IHSB Ch. 103

IHSB Chapter 103

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Holding the big head of the black horse in hers arms, she smiled warmly and softly, revealing two pointed little tiger teeth, cute and soft.

“It’s called Thunder.”

The little girl tilted her head and rubbed her face against it, then greeted it in a soft and sweet voice.

“Hello Thunder, I’m Nuan Nuan.”


The two horses suddenly started competing for favour. The breeder next to them had a look of shock on his face. This… were these still Thunder and Gale?

“Brother, let me touch them too. They are so handsome!”

Gu An ran over and wanted to touch Thunder, but he snorted and dodged with his hooves raised.

Gu An froze with his palms in the air, and the smile on his face froze.

“Gu An…”

“What…what’s going on?”

He didn’t believe it and tried again. Thunder ran away, walked around Gu Nan and walked behind him, flicked his beautiful ponytail, and rubbed his head on Nuan Nuan’s little hand.

Gu An felt that he was injured, and had suffered internal injuries.

“Why do even your horses have double standards?”

He angrily placed his hands on his hips and turned his gaze to the white horse Gale.

Gale glanced sideways at Gu An and walked away with his hooves. He also walked around to the other side and continued to rub against Nuan Nuan. He even bit her clothes and pulled gently, tilted his head and used his handsome horse head to indicate the direction of his back.

The breeder was even more shocked, his eyes widening in disbelief and he exclaimed.

“Gale is inviting Miss to sit on his back!”

He had been feeding them for such a long time, and except when he was grooming them, he was never allowed to touch them. On weekdays, he could do nothing except look at them greedily.

But now… This must be the first time that Gale and Thunder had met the young lady from the Gu family, and they actually invited her onto their backs!

Comparing people to each other could really piss people off.

Gu An was crying in his heart. They refused to let him touch them, but they invited his sister onto their back.

Gu Mingyu and Gu Mingli also gave it a try. The two horses were so proud that they held their necks and avoided them.

Seeing this, Gu An felt relieved. It turned out that he was not the only one being targeted, hahaha…

Nuan Nuan smiled with crooked eyebrows and touched Gale’s big head, “But Nuan Nuan can’t ride.”

She was so short.

Gu Nan asked her if she wanted to try horse riding.

“Is that okay?”

The little girl’s clear eyes were shining with hope.


Gu Nan nodded slightly, hugged Nuan Nuan with one arm, then holding the saddle with the other hand, he easily and handsomely climbed onto the horse.

He put the little girl facing him in front of him, and his muscular and smooth arms held the horse’s reins and gently pulled it. Gale then obediently followed his control for a few steps.

Sitting on the back of such a tall and strong white horse, Nuan Nuan hugged her elder brother’s strong waist without a trace of fat. Her whole milky white face was flushed with excitement, and her black and white eyes were shining as brightly as stars.

“So high!”

Her horizons were broadened. It was her first time riding a horse. Nuan Nuan leaned in her big brother’s arms and felt that this experience was extremely novel.

Gu Mingli watched from the side eager to try. He also liked riding horses and even more liked challenges.

These two horses looked like BMWs at first glance. They were proud and wild, and he liked them.

Gu Mingli looked at the tall black Thunder with an eager light in his eyes, full of desire to conquer. He said enthusiastically, “Brother, let me try Thunder?”

Gu Nan nodded slightly, “As long as you can tame it.”

Gu Mingli raised his hand in an OK gesture, and then jumped directly onto the back of Thunder Horse, holding the reins tightly with both hands in an instant.

Almost at the same time as he jumped up, Thunder was obviously not happy with the strange person on his back. He snorted and started to toss.

The horse’s jumping force when resisting could really throw people away, not to mention the bad-tempered horse Thunder. When it jumped in the air, it was almost two meters away from the ground, and sometimes it even stood upright.

The scene was very intense and dangerous.

Nuan Nuan’s eyes widened when she saw the tame horse for the first time. Looking at the fourth brother on Thunder’s back, her delicate little face was wrinkled with worry, and her little heart was beating so nervously that her thin white hands nervously grabbed her elder brother’s clothes and she pursed her lips tightly. She looked even more nervous than Gu Mingli himself, who was training the horse.

A long, slender palm pressed down on her little head, and her big brother’s deep voice came from above.

“Don’t worry.”

Nuan Nuan nodded obediently and hummed softly.

But the worry in her eyes didn’t diminish much.

Gu An shouted at the side, come on, his eyes were shining. If he were older, he would also train such a horse.

Bai Mohua also watched with wide eyes, and firmly remembered Gu Mingli’s horse training in his mind. Now he couldn’t wait to pick up the paintbrush and draw it.

Thunder’s endurance and physical fitness were very good, and the confrontation with Gu Mingli lasted for a long time. In the end, everyone and the horse were tired.

Thunder’s movements gradually slowed down. Gu Mingli’s body was covered in sweat, and his legs and arms were shaking slightly, but he held on firmly, and his dark eyes were extremely bright.

It felt like the first time he did difficult training while riding a heavy motorcycle. It was hot and exciting, and he felt that the blood all over his body was burning and boiling.

And he liked this feeling.

The final result was that he won.

Gu Mingli gasped for air, and sweat wet the T-shirt in front and behind him. He was very tired, but also very happy.

Suddenly falling from Thunder’s back, Gu Mingyu and Bai Mohua barely caught him.

Thunder was also panting heavily. It did not leave after Gu Mingli got down. Instead, it leaned its head and rubbed against his arm to express its approval.

Horses were very strong-willed animals, especially horses that were fierce and proud, and had a good attitude only towards those who tamed them.

“You’re so awesome!”

Bai Mohua praised Gu Mingli excitedly. His life had always been either in the studio or going out to look for scenery, mostly seeing various scenery, but during this time he seemed to be taken into another world. A passionate world with more intense colours and emotions.

Gu Mingli put one arm on Gu Mingyu’s shoulder and the other on Bai Mohua’s shoulder. Hearing this, he showed a confident smile.

“You know now?”

He patted Bai Mohua’s shoulder, “Eat more and grow taller. When I put my arms around your shoulders, it is one higher and one lower.”

Bai Mohua: “…”

He lowered his body and his fair face was bulging with anger. When he walked, his feet stepped heavily on the grass, as if someone was willing to give him a ride.

Gu Mingli laughed and sat directly on the grass.

Nuan Nuan was also carried off the horse by Gu Nan. The little girl circled around Gu Mingli like a diligent bee, tapping her legs, arms and shoulders with her little hands.

“Fourth brother, do you want some water? Fourth brother, does it still hurt…”

The soft and waxy little milky voice kept lingering in Gu Mingli’s ears. He felt satisfied and pulled the busy little girl over to squeeze her chubby little face.

“Stop working so hard, I’ll just take a rest.”

His hands were so small and he didn’t have much strength. The muscles on his body were so hard that the little girl’s strength was like scratching an itch.

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