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Xu Mingzhen knew about her, so why didn’t she talk about Tan Mo?

Xu Mingzhen looked at Tan Mo, and just wanted to take the opportunity to have a good talk with Tan Mo.

But she didn’t have to, when she heard Tan Mo say, “Uncle Zhiqian asked me to call him that.”

“Young Master Wei told you to call him that?” And she must have agreed, without any surprises.

Originally, Xu Mingzhen thought that Wei Zhiqian felt that Tan Mo was young and didn’t care about her.

Looking back now, how could Wei Zhiqian be someone who didn’t care about the other party because of her young age?

“That’s right.” Tan Mo nodded, “He insisted that I call him that, and I can’t do otherwise.”

Tan Mo said this, she obviously wasn’t lying.

She originally wanted to call him brother, but Wei Zhiqian refused to let her call him that.

Xu Mingzhen looked relieved: “It’s our Momo who people like. If that’s the case, you can call him that in the future, and you don’t need to avoid it.”

Yuan Keqing exploded in anger.

It was okay when it came to Momo and there was no need to avoid it.

But when she called, Xu Mingzhen was not happy.

What a double standard!

The car stopped at the entrance of Tan family villa, and Yuan Keqing was about to get out of the car with her, but was stopped by Xu Mingzhen: “Unfortunately, you have been out for a long time, and it is getting late now, your Mom would worry. It’s time for you to go home. Come play with Momo next time.”

After speaking, before Yuan Keqing could say anything, Xu Mingzhen ordered the driver at home to take Yuan Keqing home.

After watching the car leave, Xu Mingzhen led Tan Mo by her hand into the house.

As soon as Tan Mo entered the door, she was surrounded by her three older brothers.

“Momo, did you play well? Have you been bullied?” Second Brother Tan asked with all his voice.

“It’s okay, but it was also a little unpleasant.” Tan Mo didn’t want to hide the matter for Wei Keli and Yuan Keqing.

Although the three elder brothers didn’t like Yuan Keqing very much, it didn’t prevent them from understanding about Yuan Keqing’s character.

If they didn’t like her now, it didn’t mean they won’t be deceived by Yuan Keqing or other people’s illusions in the future, right?

And she should also let them clearly realize that Wei Keli was unreliable, lest they have a good impression of Wei Keli, and become quite satisfied with Wei Keli.

Tan Mo still remembered that in the previous life, the three older brothers were madmen who doted on their sister, so they had very strict requirements for their future brother-in-law.

It didn’t matter with anything else, but he must treat their sister well.

As long as Wei Keli didn’t have Yuan Keqing around, he would always be obedient to Tan Mo.

And the parents and the three older brothers were blinded by such an illusion, so they agreed to the marriage between Wei Keri and Tan Mo.

Tan Mo now wanted her parents and three elder brothers to recognize Wei Keli early.

“What’s wrong? Did Wei Keli bully you?” Third Brother Tan Jinyi asked anxiously.

“Yuan Keqing played tricks too?” Tan Jinqi frowned.

The word “also” was also very spiritual.

It meant that in the heart of the eldest brother, Wei Keli was not a good person either!

Tan Mo didn’t hide anything, and didn’t add any details, she just told the whole thing that happened in afternoon.

“Mom.” Tan Jinqi immediately said to Xu Mingzhen, “Try to avoid Momo playing with Yuan Keqing in the future. Momo is innocent and is not Yuan Keqing’s opponent. If it wasn’t because she happened to be bumped into by Wei Zhiqian this time, would Momo not be wronged to death by the two of them?”

Thinking of his sister being wronged but unable to accept it, her suffering unspeakable, while being full of grievances, Tan Jinqi’s heart ached.

“Don’t say that, Yuan Keqing is a little girl, how can there be such twists and turns like you said?” Although Xu Mingzhen was dissatisfied with Yuan Keqing, she had a mature mind when judging a child.

But she couldn’t let her child hate others like this at a young age.

“Unfortunately, she is still young, she has to correct her mistakes, and she must be guided in a better way.” Xu Mingzhen said, “Besides, she may not be doing it on purpose. But you, every time you see her, you all talk well with her. She is also your sister.”

“What sister, she is just a cousin, our sister is only Momo!” Tan Jinsheng grabbed Tan Mo’s hand and assured her, “Momo, don’t worry, we will always have only you as our younger sister. No one can replace you.”

Seeing her mother frowning displeased, she seemed to disagree with what they said.

Before Xu Mingzhen could reprimand Tan Jinqi, he took a step forward and said: “Mom, don’t treat us like children and think we don’t understand anything. Every time Yuan Keqing sees us, she just calls us brother, not cousin. It’s nothing, after all you said, she is our younger sister. But she doesn’t call Momo elder sister, but cousin. But Momo calls her younger sister directly every time. If you haven’t noticed it before, so you might as well pay attention next time, if it is true or not?”

“What does this mean? It means that Yuan Keqing has never treated Momo sincerely from the bottom of her heart, and their relationship is far worse than what she has shown.” She even seemed to want to take Tan Mo’s place.

Otherwise, why was one called brother and the other cousin?

They were obviously brothers and sisters with Tan Mo, but they were treated differently by Yuan Keqing.

Xu Mingzhen didn’t expect that even the most sensible Tan Jinqi didn’t like Yuan Keqing so much.

Xu Mingzhen sighed, and had no choice but to say: “I don’t ask you to be really nice to her, but at least you should show what you should on the surface.”

“Don’t worry, we did this before.”

Xu Mingzhen: “…”

Talking about the meaning of Tan Jinqi, it meant they had always treated Yuan Keqing superficially, and in fact there was no brother-sister affection.

The third brother of the Tan family didn’t want to talk about Yuan Keqing anymore, so he asked in a low voice, “Momo, who gave this doll?”

Could it be a gift from Wei Keli?

If yes, why keep it?

Throw it away early!

“It’s from Uncle Wei Zhiqian. It’s a gift for me.” Tan Mo loved holding the doll very much, and carried it with her wherever she went.

Not even letting go at home.

Looking at it with all her heart, they felt very sad.

They usually gave Tan Mo a lot of toys, why did Tan Mo only like this doll so much?

“Why don’t we go buy dolls for Momo and fill up her room.” Tan Jinyi said to his two elder brothers, “Don’t always let her carry dolls from outsiders.” Tan Jinyi’s proposal got the unanimous approval of his two elder brothers.

The three brothers began to think about choosing a doll for Tan Mo.

On Yuan Keqing’s side, the driver sent her back to Yuan family house.

When she entered the house, her mother Xu Mingjing had already returned.

As soon as Yuan Keqing entered, Xu Mingjing said, “I heard from auntie that you went to play with Momo?”

“Yes.” Yuan Keqing changed into slippers at the entrance and came in.

“Didn’t I tell you yesterday that your aunt is going to take Momo to a friend’s house, so why did you go there today?” Xu Mingjing wondered.

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