TCYEC Ch. 33

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Green Pine Park Cemetery was as quiet as ever.

Yu Siyang climbed up the steps, walked to the tombstone with his name written on it halfway up the mountain, solemnly put down the flowers in his hand, folded his hands and kowtowed three times, and then sat cross-legged on the ground in front of the tombstone and stroked the one photo above.

“Yu Siyang…” He choked when he opened his mouth. Looking at the familiar face in the photo, he had a thousand words but didn’t know how to say it.

After living for so long as an 18-year-old boy, he became increasingly unclear about which Yu Siyang he was. Sometimes he looked at the face in the mirror, and at times he felt that he was the 18-year-old boy. The twenty-five-year-old orphan is just a memory he fantasized about because of the devastation of his family.

“Mr. Xue found out that your second uncle, Yu Zhongmin, privately transferred the property of your father’s company. The friend who lied to your father to invest and the financers that ran away with the money were all arranged by Yu Zhongmin.”

Those so-called investment funds entered into Yu Zhongmin’s pocket, it was not the financer who took the money and ran abroad to hide. He took the money by himself, and Yu Zhongmin was also supporting him.

It’s really a scene of dog biting a dog.

Yu’s father’s company went bankrupt, not only written with Yu Zhongmin’s handwriting, but even his aunt Yu Fang also had a hand in it.

Yu Zhongmin and Yu Fang transferred a huge amount of property from the company, and there were people from the imperial capital who were secretly helping, and Yu Siyang was brought in as a replacement for the dead.

“They coax you into inheriting your father’s inheritance, just to cover your eyes.” In fact, there is no inheritance, it is all debt. “If you give up the inheritance, you don’t have to bear the debts.”

Yu Siyang, an eighteen-year-old student who is still a good student didn’t understand this, and his parents had passed away one after another, so he inherited a debt of more than one billion yuan in a daze. This is still just a part of the inheritance.

The boy did not expect that it was his close relatives that caused the destruction of his originally happy family, made him an orphan, and caused him to bear a huge debt.

“I will definitely bring those people to justice.” Yu Siyang pressed his forehead against the tombstone, and his eyes gradually moistened.

When he saw those materials, the feeling of empathy and anger made him feel that he was the 18-year-old Yu Siyang who was betrayed by his relatives.

“Yu Siyang, I’m sorry.” He choked: “I’m sorry, I seized your life.” Is the boy still alive or sleeping here?

That night, Yu Siyang had a dream.

In his dream, he walked over thorns, his feet dripping with blood, but he didn’t feel the pain.

There was a clear blue sky above his head, and there was a tall tower in the distance. There seemed to be a voice urging him to walk to the tall tower.

In his heart, he resisted the high tower, but his feet did not obey his command, and he walked faster and faster toward the tower.

‘Don’t go anymore, don’t go there.’ Suddenly, a person stood in front of him, and that person had the same facial features as him.

The man said, “You should turn around. Behind you are a large swath of roses, a castle, and a handsome king in the castle.”

He turned his head, and there really was a beautiful castle behind him.

The man hugged him from behind, stretched out one hand, pointed at the castle, and said, “This is where you should go. Stand on a high place and look at the whole world.”

“Let’s go.”

He involuntarily moved towards the castle. When he walked now, there was no longer thorns at his feet, but a soft grass. The big roses and lily pads were shining, and the air was sweet.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“I’m you.” The man hugged him, “I am a coward without courage. Fortunately, I have you, thank you.”

The man let go, his figure drifted away, and gradually faded.

“Hey, where are you going, don’t you go!” He chased for a few steps, but the person gradually disappeared, “Don’t go ah ah ah ah…”


Yu Siyang yelled and fell off the bed, and shocked Aunt Wang who came to wake him up when he got up late.

“Xiaoyu, what’s the matter?”

Aunt Wang forgot to knock on the door, opened the door hurriedly and ran in, and saw Yu Siyang face down on the carpet beside the bed.

“Aunt Wang, please help me see if my face is flattened.” Yu Siyang’s voice was muffled in the carpet, and he was talking with his face flat now.

Aunt Wang amusedly helped him up, patted his face, and said: “It’s not, you are still so handsome, so handsome you don’t want it.”

“…” Aunt Wang, you are really fashionable.

