TCYEC Ch. 40

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The nanny car had good sound insulation. The assistant Zhang Shan drove. Hong Zhehao and Lian Jing sat in the back seat. The three of them did not speak. The car was so quiet that a pin drop could be heard.

Waiting for the red light, Zhang Shan secretly looked at the two people in the back seat in the rear-view mirror.

Zhang Shan used to be an assistant to another team. When Hong Zhehao entered the company, he was personally named by Lian Jing to come.

Who didn’t know that Lian Jing’s team was the best equipped in Jiace, and the people trained by Lian Jing are now independent agents, and two people have brought out popular traffic stars, with both having an annual income in seven digits.

Zhang Shan has been a celebrity assistant for so many years, and his professional ability is also first-class. Naturally, he wants to go to the next level. He doesn’t want to be a celebrity assistant forever, earning several thousand yuan in dead salary a month.

Hearing that Lian Jing asked to go there by himself, Zhang Shan felt that a piece of pie had fallen from the sky and hit him on his head. The pie had a golden filling, and he immediately promised to go there.

Although the team he was with was not happy, they didn’t dare to offend Lian Jing on the face. He entered Lian Jing’s team smoothly.

He had already followed Hong Zhehao for more than a month. He had heard a lot of rumors about Hong Zhehao before, saying that this person liked to play big names, had an unpleasant personality and offended people everywhere. If it weren’t for his background, he would have been blocked.

But when he actually got along with Hong Zhehao, he realized that the rumors were rumors because many of them were based on hearsay and speculation.

Hong Zhehao was actually not difficult to get along with, a bit silly, and much easier to serve than the female artist on his previous team. At most, he must be guarded against theft of snacks-especially sweets.

Zhang Shan thought, as a star, this person was stupid, dealing with interpersonal relationships like a child, likes or dislikes were all on the surface, no wonder there are rumors that he offends people everywhere.

Just like now, after seeing Mr. Mu from Fengyu Times at the villa, Hong Zhehao’s face had always been so ugly. Fortunately, there were no outsiders there. Otherwise, there will be another gossip about “Hong Zhehao’s black face” tomorrow.

Brother Lian didn’t like to talk at first. Even if he can speak, if he can express it in one word he won’t speak two words. Now, even the talkative Hong Zhehao spoke. The car was so quiet.

“Zhehao, that…was the fish delicious?” Zhang Shan felt that he needed to invigorate the atmosphere, so he started with Hong Zhehao’s favorite topic-food.

Hong Zhehao absently said, “It was delicious.”

“It’s a pity that you didn’t eat that rum ball. After all, you made it by yourself.” Zhang Shan continued his efforts.

Hong Zhehao gave a soft “um”.

Zhang Shan: “…”

Ha ha, why am I chatting to death. Let’s concentrate on driving.

Hong Zhehao knew that Zhang Shan cared about him, but he has such a personality, full of emotions and anger, especially against hypocritical and wilful people.

He also wants to change his unpleasant character, but he is very depressed now, really doesn’t want to talk or care about people.

After ending this period of his wishful thinking, Hong Zhehao felt uncomfortable in his heart, but he actually felt a little relaxed in his heart.

That person didn’t love him at all, despised him, his true feelings were only exchanged for ridicule, and how stupid he was before that he did so many stupid things because of such a scumbag.

Now, he has nothing to do with him anymore.

But after saying goodbye to this person, there is still resentment in his heart, although not as strong as before.

When he saw his face, that bastard Chen calmly smiled, called his name, acted as before. He was so tempted to throw a punch, could not wait to go for his face.

He has already torn his face, and has been kicked out of the company. How does this person want to disgust him and abuse him further?

“Eat.” Hong Zhehao looked at the biscuit that was suddenly handed to him, his clenched fist unconsciously loosened, and his eyes followed the biscuit and the biscuit arm to the face of the person who gave him the biscuit.

He suddenly felt horrified.

The devil agent would actually take the initiative to feed him!!!

Is this for me? Not for somebody else?

Lian Jing stuffed the biscuits into Hong Zhehao’s hand, “You will feel better if you have something to eat.”

Hong Zhehao blinked, and while unpacking the biscuits, he lowered his head and turned his eyes around, saying in a “lower” voice, “That. I made the rum ball by myself, and I don’t know if it tastes good…”

He even looked over at it blankly.

Hong Zhehao immediately became honest, and didn’t play any tricks.

And ate cookies obediently.

“…So hard!” Hong Zhehao looked at the cookie with only a small gap in his hand in shock.

Is this really a cookie?

