GLR Ch. 45.2

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Su Yemu looked at the old man, and the old man waved his hand, looked around, and nodded: “It’s good that you know it, and the two animals at the gate of the farm, I see, they must also be ancient creatures! Okay, that’s great, do you mind if I stay here!”

Seeing that Su Yemu was stunned, the old man stood up dragging the panda skeleton, and said with a smile, “Don’t be afraid, I’m Kaman, a biologist!”

“Let’s talk again after finishing, I haven’t slept all night, I’m sleepy.”

Su Yemu thought for a while, was there any room at home? It seemed that there was another one next to Professor Li. Seeing that Kaman was yawning all the time, Su Yemu could only ask Xiaonan to take him to rest.

After Xiaonan checked the old man up and down, she turned around and took him upstairs, and at the corner she ran into Professor Li who came out with swollen eyes.

Xiaonan: “When did you come back?”

Professor Li didn’t reply to Xiaonan’s words. He looked past her and looked at Kaman behind him. Then they both said in unison, “Why are you here?”

Xiaonan: “You know him?”

Su Yemu rushed to the farm in a hurry, and it was really crowded.

The garden, the farm, it was all full of people, one by one, like Grandma Liu entering the Grand View Garden[1], touching, poking, and sighing non-stop.

Su Yemu entered the kitchen, and the others were already busy; today’s dishes had all been ordered, and the dishes that appeared in the live broadcast room were ordered the most, and more people were asking for dishes made by Su Yemu.

Jiang Xiaoyu asked: “Master, how do we return those guests?”

Su Yemu was only one person, and it was okay to try his best to make a whole day’s banquet, but it was definitely impossible to cook for every customer. The dishes made by him would be announced the night before.

Now everyone was chasing after Su Yemu’s name, and he must let the people who come to the farm get acquainted with other chefs gradually.

Today he came here only to supervise and assist, unless it was a big dish, he would not make a move.

Erha was excited when he knew that he would be the chef today.

He rolled up his sleeves and went up, while Ma Tian looked at him with envy. It seemed that he had to work harder to become the chef of the farm and squeeze Erha out.

The gourmet Esme slapped the leader’s table with her palm, and roared: “What are you talking about? Can’t post it? What’s the reason?”

“If you can’t post it, than tell me what’s the reason?”

“Esme, this is an order from above, if you don’t want your account to be blocked, don’t meddle in this matter.”

At this, Esme heard something wrong: “Someone wants to block me!!! Who?”

“It’s not someone you can offend. This man is young, has such superb craftsmanship, and his background doesn’t look unimpressive. You never thought about it. All of this, how did he get it?”

The possibility of stealing the Su family’s craftsmanship was too high.

“Have you ever eaten his food? Is it comparable to the Su family?”

“I don’t care about that.”

“I can do it, I…”

“Esme, we can’t afford to mess with those people, don’t trouble me.”

This person might be investigated soon, and he didn’t want to mess with him.

The conversation ended, and Esme stormed out of the office.

At the same time, the little reporters who were present yesterday was also dumbfounded. Why couldn’t the report be distributed? For such a powerful person, it was fine to control the TV platform before, but now even the media had been bribed?

“Editor-in-Chief, can I know who it is?”

It’s a pity for the editor-in-chief, what a talent! It just withered.

“The Su family in the imperial capital.”

The little reporter was stunned. This Su family was shameless, it was fine to monopolize food, and now it was still attacking a small person.

In the afternoon, when Su Yemu was busy in the kitchen, Xiaonan rushed to the farm with No. 2, and rushed into the kitchen in one breath.

Xiaonan said angrily: “Brother, some people say that we stole their family’s recipe.”

Su Yemu was stunned for a moment and said, “I’m a little busy now, let’s deal with it when I’m done!”

Xiaonan: “Brother, you are too calm.”

Su Yemu was calm, but it didn’t mean his fans were calm. When everyone saw that the Su family hinted that Su Yemu stole their family’s recipes, everyone was furious. As for the food in Su family’s restaurant, people who had eaten Su Yemu’s dishes thought it was rubbish.

At the same time, another report came out, which was a photo of Su Baihua and the emperor. The report hinted left and right, saying that His Highness the Emperor preferred Su Baihua for the position of princess, but he didn’t say it directly.

Who was Su Baihua? Yunying is not married, who was once ridiculed by the crowd for being an uneducated food anchor.

“Hey, with the royal family as the backing, they ran out again.”

