TBLF Ch. 41

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Technological progress is so rapid that it has made it difficult for people to make ends meet.

Moxie’s face changed several times, and finally he uttered a sentence with pain: “WeChat…”

Ji Rang hooked his finger, and he followed him. He took out his mobile phone very cleverly and opened the payment code, holding a fruit knife in one hand and the mobile phone in the other and walked towards Moxie.


Moxie hated his arms with burning passion. After finishing the scan, he was about to pay. Ji Rang said, “Wait a minute.”

The boss changed his mind?!

Moxie was overjoyed until he heard Ji Rang continue to say: “In the remarks column write: Entrusting Qu Peng to donate the charity fund to Hope Primary School.”

Moxie: “???”

Everyone: Damn it!

In this way, even if Moxie wanted to cry thief in order to beat him down, there would be no evidence of extortion. It would be clearly written, it is charity money!

The bad boys in the technical school looked at each other, their eyes flashed with the same message:

Haiyi Schoolmaster is really sinister!

Thirty thousand eighty in charity funds arrived immediately.

Moxie led his younger brothers away with a look of grief and anger, leaving the group of young chickens to party alone.

Looking at Ji Rang’s back, Yu Zhuo felt a little lost and thought that he was still not qualified. The real boss not only solved the big trouble that he had to call the police for, but also fought back against blackmail.

When will he have this prestige?

It seemed that if he wanted to inherit the identity of Haiyi Schoolmaster, there is still a long way to go.

Qu Dazhuang received the money, and ran back up and down: “That dog is really rich.”

Yang Xinyuan said: “He often collects protection fees in various schools, he must be rich! There should have been someone like Brother Ji to take care of him like this!”

“Yes! This person is so bad, he will definitely do bad things after he is let go! Brother, can you really get him in jail for ten years? It is for the people!”

Ji Rang kicked him and talked to the boy: “Fuck him, I lied to him.” He swept around the group of bad students who fought and skipped class, and said coldly: “This is the end of bad habits. I don’t understand. He was frightened by just a few words, you guys are so fucking stupid.”

The group of people were also happy to be scolded by him, and they liked that he scolded Moxie as stupid. Looking at the balance in his account, Qu Dazhuang excitedly asked: “Brother Ji, how will we divide the money?”

Ji Rang ignored him. He turned to look at the two excited high school boys and waved: “Come here.”

The two ran over, looking admiring.

Ji Rang took over Qu Dazhuang’s cell phone and told them in a low voice, “I will transfer the money to you. First, pay back the money of the students who were blackmailed. Buy extracurricular books and donate them to the school’s fund-raising box for the poor mountainous area.”

The two of them were so moved that they almost cried: “Ouuuuu, Brother Ji is so nice.”

Ji Rang looked impatient: “Go away.”

He thought he was going to fight a big fight today, but he didn’t expect it to be solved so peacefully in the end. The group of people looked excited and admired him in their heart. They don’t know who took the lead and shouted: “Brother Ji is handsome!”

“Let’s make Big Brother proud!”

“Brother Ji will always be my eldest brother!”

“If Haiyi has Brother, Thanos will also dare not come!”

Wait, this little student, have you blown it a little out of proportion?

A group of people scattered happily, Ji Rang threw the wooden stick in his hand to the corner of the wall, clapped his hands, glanced at the fruit knife in Qu Dazhuang’s hand, raised his foot and kicked him: “You fucking learn from them? Still holding a knife? Didn’t Lao Zhu say that you are not allowed to use a knife in a fight?”

Qu Dazhuang felt wronged and stuffed the fruit knife back into his bag: “I borrowed it from the fruit shop on the way here, and I have to give it back later. I just wanted to scare them.”

After Ji Rang finished teaching him, he glanced at Yu Zhuo who was sneaking in the crowd about to leave, and sternly shouted: “Yu Zhuo!”

Yu Zhuo’s neck shrank and he stopped reluctantly.

Ji Rang walked over with his schoolbag and slapped him on the head: “Can you learn a little better? Can you not let your sister worry?”

Yu Zhuo hugged his head and shouted in disbelief: “You hit me on the head?!”

Ji Rang slapped him again: “What happened to you on the head?”

Yu Zhuo was suffocated and wanted to resist. He couldn’t fight again. After a pause, he suddenly shouted behind him: “Sister! He bullied me!”

Ji Rang sneered, raising his hand and punching: “You fucking pretend.”

Yu Zhuo’s face also disappeared: “Sister, help! He’s going to kill me!”

The corner of Ji Rang’s clothes was pulled. He was taken aback for a moment, and the hand raised to the air stopped.


Looking back, Qi Ying really stood behind him.

Ji Rang: “…”

When did she come? Did she see it?

The boss couldn’t help thinking back, didn’t he actually do nothing just now? He had only been calmly communicating with Moxie.

Just… some extortion… Although wrong, didn’t he donate all the money?

The gangster’s eyes were a little fluttering, trying hard not to show his timidity, and asked her fiercely, “Didn’t I let you go home first!”

She had bright eyes and smiled obediently.

He couldn’t be fierce anymore.

The palm of his hand rubbed her head indiscriminately: “Be obedient next time, ok?”

Qi Ying smiled and nodded.

