TCYEC Ch. 39

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After the release of “Poisonous Delicacy”, the hot topic continued to persist, and the box office also rose steadily. The face values of the four main actors in the film are naturally expected to increase the topic. Moreover, there are the exquisite delicacies in the film, which had the audience screaming hunger in the movie theatres.

According to the previously negotiated itinerary, when the box office broke 100 million yuan, Hong Zhehao and Yu Siyang would do a live broadcast to add fire to the box office.

Everyone did not expect that the box office of the film was over 100 million in just four days after it was released, and become the top domestic film released on the National Day weekend.

As a result, the itinerary, which was originally scheduled for a week later, had to be preponed.

Miao Miao Live had long signed a sponsorship agreement with the crew, and also specially provided a set of professional live broadcast equipment. The recording location is in a villa arranged by Fengyu Times.

Yu Siyang and Hong Zhehao walked to the villa. They both wore t-shirts provided by Miao Miao Live. Yu Siyang wore a white T-shirt with a black cat. Hong Zhehao’s color was just the opposite of his.

“This shirt is pretty good-looking, are there other styles?” Hong Zhehao pulled the T-shirt on his body and asked the person in charge of Miao Miao Live.

The person in charge was very helpful and said: “There are ten colors in total. I will let them bring a complete set and send you and Mr. Yu a set each.”

Hong Zhehao happily thanked the person in charge, and ran to ask Yu Siyang for credit.

Yu Siyang was opening the side-by-side refrigerator in the kitchen.

“Wow…” As soon as the refrigerator door opened, Hong Zhehao exclaimed: “A lot of food, Yu Siyang, what are we making?”

There are a variety of ingredients in the refrigerator. The live broadcast was expected to be half an hour. What to do, Yu Siyang probably had a dish in mind, so he took out the materials that needed to be prepared in advance.

Closing the refrigerator door, Yu Siyang glanced at the ice sculpture-like Lian Jing standing behind the camera, and whispered: “Your agent is watching, do you still dare to eat?”

Hong Zhehao turned stiffly, and gave an innocent look to Lian Jing. His face had a smile that was uglier than crying.

Oh my god! How could I forget this! God he will kill me!!!

In Hong Zhehao’s vision, the content of this live broadcast is-Yu Siyang makes all kinds of delicious food, and he eats all kinds of delicious food next to him.

The reality is-the devil agent is pestering like an ice sculpture, how would he dare to eat it.

Yu Siyang patted his shoulder sympathetically. Although he didn’t speak, his face clearly read “Sympathy”.

Before three o’clock, more than 10 million people flooded into the Miao Miao live broadcast platform, happily waiting for the live broadcast.

When the time came, Yu Siyang and Hong Zhehao appeared on the screen together, and the fans suddenly couldn’t calm down.

“Ah ah ah ah couples costumes for lovers!!!”

“I was fed a bite of dog food without any precautions, and the single dog cried and fainted in the toilet.”

“Hong Bao is very aggressive.”

“Fart! Hong Zhehao is obviously a victim, he was attacked with the gentle attack.”

“Are you blind!!! It’s obviously two sufferers!!! You hurry up and separate, there is no happiness for two sufferers together.”

There is a large monitor specially placed next to the camera, so that Yu Siyang and Hong Zhehao could see the messages sent by fans in real time and interact with them.

After all, the two of them hadn’t said hello, they first saw the fans talking because of the “couple costume” and “attack”. The two looked at each other’s T-shirts, and both turned their heads in disgust.

Fans immediately hahaha: “Fuck it, these two people are still arrogant.”

Hong Zhehao pretended to cough seriously, and said hello to the camera: “Hello everyone, I am Hong Zhehao, and I am playing Han Shantian in the movie. Please everyone support us.”

Yu Siyang waited for him to finish, and then said immediately: “Hello everyone, I am Yu Siyang, playing Fei Qin, and today I will teach you how to cook with Han Shantian.”

“Wait a minute,” Hong Zhehao put his hand on his shoulders, pretending to be puzzled, and said: “It’s not you who are responsible for making it, am I responsible for eating? Why are we making it together?”

Yu Siyang shook his hand off. He said earnestly: “The idea of getting something for nothing is unacceptable. Labor is glorious, and laziness is shameful.”

Hong Zhehao yelled, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… please don’t say it, my elementary school teacher liked to say this the most. It gave me a psychological shadow!”

The fans rolled over with laughter, frantically sending gifts while “hahaha”.

“What are we going to teach them today?” Hong Zhehao asked seriously.

Yu Siyang brought a grass carp from the side, and said with embarrassment: “Director Peng wanted me to cook a grand dish to celebrate our box office of over 100 million yuan. The fire phoenix I am making for you is very demanding. And then I will teach them to make a dessert, this dessert is very simple, you will learn it soon.”

