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The queen in the palace looked angry. The emperor rubbed his nose and said, “Didn’t I just meet the Su family when I got off the boat? He came up on his own, how can I chase him away?”

The queen didn’t believe him: “What about the report? What’s going on?”

The emperor’s face suddenly darkened, the atmosphere in the hall became depressed, and the female officials looked at each other, was this, another quarrel?

The emperor said solemnly: “Let Kevin come back!”

The queen immediately stood up and said: “I will not let Kevin become a victim of your politics. When you had a falling out with Yun Ting, I endured it, but now I will not do it again.”

The queen said these words and left angrily.

That night, the atmosphere in the Su family was heavy, and everyone was sitting in the hall.

Xiaonan didn’t want to cry: “Brother, No. 2 ran away from home.”

Su Yemu said softly: “Maybe he went out to play, maybe he will be back tomorrow!”


Xiaonan sniffed, then she cheerfully took 033 aside to study it. She found that 033 was different from the mecha she had seen in the holographic network. She was about to take it apart and take a look, but 033 disappeared and now it was back. It was great.

After comforting Xiaonan, Su Yemu asked everyone to go to rest. Just as he was about to go back to his room, he was pulled by Professor Kaman and asked about the panda.

Seeing that he was very interested, Su Yemu could only tell him about the place where pandas grew up and their general habits. No matter how deep Su Yemu’s knowledge was, he didn’t know much. In the process, he also talked about the pair of stone lions at the farm gate.

Then at midnight, Professor Kaman said goodbye to Professor Li.

Professor Kaman’s original words were: He had to go back and sort out the information provided by Su Yemu, and then compare it with the information they had studied over the past three thousand years.

Professor Li’s original words were: He suspected that three thousand years ago, after humans left the earth, Planet Purcell was the base of the Chinese nation. The evidence was that he found a large number of traces of Chinese civilization here.

When Professor Li left, Su Yemu asked: “Will information like yours bring trouble to this place?”

Professor Li smiled and said: “Don’t worry, I will be careful.”

After sending the two old people away, Su Yemu washed up and went to bed; others also went to bed early as they all had to be busy tomorrow!

In the dark night, No. 2 woke up from his sleep hiding in the abandoned spaceship. He looked around with his red eyes and his three-petal mouth squirmed. Then he jumped out of the abandoned spaceship and jumped back to the door. The door was already closed, No. 2 crawled and crawled, climbed up the window, squeezed in, jumped to the door of Su Yemu’s room, and his long ears twitched; then jumped to the door of Xiaonan’s room, his ears twitched again, and finally jumped back to the hall corner, pick up the lid of the pot, jumped in silently, and covered it again.

Su Yemu, who was sleeping soundly, felt something heavy weighing on his body. He wanted to kick it away, but couldn’t find the strength. In his daze, as if he was being dragged into the abyss, he saw the man trapped in the iron cell again.

He hid in the darkness and looked at Su Yemu quietly. He seemed to want to say something, but he didn’t say anything. This man gave Su Yemu a strange feeling.


Su Yemu screamed and woke up from his dream. A man was pressing on him, his teeth biting his shoulder tightly. It hurt. Su Yemu broke out in cold sweat from the pain and struggled hard to kick the man off his body. Going down, the man suddenly raised his head, his eyes gleaming coldly.

A Sha!

Su Yemu shouted silently and fainted.

The man who was pressing on Su Yemu suddenly fell on Su Yemu and also lost consciousness.


Before dawn, Xiaonan’s scream penetrated the Su family, and a group of children rushed into Su Yemu’s room with mops and kitchen knives. They were shocked.

“Hurry and take him away!”

Erha and Mai Tian hurriedly stepped forward to pull He Yunting away. Before their hands could touch him, He Yunting suddenly opened his eyes, and his sharp gaze scared them so much that they immediately sat on the ground.

The farm had been open for five days, and the flow of people had increased instead of decreasing. Even the Neptune Department of Transportation had to start two more spaceships on this route. News about the Su family’s missing recipes also disappeared inexplicably. Su Yemu thought of what He Yunting said that day, did he handle it?

But Su Yemu couldn’t ask him, because He Yunting was driven away from the farm by Xiaonan, and he was supervised by Xiaonan to prevent him from getting close to Su Yemu. Also driven away by Xiaonan was 033. On the day 033 left, he still held half of his body and refused to leave. However, Xiaonan showed no mercy at all, simply because he was He Yunting’s mecha.

