TBLF Ch. 44

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The snow was getting denser, and there was also a light rain.

Qu Dazhuang turned his head and wanted to call Ji Rang to go. He glanced at them and let out a “fuck”, he stabbed Liu Haiyang with his hand, “What do you think of brother? Fuck, they don’t even pay much attention that it’s school. Are they inside?!”

When Liu Haiyang looked at the stairs, Ji Rang had already let Qi Ying go.

Two people were standing on the dimly lit steps, and only the silhouettes of their faces could be seen. Liu Haiyang said, “Isn’t it just looking at each other affectionately?”

Qu Dazhuang was so excited that he couldn’t speak clearly: “It’s not…the two of them, they kissed!”

Liu Haiyang obviously didn’t believe it: “How could it be possible, just look at the stamina of brother, he could kiss for three to five minutes without letting go. I didn’t see it just now.”

Qu Dazhuang argued with him, “I really saw it!”

On the other end, Ji Rang withdrew from the girl’s soft gaze, glanced at the gradually heavy rain, and asked tightly, “Have you brought an umbrella?”

Qi Ying shook her head.

He didn’t dare to look at her, took off his school uniform, and put it on her head tenderly. The wide coat covered her from the top of the head, and the refreshing soap scent from the boy’s body, wrapping her tightly.

The boy’s wide palm held her wrist and whispered: “Run fast, it’s raining hard.”

The little head hidden under the school uniform nodded.

The young man had long legs, but he took small steps, so he accompanied her all the way, pulling her to the school gate. The shoes stepped on the ground with water, and the water splashed.

Qi Ying thought secretly, it looked as if they were eloping.

When they ran to the school gate, a group of people stood under the eaves hiding from the rain and to call for a taxi. Qi Ying was taking off the school uniform, cleaning the water off the top and returning it to Ji Rang. Qu Dazhuang approached like a thief, lowered his voice and asked, “Brother Rang, you were on the stairs just now. Didn’t you kiss your little fairy?”

The tips of Qi Ying’s ears went red, and she dared not look up.

She heard Ji Rang pause for a heartbeat and say: “No, you are wrong.”

Qu Dazhuang was anxious: “Why not?! I saw it! You two were on the steps…”

Ji Rang kicked his ass in anger, “Look at you, stay away from me!”

His reaction made Qu Dazhuang surer, they must have kissed!

The taxis came one after another, and Ji Rang and Qi Ying got in one taxi and he took her home. The heating in the car was full, and he felt hot and asked the driver to turn off the heating.

The driver laughed and did it and said: “Young people are full of blood, but we are too cold when we turn off the heating.”

The bloody young man recalled his impulsive behavior just now, and he was extremely annoyed.

But how can you blame him?!

He clearly warned her several times!

She seduced him deliberately!

After reporting to her uncle, Qi Ying felt the irritable atmosphere around the teenager. She put away the phone, sat closer to him, tilted her head and looked at him curiously, as if asking: What’s wrong with you?

Ji Rang smelled the familiar sweet fragrance.

The scent still stuck to the corners of his lips.

The smell made his whole body hot, and he hurriedly lowered the car window. The cold air blew in, whirring, and the boy gritted his teeth amidst the whirring wind: “No more seducing!”

Qi Ying was shivering with the cold, extremely wronged.

She obviously didn’t do anything.

In the next few days, Ji Rang avoided her a bit. As soon as she went a little closer to him, he jumped a few feet away as if he had been burned.

Qi Ying was almost furious.

When she came out from the office and passed the Class 9 classroom holding the history papers, she saw Ji Rang standing at the door talking and laughing with Qu Dazhuang and rushed over aggressively. Before Ji Rang could react, she slammed his foot.

After stepping on it, she left, leaving him with the view of her furious back.

Ji Rang was still stunned, and Qu Dazhuang almost laughed to death: “Oh fuck, why were you hit by the little fairy?”

The boss had a complicated look on his face.

In class, he didn’t listen carefully. Halfway through the class, he couldn’t help kicking the big chair.

Qu Dazhuang was playing games secretly, thinking that the teacher was coming, he was so scared that he hurriedly stuffed his phone into the desk. Looking up, Ji Rang looked at him irritably, and asked in a low voice: “Do you think I’m like the kind of scumbag they often call me?”