Yu Siyang said, he began to process the grass carp in his hand, and asked Hong Zhehao to get the ingredients in the refrigerator.

“Peanuts, walnuts, oatmeal, honey, rum, cocoa powder, chocolate, coconut, powdered sugar,” Hong Zhehao chanted while taking it, so that fans could hear clearly what materials they needed, “What dessert is this going to be?”

“Chocolate rum balls[1].” Yu Siyang was picking up fish bones, and said without looking up: “Put the peanuts, walnuts and oatmeal into the cooking machine and break them.” Hong Zhehao moved the cooking machine over and waited. After a while, seeing that Yu Siyang was still picking the fishbone, he stayed for a while, and asked with a look of horror: “Are you going to let me make the rum balls?”

“Yes.” Yu Siyang said naturally, raising his hand. He then gestured with the fish, “I have to make fish, of course you will make the rum balls.”

Hong Zhehao glanced at the camera, and whispered in Yu Siyang’s ear, “I am a kitchen killer. My friend ate what I made, and he had stomach pains. I can’t do it.” He said in a low voice, thinking that no one else could hear it. In fact, both of them had mics on their bodies. All these whispers were heard by fans who were watching the live broadcast.

The fans couldn’t help but laugh.

“Look at Yu Siyang ‘s expression, he is speechless.”

“Seeing Yangyang’s psychological shadow at the moment.”

“Hong Zhehao can’t be anymore stupid.”

Yu Siyang happened to see the monitor and elbowed Hong Zhehao, letting him watch the live screen, “Everyone has heard what you said.”

Hong Zhehao was dumbfounded, the expression on his face as if he had been struck by lightning.

“Don’t be in a daze, go and smash the peanuts.” Yu Siyang bypassed Hong Zhehao and changed to a smaller knife.

Hong Zhehao crushed the peanuts with a face of collapse, muttering: “If you can’t eat it, you can’t blame me.”

Yu Siyang nodded calmly: “I won’t eat it.”

 Hong Zhehao: “…”

The fans laughed. With stomach pain, they started to send gifts again: “Seeking Hong Bao’s psychological shadow area.”

“Fire Phoenix’s[2] method is actually very simple, but it requires more knife skills,” Yu Siyang explained to the camera: “After the bones are removed from the grass carp, use the chrysanthemum-shaped flower knife. This flower knife can only penetrate three-quarters of the depth of the fish and cannot cut through.”

Yu Siyang said, holding the fish and pulling the knife on the chopping board.

His knife skills are proficient, and the technique of using the knife is dazzling. The knife is turning between the slender and white fingers, and the silver light is flashing. After a while, he replaced the fish with the knife. He picked up the tail and shook it, neatly. Suddenly the fish exploded.

Fans on the live broadcast platform could no longer remain calm and frantically sent gifts.

“There is actually this kind of operation.”

“God skills, male god, I will give you my knees.”

Hong Zhehao and the friends on the scene were shocked.

Real people can’t do this!

“Your peanuts are all broken?” Yu Siyang went to get the starch and couldn’t help asking when seeing Hong Zhehao standing in a daze.

“Everything is fine.” Hong Zhehao nodded blankly.

Yu Siyang helped Hong Zhehao and brought a big pot to Hong Zhehao, “You put the broken nuts in it, then add some powdered sugar and mix well, then add cocoa powder and mix well.”

Hong Zhehao found the powdered sugar and cocoa powder. The jars were opened one by one, and stopped when they were about to pour into the basin.

“How much?”

“The right amount.”


Hong Zhehao looked confused, how much is the right amount?

The fans really couldn’t laugh, they lined up to tease Hong Zhehao.

The right amount is indeed the most difficult measurement unit in the world.

Yu Siyang marinated the fish and turned around to see Hong Zhehao holding the powdered sugar jar in both hands, standing stiff, couldn’t help but smile, and took the jar, “I’ll pour, you will stir it.”

Hong Zhehao breathed a sigh of relief. Took the stirring stick and stirred hard.

After mixing the powdered sugar and cocoa powder, Yu Siyang put honey and rum into it.

After the honey was put in, it immediately became viscous, and Hong Zhehao added milk and then used all the strength to mix it evenly.

Yu Siyang took a pair of food gloves to Hong Zhehao, and said, “Just squeeze these to the size you think is right. Once you have squeezed it, go and melt the chocolate.”

“It’s easy, leave it to me.” Hong Zhehao promised.

This step is indeed very simple, so Yu Siyang handed it to him with confidence, and went to heat the oil.

The freshly modified grass carp has been marinated and tasted good. He spread a layer of dry starch on the fish. When the oil is heated until the layer is hot, it is deep-fried.

Because he wanted to make the fire phoenix, Yu Siyang did not only use a chrysanthemum-shaped flower knife, but also a wheat-ear flower knife and a petite flower knife.

