TCYEC Ch. 35

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The imperial capital, Xue Mansion

Xue Chengxiu rarely returned to this old mansion since he left when he was seventeen.

He spent his childhood and adolescence here, and when he left, he wanted to burn it all up.

Ten years later, sitting in this little changed living room again, he is strong enough to stand tall even in the face of the disgusting family of three.

Xue Chengji, who was sitting opposite him, was not as calm as him.

“What are you doing here!” Xue Chengji said irritably.

From childhood to adulthood, what he hated the most was his half-brother. Because of the existence of this person, he will always be an illegitimate child who cannot be seen. It is clear that his parents are true lovers who love each other. This person’s mother shamelessly intervened in other people’s feelings and forced this mother and child to barely survive.

That vicious woman deserved to die early, and it’s better for this person to have died outside and not to disturb the lives of their family of three.

“Chengxiu, you came back specially, why?” Father Xue’s voice was old and muddy, looking at the elder son with complicated eyes.

This is not a son he had wanted to be born, but he had to admit that under his deliberate neglect, his eldest son has grown up to be good enough, much better than the younger son he carefully cultivated.

He is partial to the youngest son, but he is also the head of the Xue family. He can’t just consider the future of his son, but is also responsible for the rise and fall of the entire family.

Xue Chengxiu looked at the watch on his left hand and said faintly: “No hurry, there are still people not here.”

“Don’t act mysterious.” Xue Chengji pointed at Xue Chengxiu. If it weren’t for being held back by his mother, he really wanted to smash over him the ashtray placed on the table.

This man always had the same look as if he was looking at inferior animals. He thinks he is at a higher level than them!

“Ha… It’s a rare time for Chengxiu to come back, and the eldest brother made such a big fuss.”

“The Chengxiu boy is the heir of the Xue family. There is nothing wrong with having strict requirements of the older brother.”

Xue Zhi and Xue Xin laughed before they walked in one after the other and sat down beside Xue Chengxiu.

Xue Chengxiu stood up and greeted the two respectfully: “Second Uncle, Third Uncle.”

Xue Chengji pointed at Xue Chengxiu’s hand and hesitated, then slowly put it down, reluctantly calling out: “Second Uncle, Third Uncle. “

Mrs. Xue was amazed by the arrival of the two younger uncles, she glanced at Father Xue, and smiled: “What wind blew in the second and third uncles.”

“Your son is going to pierce the sky, shouldn’t we be coming?” Xue Xin sneered.

“This, how did this start…” Madam Xue smiled reluctantly, and tugged her son’s sleeve.

Xue Zhi threw a portfolio in front of Father Xue, “Brother, take a look at this, he is an illegitimate child, but he can be very patient.”

Xue Chengji hated others saying that he is an illegitimate child. Hearing the words of his second uncle, he couldn’t help but feel angry.

Father Xue took out the thick stack of materials in the portfolio, and the more he looked at it, the more he became frightened. Before he could finish reading these materials, he smashed it at Xue Chengji.

“Asshole, you actually did so many bad things behind my back.”

Xue Chengji’s face was covered with paper and he took a few of them and glanced at them, suddenly sweating.

This… these things are obviously done privately, how… what…

Xue Xin sneered: “Big brother, your son is amazing, so many people are ruined. This ability is inherited.”

Xue Zhi then said: “Don’t talk nonsense, our old Xue family doesn’t have such skills, who knows from who he inherited them.”

Madam Xue’s face was pale as paper.

The two of them had always regarded them mother and son as displeasing to their eyes, and now they were saying this, denying the blood of the child and pouring dirty water on this mother and son.

“Xue Chengxiu, why are you doing this? Our mother and son have already endured you in all possible ways. Why should you kill us completely?”

Madam Xue trembled all over, her tears couldn’t stop, and the finger she was pointing at Xue Chengxiu shook violently.

