TCYEC Ch. 34

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“Fuck me, it scared me to death.” Liu Cai threw the big loudspeaker in his hand to the ground, and ran towards Yu Siyang who was hanging in the air. “Xiaoyu, are you okay?” It was hard to find someone suitable to play this role. If the actor who he has painfully selected got hurt, he will tear off the idiot responsible.

The crew members all gathered around and asked him if he was injured. Zhan Heng and Yi Jiaojiao also came over with concern.

“I’m okay, I’m sorry, everyone is worried for nothing.” The wires slowly descended, Yu Siyang fell back to the ground, and saw from the crowd that the actor who had just almost hit him fell on the ground, was clutching his forehead and face. The draped cloth had been torn off, and he had a painful look on his face, “How is he? Isn’t he injured?”

Everyone followed his gaze and looked at the extra actor. A scene support staff hurriedly went to help him up.

The bag was knocked out from the forehead of the actor, which was red and swollen.

The scene support immediately asked people to bring the first aid kit, and put a bandage on the extra actor tightly. The on-site producer asked a driver to send the actor to the nearest hospital for a check of head injuries.

Yu Siyang had lingering fears, this man himself had crashed like this, if he bumped into him, he would not have been able to put his head on the ground to cushion his back.

Tang Hang’s complexion was not very good, and he walked to Yu Siyang and said, “Go and say thank you to Brother Xia. If it weren’t for him today, you would be the one on your head.”

“Okay.” After the wires were taken off his body, he ran all the way to the props master Xia Chao, “Brother Xia, thank you.”

“You are welcome.” Xia Chao laughed loudly.

Yu Siyang scratched his head, and followed him with a shy smile: “You were a lot of help, and I must thank you for saving me.”

Xia Chao suddenly thought of a good idea, and put his hands around Yu Siyang’s shoulders like they were a pair of brothers. With a good appearance, he said, “Xiao Yu, I heard that you are good at cooking, right?”

Yu Siyang nodded.

“Then make something delicious for brother, as a gift to brother.”

“Okay, I will make a lot of delicious things for you.”

Yu Siyang patted his chest to assure him, thanked Xia Chao again, and happily ran towards Director Liu.

Because of the last flamboyant performance of the actor before, the whole scene had to be retaken. Although his face did not show up, it is rare that the character with a few lines being changed to another extra.

Long Tao Yi changed into that assassin costume, and tears filled his eyes with excitement-he could now play a role with lines.

Yu Siyang was playing games all day today, fighting with assassins, King Qi, and guards of the imperial concubine. As a martial arts eunuch, he is like a bug[1] in this movie. His purpose is to fight invincible hands all over the world.

Yu Siyang was hung over by wires again, doing all kinds of difficult movements in the air, such as tumbling, jumping, and turning 720°, silently complaining, this eunuch must practice qingqong, otherwise how could the force value be so against the sky? Even the leading actor was beaten into a pig’s head.

When the scene was filmed on such a day, Yu Siyang’s whole body was bruised and purple, especially where the protective tape was tied up, and large swathes of red, swollen and purple marks were formed.

He didn’t feel any pain at first, but when he saw himself look like that when he went back to take a bath, Yu Siyang suddenly cried out in pain.

“Aunt Wang, is there any Chinese medicine at home?”

Yu Siyang walked down the stairs tragically. The areas not covered by the short-sleeved pajamas and knee-length shorts were full of bruises.

“Oh, what’s the matter, where did you fall?” Aunt Wang distressedly pulled him to look left and right, and lifted his pajamas. His body was even more horrible, “Go to the sofa and sit down, Aunt Wang will call the doctor to come over.”

 “Brother, Mu Mu will blow on it and the pain will fly away.” Xue Yunmu didn’t even watch his favorite cartoon, and leaned close to Yu Siyang.

Yu Siyang touched his little head, feeling that he should be a good example of “a man of indomitable power” in front of the children. He endured the pain and said with a relaxed expression: “Brother does not hurt.”

“Ouch, how did you fall like this?” Aunt Wang hung up the phone and came over to lift Yu Siyang’s pajamas.

Although Aunt Wang is in her fifties, and he is old enough to be her own son, but … it’s embarrassing that …

Yu Siyang pulled the hem of his pajamas vigorously, blushing.

Child Mu Mu poked his face and said, “Brother looks good while blushing.”