“You have to go to film today. It’s already late to wake up. Hurry up and wash up and go to eat.” Aunt Wang helped to fold up the messy sheets. “You didn’t make breakfast today. Mu Mu hates my craftsmanship now.”

Yu Siyang smirked before sneaking into the bathroom.

When he finished washing and dressing and arrived at the dining room, Mu Mu’s breakfast was almost finished.

When Xue Yunmu saw his Yangyang brother, he immediately swallowed the porridge in his mouth, scraped his fingers on his fat face, and stuck his tongue out: “My brother is a big slacker.”

Yu Siyang strode over immediately. He hugged and started tickling the little fat cutie.

“Hahahaha…” Xue Yunmu was tickled and he laughed, his chubby body writhing.

Aunt Wang brought the porridge to the dining table and said with a smile: “Hurry up and eat breakfast and stop playing.” “Thank you Aunt Wang.” Yu Siyang sat down at the table.

“Brother, where is Dad?” Xue Yunmu asked.

Yu Siyang touched the little guy’s soft hair, “Dad has gone to the imperial capital, and it will take a few days to come back.”

After finding out that the second uncle of the Yu family had secret support from the imperial capital, Xue Chengxiu made a special trip to the imperial capital, and went to find the identity of the person behind the scenes.

Xue Yunmu nodded obediently, and then whispered: “Brother, Grandma Wang’s food is not as delicious as you.”

“Don’t tell Grandma Wang, she will be sad.” Yu Siyang also cooperated in a low voice.

Xue Yunmu nodded seriously.


After breakfast, Mumu went to kindergarten and he went to the studio for the shooting.

“The Traitor” is a veritable big production, directed by a famous director, starring a superstar, with an investment of 100 million yuan, and with extremely refined ambience, and a lot of special effects which would be edited in post-production, a typical blockbuster movie.

The protagonist of the movie King Qi is played by Zhan Heng. He is a “rebellious courtier and thief” who played with power and did not even have the emperor in his eyes. However, he fought for the country and died of exhaustion when the troops of Bei Rong pressed the border.

The protagonist Yi Jiaojiao is a noble concubine. With the title of the first beauty in Beijing, she originally was in love with King Qi, but the emperor fell in love with her, and the eunuch next to the emperor schemed against her to make her enter the palace and become the emperor’s. The imperial concubine finally learned that King Qi died in battle, and also hanged herself in the palace.

The close eunuch and bosom friend of the emperor was played by Yu Siyang. He did cruel things to help the emperor consolidate his power. There were countless loyal ministers who died in his hands. The eager general Sima Lun led his army to crusade. Sima Lun took the opportunity to ask the emperor to kill his confidante eunuch, and he was then poisoned to death by the emperor with a glass of poisoned wine.

This general, Sima Lun, is the second male lead. He is being played by the actor Li Yiliang. He is the only truly loyal and upright person in the movie. He is not used to the power held by King Qi, but also recognised the bosom friend as the treacherous eunuch. In the end, he also died for his country in the war with Beirong.

In the end, the main characters in the movie are all dead.

“Aren’t all movies and TVs now focusing on happy endings?” Yu Siyang raised his hands up and said to the prop master who was helping him wear his hanging props, “Is it really okay for our movie to have such a tragic ending?”

One of the accompanying screenwriters happened to pass by and put his hand on his shoulders and said: “This is the beauty of regret. Generally speaking, incompleteness is easier to improve than perfection. And…” The screenwriter looked around, moved closer and lowered his voice and said: “Dao Liu’s compulsion is that he likes to change the script. Who knows whether the final cut would match the originally set script?”

“Can the script be changed during shooting?” The entertainment industry rookie Xiaoyu asked stupidly.

The screenwriter naturally said: “Of course, or else, why do you think Director Liu’s crew will have so many accompanying screenwriters to follow? Of course, it is convenient for him to change the script anytime and anywhere.”

“Each director has different habits.” He explained to Yu Siyang: “Some directors like to modify the script before shooting, and then shoot according to the script, at most just fine-tuning, and some directors like to make changes while filming. our director Liu is a master of change.”

Yu Siyang nodded. He smiled and said, “Thank you for telling me, otherwise I won’t understand anything.”

He smiled like that, with the charming makeup of the bosom friend, such that both the screenwriter and the prop designer could see it together.

“Don’t smile at me ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you are tempting me to commit a crime!!!” the screenwriter ran away covering his face.

“…” Yu Siyang went to see the props master because he was unclear about what happened.

