TBLF Ch. 45

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Qi Ying looked down at the certificate he presented.

Unexpectedly, the little wish was for her not to be angry.

This person is really…

So unreasonable.

Obviously he avoided her first.

But there is no other way, who made her a person who kept her promises? Let’s just not be angry. In fact, after eating the box of strawberry pudding tonight, she was not very angry anymore.

So, she accepted the certificate and nodded at him with a smile on her lips.

The bunny ears on the head also dangled, so well-behaved. Ji Rang couldn’t help laughing, and touched it.

Qi Ying moved away from his hand with a serious face. Although she is not angry anymore, it does not mean that this matter can be ignored. She took the phone and typed and asked him: Why did you want to avoid me?

Ji Rang stared at the lit mobile phone screen, not knowing how to answer.


Because you are so sweet that you invoke me to commit crimes.

And Laozi’s self-control is not good.

Because as soon as I get close to you, I want to kiss you while holding you hard in my arms.

But I really want to protect you, no one can touch you, not even me.

After a long time, Ji Rang pinched her face: “Because I have a thin face, I have no face to see you after kissing you, okay?”

Qi Ying’s eyes widened in surprise. After reacting, she lowered her eyes a little embarrassedly, typing and saying: I promised you, I won’t tell others.

She said again: Then it should not have happened.

Ji Rang fiercely told her: “No! You have to remember!”

Qi Ying thinks this person is naive.

The bus came slowly, and he reached out to take her schoolbag, in a good mood: “Let’s go, brother will take you home.”

Since the last time he pretended to be her brother in front of Yue Li’s mother, he seemed to be addicted to it.

Qi Ying found it a little funny, and obediently followed him into the car.

Ji Rang had lingering fears about the motion sickness last time. Fortunately, there were still many vacancies in the bus at this time. The two of them walked to the back and sat down. He opened the windows of the car and there was fresh and circulating cold air. The smell would not be so unpleasant.

The car drove through the long street in winter night. At each stop, there are people going up and down, some are office workers, some are couples, and there are elderly people. The state of the world suddenly made him look forward to the distant future.

Couldn’t help but think, many years later, will he still take the bus with her like this, pick her up from work, and take her home?

It shouldn’t be possible. If he is so poor that he can’t even afford a car, what face would he have to pick her up from get off work???

Fucking bus, he is motion sick again.

He bore it all the way to the stop near Qi Ying’s house, he rushed down as soon as the bus stopped. Fortunately, there was a drink vending machine next to him. After buying a bottle of water and gulping it down, he relaxed. Qi Ying looked at him worriedly, recalling the last time he got off the bus suddenly, and then realized that he might have motion sickness.

She looked around, and the fruit shop on the street was about to close, so she ran over and bought an orange.

Ji Rang was still leaning on the bus stop sign and suddenly smelled a faint orange fragrance on the tip of his nose. When he tilted his head to see, Qi Ying was peeling an orange, the tiny orange oil mist burst into the air, and her fingers were dyed yellow.

Ji Rang waited to eat oranges.

After peeling it, she passed the orange peel to him to smell, and then ate the orange by herself.

Ji Rang: “…”

She ate the orange and sent him a message: The stomach is uncomfortable so you can’t eat cold things. You have to take the bus back later. The orange peel can relieve the feeling of motion sickness. Just smell it.

This is why you eat oranges and I smell orange peels???

Ji Rang was furious.

He took her all the way to the gate of the community, and the orange peel in his hand was ravaged by him.

But it seems really useful.

When he stopped, Qi Ying took her schoolbag and carried it back, waved to him, and lipped: “Go home early.”

He hummed, seeing her turning around, thinking of something, and then pulled the strap of her schoolbag. Qi Ying turned her head and saw that his expression was a little unnatural, he was hesitant for a long time, and then whispered: “If I pass the final exam this time, will you give me another certificate?”

He begged her for awards like a child begging for sweets.

Qi Ying’s heart was so soft, she nodded with a soft smile on her lips.

After a few light snow sessions, with the freezing of the sky, the final exam finally arrived.

The head teachers of each class inevitably gave a slogan: “You must carefully review the questions! A lot of your points are lost on the careless review of the questions! Skip the questions that you can’t do, don’t waste time, first do all the questions you know. Must check after finishing! There is one more thing! Don’t shy away, get some energy! Do you want to go home for the new year without getting beaten? Then take the test well! “

The exam began in full swing.