Aunt Wang chuckled, “Xiaoyu is still shy. Aunt Wang is old enough to be your mother. Let mom see what matters.”

Yu Siyang: “……”

The Xue family doctor came quickly, and saw Yu Siyang’s bruises, and was surprised: “Who did you get beaten by?”

“The ones who participated in the scenes were also hanging from wires.” Yu Siyang said.

And he beat others, okay!

The doctor took out a bottle of Chinese Traditional Chinese Medicine Liquor from the medicine box, “It will hurt, hold back, you have to rub it in, or you won’t be able to get up from bed tomorrow.”

“Come on.” Yu Siyang took off his shirt awe-inspiringly and lay on the sofa.

The doctor warmed his hands, put medicated wine on his hands, and pressed him on his shoulder…

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…” Yu Siyang screamed, tears bursting out of his eyes.

This is too painful!!!

“Brother don’t cry.”

Xue Yunmu wiped away tears from his Yangyang brother’s eyes with his little hands, and his small mouth was still blowing, almost drooling over Yu Siyang’s face.

Yu Siyang burst into tears-the bear child should stop spitting, his face was completely wet.

After being cruelly rubbed and pressed by the doctor, Yu Siyang woke up the next day and felt that it was not as painful as yesterday. He moved his arms and legs, and his flexibility was not bad. It happened that he didn’t have a scene to shoot today.

He ran to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator to take out the ingredients, he had promised to make Xia Chao delicious. Naturally, he couldn’t lose sight of his promise. It just so happened that he didn’t have any scenes in the morning, and he had one whole morning, he could even make a banquet.

Xia Chao originally thought that “a lot of delicious things” Yu Siyang said was an adjective, but unexpectedly, it was a noun.

Approaching noon, the office started to give out lunches, and a black Bentley drove towards the studio of “Traitor” and stopped by the side.

Yu Siyang and Tang Hang got off the car and opened the trunk.

Immediately afterwards, dozens of people from the crew saw the two men find Xia Chao holding several insulated lunch boxes, gave him the lunch box, and then turned back, there were a few more insulated lunch boxes, until Xia Chao found a dozen lunch boxes put in front of him.

Everyone on the crew: “…”

What does this mean?

“Brother Xia, luckily it’s time to have lunch, let’s see if you like it or not, and if you don’t like it, I’ll make something else for you.” Yu Siyang sat down beside Xia Chao, looking at him expectantly.

“It’s all for me?”

“That’s right.” When the crew heard “eat”, they all gathered around, “Xia Chao, open it up and take a look.” Everyone was in a hurry and wanted to help Xia Chao open the lunch boxes.

Xia Chao opened a lunch box, and the scent of braised pork instantly radiated from it. The thumb-sized hexagonal pagoda was neatly fitted inside, and it was dotted with bright green lotus-shaped cabbage. The middle of the cabbage was chicken paste and on top, it was decorated with a little roe.

“This is pagoda meat[2].” Yu Siyang explained: “This meat is made of five floors of pork, and the knife is changed into a pagoda shape. In fact, you do not need to change the knife, but I think it looks good, Brother Xia, try it. “

Xia Chao shook his hand and picked up a small pagoda and put it in his mouth. The selected three-layered pork was marinated very thoroughly, fatty but not greasy. After biting it down, the gravy suddenly burst into the mouth. The fragrance of the gravy and the meat itself sank into every taste bud in his mouth and headed to the nasal cavity domineeringly. Every time he chewed a bite, a new fragrance will blend with the fragrance of the previous one.

“It’s delicious.”

Xia Chao had an expression of enjoyment, and the people around stared at the lunch box in his hand and kept swallowing.

Yu Siyang picked up a lunch box and opened it. There was a piece of “corn” inside, and the sweet smell floated out of the lunch box, squeezing the stewed aroma of the pagoda meat.

“You try this, corn fish[3], made of grass carp, I removed all the bones, don’t worry about it getting stuck.”

Is this a fish???

They thought it was just steamed corn!

The head and tail of the grass carp were removed, and the bones were also removed. The fish meat was cut into corn kernels with a knife. After the fish was marinated, it was patted with dried starch and custard powder. It was deep-fried and cooked with rapeseed leaves and Kelp shreds are made into corn leaves and corn silk, and then simmered with sea buckthorn juice, water, salt, and sugar.

This corn fish had a sweet and sour taste, not to mention the realistic shape, the fish is fresh and fragrant and slightly crisp, and the sweetness and sourness are moderate. It is delicious to eat.