The props master laughed twice: “Xiaoyu, don’t smile at me either, I am a married person.”


What the hell?

Yi Jiaojiao was lying on a recliner on the sidelines and waiting for her scene to start shooting. From her perspective, she just happened to see Yu Siyang’s smile just now, and she couldn’t help but chuckle in her heart-this is the little cutie I’ve seen before. It’s clearly a wicked smile. It’s also hooking people.

“What are you looking at?” Zhan Heng sat down on another recliner and handed the vitamin drink in his hand to Yi Jiaojiao.

“Look at your junior,” Yi Jiaojiao took the drink in her hand, and didn’t drink it. “Your junior is handsome.”

Zhan Heng said proudly, “Of course, look at whose junior he is.”

Yi Jiaojiao didn’t bother to pay attention to him. What she praised was Yu Siyang and not Zhan Heng. Why is he acting so proud?

Zhan Heng lay on the recliner and looked at Yu Siyang, thinking to himself, Xiaofeng’s eyes are good.

The martial arts instructor gave Yu Siyang tireless instructions about the hanging wires, rehearsing the action scene to be shot later, fearing that something would go wrong in the newcomer’s first wire play.

Tang Hang nervously confirmed with the prop master that everything was okay, and he still stood beside the prop master who controlled the equipment.

When he was notified by the company to go with Yu Siyang, he had already asked the company to look at Yu Siyang’s files, and learned that he was injured and hospitalized a few months ago because of a wire problem, so he paid special attention to this aspect.

In this scene, the Minister of Korea sent an assassin into the palace to assassinate the bosom friend. The bosom friend was the eunuch with an extremely powerful force. That one person killed more than a dozen assassins.

The follow-up to this scene is that the bosom friend was attacked in the court the next day, and a large number of courtiers were wronged and imprisoned. King Qi also took this opportunity to eradicate dissidents in the court.

Before clapping the board, Yu Siyang and the group acting as the assassins were already in their positions.

Yu Siyang also specially had a very handsome look.

As soon as the board was clapped, he will be pulled by the wires, and he will rise up while turning in circles. The sword in his hand will follow him in a circle, sweeping all the assassins around him to the ground.

Then he had to turn over in the air and jump out of the assassin’s encirclement, and land, with the sword in his hand holding a sword flower, his left hand held behind him, his long body standing up, and a gust of wind blowing his robe up and down.

The action seemed simple, but in fact, it was impossible for ordinary people to turn over in the air while hanging on wires.

In order to do this set of movements, Yu Siyang had practiced hanging on the wires for the whole morning. He didn’t even dare to eat lunch, because he was afraid that he would vomit it out.

“Every unit prepare, the first scene of the fourth section of the 23rd act, start.”

The bosom friend stood in the encirclement of the assassins, holding a sword in one hand, and snorted disdainfully: “Just you mob want to kill my family, is your master short of money? Shouldn’t your master have a lot of money from the southern Gogun tax?”

“You are so close to death but still talking so much nonsense. “An assassin cursed loudly: “Today nothing can stop us from killing the people. “

The eunuch sneered, and when the assassins surrounded him, he jumped up, put one foot on one of the assassins’ swords, and turned around and swept the assassins down.

He turned over, pulled a sword flower, pointed the sword at the assassin lying on the ground, and sneered: “I am a loyal man who is not afraid of death, but I have never seen an idiot who is not afraid of death. What a long speech.”

“Fucker, go to hell–” Assassin One got up from the ground, grabbed the sword and rushed towards the foster friend.

“Ka–” Liu Cai said to stop holding up the loudspeaker.

The actor who played the role of Assassin one could not hold back the momentum, and was about to hit Yu Siyang as he watched.

If the two of them collided with each other, they wouldn’t be able to maintain their balance.

“Si Yang – get out of the way –” Tang Hang yelled and ran to protect him in a hurry.

Suddenly, Yu Siyang leaped into the air, and the actor ran past his feet and hit the prop water tank behind him. He screamed.

Yu Siyang was hung in the air by the wires, he kicked his legs, and said jokingly: “I thought I suddenly had lost weight.” The few people who came to save him couldn’t help but laugh.

Tang Hang wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, patted the shoulder of the prop master who controlled the wires, and said gratefully: “Thank you, brother, you are so resourceful.” The prop master raised his head proudly, “Of course.”

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