GLR Ch. 47.1

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Since he wanted to develop Saier Planet into a tourist planet, he had to take action immediately; there were 300,000 people on Saier Planet. In addition to the team formed by Boss Hei, there were still about 200,000 civilians and businessmen who basically had no mental power or were those with low mental strength.

It took Boss Hei only one day to recruit all the people, each sending representatives, a total of ten people.

“What are you doing? Boss Hei wants to be independent, right?”

“Don’t be kidding, there are more than 60 billion people in the empire, more than 50 billion people in the Federation, and there are only 300,000 of us. They can kill us with just one finger.”

Everyone in the scene was in a nervous mood, but because of their trust in the Boss Hei, they also had vague expectations. A few decades ago, the Saier planet was still in chaos. It was Boss Hei who integrated the Saier planet and stabilized it. Although they thought he couldn’t do it, he brought them to make a fortune, and also protected the 300,000 people on Planet Purcell from being persecuted by star thieves.

“Hey, have you noticed recently that many spaceships and star ships have landed on our planet Saier? I wonder if the empire is going to accept us.”

“Don’t be kidding, I don’t want it to. We don’t have any mental strength, so we would be bullied to death. I would rather the Empire and the Federation just leave us alone.”

“We are already within the Empire’s territory, but they have always believed that our planet has no energy and are unwilling to accept us.”

“Hey, what’s your tone? Have mercy on us. Do you want to be controlled by the empire?”

“I don’t want to either. Isn’t that just going to start a fight?”

“What’s the noise about?”

There was a lot of noise in the conference room, and a rich voice interrupted everyone’s quarrel; as Boss Hei came over with a fierce look, and on his left side was Military Advisor Bai as usual. But today there was also a young man standing on his right. Next to the young man was a little girl and a rabbit.

It was a rabbit!

Everyone rubbed their eyes, wondering if they were dazzled. Why was a rabbit taking hormones that made him look like a sheep?

Boss Hei walked to the main seat and sat down, and the others took their seats one after another.

“We’re here today because we have a good way to get rich. Without further ado, let’s watch the video.” The video was holographic and could directly connect to people’s brainwaves to present the most realistic scene in front of everyone.

In an instant, everyone seemed to have entered a paradise. There were fruit trees everywhere, flowers everywhere, pavilions everywhere, waterwheels everywhere, rice fields, and a sea of flowers…


Everyone was shocked.

“Boss Hei, do you want us to farm? But we don’t know how to farm!”

Boss Hei’s forehead jumped.

“What do robots do?” Someone replied to him: “Then do we plant them to eat ourselves?”

These were honest people, so their questions were naturally honest, but they also got to the point.

“Boss Hei wants to develop tourism?” Businessman Wang Kai’s eyes lit up. There were many resort planets in the empire. It was not easy to get a share of the pie. However, it was not impossible. He had already received the news. In District Five, a remarkable person had emerged.

“Fruit trees, flowers, rice, vegetables, etc. will be planted on Saier Star. When they are mature, we will harvest them all.” Bai Jun looked around the crowd and saw some businessmen with bright eyes, and continued: “I believe some people have received news that a farm has been built in District 5, and we will continue to build along its standard.”

“So don’t worry about these things falling into outsider’s hands.”

Their products had already begun to be exported, so don’t look at Neptune’s lack of movement, it was actually being sold like crazy outside, but it was just not sold to the imperial capital, to not put them on guard! After the Imperial Vice Star established its brand, by the time Neptune reacted, it would already be too late. By then, it would be easy to dominate the Neptune market.

Next, Bai Jun gave an explanation on how to build the Saier Star. The meeting lasted for two hours, during which Su Yemu also explained a lot. When they came out, everyone was dizzy, but their mouths were already grinning.

Planting methods were available, robots and working machines could be rented if they didn’t have money, and shipping channels were also available. If they didn’t work hard, how could they live up to the heart of Boss Hei? There was still one more person, Su Yemu.

Boss Hei: “Establish a chamber of commerce, let Xiao Ye be the president!”

Su Yemu: “Me? I’ve never even been a group leader.”

Boss Hei: “It’s okay, I’ll let you be the president now.”

Su Yemu: “Can it still be done like this?”

After everyone left, Boss Hei said: “We need a lot of fruit trees and flowers, but they are on another planet. When the time comes to purchase them, you can go and have a look. Not just any flowers can be used for food. Likewise, not just any tree will do for making jam or fruit tea, they must be carefully selected.”