The crowd onlookers saw Xia Chao eating so satisfied and could no longer calm down.

The first person who took offense was director Liu Cai.

He slapped Yu Siyang on the forehead, and said angrily: “You kid, you just cooked for Xia Chao, what about me? Shouldn’t you respect the director first?”

Zhan Heng followed closely, sitting next to Yu Siyang, and patting on his shoulder said, “Xiaoyu, don’t you think Brother Zhan usually takes care of you? And we are the same agent brothers, we are all under Xiaofeng’s hands, if there is delicious food, shouldn’t you also give it to Brother Zhan?”

“Xiaoyu, didn’t you say that you are my fan? You are not competent as a fan.” Yi Jiaojiao opened a lunch box in a charming manner. Inside were all Shui Xin Xuan Bing or raindrop cakes, crystal clear Shui Xin Xuan Bing[4], each one had a different flower inside, and a small pot next to it filled with dip. Such a dreamy thing is irresistible for women.

Li Yiliang also followed to join in the fun, “Xiaoyu, you are not kind, so many of us can only look at it eagerly!”

Everyone said this, and took the initiative to open the rest of the lunch boxes.

Pearl fish balls[5], boiled cabbage[6], pickled cabbage beef rolls[7], fresh milk mushroom soup[8], Xi Shi shrimp[9]… a dozen lunch boxes were dazzlingly displayed, and everyone’s appetite was greatly increased.

“Xiao! Yu!”

Everyone stared at Yu Siyang with sharp eyes-if we don’t get to eat, we will riot.

“This…” Yu Siyang scratched his cheek, “I made it specifically for Brother Xia, but I made more of it on purpose. You can ask Brother Xia…”

Everyone immediately abandoned him and huffed around Xia Chao.

Colleague A: “Brother Chao, how do your brothers treat you normally, can you bear not giving your brother a bite.”

Xia Chao: “You didn’t call me when you ate crayfish yesterday.”

Colleague B: “Brother Chao, one person can’t finish so much, I’ll help you eat some, lest you die.”

Xia Chao: “It doesn’t matter if I can’t finish it, I’ll take it home and eat it slowly.”

Colleague C: “Brother Chao, I found you Extraordinarily handsome today.”

——The other colleagues thought: This is really saying nonsense with open eyes.

Xia Chao: “That’s right, what you want to eat, pick it up by yourself.”

Everyone: “…”

Fuck, it’s shameless to ask us to praise him for a bite.

This… In order to have a bite, we can live without principles.

“Brother Chao, you are so handsome and glorious.”

“Brother Chao, your handsomeness is out of the world.”

“Brother Chao, you are the most handsome man I have ever seen. There is no one else.”

Everyone was willing to give fancy compliments to Xia Chao for a bite.

Liu Cai slapped Xia Chao’s forehead with a black face and said, “How can I praise you?”

Xia Chao immediately offered the lunch box with his tail tucked between his legs, “Director Liu, you eat, of course, if you want to praise me, I don’t mind.”

“…I mind, hum!” Liu Cai was rude and took away one of the largest shrimp.

Yi Jiaojiao held a lunch box containing Shui Xin Xuan Bing in her hand and asked, “Xia Chao, can I eat this?”

“Of course, of course, the goddess, I’ll give it to you.” Xia Chao immediately fed his principles to the dog.

Li Yiliang did not have it as good as Yi Jiaojiao, and Xia Chao insisted on him complimenting himself before giving it to him.

The movie emperor Li said with humiliation: “Xia Chao, you are so handsome you don’t want it.”

“Hahaha, thank you, Brother Liang, what do you want to eat, eat whatever you want.”

Zhan Heng did not go to join in the fun, and took Yu Siyang outside. He patted Yang’s shoulders, patted his hair, and smiled: “Yes, very smart.”

There were a hundred people at the peak of the crew, and Yu Siyang only had one pair of hands. It is impossible to make so many dishes for everyone to eat.

Taking advantage of Xia Chao’s chance to save him once, he dedicated it to Xia Chao alone, and didn’t have to make more. Not only did he thank Xia Chao, but also can shift the focus to give Xia Chao face.

As for anyone who can eat it, that’s Xia Chao’s business.

The important characters in the crew can eat it.

Yu Siyang smiled shyly, “My agent taught me to do this.”

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[1] Going against the natural order of things.









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