TCYEC Ch. 36

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Yu Siyang is very happy these days.

You can tell from the number of lunches and snacks he brought to the set.

Some people used food to express when they are happy, while others eat hard to calm their mood when they are unhappy.

When it came to Yu Siyang, he expressed his happiness or unhappiness by making a lot of delicious food for others.

So everyone else has gained weight, but he is as thin as a bamboo pole.

Yi Jiaojiao had a lot of opinions on this point.

As a dedicated actress, Yi Jiaojiao not only constantly improved her acting skills, but also strictly controlled her face and body.

Seeing a trace of fat on her cheeks in the mirror, Yi Jiaojiao couldn’t take it calmly anymore, so she pulled Yu Siyang aside in a good manner and said, “Xiao Yu, is sister Jiaojiao your goddess?”

“Yes, yeah.” Yu Siyang nodded wildly, fully expressing the characteristics of his brain residual power.

“Then you definitely won’t like watching the goddess get fat, right?”

“Even if Sister Jiaojiao is fat…..she would still be a goddess.”


This kid is too sincere and just tells the truth casually…

No, this is not the point.

“Xiaoyu, but Sister Jiaojiao doesn’t like getting fat.” Yi Jiaojiao looked melancholy, like seeing her tragic future after she became fat.

Yu Siyang immediately comforted her: “Sister Jiaojiao won’t get fat, Sister Jiaojiao will always be a goddess.”

Such a heart-warming little cutie, so sweet-talking. Yi Jiaojiao touched Yu Siyang’s head with satisfaction, and said, ” Can Xiaoyu make something delicious and not fatty for Sister Jiaojiao?”

Of course! Yu Siyang opened his mouth to agree, but was interrupted by a heavy arm.

Zhan Heng took Yu Siyang’s shoulders and pulled the person from his right to the left, separating him from Yi Jiaojiao.

“Sister Jiaojiao don’t look at our little cute Yu and bully him.” Zhan Heng dismantled the stage and said: “There is nothing that tastes good and won’t make you fat. If you want to stay fit, you should exercise or eat healthy but not tasty food.”

Yi Jiaojiao took a step away in disgust, and moved away from Zhan Heng, “You are not Xiaoyu, how do you know. Are you not filming a scene against Li Yiliang, Emperor Zhan, you are not dedicated.”

“We have finished filming the scenes. What else are we going to do? I’m here to tell you to go to film,” Zhan Heng said: “Who knew I would hear you bully my little brother. As a senior, I naturally want to get justice.”

“I should really let your fans see what you look like now, I promise they will not call you a male god, and all your fans will turn black.” Yi Jiaojiao said.

Zhan Heng was unwilling to show weakness and said: “Sister Jiaojiao is not a goddess at all. She is like a female harpy. When it is seen by fans, they will also turn black.”



Yu Siyang was stunned. Yu Siyang watched the two of them quarrel, and wanted to say that you both are so involved in fighting and do not look like a god or goddess.

Li Yiliang stood behind, poked Yu Siyang on the shoulder, and asked in a low voice, “What did you bring today? If sister Jiaojiao wants to lose weight, we can eat more.”

When Yi Jiaojiao heard this, she was furious at Li Yiliang twice, and then looked at Yu Siyang expectantly, “What did Xiaoyu bring today?”

“Didn’t Jiaojiao want to lose weight?” Zhan Heng coolly demolished her stage again.

Yi Jiaojiao raised her chin arrogantly and refused to talk to Zhan Heng.

Yu Siyang waved to Tang Hang and asked him to bring the thermal box he had brought.

Tang Hang checked his watch, and it was only eleven o’clock. Before lunch, he had to bring the thermos box over. He certainly wouldn’t get any food today.

Although reluctant, as a competent assistant, Tang Hang brought the canvas bag with several insulation boxes over.

The crew members who were working on their own all immediately focused on the canvas bag, and their fiery eyes could almost ignite the canvas bag.

——Oh, it turned out it is already eleven o’clock. No wonder I feel hungry. I don’t know what’s the delicacy today.

The crowd gradually surrounded Tang Hang.

Upon seeing this, Tang Hang walked a few steps helplessly, handed over the canvas bag to Yu Siyang, and he stayed firmly beside him.

“Today, I have ginkgo fish kernels[1], grilled chicken cakes with mushrooms[2], oyster mushrooms[3], simmered beef[4] and pocket biscuits[5].” Yu Siyang said triumphantly, opening the insulation box one by one.

As everyone listened to him reporting the name of the dishes, the opened heat preservation box shocked their senses of vision and taste, and caused them to swallow their saliva. They had only been hungry for five minutes, but after hearing the list they were very hungry.

Take a look at the simmered beef, the color is maroon red, and the salty aroma is very delicious.

And the ginkgo fish kernels, the bright yellow color, looked refreshing and not oily, it must be delicious.

The oyster mushrooms are golden, with a layer of fine salt and pepper grains sprinkled on it, which is too fragrant.

Although the Mushroom Grilled Chicken Cake do not smell very fragrant, it is produced by Yu Siyang. It would be absolutely delicious without even wondering about it. They are so confident in Yu Siyang.

“It’s not time to eat yet. What are you doing all around here? Go to work.” Liu Cai came over and drove everyone away.

The director’s assistant muttered: “But we are all hungry, and we have no energy to work.”

Liu Cai’s fierce eyes widened-only you are hungry? I’m hungry too. But I am dedicated.

