GLR Ch. 46.2

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In the open space, the setting sun hit Su Yemu, making him seem a little hazy, with mud under his feet, and the Imperial Dining Building behind him. There were many fruit trees planted outside, and not far away was a farm. The green vegetables were full of energy and seemed to be flying in the wind. Next door to the vegetables was the strawberry orchard, in which four-season strawberries were planted, which would mature in autumn.

Not far away there was a large forest of crab-apples, which seemed breathtakingly beautiful.

I’m so looking forward to it, I like everything in the broadcast!

“This is called a village picnic. In ancient China, during the harvest season, people liked to make some snacks to eat outside,” Su Yemu said, “Then let’s get started!”

Su Yemu rolled up his sleeves and used a hoe to turn over the mud. The mud must be dry. He wanted both big and small pieces, after digging out a pile of mud, Su Yemu squatted down and started cutting the stove, that was, setting up the stove.

First he dug a shallow pit in the open space, then placed two large mud blocks on the left and right in front of the pit, stacked them in two to three layers, as long as the mouth of the stove could be filled with firewood. There was a distance of twenty centimetres between the left and right sides, and the mud blocks were used along this position to surround the pit in a balloon-like shape. This was just the base, and the mud blocks at the base were all large pieces of mud.

Then he started to cut the stove, following the seam of the bottom mud and folding it in a circle. When folding, you must close it slowly. You must be careful at this time. When the mud blocks are stacked, any instability will cause them to suddenly collapse. During this process, everyone in the live broadcast room was holding their breath, afraid that if they breathed loudly, the clay furnace would collapse.

Ah, it’s shaking, be careful.

This piece of mud doesn’t work. Let’s try another one, a smaller one, a thinner one.

You know what, put the thinner one now, the top one will collapse later.

In the live broadcast room, everyone was directing this and that, one moment this mud doesn’t work, and another moment another piece of mud block should be replaced! After Su Yemu heard what they said, he also followed their words. In the end, the clay stove collapsed several times.

It’s all nonsense that we said before, obviously it can’t be said lightly.

Your piece is not as thick as it is. It is still round and does not fit tightly.

The live broadcast was noisy, but very happy; finally, forty minutes later, the small piece of clay at the top of the clay stove was sealed, and everyone booed and vented their anger. It was the first time when they were so nervous while watching a live broadcast.

Wow, awesome, applause.

“Thanks to everyone,” Su Yemu smiled and shouted for his sister: “Xiaonan, you are back.”

Pfft, why does it feel like my mother asked me to eat.

See Bobo roar again.

After a while, Xiaonan came back dragging a few dead branches, and No. 2 jumped with difficulty with a basket hanging around its neck; Su Yemu found that it had become more diligent since it returned after missing for a few hours.

The basket was filled with dead leaves. After Su Yemu trampled the branches and broke them into sections, he sat cross-legged in front of the stove, put the dead leaves into the clay stove and lit them, and then set up the branches.

The fire slowly grew stronger, and flames came out from the clay stove one after another. Su Yemu held up his chin and saw Xiaonan and No. 2 picking petals in the crab-apple forest. The cool breeze blew gently. Su Yemu felt so relaxed for the first time.

People in the live broadcast room secretly took pictures, preparing to print them out and hang them in the room. This scene was so peaceful and beautiful.

But at this time, someone happened to speak out:

Bobo, when can the fruits in the orchard be picked? When can the lotus roots from the lake be eaten? When will the fish from the lake be served on the table, and when will operas be performed on the stage?

Su Yemu came back to his senses and said: “The fruits and lotus roots in the orchard will not be available until autumn, which is also after the Mid-Autumn Festival. The fish in the lake will be available to eat next month. It is not yet certain when the stage will be open for singing.”

He also had a headache. However, with the advanced technology, he could always find a way.

Oh well! I am a student and have no money. From now on, I will save money and go to see Bobo in the fall. I really want to eat the food cooked by Bobo.

Su Yemu looked at his ID and saw that he was indeed a junior high school student, so he secretly took note of his ID.

The clay burned until it turned red. Su Yemu took out the tin foil and opened the first pot. It was a chicken that had been chopped into four pieces and marinated. Su Yemu wrapped the chicken in tin foil, two layers, and wrapped eight pieces in total, as well as meatballs, ham sausages, etc., divided them into portions and wrapped them in tin foil; then Su Yemu opened another pot, which contained potatoes and peanuts.

Then what? Throw it in and burn it?

Is the previous one crazy? How is that possible? I guess it was cooked with hot mud.

“Guessed it right.”