Qu Dazhuang: “???”

It does not make sense.

Ji Rang was too annoyed, but with zero emotional experience, he had to stop saving his face and learn from the younger brother: “I kissed her without confessing to her.”

If it weren’t for class, Qu Dazhuang would jump up: “I knew I was right!”

The boss guiltily admitted his mistake: “After kissing, I avoided her.”

Qu Dazhuang slapped his thigh: “Scum! It’s too scummy!”

Ji Rang’s eyes fired, he gritted his teeth, but endured it, and asked in a muffled voice, “What should I do?”

Qu Dazhuang looked very smug as he said: “How simple is this, confess! It’s not like you Brother Ji, you should have confessed long ago, it is serious to chase people quickly! Do you understand the sealed conclusion?”

Ji Rang let his fingers tighten, gritted his teeth and said, “No.”

Qu Dazhuang was strange: “Why not?”

Ji Rang held back for a long time and said: “I can’t fall in love early.”

Qu Dazhuang: “???”

The boss was a little dejected and was silent for a long time before he said: “Do you remember the standard package for judging bad students?”

It was very exciting to mention this, after all, this was the root of their foothold in the road at the beginning!

Just like three good students must have good grades, good character, and good behavior, they also have standards for bad students! Back then, they were proud of being the standard package of bad students!

He said excitedly: “Remember! Smoking and fighting, skipping school and having a puppy love, and taking the first to last exam, complete!”

Ji Rang said with a blank face, “I have done everything except puppy love.”

Qu Dazhuang: “So?”

Ji Rang: “So I can’t fall in love early, I have to keep the last bottom line.”

Qu Dazhuang: “???”

What the fuck is this?

You are not a bad student if you don’t fall in love early?

You smoke and fight to skip class, but you are still a good boy?

Ji Rang sat back a little irritably, took a pen and scribbled a few strokes on the Chinese books, and muttered, “No way, I can’t spoil her.”

She is so well-behaved, purer than moonlight, and grew up cleanly all the way, without a trace of criticism on her body.

Can’t be stained by him.

He can’t let it happen that when others talked about her, they would use a gossipy and disappointed tone while saying: It was the girl who fell in love with the bad boy.

He couldn’t bear it.

Qu Dazhuang looked at him like a Pokémon, and couldn’t help but ask: “Then what would your relatives do? Then if you kiss someone now and don’t admit it, what do you want them to think?”

Ji Rang said calmly: “That’s no big deal, let her kiss me back, and it’s even.”

Qu Dazhuang: “???”

Damn, the boss is too shameless.

After school in the afternoon, Qi Ying and Yue Li walked out of the classroom arm in arm, ready to go to the snack street to eat something, and then come back to study in the evening. As soon as they left the classroom, they saw Ji Rang leaning on the opposite side of the corridor, with his schoolbag on his shoulder and a box of strawberry pudding in his hand.

The students passing by were all watching him secretly, even if the good-looking people were notorious, they would inevitably attract attention.

Yue Li greeted him happily: “Big brother, have you come to see Yingying? Do you want to go to dinner with us?”

Before Ji Rang answered, he saw Qi Ying drag Yue Li down, ignoring him. The big man regretted his previous naive behavior and chased after them with his lips held in a grimace.

Yue Li looked at his words and thoughts and asked Qi Ying in a low voice, “Yingying, you guys have a fight?”

Qi Ying’s face was bulging, and she nodded heavily.

She also had a temper!

This time I will definitely not forgive him so easily!

Ji Rang followed them all the way out of school, into a covered restaurant, and sat at the table next to them. Qi Ying’s face was sullen, without turning her head to look at him.

Yue Li’s gaze turned back and forth between the two of them, really afraid that the patience of the big man would be worn out, and suddenly violently beat them up. After all, he has never been patient with girls.

On the other hand, the meal was very peaceful. Ji Rang asked a person to sit at another table, finished the meal in silence, and went to pay for all three of them.

Then followed them all the way back to school.

When he walked to the Class 2 classroom, Ji Rang pulled Yue Li and gave her the strawberry pudding in his hand.

The silly Yue Li made an expression that promised to complete the task.