Father Xue hesitated to look at his eldest son, “Chengxiu, you…”

Xue Chengxiu turned his gaze to Father Xue and said without any emotion: “The change of power is causing a lot of trouble. If these things are known, I won’t need to kill them, the Lin family will naturally do the work.”

Father Xue said angrily: “What good will the fall of Xue family do to you?”

“It’s no good.” Xue Chengxiu said, “But there is no harm to me.”

Using power to disrupt the market by unfair competition, which led to the bankruptcy of six companies and the verge of bankruptcy for more than a dozen companies which caused them to borrow money to survive, was the reason that so much ill-gotten wealth was collected by Xue Chengji. Xue Chengji is really good.

He really underestimated this bastard.

Not much IQ, but very courageous.

If it wasn’t for his wondering why Yu Siyang inherited so much debt and went to investigate their company’s affairs, and followed the clues to the imperial capital, he was afraid this matter would still be concealed.

“Second uncle and third uncle, please bother with this matter.” Xue Chengxiu respectfully said a few words to the two elders, and left Xue’s house without looking back.

No matter how long had passed, he disliked this place extremely.

It’s time for him to go back, there are still a big one and a small one waiting for him at home.

Xue Zhi and Xue Xin watched Xue Chengxiu out, without even looking at Mrs. Xue and Xue Chengji, they directly asked Father Xue: “What do you think you should do with your son?” Father Xue’s eyes drifted between several people, as if he had aged several years in an instant. He shook his head helplessly, “You decide.”

Madam Xue and Xue Chengji looked at Father Xue with disbelieving expressions. Was he trying to abandon them?

The imperial capital Xue family changed overnight. Patriarch Xue Li said that his health was not good. Xue Zhi and Xue Xin presided over everything in the Xue family temporarily. Mrs. Xue and Xue Chengji were sent out of the country quickly. It was said that she was sent abroad to recuperate, and her son will take care of her, so they went together.

Anything about the Xue family didn’t affect Xue Chengxiu who was far away in Yunzhong City. After being out for more than ten days, he came back and saw a table of sumptuous delicacies. The teenager and his son sat at the table with a smile and waited for him to sit in. What else could be better than this?

——He was simply a winner in life.

“Specially made for me?”

Yu Siyang graciously put a mandarin duck[1] and phoenix tail prawn[2] into Xue Chengxiu’s bowl, nodding vigorously.

The prawns are filled with anchovies, and the prawn meat is rolled with a little refreshing side dish, then steamed in a pot, and then topped with a sauce made from vinegar, salt, chicken powder, tomato sauce and clear soup.

The prawns are white and fluffy, the sauce is light, and the shrimp is sweet, with the crispy raw vegetables rolled in it, very appetizing.

“Yes,” Xue Chengxiu ate the shrimp. “This should be specially made for Mumu.”

“Adults and children both can eat it.” Of course, there is not a lot of oil and it is more suitable for children.

Xue Chengxiu rubbed the boy’s head amusedly, and said, “After dinner, follow me to the study.”

Yu Siyang’s eyes lit up and he sent a big smile.

Selling meng again.

Xue Chengxiu picked up the chopsticks again and thought to himself, my resistance is really getting weaker and weaker.

After eating, Yu Siyang made a cup of bamboo leaf tea[3] and brought it to Xue Chengxiu in the study.

“Sit.” Seeing him come in, Xue Chengxiu pointed to the sofa, took a folder from the desk, and sat on the sofa.

“This is the details of the company property transferred by your second uncle and aunt, as well as the whereabouts of the funds invested by your father before bankruptcy.”

Yu Siyang took the folder from Xue Chengxiu and looked through it.

Xue Chengxiu went on to say: “The financre who went abroad has agreed to come back to the country.”

When that was said, Xue Chengxiu paused, touched Yu Siyang’s head, and said softly, “Yangyang, sorry.”

Yu Siyang looked up at him.