Or aluminum alloy made into biscuit?

“Coarse grain biscuits.” Lian Jing explained, and handed over a script. “You can go back and read this script. If you have no problem, we will continue.”

“This cookie is too thick. My mouth is not good.” Hong Zhehao complained.

Lian Jing said indifferently: “Eat less sweets, and the mouth will be better.” Hong Zhehao immediately didn’t dare to stroke the tiger’s beard[1]. He took the script and turned over the outline very obediently. “Comedy movie? The name is a bit stupid, it’s actually called pretending to be forced. If you pretend too much, what role do I play?”

“The second male lead, the actor who will play Dongfang Zhe has been fixed, it is Yu Siyang.” Lian Jing said, “If you are interested, we will go try for the role tomorrow.”

“Yu Siyang!” Hong Zhehao’s eyes beamed.

Filming with Yu Siyang means that there would be so many delicious foods!

Lian Jing glanced faintly, and Hong Zhehao immediately wilted.

“Yu Siyang is a rare talent and fast-growing newcomer in recent years. I don’t object to you befriending him, but,” Lian Jing said emphatically, “Don’t eat with him.”

Hong Zhehao forced his face to harden.

“If others don’t eat, can’t you not eat too?”

Hong Zhehao felt heartbroken.

Blame me for this fat body that blows up just by drinking water!

Yu Siyang was indeed very fast, a movie made him an instant hit.

Before, he was only popular on the Internet because of his appearance and cooking skills, and now mainstream media are reporting him as well.

Liu Cai was also a wonderful person. Taking advantage of this enthusiasm, he released makeup photos of the main actors of “Traitor” and a set of stills called “Dark Fighting Edition”.

Yu Siyang played the male number three in a big production such as “Traitor”, which was joined by the Best actor and movie queen, and was thus envied by all the actors of the same period.

In the makeup photo of “The Traitor”, Yu Siyang is dressed in a gorgeous black unicorn uniform, with his chin slightly raised, standing with his hands behind his back, the tails of his eyes and eyebrows slightly raised, arrogantly squinting over, as if watching creeping Ants under his feet. His pale lips and the blush at the end of his eyes made him feel charming and fragile, but he didn’t look feminine.

“I, I, I… My God!!! My Yangyang is so beautiful!!!”

“So cute, it’s really a blank sheet of paper.”

“The screen is dirty from my licking.”

“Hahaha I’ve licked the screen badly, I’m going to change another screen and continue to lick it. Don’t stop me.”

Yu Siyang ’s fans went crazy when they saw the makeup photos, first worshipped under the official Weibo of “Traitor”, and then went to Yu Siyang’s Weibo and screamed to offer their knees, and then waited for the crew to send out the “dark fight version” stills, they simply couldn’t calm down, and the group went to Zhan Heng’s Weibo to swipe the screen.

In the “Dark Fighting Edition” stills, there was only one with Yu Siyang, which is the scene Yu Siyang previously shot.

However, it is different from the rudimentary version during the shooting. In this still, the fake friend is grabbed by Qi Wang. The distance between the two faces is only one finger wide, and their eyes are fierce as if sparking.

Fans of Yu Siyang and Zhan Heng had “friendly” and lively discussions on Zhan Heng’s Weibo.

“Don’t you think that the still picture of my Yang and Heng in the same frame is very subtle?”

“Yes, yeah, why are they so close, what does Heng want to do to my Yangyang?”

“It’s Yu Siyang who wants to do something to my male god, right?”

“Don’t you have good eyes upstairs? Didn’t you see Emperor Zhan Heng grabbing my Yangyang’s clothes.”

“Side face killing, side face killing, the male god and Yu Siyang’s side faces are so beautiful, I am crying.”

“Hey, am I the only one who thinks that these two people will kiss in the next second?”

This comment was immediately praised by many people. “It’s not just you.”

Although Yu Siyang follows Zhan Heng’s Weibo, he only liked to discuss with fans where something is delicious or how to make something delicious. He was not interested in the gossip of Zhan Heng, so he didn’t know that Zhan Heng’s Weibo was almost full.

There are some fans who only support Heng Actor, some fans who only support Yu Siyang, and a lot of CP fans who suddenly appeared.

These CP fans are very powerful in combat power, and they say “The king of Qi and the fake friend are the official match, and the heroine belongs to the emperor.”

The emperor’s persona was an old emperor in his fifties.

As soon as this remark came out, both Zhan Heng’s fans and Yi Jiaojiao’s fans were hit hard. The player who played the old emperor was an old opera star, and he had many fans. Both Yi Jiaojiao’s fans and the emperor’s fans organized a group to go to Zhan Heng’s Weibo to discuss.