When she sat down in her seat, Yue Li put the strawberry pudding on the desk, opened the lid and smelled it, and exaggeratedly said, “Wow, it’s so delicious! Yingying, do you want to eat it?”

Qi Ying twisted her little head aside, ignoring the traitor.

Yue Li sighed and said, “Then you can throw it away if you don’t want to eat it. I don’t like strawberries.”

Taking the pudding as a gesture, Qi Ying turned around and quickly snatched the pudding from her hand. Then she tied the bag with a serious face and stuffed it into the innermost desk.

Yue Li smiled and her stomach hurt from suppressing her laugh: “You have to eat early, it will go bad after a long time.”

Qi Ying’s ears were red, and she ignored her jokes.

It was getting dark early, and the students who stayed in the school to review were quietly studying on their own. After Qi Ying finished writing the two chemistry papers, she stretched out. She glanced at Yue Li lying on the table as if she was asleep, put her fingers into the desk, and quietly took out the box of strawberry pudding.

Looking left and right, no one noticed her, so she ate it secretly.

At the end of the evening self-study, when returning home, Qi Ying carried a schoolbag and was walking to the bus stand with Yue Li. The two did not take the same route. Yue Li’s bus arrived first, so she waved to her and got in the bus and left.

Qi Ying stood alone under the stop sign and waited for the bus. In the cold winter night, she pulled up the scarf to cover half of her face. She wore the bunny ear hat with the down jacket on her head, showing only a pair of watery eyes.

A few boys in the senior year of high school next to her were also studying at night. One of the tall and handsome seniors had been paying attention to her for a long time. Before the bus came, he walked to her to strike up a conversation: “School girl, the evening study starting in the first year of high school. Working too hard.”

She looked so well-behaved, so small, if it wasn’t for Haiyi’s school uniform, someone would believe that she was a junior high school student.

Of course the senior thought she was a freshman.

Qi Ying smiled politely when he saw the same school uniforms worn by the boys, and stretched out two fingers to change one to two.

I am sophomore in high school.

The boy froze for a moment, and thought this elementary school girl was silly and so cute: “Why are you comparing yourself to me?” He said and took out his mobile phone, “Senior girl, let’s add each other on WeChat. I am third in my class. Yes, my grades are not bad, you can ask me any questions you have about your studies.”

Qi Ying hesitated.

She wanted to refuse, but felt impolite to shake her head directly, so she also took out her mobile phone and prepared to type to refuse.

When the boy saw her take out her phone, he thought she agreed, and happily moved closer.

As soon as he got closer, a figure suddenly emerged from behind the black bus stop sign, and with a bit of chill around his body, he pulled Qi Ying over.

Several boys were shocked. After reacting, they thought there was a bad guy, and rushed over and shouted: “Who?! Let go!”

The tall and thin boy walked out of the shadows.

A cold face, sullen with wild brows, stared at them silently.

Qi Ying was wrapped in his arms, struggling for two times without breaking away, and stepped on him.

One of the boys recognized him and whispered: “It’s Ji Rang.”

He said coldly: “Get out while I’m still patient.”

The boy who asked Qi Ying for WeChat couldn’t help but say: “What’s the matter with you?! Do you know her? I will call the police if you don’t let go!”

Ji Rang ignored him and looked down at the struggling little girl in his arms. His arms were a little loose, but he still didn’t let go of her and let her step on his feet.

Qi Ying didn’t know whether he was angry or wronged, but his eyes were red.

The boy wanted to say something, but the companion behind pulled him off: “Leave it alone, can’t you see that the relationship between them is unusual? The bus is coming, let’s go.”

The door of the bus opened, and there was a rush of heat. After waiting for people to get on the bus, they closed the door and drove away. The exhaust gas rolled up the dead leaves scattered on the street.

Ji Rang let go.

Qi Ying pulled out from his arms and turned around to stare at him.

He lowered his head for a long time, and muttered, “I’ll redeem the prize.”

Qi Ying was stunned for a moment, but did not understand what he meant.

Ji Rang took a piece of A4 paper from the pocket of the school uniform, opened it, and handed it to her.

The colors and writing on it had faded a bit, even the creases are obvious, but the paper was still very new, as if it has been carefully preserved.

Ji Rang took her hand and put the certificate in her hand, with a low voice: “My wish is that Yingying will not be angry with me anymore.”

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