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Wei Keli frowned. He didn’t expect that Xu Mingzhen who seemed so amiable, could be so harsh on Yuan Keqing in private.

If Xu Mingzhen hadn’t said it, how could Yuan Keqing understand the word “unworthy” at such a young age?

Weren’t they a family?

Wei Keli was dissatisfied, so he stretched out his hand and said, “It’s okay, just say I brought you.”

Tan Wenci was holding onto his little Momo when he suddenly heard Yuan Keqing’s voice: “Uncle, aunt.”

Tan Mo and her family were all surprised. They looked over, wondering if they had heard wrongly.

How could they hear Yuan Keqing’s voice here?

Xu Mingzhen looked around and saw Wei Keli coming over holding Yuan Keqing’s hand.

Yuan Keqing looked up proudly at Tan Mo who was held in Tan Wenci’s arms.

So what if the Tan family didn’t bring her?

Didn’t Wei Keli bring her here personally?

“Keqing, why are you here?” Xu Mingzhen asked strangely.

Yuan Keqing did not answer, but hid behind Wei Keli, as if she was afraid of Xu Mingzhen.

Xu Mingzhen frowned, Yuan Keqing’s reaction seemed like she was harsh to Yuan Keqing.

Wei Keli felt more and more that Xu Mingzhen had been mean to Yuan Keqing in private, so he said first, “I brought Keqing to the birthday party.”

Did Wei Keli bring her here?

Xu Mingzhen looked at Li Xiangrong questioningly.

Li Xiangrong didn’t know either, but she couldn’t let her son’s face be lost outside, so she had to quietly shake her head to Xu Mingzhen.

Yuan Keqing was about to show off to Tan Mo proudly.

Even if you don’t bring me here, won’t Wei Keli bring me here himself?

But she saw Tan Mo whispering in Tan Wenci’s ear, leaving Yuan Keqing no chance to speak.

Yuan Keqing was so angry that she felt that Tan Mo was doing it on purpose.

But Tan Mo was really talking something important: “Dad, I saw my uncle is here, right over there.”

Tan Mo pointed quietly, Tan Wenci looked in the direction Tan Mo pointed out, and sure enough he saw Yuan Zhengwen in the distance looking around.

There was no need for Tan Mo to talk too much. He could understand it at a glance when talking to Wenci.

Because Xu Mingzhen refused to bring Yuan Keqing over, Yuan Zhengwen simply brought Yuan Keqing over himself.

“I know it, don’t worry, I won’t let them get something cheap.” Tan Wenci scratched Tan Mo’s little nose. The little girl’s eyes were quite sharp.

“That’s good, dad is the best.” Tan Mo praised him.

“Little devil.” As soon as she talked with Wenci, she got to know that her family also didn’t like Yuan Zhengwen and his daughter either.

Because Yuan Keqing was there, Tan Wenci put Tan Mo down.

Wei Keli said that he invited Yuan Keqing, so Xu Mingzhen would not object.

A group of people walked into Shengyue together.

Yuan Keqing and Tan Mo walked together.

Li Xiangrong took the opportunity and followed Xu Mingzhen a few steps behind, and whispered: “Mingzhen, are you very close to Yuan Keqing?”

Xu Mingzhen looked at Li Xiangrong in surprise, and Li Xiangrong said: “We have been friends for so many years. There’s nothing I can’t say to you. So, I’ll tell you frankly, I don’t like Yuan Keqing. If you are close to her, don’t bring her to my house in the future.”

Xu Mingzhen sighed, then she took a deep breath: “I do it all because of my sister. To be honest, no one in our family likes her except me. My husband does it because of me, and my three sons even made it clear that they don’t like her. Don’t worry, just because of her behaviour today, even if I was close to her before, I will never be close to her again.”

Xu Mingzhen was not stupid. What did Yuan Keqing mean by hiding behind Wei Keli just now!!!

Wasn’t this a complete trick against her?

Li Xiangrong knew her, so she wouldn’t think anything bad about her.

But if she didn’t know her well, wouldn’t she think that she usually abused Yuan Keqing?

She asked herself why she treated Yuan Keqing so well. Yuan Keqing was so young, so where did she get these thoughts from?

“It’s good that you know.” Li Xiangrong patted Xu Mingzhen’s hand, “I won’t say anymore, I have to remind my silly boy.”

Li Xiangrong looked at Wei Keli’s back and had a headache.

He didn’t go to Tan Mo, instead why did he keep holding Yuan Keqing’s hand?

To think back then, when Wei Zhiqian was Wei Keli’s age, he was so skilled that even adults didn’t dare to underestimate him.

She didn’t ask Wei Keli to do that, but at least he shouldn’t be so stupid.

Li Xiangrong hurriedly went to Wei Keli’s side, smiled at Yuan Keqing and said, “Keqing, go find your aunt first, and sit with them later so that they can take care of you.”

Yuan Keqing looked at Wei Keli and said obediently, “Then I’ll go play with my cousin.”

After Yuan Keqing left, Li Xiangrong asked: “Where did you meet Yuan Keqing, and why did you bring her here suddenly?”

Wei Keli explained, and Li Xiangrong was not happy. “Do you have a good relationship with her?”

“Isn’t she Momo’s cousin?” Wei Keli was stunned for a moment and said.

Li Xiangrong’s face turned slightly bright: “So, you are good to Yuan Keqing because of Momo?”

Wei Keli actually wanted to say that he also liked Yuan Keqing, and he felt sorry for Yuan Keqing.

But seeing that Li Xiangrong’s expression had changed, Wei Keli could only nod his head and say without telling the truth: “Yes.”

“You don’t need to treat her well, just be nice to Momo. Since you are not familiar with her, don’t get close to her.”

While they were talking, they had already arrived at the entrance of the banquet hall. It was inconvenient for Li Xiangrong to continue talking, so she had to give up for now.

Wei Zhiqian was greeting guests when he happened to see Tan Mo holding the Sleeping Beauty doll he gave.

Wei Zhiqian was very happy that the gift he gave was liked by the little girl.

Tan Mo was following her parents obediently. Before she could react, she suddenly saw a figure jumping over.

The speed was so fast that she didn’t even have time to see the other party clearly.

Immediately afterwards, she was picked up, and her whole body soared into the air as if she could fly, light and airy.

“Momo!” Tan Jinqi and her three brothers shouted together.

They were furious. Where did this wolf cub come from? Why did he steal someone else’s sister?

“It seems you like this doll very much.”

Tan Mo heard the voice, found it familiar, and when she took a closer look, it turned out to be Wei Zhiqian.

If she didn’t hurry up and hug his thighs at this time, why wait?

Tan Mo’s face lit up with surprise, and she quickly hugged Wei Zhiqian’s neck and shouted in surprise: “Uncle!”

When the three brothers of the Tan family heard this, they actually sent Tan Mo dolls in an attempt to seize her heart, but Wei Zhiqian won Tan Mo’s heart so easily.

They suddenly became more vigilant.

“Uncle, I missed you so much!” Tan Mo didn’t see the dark faces of her three brothers.

“Glib tongue!” Wei Zhiqian complained in disbelief on the surface, but he couldn’t help but feel joy in his heart. He didn’t expect that he was quite fated with this child.

Wei Zhiqian caught a glimpse of the doll in Tan Mo’s arms and asked, “Did you bring it here specially for me to see?”

“No, I take it with me everywhere these days.” Tan Mo puffed up her face, unhappy that Wei Zhiqian misunderstood her.

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