“It’s not just your second uncle who broke your family,” Xue Chengxiu said: “Behind the scenes was my half-brother.”

“What, what’s going on?” Yu Siyang was shocked.

“Not only your home, but several companies have gone bankrupt because of Xue Chengji’s secret manipulation.” Xue Chengxiu looked disgusted, “He wanted to accumulate capital to compete with me.” But he used this despicable method.

Following Xue Chengxiu’s telling of the tale, Yu Siyang heard the story of a wealthy dog.

The broken-up lovers, the first girlfriend who was forced to become a mistress, the original partner who was mad, the child who was ignored by the original partner, and the bastard who aspired to replace the heir.

Yu Siyang lowered his head and flipped through the documents in his hand, and asked puzzledly: “Why did your brother do this? He caused other people’s family to be destroyed, so he is happy.”

“Yangyang, I’m sorry.” Xue Chengxiu hugged the person distressedly. Into his arms, he patted Yu Siyang on the back like a child, “If I had discovered what Xue Chengji was doing earlier, maybe your family wouldn’t…” Xue Chengji had always been a poor performer in Xue Chengxiu’s eyes. Not much brain, but preferred to think himself smarter than others.

To this half-brother, as long as he was not stupid enough to provoke him, he would try to ignore him for the sake of the old man.

But he didn’t expect that this person had eaten the heart of a bear and leopard, and used the old man’s network to do so many secretive things and harm so many people.

If Yu Siyang resented himself for this, although Xue Chengxiu would feel a bit wronged, he would still understand his feelings and was willing to bear his resentment and anger.

He couldn’t avoid the responsibility of being a Xue, and it is also true that his Xue family caused the Yu family to be destroyed.

He just hoped that after the child fought with him or scolded him, he won’t resent him for too long.

“It’s not your fault.” Yu Siyang shook his head dullly, “I just think the second uncle is too stupid.” It took the boss’s effort to destroy the originally happy family and cheat his nephew into a huge debt. It turned out that they were all making wedding dresses for others[4]. When the money was taken by others, he took some mosquito meat[5], not even as much as his aunt Yu Fang.

Originally, the money that was taken away by the financial affairs was to be divided thirty-seventy with Yu Zhongmin. He was very financially savvy and transferred the funds to a foreign account. He also went abroad and lost his money in the casino.

If Yu Zhongmin did such a detrimental thing to himself, had his life really been easy this year?

“I don’t quite understand these.” Yu Siyang pointed to the various professional financial terms on the document and changed the subject.

Xue Chengxiu took the folder and pulled out a piece of paper from the bottom. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t read the previous one. These are the funds I asked the accountant to calculate which can be recovered.”

Yu Siyang looked at the amount written on it. One, two, three… eight, nine, nine digits!

A total of 110 million!

“Can you really get it back?” Yu Siyang asked.

Xue Chengxiu rubbed his hair, still apologetic: “Yang Yang, this is only part of the funds that can be recovered, and there are many dead accounts that have been unknown or cannot be recovered.”

“Although they can’t all be recovered, “Yu Siyang said: “But I’m already very happy, thank you, Mr. Xue.”

At least, in the rest of my life, I can see the hope of paying off debts and recover some of the life of a teenager.

He was suddenly lost in thought.

Yu Siyang remembered that dream some time ago, who was the figure that disappeared in the dream?

“What are you thinking about?” Xue Chengxiu couldn’t help asking when seeing Yu Siyang suddenly fall in a daze.

Yu Siyang returned to his senses and asked: “Those who have committed a crime will get the punishment they deserve, right?”

“Yes.” Xue Chengxiu said firmly.

No matter who it is, it will end as it should be.

Thinking of the news he had just received, Father Xue hurriedly sent Xue Chengxiu’s step-mother and son out of the country, he couldn’t help but sneer, really thinking that they could escape after leaving the country.

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[4] Doing things for the benefit of others.

[5] Very little of the total amount.

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