All the fans of so many people went, Li Yiliang’s fans could not sit still, and ran to join in the fun, saying, “The official match of King Qi is actually Sima Lun. They fell in love with each other, and finally died on the battlefield together. If this is not love, then there is no real love on this earth.” So, these people brought up the hot topic of # Heng’s Official Match#, which quickly climbed to the top of the hot search rankings.

Liu Cai didn’t expect that just a still picture would have such a propaganda effect, and he became immediately complacent.

After seeing Peng Zhigao, he also said that he would not propagate, hey, hey, their propaganda effect was sloppy, so he didn’t spend money to ask the water army.

This is strength, hum!

“Brother Zhan, look at this.” On the way back to the company, the assistant handed the phone to Zhan Heng. “Should we declare and clarify?”

Zhan Heng saw that his Weibo was very lively, and he watched it for a while to understand the situation. Later, he returned the phone to the assistant.

“No, it’s just a joke.” The new assistant was very honest, just a little less clever, and the current agent is not very good at training people, it is better to have Xiaofeng.

Thinking of Wei Xiaofeng, Zhan Heng suddenly blessed his soul.

Wei Xiaofeng’s office

Luo Peng took a folder and reported to Wei Xiaofeng: “I have been contacted by the directors or producers of 11 TV series. Among them, three TV series are giving the role of first male lead. I was contacted by the director of a movie, the director Jiang, who is called the king of bad movies, who has been rejected by me.”

“What do you think?” Wei Xiaofeng asked.

“I have read all the scripts of TV dramas. Most of them are couch TV dramas[2], and some do not have any other stars.” Luo Peng gave the printed form to Wei Xiaofeng, Yu Siyang, and Tang Hang, one each. My suggestion is not to accept any of them.”

The form was very detailed, with the name of the TV series, investor information, director, screenwriter, and script summary are all listed on it.

“Once you force the grade to fall, it will be difficult to go up again.” Luo Peng said triumphantly: “Xiaoyu is an actor who has participated in big productions, and has started much higher than others. I suggest that we take the movie road in the future. Let’s not compete with others for the one-mu three-point[3] land in the TV circle.”

“Yes, there is progress.” Wei Xiaofeng praised in an exaggerated manner.

Luo Peng immediately shook, and put his arm around Yu Siyang’s shoulders, and said: “Xiaoyu, Brother Luo is right.”

“Yes.” Yu Siyang nodded.

“There are also several reality shows, who invited Xiaoyu to be a resident guest, but I also pushed them.” Luo Peng continued.

Wei Xiaofeng raised her eyebrows, “Now the reality show circle is very popular, why did you push it.”

“Xiaoyu is an actor,” Luo Peng said, “His job is to perform well.”

Tang Hang also said: “Several artists of Fengyu were always said to have no works, so they could only get themselves teased on variety shows, and finally turned into reality show actors. But now audiences are not buying reality shows as they did in previous years, and the ratings of many shows have fallen. It’s amazing.”

“Yes, that’s the truth.” Luo Peng said: “And Xiaoyu is now shooting, and the comedy movie’s crew is also scheduled, I heard from Director Jin that it is expected to start next month. Xiaoyu doesn’t have time to shoot a reality show.”

Wei Xiaofeng smiled appreciatively.

He also disapproved of Yu Siyang’s filming of couch dramas and reality shows.

An actor’s popularity can accumulate very quickly, but once he stops, he consumes his popularity, and it is even more difficult to return to the previous state.

An actor’s job is to act, to play each role well, not to do some fancy stuff.

Luo Peng and Yu Siyang, the duo, stumbled for nearly a year, and finally they looked a little bit different.

Just as Wei Xiaofeng wanted to praise Luo Peng who had grown up, the office door was suddenly pushed open. Zhan Heng walked in quickly, ignoring Yu Siyang and the three, grabbing Wei Xiaofeng’s hand, and said affectionately: “Xiao Feng, you must believe me. The boy Yu Siyang and I are definitely not an official match. You and I are.”

Wei Xiaofeng: “…”

Yu Siyang: “…”

Luo Peng: “…”

Tang Hang : “…”

The office became very quiet.

Facing Zhan Heng’s sudden nervousness, Wei Xiaofeng looked disgusted, Tang Hang remained silent as a mountain, Yu Siyang and Luo Peng had the expression as if they had been shot by an AK47.

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[1] Fight with somebody who could kill him.

[2] Typical romance dramas.

[3] Limited.

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