Yu Siyang hurriedly closed the insulation box embarrassedly.

Everyone made a disappointed “Oh”.

The producer took Liu Cai to the side to discuss: “Director Liu, you see everyone is hungry, and it’s eleven o’clock. Why don’t we eat early and they will have the energy to work after lunch?”

Liu Cai folded his arms, pretending to be unwilling, and said: “The budget of the crew is just that. If we don’t hurry up and finish the filming, we would only think of eating. Xiaoyu is an actor in the crew, not your chef. They are staring at Xiaoyu’s dishes all day, is the crew missing our box lunch?”

The director’s assistant muttered with a dissatisfied expression: “But the crew is so stingy, the box lunch is so awful, every day it is a meat and a vegetable dish, and the meat dish is much lesser than the vegetable one. When it came to the few pieces of meat, if it weren’t for Yangyang on the crew, the taste would almost fade out of my mouth.”

“Vulgar.” Liu Cai took a shot of the director’s assistant. “The crew’s budget is only that small. Should there be no money put in the real scene? It would be better to have a meat and a vegetarian box lunch for you. If you complain, you will only have vegetables and no meat in the future.”

“Director Liu, you are so unreasonable to make trouble.” The director’s assistant cried and said, “The crew is stingy and won’t let you go. Yang subsidizes us, else how can we live in the future…”

After listening to Liu Cai and his assistant singing together, the producer immediately recalled, this is a hidden cost.

“Director Liu, I like cooking,” Yu Siyang said with a low face: “Although I have worked a little bit, but I am also very happy to see that they all like to eat. However, if you don’t want me to bring it, then I won’t.”

The crew was shocked and looked at Liu Cai like a concubine, and Liu Cai looked at the producer from the corner of his eye.

The producer was speechless.

What kind of people are this crew!

Although Yu Siyang’s dishes are indeed delicious and he loves them very much, he is a principled person.

Don’t look at him, it’s useless to look at him again.

Okay, well, because of Yu Siyang’s craftsmanship, he will compromise this time, only once.

“Director Liu, look, let me talk to investors about adding more investment to the war scene, okay?” Can I start eating now?!

Liu Cai nodded in satisfaction and asked the field clerk to contact the restaurant and bring the lunch in advance.

When the producer walked away, Director Liu patted the shoulders of the assistant and Yu Siyang, and said, “It was a good performance. I will add a chicken leg for each of you later.”

“Thank you, Director Liu.”

The assistant turned his lips in disgust, who wants that unpalatable chicken leg.

Yu Siyang was very happy these days, and so Xue Chengxiu is also in a good mood.

Xue Chengxiu, chairman of the Hengsheng Group, handed Pei Ziteng several thick documents.

Pei Ziteng took it and asked: “Chengxiu, do you really intend to do this?”

“Naturally.” Xue Chengxiu said: “Otherwise, why should I give you the file.”

Pei Ziteng hesitated: “The Xue family has collapsed, you are the heir to the Xue family…”

“Ziteng, you should know why I am fighting for the identity of the heir,” Xue Chengxiu said: “I even found a surrogate to give birth to Mumu.” Everything was to destroy the Xue family.

Since the death of his mother, from the age of eight, he has been waiting for the destruction of the Xue family for twenty years.

Little by little, he emptied the old man’s power and assumed it. He thought he would have to wait at least five years, but God gave him a great gift.

Xue Chengji killed himself, giving him a good opportunity, if he let it go, he would be hopelessly stupid.

People who do wrong have to pay the price, whether it is the old man or the woman and youngest son he loves.

He is not a deity. After they wantonly hurt the people he valued, he couldn’t bear it without complaint.

He believed in repaying virtue for virtue and repaying grievances directly.

“The more they value something, the more I will destroy it.” Xue Chengxiu sneered.

Pei Ziteng shook his head, “What about your two uncles?”

Xue Chengxiu said with a smile but not a smile: “Ziteng, you don’t think my two uncles are good people. If they were really good people, they wouldn’t turn a blind eye to the old man’s mess. Just as soon as they saw that my mother is not in good health, they let the old man bring the woman to the house to make trouble.”

“And, even this time, you see how they did it, they did not turn the illegitimate child in to the law. But they sent them abroad to avoid the limelight.”

“In the eyes of these three brothers, the most important thing is the Xue family. If the Xue family doesn’t fall, they can still live and be looked up to.”

And those who died, the families that fell apart, they are not important in their eyes.

The Xue family members are born with cold-blooded hearts.

However, how can those dead souls rest in peace, and how can those who have been displaced precariously quell their grievances.

He, Xue Chengxiu is not a good person either. He has no great feelings for justice. If it wasn’t for the fact that the child he valued was hurt, or that he wants revenge, he might still be in the mood to deal with those people slowly.

The Xue family fell, it was not good or bad for him, but he would be happy.

There is nothing more enjoyable than to destroy the things that the enemy cherishes.

He couldn’t wait to see the desperate eyes of these people.

“With the Xue family as a stepping stone, Uncle Pei’s capital would also be stronger. The Lin family estimates that there will be no storms.” Xue Chengxiu raised the coffee in his hand and made a toast. “I would like to wish Uncle Pei a victory.”

Pei Ziteng helplessly raised his coffee cup and clinked glasses with him, muttering: “You must always remind me not to offend you, you lunatic.”

Xue Chengxiu smiled silently.

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