TBLF Ch. 42

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There were too many rumors about Haiyi Schoolmaster, true and false, and eventually he became so notorious that no one dared to provoke him. If he clarified them one by one, he didn’t know how many years and months it would take to clarify, he would just have to quit studying.

Ji Rang didn’t care much about other people’s opinion, but the dozen or so students who got back the protection fee went around to help him clear his name.

When they heard that Ji Rang asked them to buy extracurricular books and donate them to Hope Primary School, they were shocked. After being shocked, they all expressed disbelief: Are you talking about the school tyrant or the three good youths of China?

Ji Rang had no time to deal with these boring rumors, after all, the final exams are approaching.

Wu Rui set the goal for him to enter the top 300 in the grade. He compared the scores of the 299th place on the previous grade list, and he was more than 50 points ahead of him. If he could recite a few more English words and understand a few mathematical formulas, he should be able to catch up?

So the boss had been quiet as a chicken recently, as he just wanted to study.

In addition to Wu Rui continuing to stabilize his foundation, he also secretly went to the teacher Liu Yao introduced to him for tuition. Wu Rui said, he couldn’t learn slowly like other students, as others have accumulated knowledge over three years, and he only has one and a half years.

He had to work harder.

So the chaotic and indulgent life he led in the past has changed and become a serious one which involved after school tuition, and staying up late to do problems.

Fortunately, his brain was clever. If he read what had to memorized two or three times, he didn’t forget it again. If he did the same question once, he won’t do it wrong again.

The nights of working hard were not in vain.

Qu Dazhuang looked at the dark circles under Ji Rang’s eyes, and couldn’t help but worry: “Brother, how is your kidney?”

Ji Rang: “???”

Liu Haiyang: “You go to class, brother! I’ll help you kill this idiot!”

Ji Rang picked up his geography book and notebook, “Do it well, I’ll give you a prize.”

When he left the classroom, Qu Dazhuang’s pig howl was heard from behind.

The weather that had been gloomy for half a month finally cleared today. Although it was still cold, the golden light still gave the body the illusion of warmth when the sun came in from the window.

It made people want to sleep.

The geography teacher is a rigid and serious middle-aged man, and his low lecture voice had a hypnotic cadence.

Ji Rang wrote his math papers last night until two o’clock in the morning, and couldn’t help being drowsy, but Qi Ying sat next to him, and he absolutely couldn’t do something bad students would do like sleeping in class!

He could only hold on by poking his thigh with the pen tip.

Unexpectedly, the head would start hanging and the stabbing would need to happen again.

The two geography lessons were connected, and when the bell rang for the end of class, Ji Rang slammed his head on the desk and fell asleep in almost a few seconds. He was still holding the pink pen in his hand.

Qi Ying originally wanted to exchange notes with him but turned around to see the tired face of the teenager, and gently put down the notebook.

A few rays of sunlight came in, just falling on his long eyelashes, making the skin so white, and the blackness under his eyes more obvious. This kind of Ji Rang whose pretentious indifference had faded away, looked so gentle.

She leaned slightly, got closer to him, and lay down face to face with him.

Lifting her slender fingers, she covered his eyebrows, blocking the dazzling light.

He breathed so hard, it must be that his sleeping position was uncomfortable, and the strands of her hair hanging down were shaken by his breathing. The juvenile had a nice scent of soap without the smell of smoke.

She didn’t know when he secretly quit smoking.

She felt it smells good.

The last time she was this close to the general was a long, long time ago.

During the riots in the frontiers, he always couldn’t sleep well. She was easily awakened and got up quietly, with her elbow propped on the pillow, looking at his frowning eyebrows with a clear moon outside the window.

She really wanted to share the things that bothered him, but she didn’t know anything. She could only lower her head gently and kiss his eyes in the middle of the night.

The general always woke up in an instance. He is a martial artist, so he woke up even more easily than her. A sturdy arm wrapped around her waist, pressed her into his arms, kissed her forehead, and said, “Hey, go to sleep.”

Later, the frontier was invaded by the enemy on a large scale, and the general put on his battle armor and set off for a year.

When they met again, they were separated by life and death.

Qi Ying sighed lowly.

The class bell rang in her ears.

Ji Rang was keeping track of the time and opened his eyes.

He saw Qi Ying who was only three inches away from him, while they were facing each other.

She was smiling at him with her eyes bent, but her eyes were foggy and glistening, as if she had cried.

So close, he could smell the sweet smell of lip gloss on her mouth.

A wave of restlessness hit his brain from the lower abdomen.

He really wanted to kiss her.

Press in his arms and kiss her.

But reason told him, no. This is a classroom with many people around.

Ji Rang closed his eyes, his Adam’s apple rolled for a while, and his voice was hoarse when he woke up: “If you will stare at Lao Tzu like this next time, you should know the consequences.”

He sat up abruptly, took a few sips of mineral water from the bottle at the corner of the table.

The geography teacher walked into the classroom, Qi Ying slowly got up, rubbed her aching arms, and smiled obediently.

