TBLF Ch. 43

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The dean seriously instructed a few more words before leaving.

The group of people in the classroom looked at each other and laughed. In fact, if the instructor was more rigorous and inspected the classroom, he would find that the multimedia machine is still hot, and the books on the desks of people who seem to be listening to the class are also varied.

Wu Rui sat on the podium with his ass and patted his heart: “It scared me to death, scared me to death…”

Qu Dazhuang was particularly excited: “Fuck it, it was exciting.” He ran approvingly to help Wu Rui up, “Little classmate, the play was great. I officially announce that you will be my brother from today!”

Ji Rang couldn’t help laughing and cursing: “Who the hell wants to be your brother, don’t make good people bad.” He waved his hand: “Okay, it’s enough for today, let’s go back.”

Everyone’s thoughts were the same, and they scattered.

This is probably the first time Qi Ying had done bad things. When the director came in just now, Ji Rang saw that her ears were red. Because she was too nervous, she couldn’t find a place to hide a few big white rabbit toffees in her hand, she kept holding it in her hand.

They melted by the temperature of the palm, when the palm opened, the fragrance of the air became soft and sweet.

The melted milk candy couldn’t be put in the pocket anymore. The candy paper is sticky, but she had eaten a lot tonight. After thinking about it, she passed the soft candy in her palm.

Ji Rang was still packing his schoolbag, took a look, and asked, “Give me something to eat?”

Qi Ying nodded.

Ji Rang deliberately teased her: “If it breaks, give it to me?”

Qi Ying was a little anxious and shook his head. In order to prove that the candies weren’t broken, she picked up one of them, peeled off the candies and put it in her mouth, and showed him.

With her small face, it looks more fragrant than milk candy.

He has never liked sweet food since he was a child, but Qi Ying always asked him to break this principle repeatedly. The boss felt that he was at a little bit of a loss.

So he said: “Then you feed me.”

Qi Ying didn’t hesitate at all and didn’t feel embarrassed. She picked up the milk candy and peeled the candy wrapper and put it to his mouth.

Telling him personally: I dare to feed, do you dare to eat?

Ji Rang: “…”

He almost forgot his skin was thinner than hers!

But the candy was on his lips and he had to eat it. Ji Rang lowered his head slightly and almost hurriedly bit the candy in her hand. For a moment, his lips touched her fingertips.

So soft.

Qi Ying was going to continue to feed, but Ji Rang grabbed all the remaining candies: “Okay, I’ll do it myself!”

The students next to him were stunned by the boss’s expression.

Who the fuck is this innocent boy? Boss, do you remember that you are an all-evil school bully?! You have collapsed your image down to the Mariana Trench, okay!

It was already dark.

When they left the school building, they found it was snowing.

This is the first snow this year.

Although it was a small snow that melted on the ground, it was enough to surprise these southern students who had rarely seen snow. In the light from the street lamp, snowflakes were flying finely and densely. People around screamed and rushed into the snow, reaching out their hands and tongues to catch the snow.

Ji Rang stood on the steps with his schoolbag and laughed: “They’re like fools.” Turning his head, he asked Qi Ying: “Want to go and play with them?”

In the dim night, he met a pair of wet eyes.

The eyes were so soft.

It’s early snow.

The day she met the general was the first snow day of that year.

The flames gradually burned in front of her, reflecting the desolate snow in the sky, and a long sword broke through the wind and pierced the robber holding the knife beside her. She saw the wind and snow falling on his black armor, the silver trees and white snow on the mountain, and a glint of cold light in his eyes.

After that, on the first snow day of every year, the general would give her a gift.

The first year was a sapling of acacia flower planted in the courtyard in front of her window.

In the second year, it was a green jade hairpin with her name engraved on it. The handwriting was very similar to that of the general.

The third year was a little pony. The general went out to fight at that time, saying that he would let the little pony accompany her instead of himself.

In the fourth year, it was a knotted jade pendant. She and the general wore half and half, tied with a red thread, and hung in front of her heart.

fifth year……

She failed to wait until the fifth year.

At the time of death, the Acacia tree in the courtyard had grown so tall, with pompom-like flowers, and it was very beautiful. She once wrote to the general, saying that the acacia tree in the yard was blooming. And asked him to come home and enjoy the flowers as soon as possible.

But in the end he couldn’t see how beautiful the flowers were.

This year, it was the first snowfall after she met the general again.

Although he had forgotten the past and the promise of giving her a gift every year, she was still very happy.

She wants nothing extravagant.

She just wants him to live well.

Just stay alive.

The cold wind and human voices all went away, only him in her eyes.

Ji Rang felt his heart slowed by a half beat, and even slowed down his breathing.

For a long time, he chuckled and asked her in a dumb voice, “Didn’t I warn you about looking at Lao Tzu like this. Don’t you know the consequences?”

Qi Ying did not react.

The boy took a step forward, held the back of her head with his palm, pressed her into his arms, and then lowered his head to kiss.

He only touched her lips.

Soft and sweet, like strawberry pudding.

He gave a light bite.

Qi Ying’s eyes were so wide open, but she did not become angry, nor did she push him away.

The boy tasted nothing, kissed for the first time, and only felt panicked after the impulse.

He let go of her hand, turned and left.

After two steps, he turned around again, chagrin on his cold face: “Don’t tell anyone!”

Qi Ying smiled obediently and nodded.

Ji Rang felt like he was going to expire.

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