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It was rude for Yuan Keqing to run over so recklessly.

“I forgot.” Yuan Keqing said awkwardly.

“Did you cause any trouble at your aunt’s house today?” Xu Mingjing called Yuan Keqing over and asked.

“No.” Yuan Keqing shook her head.

“Why did you come back so late?” Xu Mingjing asked again.

“My aunt took me to play at Brother Keli’s house.” Yuan Keqing explained.

When Xu Mingjing heard this, she immediately asked: “Then did you cause trouble there?”

Xu Mingjing still felt that it was a little rude that she went over suddenly without even saying hello.

“Mom, don’t worry. I didn’t cause trouble to others. Brother Keli and his mother also liked me very much.”

“Then did you take good care of Momo? Did you let her have her way?” Xu Mingjing added.

Every time she heard this, Yuan Keqing became very unhappy.

Tan Mo was obviously her sister, why did she have to give in to Tan Mo every time instead of Tan Mo giving in to her?

Yuan Keqing did not answer Xu Mingjing, but said: “I happened to meet Brother Keli’s uncle over there, and he invited aunt’s family to attend old Mrs. Wei’s birthday party. Obviously I was also there, then why is aunt not willing to take me there?”

Yuan Keqing was not happy and complained with a pout: “Taking me there is obviously a convenient matter, but aunt didn’t agree. To put it bluntly, she still treats me as an outsider and doesn’t want me to know more people. The birthday party for the old lady of the Wei family is obviously an opportunity for meeting many important people, and it will also be helpful to our family. Auntie always says that we are all one family, but at this time, it is not the case anymore?” Xu Mingjing frowned after hearing this, afraid Yuan Keqing’s thinking was becoming more and more twisted, and it had gotten to the point where she couldn’t get rid of it.

“Keqing, you have to recognize your identity.” Xu Mingjing said in a serious and slightly stern tone, fearing that Yuan Keqing would not remember, “Our family can live the life we have now because of your aunt’s family. Even your father’s job was arranged by your uncle.”

Otherwise, with Yuan Zhengwen’s ability, how could he let them live in a villa with servants and drivers?

“You can’t be like Tan Mo just because your aunt treats you well. Your surname is not Tan. You are just your aunt’s niece, not her biological daughter.” Xu Mingjing said, “You don’t need to compare to Tan Mo in everything. What she has is given to her by the Tan family. It is what she deserves, not what you deserve.”

Then she saw Yuan Keqing’s lips trembling and her eyes turning red.

Xu Mingjing sighed: “You are still young, I shouldn’t have told you this. But just because you are still young, I can’t let you think and do wrong. When the thoughts are deeply ingrained inside you until you can’t change them, it will be too late.”

“What a pity. Don’t blame your aunt because of this matter. She has been very good to us.” Xu Mingjing asked.

“I know, don’t worry.” Yuan Keqing smiled obediently.

Seeing that her daughter was so good, Xu Mingjing felt comforted.

When sleeping at night, Yuan Zhengwen went to see Yuan Keqing.

Xu Mingjing didn’t know that Yuan Keqing told Yuan Zhengwen about it.

In fact, Yuan Zhengwen had always had his own small thoughts. He was now working in Tan Jia, and Tan Wenci had arranged a position for him.

But Yuan Zhengwen didn’t want to rely on Tan Jia all the time.

This made him feel as if he was relying on his wife to make a living, unable to hold his head high at home.

He even felt that Xu Mingzhen and Xu Mingjing looked down on him.

He also wanted to take advantage of Yuan Keqing’s opportunity to establish a good relationship with the Wei family.

At that time, whether he worked alone or stayed in Tan Jia, he would at least be taken seriously and have more say.

“If you really want to go, I can send you to the hotel door.” Yuan Zhengwen whispered, “But since there is no invitation, I can’t send you in. If you have a way to get in, I can send you there.”

“I can!” Yuan Keqing thought of Wei Keli with a determined face, “I can definitely find a way to get in.”


So Yuan Zhengwen made an agreement with Yuan Keqing and kept it secret from Xu Mingjing.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day of old Mrs. Wei’s birthday party.

The Tan family had packed up and was preparing to leave for Shengyue Hotel.

Tan Mo wore the little princess dress that Xu Mingzhen had prepared for her, and she also wore a small bag crosswise, which looked very cute.

“Momo, why are you still holding the doll that Wei Zhiqian gave you?” Tan Jinsheng became jealous when he saw that Tan Mo was still holding the Sleeping Beauty doll tightly in her arms.

“Didn’t we buy a lot of dolls for you? Don’t you want to change the doll every day?” Tan Jinyi persuaded.

The three Tan brothers bought a bunch of dolls the next day and piled them up in Tan Mo’s room.

Unexpectedly, Tan Mo still hugged the Sleeping Beauty doll every day and never let go.

“Of course I have to keep it at home as they are gifts from my brothers. I am the only one who can see them. I cannot share it with others.” Tan Mo said while holding the Sleeping Beauty doll.

The three brothers were immediately impressed by Tan Mo, and they had long forgotten their jealousy.

Yes, if Tan Mo took the dolls out, how bad would it be if it got dirty, broken, or was robbed?

The dolls they gave were meant to be kept at home and cherished.

They and Wei Zhiqian were not at the same level when it came to discussing their status in Tan Mo’s heart.

So Tan Mo contentedly hugged her favourite doll and went out with her parents.

The three brothers were completely unaware that they had been deceived by their sister.

When the Tan family arrived in Shengyue, they happened to meet Wei Zhijian and Li Xiangrong at the door, bringing Wei Keli with them.

When Li Xiangrong saw Xu Mingzhen, she came over with a smile.

Wei Keli took a step behind and suddenly caught a glimpse of a small figure.

Yuan Keqing?

Why was she here by herself?

Wei Keli looked at his parents walking in front, but they hadn’t noticed yet.

Yuan Keqing was alone, and he was worried.

So Wei Keli quietly walked towards Yuan Keqing.

The Tan family’s attention was all on Wei Zhijian and his wife, and only Tan Mo noticed Wei Keli’s behaviour.

Then she followed the direction Wei Keli had walked in and found Yuan Keqing.

Tan Mo raised her eyebrows, there was going to be something good to watch today.

Since it was Yuan Keqing and Wei Keli who were rushing, it would be unreasonable for her not to trick them today, right?

“Keqing, why are you here?” Wei Keli came over and asked.

“I got separated from my aunt.” Yuan Keqing’s eyes were red and she hurriedly explained, “Brother Keli, why are you here?”

“Today is my great-grandmother’s birthday, which happens to be held in Shengyue.” Wei Keli looked around for Yuan Keqing’s nanny, but she was nowhere to be seen, but her family members were all there.

It was definitely not possible to leave Yuan Keqing here like this, so Wei Keli stretched out his hand: “It just so happens that the Momo’s family is here, let me take you there.” Yuan Keqing hesitated: “But my aunt said before that because I was not invited, I can’t come to old Mrs. Wei’s birthday party. I can’t go, I don’t deserve it.”

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