Yu Zhuo stared at the pig’s hoof fiercely beside him, thinking with grief in his heart, what the hell is this world, he is so gentle to his sister, I have never seen such acting!

He shouted angrily: “Sister! Go away, go home!”

Ji Rang glanced at him and asked Qi Ying: “I have an appointment with the first grader to do homework, should we go together?”

The first time the first grader gave her a deep impression by his help. She was willing to exchange ideas with him to solve problems, so she was so happy and she followed Ji Rang away.

Abandoned Yu Zhuo: “…”

It’s not too late for a gentleman to take revenge in ten years. Ji Rang you just wait for me!

When Ji Rang and Qi Ying arrived at the dessert shop, Wu Rui had already finished writing a physics paper. He didn’t know that the big guy came over after a fight. He first said hello to Qi Ying politely before asking Ji Rang: “The English paper I gave you yesterday is finished? Bring me to check.”

Ji Rang opened his schoolbag and passed the paper over. After he finished it himself, he corrected the question according to the answer key. After reading it, Wu Rui said seriously: “Your fill in the blanks are too weak and that is where you make the most mistakes. I will take you to buy a book for fill in the blanks correction in a while. Improve it by reading the book.”

Ji Rang was a little embarrassed to be “criticized” by the first grader in front of Qi Ying. He turned his head to cover his face with the back of his hand, and said to Wu Rui with his mouth: “Say less.”

Wu Rui: “Student Ji! You have to face your own mistakes to make progress! If I will say less, you will only make more mistakes! Face failures bravely! Instead of avoiding it!”

Ji Rang: “…”

It seems that Lao Tzu has given you too much preference recently, which made you so confident in dancing on the tiger’s head.

Little student Wu Rui, who became serious when he talked about studying, suddenly noticed the cold light in the eyes of the boss.

He was so excited and suddenly he became awake.

What the hell was he doing just now?

Is he attacking the boss???

It’s over, it’s over, I’m dying, dying, dying.

He pushed down his black-rimmed glasses in a panic, and turned his head to see Qi Ying, who was grinning on the side. He thought about it: “Student Qi Ying, am I right?”

Ji Rang: “???”

Do you dare to seek approval?

He saw Qi Ying nod with a smile and take the English paper where she firmly wrote three words beside the score: Conquer it.

The anger in the big man’s eyes was doused.

Wu Rui: Got the gold medal without death!

After finishing his homework, Wu Rui said that he would take him to the bookstore to buy the fill in the blanks problem set. Ji Rang did not hide his disgust: “You go home, she will accompany me to buy it.”

Wu Rui thought for a while, “Oh, that’s okay. Qi Ying’s grades are also very good, and she is 14th in the whole year.” He glanced at Ji Rang a few times, and patted his shoulder earnestly: “You must work hard. “

Ji Rang: “???”

After saying so, without waiting to be beaten, he slipped away very self-aware.

Turning his head to see, Qi Ying was also smiling, holding the strawberry cake that has not been finished in her hand, with a little pink cream on the corner of her mouth.

Ji Rang almost laughed angrily, rubbing her head tenderly, “Isn’t it too late to clean up? Isn’t it that I have a good temper that I’m being bullied?”

Qi Ying pursed her mouth, her eyes glowing brightly and said: Who dares to bully you?

She looked so good with an intention of acting coquettish with him.

Ji Rang’s hand resting on top of her head was a little tight.

The wind was blowing, and he smelled a sweet smell of cream.

Unable to hold back, the palm of his hand slid back, grabbed the back of her head, and brought her forward. Qi Ying wasn’t prepared, so her body shook and she ran into his arms directly.

She was still holding the small cake tightly in her hand.

Ji Rang lowered his head.

It was so close, the sweetness burrowed straight into his nose, and he could kiss her by just leaning in slightly.

Qi Ying was a little dazed, her eyes were wet and misty, flustered and nervous.

After a while, he stretched out his hand, scratched the corner of her lips with his thumb, then let go of her, and smiled with his lips raised: “It’s covered with cream, little idiot.”

She blinked before reacting, pursing her lower lip, sticking out the tip of her tongue, and licking the corner of her mouth.

Ji Rang:…


He carried his schoolbag and went straight forward, a little flustered: “Go, let’s go buy the tutorial book.”

Qi Ying looked at the little cake she had kneaded into a ball in her hand, and obediently followed.

When she arrived at school the next day, the students were discussing how Ji Rang brought people to fight with the bad boys of the technical school yesterday. Rumors were always easily distorted in the process of spreading. When Yue Li heard it, the version had become like this.

“I heard that Ji Rang was holding a fruit knife to the main artery of the technical school boss, and said cruelly, ‘Even if I kill you with a single knife, I will stay in jail at most for ten years.’ In the end, the technical school boss spent thirty thousand and eighty and bought his life!”

Qi Ying was too far away yesterday, and she was separated from the crowd. She actually didn’t know what happened at that time, she was taken aback by Yue Li’s report.

Yue Li sighed and sighed: “Big brother was too radical this time, this is blackmail! Big brother is also righteous and evil, but blackmail cannot be done, I am so disappointed in him.”

Qi Ying shook her head with a serious face, and wrote in the notebook stroke by stroke: He is robbing the rich and helping the poor, he is awesome!

Yue Li: “???”

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