the bed in a daze, looked around the room furnishings he was in, and muttered to himself: “Where am I?”

This is not his home. Look at the room. The furnishings cannot be a hotel either.

He remembered that he had drunk a lot yesterday and he should have been very drunk.

Who brought him home?

Hong Zhehao got out of bed with a heavy head, tugged at the pajamas that didn’t fit well, put on slippers, opened the door and saw a middle-aged woman knocking on the door.

“Guest, you have already woken up,” Aunt Wang said: “There are new toothbrush and towels in the bathroom, and a new set of clothes are placed on the bed, you wash up and come down for a good breakfast.”

Aunt Wang left, leaving Hong Zhehao standing at the door with a confused face.

There seems to be no middle-aged aunt in the crew. Who brought him?

After finishing washing up, Hong Zhehao went downstairs and looked around, following the fragrance to find the dining room.

As soon as he arrived at the dining room, he saw the man sitting at the main seat of the table, and the mean cat pajamas he was wearing, and he was suddenly dumbstruck.

Such a handsome and imposing man has such a strange aesthetic.

It doesn’t really suit the person.

He is not cute at all in such cute pajamas, he really blinded a person wearing the cute cat on the pajamas.

“Excuse me……”

Only then did Hong Zhehao remember serious things—who is this person and why did he bring him here?

It so happened that it was then that Yu Siyang brought a few bowls of milk stewed eggs[1] to the dining table, saw Hong Zhehao, smiled and said: “You got up just in time for breakfast.”

“Yu Siyang.” Hong Zhehao shouted in surprise.

Fortunately, I was brought back by Yu Siyang, not abducted by messy people.

Yu Siyang nodded, “Please sit down and have breakfast.” Hong Zhehao sat down, and when Yu Siyang turned around, he saw the back of the cat on his pajamas and couldn’t help but snort.

The man in the main seat glanced at him.

Hong Zhehao suddenly didn’t dare to laugh.

Aiyo, this look is terrifying.

“Dad, look, Ultraman.” A chubby child suddenly ran in, and two silver spoons were put on his eyes, and he raised his head for the man in charge to see.

“Mu Mu, the spoon can’t be placed on the face.” Yu Siyang chased him, crouched down and took the spoon from the fat child, “The spoon is used to eat, how dirty it is to put it on the face.”

“Mu Mu is not dirty,” the fat kid patted his face and patted Yu Siyang’s again, “Mu Mu is clean, brother is clean.” Then he turned around, his short arms stretched up, and the man in the main seat lowered his head in coordination and let him touch, “Daddy clean.”

Hong Zhehao blinked, rubbed his eyes again, and repeatedly confirmed that his eyes were OK.

Otherwise, how could he feel that the scene before him is like a warm family of three, mom and dad and cute baby, and they were wearing exactly the same cat pajamas.

He must have not woken up yet.

Xue Yunmu was taken away from the toy by his Yangyang brother, pouting, and babbling on holding his father’s leg, “Huh? Uncle, why are you in my house?”

Yu Siyang is an elder brother and he is uncle.

Is he very old?

Hong Zhehao felt as if he had been hit, “Okay, kid, I’m Yu Siyang’s friend, so I came to your home.”

“Yang Yang brother’s friend!” Xue Yunmu asked with sparkling eyes, “can you make the flower?”

Hong Zhehao was in a fix.

Xue Chengxiu picked up his son, let the little guy stand on his lap, and said, “Mu Mu, not everyone is as good as your Yangyang brother.”

Xue Yunmu threw himself into his father’s arms and laughed hahaha:” My elder brother is the best, the world’s most powerful.”

Hong Zhehao: “…”

He hadn’t offended this person, right? Otherwise, why did he hear disgust from the man’s tone?

“Let’s eat.” Yu Siyang came in with a large plate of crystal shrimp dumplings, and said to Aunt Wang who was helping with the porridge: “Aunt Wang, you guys should eat too.”

Hong Zhehao stared at the table full of dazzling breakfast, crystal shrimp dumplings, shredded chicken porridge[2], milk stewed eggs, egg pancakes[3], and a cup of fruit and vegetable juice. It’s just a breakfast. Why was it so rich?

