TBLF Ch. 38

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They are all Chinese and live in the global village. The school is their common home, and the motherland is their common mother.

The big guy’s thought level suddenly rose, and Yu Zhuo felt that he couldn’t keep up.

There was an impassioned voice on the radio playing the sports commentary: “Congratulations to Yu Zhuo from Class 7 of Senior High School for winning the first place in the men’s high jump. You are the warm breeze of spring, you are the fragrance of summer, and you are the blue sky of autumn, you are the winter sun, and you are the eternal pride of Class 7!”

Yu Zhuo: “…”

Who the fuck wrote this manuscript?!

Qi Ying heard it too, she clutched her belly and started laughing, even the cold boss couldn’t help smiling. Yu Zhuo was so embarrassed that after dropping the sentence “Tomorrow come and see my relay race”, he turned and ran.

The sports meeting continued in full swing.

Ji Rang only signed up for the 50-meter sprint. It was impossible to ask Qi Ying to give him a flag for the second time. He could only wait for next year. This caused the boss to be depressed all day, such that he even had a somber face when he received the award.

The awarding teacher joked: “Why, do you think there are too few prizes?”

Ji Rang glanced at the leather notebook and pen in his hand, and couldn’t figure out what he was trying so hard for.

I didn’t make a profit even after spending so much. I really lost.

Even the small flag was made up at the last minute!

And she does it for everybody in wholesale!

During the women’s kilometer long-distance race in the afternoon, she took another out of her bag and wrote “Come on, Yue Li.”

The big guy’s heart experienced ups and downs, and he even wanted to punch someone.

Qi Ying didn’t notice it. She even took out a small flag exactly the same from her bag and handed it to him, asking him to wave it together to create momentum for Yue Li.

Look, there is more for others.

Feeling very sour.

Yue Li, who was taking a deep breath and adjusting her state on the sidelines, also saw them, and waved at them with a little nervousness and excitement, and the little flag in Qi Ying’s hand waved more happily.

As the referee, Shen Yue walked over with the list, looked around, first confirmed the number of players one by one, and when he called out for Yue Li, she trembled when she said “I am here.”

Shen Yue also heard it, smiled, and walked to her to comfort her after finishing her name: “Don’t be nervous, just run as I taught you. Winning or losing is not important, the more important thing is to participate.”

Yue Li shook her head repeatedly: “No! I said I would take the first place!”

Shen Yue thought to himself that he hadn’t expected the little girl to be this aggressive, so he stopped talking, and said: “Stretch more and be safe when running.”

She nodded firmly.

After the runners on the track were in place, Shen Yue stood aside holding a whistle, and said solemnly: “Get ready!”

After a pause, the whistle sounded suddenly.

Silhouettes of several runners rushed out at the same time. Yue Li kept in mind Shen Yue’s words, she was not in a hurry to accelerate at the beginning, and adjusted her breathing while maintaining a constant speed to prevent the heart and lung function from failing to keep up.

She was not in a hurry, other players did not do the same, and soon after rushing to the front, she drew a distance from them.

Yue Li looked anxious, and was just going to accelerate to chase, when she heard Shen Yue yelling, “Keep a constant speed! Don’t worry!”

He had been paying attention to her.

Yue Li clenched her fists and stabilized.

Keeping it like this, after one lap, she surpassed the last two and reached the third place. After another lap, she was second.

Only the last half lap was left, and the sound of cheering became more intense. Yue Li began to speed up, rising to catch up with the first.

She hadn’t like sports since she was a child. She has poor physical fitness and weak heart and lung function.

After the second leap, she felt like she was suffocating. As soon as the heart beat faster, it seemed that every cell in her body was clamoring for soreness.

The brain buzzed, insisting on keeping the promise to Shen Yue.

They were getting closer to the finish line, but the girl who had the first place also understood the importance of the final sprint, always running a few meters ahead of her, so that she was unable to catch up.

Yue Li gritted her teeth tightly, and when she was about to reach the finish line, she leaped forward, and almost at the same time she jumped across the finish line.

She was going too violently and so she suddenly lost her momentum and fell down, her knee bleeding on the spot. She was painful and tired, couldn’t lift the whole body, so she fell straight down.

There was a scream, and one after another several people rushed to help her, Shen Yue stuffed the list to the students next to him, and ran over.

The blood on her knees flowed all over, and Shen Yue looked anxious, half-kneeled and picked her up, shouting at the students around him: “Is there clean mineral water?”

“Teacher I have it!”

He didn’t know who handed it over, Shen Yue unscrewed the bottle cap, first washed the dust on her wound with water, then stood up holding her and ran to the infirmary.

Qi Ying held the small flag, and tears were about to come out of her eyes. Ji Rang held her wrist and led her to follow.

When they arrived at the infirmary, Yue Li and Shen Yue had also reached.

The pain in her knees rushed to her brain, directly causing her to cry. Shen Yue put her on the bed and asked the doctor anxiously: “Help her see if any bones are hurt? If it is serious, I will call an ambulance immediately.”

The doctor dragged Yue Li’s calf up and down and turned it around, and asked her: “How is it? Can you move it?”

Yue Li cried and nodded. The doctor confirmed that the injury was only a skin injury. He moved the medicine box over to disinfect and apply medicine on her. Shen Yue helped take the medicine together, and comforted in a low voice: “It’s okay, you didn’t hurt the bone. It won’t hurt after applying the medicine. Hold on.”

Yue Li asked while sobbing, “Ms. Shen, did I win?”

Shen Yue’s hand didn’t move for a while.

He was the referee, and he saw it clearly. Although Yue Li jumped across the finish line at the last moment, almost side by side, it was indeed a shoulder distance slower than the girl.

But the little girl was crying so badly and she was hurt as well, and was wondering if she won the first place, he couldn’t bear to tell her this.

Seeing that he didn’t speak, Yue Li understood what he meant, and cried even harder.

Shen Yue was in a hurry, handing over the dressing to the doctor, got up and went to the table and took a few pieces of paper and wiped her tears. He whispered and relieved: “The spirit of sports is not about winning. As long as you surpass your previous self, it is a kind of victory. Last week you couldn’t even run a half lap. This time you have made a lot of progress.”

Yue Li cried and smoked, “But I said I would win…”

Shen Yue laughed and patted her messy hair which was wet with sweat: “I like the second rank better. What’s good about the first rank, it’s too cold on the peak.”

His palm is wide and warm. Her swollen eyes looked at his smile, and the seed of secret love was planted in her heart, and a flower burst out with a loud sound.

Yue Li’s tears stopped, and she smiled.

Then laughed and out came a snot bubble.

Shen Yue: “…”

Yue Li: “…”


O mother earth!

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