“Sure enough, I didn’t recognize the wrong person, my family’s Yunyun is favoured by His Majesty the Emperor, and I look forward to seeing Yunyun as the queen.”

“What is he? Little Three.”

“Don’t think you can ascend to the throne just because Kai is from the empress’s mother’s family. Don’t forget, Emperor Shengyuan is still from the Su family. In terms of honor, Charles is nothing but a new family.”

“Don’t pull out Emperor Shengyuan, I don’t know where it is the relatives of the 18th line, with the name of Emperor Shengyuan, how shameless are you?”

Su Yemu’s fans on the Internet were still preparing secretly, while Prince Kai’s fans had already torn up with Yunying’s unmarried fans. He Yunting, who was woken up by the chief of staff in the afternoon, frowned tightly. After listening to the report of the chief of staff, he said in a deep voice, “Is the Galaxy Fortress putting pressure on the royal family?”

Chief of staff: “This possibility cannot be ruled out.”

“Don’t you think it’s strange that the fortress appointed the Su family to be Kevin’s concubine?”

“It’s already being investigated, and I believe there will be news soon,” the chief of staff replied, “The Su family will use this incident as an opportunity to pour dirty water on Mr. Su.”

He Yunting frowned, he didn’t sleep well all night, and his gloomy face became even uglier on hearing this. The chief of staff took two steps back silently, wanting to remind him to put his aura back, his mere S-level spirit couldn’t bear it.


The two were talking, when Erha’s ghostly cries and wolf howls sounded outside the door, and He Yunting’s forehead twitched, “Come in.”

Erha ran in with a bitter face, “Father wants me to go back to the imperial capital.”

Just now, he was in the kitchen, learning to make crystal elbows from his master, and his father came to communicate suddenly, scaring him so much that he was almost exposed.

He Yunting didn’t raise his head: “Then you go back.”

Erha twisted his fingers: “I don’t want to go back.”

He Yunting ignored Erha’s complaints, asked where Su Yemu was, and went out.

When He Yunting arrived at the farm, Su Yemu had already been idle and was browsing the star network; the Su family did not directly say that Su Yemu stole recipes, but when the reporter asked him that there was a very good new chef in Saier Star while interviewing him and asked him since his surname is Su maybe he is from their family, the man surnamed Su mentioned a few words about Su Yemu’s dishes.

After denying Su Yemu’s identity, the head of the Su family sighed and said that they had lost a cookbook, and the dishes in it were very similar to Su Yemu’s.

Su Yemu smiled, this man was so funny! Did he say that the recipe was lost only after he was sure he had the recipe in his hand, or did he just want to touch porcelain?

Also, His Majesty the Emperor in this report was very familiar! It must be the middle-aged man brought by Chairman Qin yesterday!

“Let me take care of this!”

Su Yemu looked up and saw that He Yunting’s face was dark and his whole body was gloomy: “What’s wrong with you?”

“Headache, do you have something to eat?”

“There is some in the kitchen.”

“You made it?”


He Yunting saw that Su Yemu didn’t speak. Su Yemu got up helplessly and said as he walked, “By the way, Xiaonan has been thinking about 033. Is he there?”

“Yes,” He Yunting said, “I let him go find Xiaonan!”

Su Yemu nodded and went into the kitchen, where he was going to make fried rice with eggs.

Here, Kong Yi, who received He Yunting’s order, came out of Weijian, turned into 033, and connected the arm that Xiaonan had given him before, looking desperate.

“Chirp, chirp, chirp!”

No. 2, who was digging a hole at the door, and when he saw 033 appear, his white hair stood up, and he jumped up and down at 033, screaming.

Kong Yi leaned over and picked up No. 2, shook it twice in front of him, threw it aside, and walked.

No. 2 got angry and threw himself on Kong Yi’s back, yelling ‘Jiu Jiu Jiu’.

Xiaonan in the house heard the cry, ran out, and on seeing 033, her eyes lit up, “033, you’re back!”

No. 2, who was holding Kong Yi’s back, was shocked, slipped from behind Kong Yi, and landed on the ground, unable to move for a long time.

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[1] The expression roughly translating to “Granny Liu visits the Grand View Gardens” refers to this character, who visits the noble family who plays host to her, but which also makes fun of her openly for her simplicity (Granny Liu is, however, grateful for their generosity.) The expression is used in modern Chinese to describe someone, usually simple and unsophisticated, who is overwhelmed by new experiences and luxurious surroundings.

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