Compared with this table, the hotel takeaway breakfast he had eaten before was really shabby.

After taking a sip of shredded chicken porridge, which was thick but not sticky, fresh and refreshing, Hong Zhehao narrowed his eyes with satisfaction.

Xue Yunmu took a bite of the milk stewed egg, the creamy custard almost melted in his mouth, chewed it twice in his mouth and then slid down the esophagus. The little guy ate with his eyes brimming with a smile and crazily praised his Yangyang brother.

After eating breakfast, Hong Zhehao reluctantly bid farewell to Yu Siyang. Yu Siyang has finished, and he will not be able to eat what he made in the future.

“You have to go to the crew today. Don’t be late.” Yu Siyang packed him a big bag of cherry blossom biscuits[4] made by himself. ” Take these to eat with everyone.” Hong Zhehao opened the bag to see that it was made of cherry blossoms, “You’re so amazing, you can do it all.”

“Not everything can be made.” Yu Siyang said modestly.

Hong Zhehao asked: “You have already taken up Director Liu’s new movie. When will you join the crew?”

“I will join the crew tomorrow.” Yu Siyang said, “It was originally today. Director Liu said that I should take a day off.”

“It’s great. “Hong Zhehao smiled widely.

He has an uncertain future, and he doesn’t know if there is any movie to be filmed after the filming of “Poisonous Delicacy”.

He is not sure about the new company. Although Jiace has a good reputation in the industry, he has also been given an A-level contract, so they should pay attention to him.

However, it doesn’t matter even if Jiace doesn’t pay attention to him, there is only a three-year contract, he is not afraid to stay dormant for three years, he is still young, there will always be opportunities.

“I forgot to tell you something,” Hong Zhehao stuffed a biscuit in his mouth, “I changed my company to Jiace.”

Yu Siyang hesitated for a moment, then immediately understood that this person would tell him this kind of privacy-because he thought of him as a friend, “Very good, congratulations.”

Although he doesn’t know much about the entertainment industry, Yu Siyang has also heard that Fengyu Times did not seem to have a good reputation.

And although the matter between Hong Zhehao and Prince Fengyu is over, Hong Zhehao seems to have let go of this relationship, but if they are in the same company, there will always be a meeting, which would be so embarrassing.

“I hope we still have a chance to cooperate.” Hong Zhehao smiled heartily, without a trace of sadness.

Yu Siyang solemnly nodded his head: “Yes.” The Xue family’s driver, Lao Lin, was waiting outside the gate. Hong Zhehao waved his hand at Yu Siyang and jogged into the car.

Yu Siyang waited for the car to disappear before turning back.

In the living room, Xue Chengxiu was sitting on the sofa, holding a yellow portfolio in his hand, and beckoning him.

Yu Siyang sat down next to Xue Chengxiu and hugged Mu Mu who was clamoring for him to hold him.

“Yangyang, Yu Zhongmin is your second uncle, isn’t it?” Xue Chengxiu asked.


The first thought of Yu Siyang’s conditioned reflex was-I’m an orphan, where did this uncle come from?

It took a while to realise that it should be the second uncle of the original Yu Siyang.

Xue Chengxiu gave him the portfolio in his hand, “Look at this.”

Yu Siyang opened the portfolio without knowing it, and took out a stack of thick paper from it. The first was the basic information of Yu Zhongmin, name, age, Family situation and learning experience are listed above.

The second one is Yu Zhongmin’s decades of work experience.

The third one is a list of assets.

Yu Siyang looked more and more alarmed, and the hands holding the pile of materials couldn’t help shaking.

Xue Yunmu in his arms felt that he was in a bad mood, stretched out her chubby paws to pat his belly, muttering: “Brother don’t cry.”

“Are these all true?” Yu Siyang raised his head. He was experiencing shortness of breath and his eyes were red.

Xue Chengxiu patted him on the back lightly, giving him comfort, “I’m still checking. Don’t be angry, it’s not worth it to be angry for this kind of person.” Yu Siyang sneered, holding the stack of paper.

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