When school got over in the afternoon, the head teachers of each class announced in the class that starting from today, the first and second grades of high school will be allowed to open evening self-study classrooms, so that students who want to review at school can better and more conveniently revise for the final exam.

Haiyi only had evening self-study at the beginning of the second semester of high school. The evening self-study classroom is now open, and there are no hard and fast rules. There is no teacher supervision, which is convenient for good students to review, and it is also convenient for bad students to play.

For example, Qu Dazhuang, directly connected to the multimedia Bluetooth with his mobile phone, and played a movie in the classroom.

Thank goodness he didn’t put on any pornography.

But the thrill level is about the same, as he had played a horror film.

There were still a few good students in the classroom, but all of them ran away because of him doing this.

The big and magnificent man was so pleased that he called all the brothers to the Class 9 classroom to watch horror movies.

Ji Rang wanted to kill him. When he took the papers and wanted to hit him, Qu Dazhuang held his head scurrying: “I’m helping you combine work and rest to relax your mind and body, don’t you understand! If you continue to study like this, be careful you don’t become like Wu Rui!”

The boys who were called to watch the movie were all enthusiastic, pulling and persuading: “Brother Ji come, indulge, this time! We promise to study with you tomorrow!”

Luo Bing was very clever and said: “Brother Ji, have you ever watched a movie with your little fairy? Call her here and watch it together!”

The boss was silent for a while, his heart moved.

He sent Qi Ying a WeChat message and asked her if she wanted to come to Class 9 to watch a movie.

Qi Ying’s reply came back quickly: Yes~

Within a few minutes, Qi Ying and Yue Li came in through the front door of the classroom.

Yue Li looked at the paused picture on the screen and exclaimed: “Aren’t you afraid the dean of teaching will come over?”

Qu Dazhuang said triumphantly: “My little brother told me that he drove away half an hour ago. Don’t worry, the sentries are all looking out for him.”

Ji Rang sat in the middle and waved to Qi Ying. She ran over obediently, sat down next to him, and then took a handful of white rabbit toffee from the pocket of her school uniform and placed it on the table in front of her.

The little fool even prepared snacks.

He was laughing.

Qu Dazhuang said excitedly: “Sit down, I’ll turn off the lights, ready to start the show!”

As soon as the words fell, another person walked in at the front door. Wu Rui stood at the door holding his schoolbag and looked at them curiously: “Student Ji, didn’t you say that there is a question that you can’t do and let me come over to tell you? What are you doing?”

Ji Rang said, “I lied to you and called you to watch a movie.”

Qu Dazhuang gave Wu Rui a look of disgust: “It’s impossible for a nerd to fool around with us.”

But, Wu Rui pushed his glasses up and ran in very excitedly: “Watching a movie? Okay! What movie is it? Has it just been released?”

So a group of people turned off the lights and watched horror movies in the classroom.

Yue Li didn’t know it was a horror film. The opening music was so scary that she screamed, Qu Dazhuang covered her mouth from behind: “Don’t scream! The teacher will be attracted!”

Yue Li was afraid and wanted to see again, covering her mouth with one hand and her eyes with the other, looking through her fingers.

Ji Rang glanced at Qi Ying next to him.

She was so calm, her eyes opened wide, and she stared intently while eating candy.

The boss was so disappointed.

Why was she not afraid?

Why didn’t she get scared and jump into his arms?

What kind of garbage horror film Qu Dazhuang has chosen; it is not scary at all!

There were a few screams from time to time in the classroom, and the students passing by outside looked inside curiously and were shocked to see them actually playing a movie.

It quickly spread among the grade’s anonymous group.

The Class 9 scum are still the Class 9 scum.

After a while, the student union member lurking in the group told the dean of the news. When Qu Dazhuang saw the text message, it was already ten minutes later.

Qu Dazhuang jumped three feet high: “Oh god, the dean is back! Hurry up and turn on the lights! Turn off the multimedia!”

There was a sudden turmoil in the classroom.

Outside, the dean of teaching had already moved upstairs aggressively and headed straight for Class 9.

Now these students are so bold and unlearned! The school opened up classrooms for them to learn better, but they were used by them to do these shameful things!

All must be caught! Notice of penalty must be sent!!!

The dean, who enjoyed the title of Golden Wheel King[1], rushed to the door of Class 9 and opened the door with his palm.

Then he saw the first ranker holding a chalk, standing on the podium while writing, saying loudly: “We regard the motion of celestial bodies as a uniform circular motion, and the centripetal force required for it is provided by gravity. That is, f is equal to direction, Come to…” He seemed to have discovered the dean of teaching standing at the door, pushed his glasses up, and asked in amazement, “Mr. Zhou, why are you here?”


Looking at the group of students sitting below, the serious and focused expressions on their faces, they didn’t seem to be tyrants at all.

The dean slowed down and asked with difficulty: “What are you doing?”

Wu Rui smiled slightly: “I’m giving them tutoring. Raising the average grade of our grade and increasing the enrollment rate of our school is the urgent responsibility of every Haiyi student.”


This reason was really irrefutable.

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[1] I didn’t understand why.

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