Therefore, after the fish enters the pot, it slowly stretched into the shape of a phoenix in the pot.

When the “Phoenix” was fried, Yu Siyang took a large white bone china plate, put the “Phoenix” on the plate, fiddled with chopsticks a few times, and cut a few knives on the tail of the fish with scissors. It looked more realistic.

A high phoenix head, a slender phoenix body, two open wings and three long tail feathers.

The sweet and sour sauce was slowly poured on the “Phoenix”, and the “Yellow Phoenix” that was just out of the pot immediately turned into a red “Fire Phoenix”.

He put a few more flowers next to “Phoenix”, and a sweet and sour fire phoenix is ready.

Hong Zhehao didn’t even want to pinch his rum ball. He squeezed to Yu Siyang’s side, looked at him eagerly, and said politely, “I’ll try the taste for the fans.”

Yu Siyang glanced in Lian Jing’s direction. He secretly poked Hong Zhehao’s waist with his finger to remind him to pay attention to his agent.

Hong Zhehao pretended to be dead, put the rum ball that had been rolled into a strip on the plate, took off his gloves, quickly took the chopsticks and pulled the “Phoenix” wings halfway.

The fish is fried so that it is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. You can hear a slight rustling sound when you bite it. The sweet and sour sweet and sour sauce modulated the taste slightly, which did not cover the freshness of the fish at all, but highlighted the sweetness of the fish.

“It’s delicious, it’s delicious.” Hong Zhehao pulled his wings halfway after eating, and then pulled the tail.

He just knows how to eat, and not to describe the taste. Fans expressed their dissatisfaction, and they all made a row of angry expressions.

Seeing the fan’s speech on the monitor, Hong Zhehao paused after eating, and said aggrieved: “I can’t describe it, it’s delicious anyway, um… crispy and delicious.”

Yu Siyang passed by behind him, secretly Poke him a finger-don’t eat, your agent is about to poke you with the ice knives being released from his eyes.

As for the rum ball that Hong Zhehao had squeezed…

Facts have proved that Yu Siyang couldn’t rest assured at all.

It had to be squeezed into a round rum ball, but many of them were squeezed into long strips, and some are irregular polygons.

Someone who only knows how to eat can’t be counted on. He even dared to ignore his devil agent. Now there is nothing to stop him from eating.

Yu Siyang re-squeezed the rum balls into thumb-sized ones, melted the dark chocolate with insulated water, and used a small fork to fork the rum balls and roll them in the chocolate sauce.

“Roll the rum balls with chocolate sauce and put them in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes. Take out the refrigerated rum balls, and roll them with coconut. Of course, if you don’t like coconut, you can also replace it with Broken nuts or chocolate chips, whatever you like.”

Yu Siyang was still teaching how to make rum balls dutifully.

Hong Zhehao turned the live broadcast into a food broadcast. He ate most of the fish by himself, still staring at the rum ball in Yu Siyang’s hand.

Fans laughed and swiped the screen on the platform, expressing their distress for Yu Siyang.

Lian Jing frowned and asked the photography assistant to write “Speak the Concluding Remarks” on the whiteboard.

Yu Siyang saw it and immediately said: “This live broadcast ends here. Thank you for your attention. Please support our movie.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lian Jing asked people to withdraw from the live broadcast platform and turned off the camera and personally went over to bring Hong Zhehao, who was still eating happily.

Hong Zhehao was taken away with a piece of fish in his mouth, looking at Yu Siyang pitifully.

He deliberately didn’t eat lunch-it was also green vegetables anyway, he hadn’t eaten enough, and there were still rum balls.

Yu Siyang turned around and pretended not to see it, and took out the rum ball in the refrigerator and distributed it to the staff who followed.


Lian Jing stopped while he was carrying Hong Zhehao through the living room of the villa.

Hong Zhehao saw who was calling him, the pleasing and pitiful expression on his face immediately faded, and he said faintly, “Mr. Mu.”

“It’s been a long time.” Mu Chen got up from the sofa, with a suave look on his face. With a smile, he walked towards Hong Zhehao.

Lian Jing pulled Hong Zhehao behind him, his tall figure blocked Mu Chen from looking at Hong Zhehao, and his voice was icy: “Mr. Mu, Xiaohao still has something. We are in a hurry, and there is no time to reminisce with you. “After speaking, he took Hong Zhehao’s hand out of the villa and got into the nanny car.

Mu Chen was seldom treated like this, and his face was terribly ugly.

Yu Siyang stopped Tang Hang and the person in charge of Miao Miao Live.

He dared to use the rum ball in his hand to bet that if he goes out now, the prince of the rich era would definitely become angry. This kind of extremely conceited person can and should not be provoked.

——Why is the prince still not leaving? What do you mean by standing in the living room? Don’t you know others are in a hurry!!! so annoying!!!

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