Su Yemu slowly pulled out the firewood, and used thick branches to dig out all the ash. Then he used the hammer that had been prepared to slowly smash the mud into sand, and then dug a hole in the middle. He put the chicken wrapped in tin foil, the potatoes, meatballs, and ham sausages on the side for them to be cooked. Then he sprinkled the peanuts still in their shells on top, turned them over twice, and they could eat it in a while.

Su Yemu picked out the peanuts with a branch, put them on the table, broke two of them and threw them into his mouth. They were so delicious.

Wow, it’s the first time I’ve seen live eating on the broadcast.

The mouth moves like a squirrel.

So crispy and fragrant, completely different from fried ones, with an earthy taste.

Xiaonan held some vegetables in her hands, ran back with No. 2, and stuffed them to Su Yemu: “Brother, I want to eat vegetables, roll them in the marinated chicken sauce twice and then cook them.”

Su Yemu responded, and got up and went to the side to wash the vegetables.

Xiaonan pulled down her mask and ate the peanuts that Su Yemu had already peeled.

“Don’t eat too much, you’ll get full. There’s chrysanthemum tea next to it. You should drink it.”

Xiaonan responded and continued eating, while No. 2 held the shelled peanut and bit it himself.

I want a brother who is good at cooking and will ask me to drink scented tea.

People who have older brothers say they only want Bobo to be their older brother.

Woo, I cried. The empire owes me such a brother, and I want one too.

After Su Yemu prepared the dishes, he wrapped them in tin foil and placed them on top of the hot mud. It took a while and the food was ready. The temperature of the mud was quite high.

Su Yemu picked up the tin foil wrapped around the vegetables and spread it out on the table. A strong fragrance came out. Su Yemu gave one portion to Xiaonan and put the rest aside for the audience in the live broadcast room.

Immediately afterwards, Su Yemu slowly peeled off the mud, brought out the ham sausage, meatballs, and potatoes, broke off the skin, which was slightly browned; different from frying in oil, this was the most original taste, without any seasoning.

Food cooked in hot mud had a unique earthy aroma that could not be achieved in other ways.

Immediately afterwards, Su Yemu started grilling the chicken. The mud had just been peeled off, and the unique aroma came out. If the previous food made everyone want to eat it, this chicken made everyone drool.

Then he scooped out all eight pieces of chicken and opened the seal slightly to allow the heat to escape so that the meat would not become old. When he opened the first one, the first thing he saw was the oily and browned chicken skin. If this level of browning came from the oven, not only would the skin have become brittle, but the meat would also become old.

But mud was different, this was just right; when he opened the tinfoil, the delicious aroma of the chicken overflew, then he broke open the chicken skin, the bright yellow soup slid down the tinfoil, looking crystal clear, and the smoke rose with a strong aroma. It got into the nose, and the drool instantly lost control.

The skin was charred and delicious, and the meat was crispy, tender and delicious.

No. 2 occupied a position by himself and was already tweeting anxiously. The people in the live broadcast room couldn’t help but take action anymore. One piece per person, imitating Su Yemu, sitting cross-legged on the ground, eating meat with big mouthfuls, feeling the wind blow, they also enjoyed looking at the begonia forest in the distance.

It’s so beautiful that it’s breathtaking. I suddenly remembered the poem I read on the day of the opening. If I had that kind of literary talent, I really want to recite it at this moment.

I also want to say something, but I am uneducated and can go all over the world with just one sentence.

Ahh, I like this feeling so much. I also hope that my home will have an open space with vegetables, strawberries, and a forest of crab-apples. It is best to have a broadcast.

Bobo, do you still want me? I can wash dishes and do housework.

Empire, where is my brother!

The people in the live broadcast room wailed that the empire owed them a brother. Su Yemu smiled, stood up and took out the red date cake that he had prepared before. When he opened the food box, it was still steaming.

Brown-red color, rich jujube aroma, sweet and fragrant taste.

“In addition to preparing chicken nuggets today, I also prepared pastries. Let’s draw ten portions of pastries!”

Su Yemu said the word “lottery”, indicating that the live broadcast was almost over.

I couldn’t bear to end the live broadcast before, but I’m even more reluctant this time. It feels so good.

“It’s okay, we can see you again. You are welcome to come at any time. Let’s hold a barbecue then!”

Everyone in the live broadcast room brightened up and asked what barbecue was. Su Yemu smiled mysteriously and replied: You will know when the time comes.

Everyone: Bobo is the most hateful!

Su Yemu: “Did you change your lines?”

The system drew twelve copies, and after saying goodbye to the audience, when packing and sending them out, Su Yemu sent an extra copy to the junior high school student who said he wanted to try his craft.

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