Su Yemu asked doubtfully: “Are there no seeds on Saier star? I think the ones grown on the farm are good.”

Boss Hei: “Of course they are good. I went to choose them myself. This time there are too many measurements, so you must go there in person.”

This time, Boss Hei had changed from the manager of Saier Star to a moneylender. He invested the initial money, so he must be cautious. There was another point. He wanted to attract someone. Pirates were too rampant and they needed to attract someone, a partner.

Boss Hei chuckled sinisterly and narrowed his eyes. Bai Jun kicked him over and woke him up immediately.

“Ahem!” Boss Hei retracted the expression on his face: “It’s settled.”

After taking the chopping board, Su Yemu returned to the farm. The trees planted by the lake had blossomed. When the breeze blew, the petals floated to the lake, attracting fish.

Su Yemu had got an idea through father Jiang’s communication. After the people came over, Su Yemu took them to the farm and pointed to the wasteland.

“Divide this piece of land into four pieces and plough the fields. I want to plant rice.”

“Master, what are you going to do?”

Since his father came to him last time, his mother also found him. If so, just stay there, there was no need to go back.

Erha instantly burst into laughter.

“Fish farming, rice flower fish, rice flower shrimp, rice flower loach, rice flower crab…”

Um, the last one, he had to think about it, he didn’t know if he could find river crabs, after all, this person didn’t even eat sea crabs.

Erha: “Rice flower? What is that?”

Su Yemu: “You’ll know it soon.”

Father Jiang heard Su Yemu mention these things and was very interested. After this boy Su Yemu woke up, he became more and more smarter.

“Why are you here?”

More and more people were coming to the farm. The kitchen was short of manpower, so two new people had been recruited. Number 2 had also recently become a chef.

Erha’s face suddenly turned bitter: “Master, they are so difficult to teach.”

It was one thing for people in the interstellar era not to know how to cook. Sometimes it was really troublesome to even learn the ingredients again.

“I’ll post a recruitment post in the live broadcast room to see if anyone wants to come.” They probably won’t be able to recruit people with good cooking skills on Saier Star, so they would have to recruit from outside.

“Master, you’re the best.”

Erha happily wanted to hug Su Yemu, but was held by a big hand behind him; Erha became angry, turned around, and got scared.

He Yunting, who finally caught Xiaonan and came closer, threw Erha away: “Go play.”

Erha ran away instantly.

A black military uniform made his slender figure straighter, with stars shining on his shoulders. His lean waist was tightly clasped with a palm-wide armed belt, and his black military trousers were wrapped in stiff leather boots, and his calves were covered with the leather boots creating a tight curve, which looked very powerful.

He looked at Su Yemu with a slight smile on his lips, but there was a storm in his eyes, and there was wildness in his elegance. He was an unruly, very charming man.

It was the first time Su Yemu saw He Yunting wearing such a formal dress, and he looked so handsome.

He Yunting approached Su Yemu, and in the midst of Su Yemu’s confused gaze, He Yunting stroked the petals off his shoulder with his white-gloved hand, and said in a deep voice: “I’m going back to Neptune.”

After the news about His Majesty the Emperor and the Su family came out, the generals of the Galaxy Fortress returned to the imperial capital to report on their duties. At this time, they acted very well.

“Have a nice trip.”

“!” He Yunting chuckled, took a step forward, put his hand on the back of Su Yemu’s head, pressed it on his shoulder, and hugged him tightly: “Okay, wait until I come back.”

After being let go, Su Yemu had an innocent face, how to respond to this line?

Why was it so weird?

Chief of Staff: “Marshal, can you please stop forcing yourself to make more drama? As a subordinate, I am ashamed and embarrassed.”

He Yunting took the military cap handed over by the chief of staff, put it on, nodded to Su Yemu, then he turned and left. Behind him was a group of soldiers. The moment he stepped out of the farm gate, Su Yemu was in a trance.

After He Yunting got on the star ship, he did not leave immediately, but went to Area 1.

Datou was very nervous. That star ship in the sky could crush their camp if it pressed down! For the first time, he felt that their camp was too small.

The star ship did not land, but stopped in the sky. A small spaceship flew out from above and landed in Boss Hei’s yard.

“I was told you would come.”

Boss Hei leaned against the tree trunk, chewing on an unlit cigarette and smiling mischievously.

He Yunting took off his white gloves and clapped them twice: “Let’s chat!”

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