Even Su Yemu didn’t dare to speak out because of Xiaonan’s raging fire that day. After that, Xiaonan was so angry with Su Yemu that she didn’t talk to him for two days, which scared Su Yemu to death.

Originally, Su Yemu wanted to tell her, ‘I’m a man, so I won’t suffer any loss.’ But in the end, he didn’t dare to say a word.

Immediately, Su Yemu thought of He Yunting’s explanation that day and became worried again.

Su Yemu asked him: “Why did you bite me?”

He Yunting: “Because I want to control myself and not kill you in the spiritual world.”

Su Yemu was surprised: “Then don’t enter my spiritual world!”

He Yunting said helplessly: “I am sick, and only you can cure it, in your dream.”

Su Yemu was shocked, this world was too fantastical! Could dreams cure diseases? Also, did he fall asleep that night, or did he really see A Sha? The feeling at that moment was so similar, including biting him.

Could it be that He Yunting was A Sha?

But the time didn’t match up! When A Sha appeared, He Yunting had not returned to Neptune. When the news reported that He Yunting was at Poseidon Fortress, A Sha was still here.

“Brother, let’s go.”

“Here we come!”

Su Yemu promised Bai Jun before that he would go to the factory to supervise the start of work two days after the opening, but because of his fainting, it was postponed until today.

Today, when Su Yemu went to Boss Hei, only Xiaonan and No. 2 were following him. Everyone else was at the farm. After arriving at Boss Hei’s place, Bai Jun was already waiting there.

The factory was very large and is divided into several areas. Sauces, condiments, and sweet tea were all produced in separate areas.

After walking around, Su Yemu said: “I also have some recipes for flower tea, flower snacks, and fruit tea. Can you make them?” Boss Hei’s eyes immediately lit up, but he thought Su Yemu should still have some recipes.

The idea, otherwise he would have brought it up long ago: “Continue talking.”

Su Yemu smiled and said: “More and more people are coming to Saier Star recently. Apart from eating and strolling around my garden, there are no good places to go! I thought, if fruit trees and flowers are planted in most parts of the land of Saier Planet, it will definitely boost tourism. These things will not be wasted and can be made into food by you.”

The smile on Boss Hei’s face retracted, and with the scar on his face, he immediately turned fierce: “Can you tell me, why are you doing this? You obviously already have a good life.”

“Professor Li told me that day that Planet Purcell may have been the site of human beings more than three thousand years ago. This is the first habitat of the Chinese nation after leaving the ancient earth.”

Su Yemu smiled: “I am very honoured to have a place in China.”

“This should not be a slum.”


Boss Hei laughed, and hugged Su Yemu.

“I am a double S. I can have more power. Do you know why I stay here? Because, I feel the same way.” After chatting happily, when Su Yemu returned home, it was already four o’clock in the afternoon, except for the opening of the business.

Su Yemu cooked the whole banquet on the first day, and some of the main dishes on the second day. After that, Su Yemu only made two dishes a day, and the supply was limited.

The live broadcast resumed from 3:30 to 4 o’clock in the afternoon. He did not live broadcast in the kitchen that day, but went outside with a hoe and ingredients.

“Hello everyone, I am Su Yemu, welcome to the live broadcast room.”

Grab a bobo and spin it in circles.

I went to the farm yesterday. It was so beautiful that I wanted to stay there.

Let me go, what is this outfit? So fresh and refined.

Su Yemu dressed casually, wearing an A-shaped hat made of bamboo, a T-shirt and trousers, with the corners of the trousers rolled up half way. You could see his white feet, which were bare on the ground, with his hand on a hoe. There were two large basins next to him, with a lot of food on them, but they were all raw. There was also a table, three chairs, bowls, chopsticks and other tableware.

Next to him stood a little girl and a rabbit. The rabbit was jumping around. The little girl was wearing beautiful cropped shorts, short sleeves, a plaid hat, thick braids, a mask, and a pair of black paint. Her eyes were very similar to Su Yemu’s.

Is it Bobo’s sister? so cute.

Wuyu also appeared on the scene today, happy, happy.

Many people in the live broadcast room had been to the farm and had seen Xiaonan, and expressed a warm welcome to her arrival.

“I’ll make something different for everyone outside today.”

Su Yemu saw Xiaonan’s eyes shining brightly and said with a smile, “Xiaonan, go collect firewood!”

“Yeah!” Xiaonan straddled the basket and jumped with No. 2.

They both ran towards the mountain not far away.

Bobo, are you doing it outside today? The scenery is so beautiful.

When I went to the farm, I did not go to this place. Ah, I missed it. What a pity.

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