For the first time in history, Ji Rang did not count down the time in the examination room.

This was the classroom for the middle rankers. It’s hard to say how good their grades are, but most of them are honest students. Ji Rang attracted all the attention as soon as he entered.

They dared not look blatantly, but they can’t help being curious. After all, the school tyrant jumped from the bottom to the same place as them, and the rumors about cheating have never been cleared.

Even the teacher couldn’t control him, this man is really amazing.

Ji Rang smashed the language book in his hand on the tabletop and made a bang, making everyone around him tremble.

His eyelids were half lifted, filled with cold: “Am I good-looking?”

The eyes of the surroundings got busy and turned back.

When the teacher walked into the classroom with the papers, she found it strange that why this class was so quiet. She opened the test paper in front of the students, and when the bell rang, it was passed on in rows.

The exam lasted for two days.

After the exam, they had to have another week of classes before the holiday. This week, they basically discussed about the papers before the results. As soon as he returned to the classroom, Qu Dazhuang asked him, “Brother Ji, do you want to know the right answers?”

Ji Rang glanced at him: “I get the answer from you, am I crazy?”

Qu Dazhuang said unconvincedly: “Don’t look down on people! I heard the study committee members discussing that the answers to many of my questions are the same as me! The first math problem is equal to 0!”

Ji Rang’s eyes twitched, “Really?”

Qu Dazhuang: “Really! How much did you get?”

Ji Rang: “…1.”

Qu Dazhuang looked at him pitifully: “Then you are wrong.”

The gangster suddenly became depressed: “Go away, don’t talk to me anymore!”

Ji Rang felt that he might be suffering from post-exam anxiety. Otherwise, why would it be so difficult to wait for results after every exam? Especially after knowing that the first problem of mathematics is equal to 0, this anxiety is driving people crazy.

He was depressed all day long. When school was over, he was slowly packing up his textbooks. Qi Ying had already run over with her schoolbag to wait for him.

Seeing that he seemed a little unhappy, she wrote and asked him: What’s wrong? Was the exam too tiring?

Ji Rang shook his head, cheered up and smiled at her: “A little tired, it’s okay.”

Qu Dazhuang sighed next to him and said, “It’s exhausting for my brother. When he got to know that the answer to the first math problem is 0 instead of 1, he became tragic.”

Ji Rang picked up the book and hit him.

Qi Ying tilted her head curiously, and lowered her head to write: No, the answer to the first question is 1.

Ji Rang: “!!!”

Qu Dazhuang: “???”

If you don’t believe me, look it up!

Three days passed in a flash, and the results list was posted on Thursday morning.

Ji Rang did not let himself down. He met Wu Rui’s requirements and was admitted into the top 300, ranking 280. Qi Ying was admitted to the top ten of the grade and ranked ninth.

On the performance list, the distance between the two names was much closer.

He went to Class 2 to find Qi Ying after class.

She was still eating snacks with Yue Li, and ran out with a bulging mouth. With a smile in his eyes, he stretched out his hand and asked, “Where is my certificate?”

Qi Ying just remembered it, and was stunned for a moment. She quickly swallowed the snack in her mouth, pointed to the location of the classroom, and signaled that she wanted to go back to get it.

Ji Rang was rarely so happy: “Go.”

She turned around and ran back to the classroom, and came out after a while.

There was also a folded paper in her hand.

When she ran to him, she didn’t know why there was a little ignorance in her eyes. She didn’t dare to look into his eyes, lowered her head and handed him something.

Ji Rang took it and opened it.

It is the same certificate, even the degree of fading and creases are exactly the same as the previous one.

It’s just that the words “Autumn Games” and “winning the first place” were changed to “In view of Ji Rang’s outstanding performance in the final exam of the second year of high school, as he achieved a good score of 280.”

There was a Chinese correction sign on it!

Ji Rang almost wanted to beat this little thing in front of him.

“You are fucking recycling?!”

Qi Ying: “…”

Oh, people were busy with the final exams, so she couldn’t make a new one.

Who knew that you would come so quickly to ask for a certificate, when the results have only been out for less than an hour, so she didn’t have time to prepare!

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